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116 StoneHedge Lane
Sparta, NJ 07871

Extensive experience in application software and Internet/Intranet Web development with emphasis on
systems analysis, design and implementation. Strong background in product development and Web Site

HARDWARE:          IBM PC/XT/AT/PS Series and compatibles

SOFTWARE:          Knowledge of Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, ADO.NET),
                   Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, Microsoft Content
                   Management Server, Microsoft DNA, Microsoft MSQS, BizTalk, Microsoft Share
                   Point, Active Server Pages 2.0/3.0, Microsoft SQL 6.5/7.0, HTML 3.0+, Dynamic
                   HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, dBase III, dBase IV, Clipper 5.0, Microsoft Access
                   1.0/2.0/97, Novell Btrieve, Macromedia Flash, Adobe PhotoShop 7.0, Adobe
                   Illustrator 9.0., Adobe Dimensions 3.0, Microsoft GIF Animator, Windows 2003
                   Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows NT 4.0
                   Workstation, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, MS DOS, Novell NetWare 3.11

Assistant Vice-President of Internet Development                                       5/98 - Present
Presently the project leader and project manager of a team of six developers designing and coding, in
.NET, a Corporate, Enterprise wide document generation application (EZForms Express – for business users. This tool will allow legal, marketing, sales, dealers and
other business members to define, populate and generate documents online instantly.

Designed and implemented “Docshare” online Collaboration. Docshare (
is an Internet tool which allows CIT employees and their business clients to conduct business online.
Members are able to share files, share project plans, event schedules, discussion board and much more.

Designed and implemented the CIT flagship website ( and the corporate intranet using
Microsoft Content Management Server (CMS). This conversion allows authorized business owners to
update their own content without overtaxing IT Resources.

Designed and implemented a marketing multimedia CD-ROM presentation for the “Vendor Financing
Group” department. This presentation showcased all of the department’s services and software
products. The project required Macromedia Flash for the animation, professional voice-over and music.

Designed and implemented the “CIT Performance Management Process System” web application.
The application is designed to allow managers and employees keep track of accountabilities and results
for end-of-year performance and competency appraisals.

Designed, implemented all the graphics, layout and 80% of the code for The CIT Group Inc. corporate
Web site ( as well as all the graphics and code for the CIT Group Corporate Intranet.
Designed, developed the CIT Group original Equipment Financing Internet/Intranet Web Site. The
Internet Site was build to provide CIT's Vendor community access to their portfolio information,
invoicing and real-time financing through the Internet.
    Ø Developed major portions of the back-end programming and graphics for both Sites.
    Ø Project Leader for new Equipment Financing Intranet/Internet Applications. Which include a
        Vendor Syndication System and an On-Line Electronic Payment System.
    Ø Re-design the new look and feel for Equipment Financing Web Site (
116 StoneHedge Lane
Sparta, NJ 07871

Among many awards, I was recognized and presented with the CIT Group 1999 Technologist of
the year award.

The Compuflex Corp., Englewood, NJ                                                          12/85 - 5/98
Vice President/Senior Software Engineer
Developed 16-bit and 32-bit Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and ActiveX Controls to interface with
Automated Teller Machines and Automated Cash Dispensers.
Ø Dynamic Link Libraries (written in C++) were designed for developers requiring integration of
    Automated Cash Dispenser (ACD) functions into their teller applications.
    The DLLs were programmed to load in memory in order to grant access to any Windows application
    that had knowledge of the calling protocol.
Designed and developed a multi-user, multi-tasking Casino Redemption System in Microsoft Visual
Basic and Visual C++ for a number of Las Vegas Casinos (Harrah’s Casino, Caesar’s Palace, etc.)
Ø This system was designed to expediently redeem casino winnings. It allows the casino to monitor
    their cash, chips, coins, checks, and any other media. Visual C++ was used to develop DLLs to
    interface the front-end application to the Automated Cash Dispensers, Coin Counters, and Currency
Provided System Consulting services for a well known (ATS Money Systems, Inc. ) Banking and Retail software organization. The products derived from these
services accelerated the growth of this firm, which ultimately went public in 1987.
Ø Developed PC based Vault Management Systems, Deposit Processing and Register Verification
    Systems (CP-1000/CP-2000) written in QuickBasic, Microsoft Access and CLIPPER (i.e., over 500
    systems installed). These systems were custom designed to meet the requirements of each client.
    The applications communicate with coin and currency counters and check encoders. The main
    functions of these systems are to provide record keeping of cash transfers, as well as to help
    management analyze and keep track of vault or back-room productivity.
Ø Designed and developed the front-end portion of a multi-tasking, multi-user, multi-line Telephone
    Ordering Systems (ATS 5000) using QuickBasic and ‘C’ under PC MOS environment. The voice
    answering was done using the Dialogic/40 board (i.e., over 250 systems installed). This application
    was designed to answer calls from customers, process currency, as well as receive orders from
    suppliers. In addition, it generates printed documents for billing, packing , debiting, and keeping
    track of cash shipments. The system automatically MICR encodes debit and credit advice documents
    using a HP LaserJet printer.
Ø Designed and developed a multi-user service warranty maintenance system written in CLIPPER. The
    system maintained customer information, hardware and software inventory, and maintained printed
    warranty service billing.
Designed and developed the front-end portion of a multi-tasking, multi-user, multi-line Branch
Automation Teller Systems. This system consolidates daily information from several bank teller
machines, as well as prepares head teller reports. This data allow s management to measure teller

Designed and developed a Teller Scheduling System used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with
the Branch Automated Teller System, aforementioned. This system helps management calculate daily
and hourly labor needs and Schedule employees to labor hours needed. The system assists the scheduler
by providing him with employee skills, availability, and the forecast hourly transactions.

116 StoneHedge Lane
Sparta, NJ 07871

•   Bergen Community College, Paramus, NJ                                     1988 - 1989
    Business Application Programming using ‘C’
•   Computer Processing Institute, Paramus, NJ                                1984 - 1985
    Graduated with Honors and a Diploma in Business C   omputer Programming
•   Montclair State College, Upper Montclair, NJ                              1977 - 1981

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