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									                   Accommodations                            NEW  Registration  forms  and  information  now  
 The  Laurelville  Mennonite  Church  Center  is  a          available  online  at:                                                THE PENNSYLVANIA PRISON
 six  hundred  acre  camp  conference  and  retreat  send  com-­                      CHAPLAINS ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                                                   2011 ANNUAL CONFEREN CE
 center  located  at  the  foot  of  the  Laurel  Moun-­     peted  form  with  check  or  money  order,  payable  to  
 tains  of  Southwestern  Pennsylvania.  Guests              PPCA  c/o  S.  E.  Jihad  Levine,  239  Corcyra  Road,  
 are  invited  to  walk  along  a  large  creek,  watch      Sunbury,  PA  17801  or  via  e-­mail  to:    
 spectacular  sunsets,  climb  to  the  top  of  Chest-­    
 nut  Ridge  for  stunning  views  of  the  Laurel           Payments  will  be  accepted  via  credit/debit  cards  at  
 Highlands  or  just  rest  on  a  rocking  chair  and       the  conference.  
 take  in  the  quite.                                         
                         Fees:                               Please  have  your  registration  in  by  August  23,  
PPCA  Membership  Dues:                                      2011.  If  it  is  going  to  be  late,  please  call  Sr.  Safiy-­
$30  Full  Membership:  recognized  full  and  part          yah  (570-­286-­1677)  about  the  availability  of                   Transformation and
time  Chaplains.                                             rooms.  
$15  Associate  membership:  Organization,  min-­
istry  representatives,  retired  and  out  of  state  
                                                                                   Dietary  Needs                                  David Delmonico, PhD
                                                             Please  indicate  any  special  dietary  needs  on  your  
chaplains.                                                   registration  form  or  call  Brenda  Johnson  at  the  cen-­
Lodging,  Meals  and  conference  fees:  
                                                             ter  at  800-­839-­1021.                                                               Workshops  
One  night:  single  $125,  double  $100.                                                                                                                                     
Single  occupancy:  includes  conference  fee,               From  the  west  via  the  turnpike:  Exit  the  PA  turn-­                                                           
room  for  one  night,  meals  and  snacks.                  pike  at  New  Stanton  (exit  75).  Take  Rt.  119  South  
Double  occupancy:  includes  conference  fee,               5  miles  to  Rt.  31  exit.  Turn  left  onto  Rt.  31  and  fol-­                 
room  for  one  night,  meals  and  snacks.                  low  east  through  Mt.  Pleasant,  to  the  village  of                  -­                                
Two  nights:  single  $225,  Double  $155                    Laurelville  (4  miles).  Turn  left  onto  Rt.  982  North.  
Single  occupancy:  Includes  conference  fee,  
                                                             The    center  is  3/4  mile  north  of  the  intersection  and  
room  for  two  nights,  meals  and  snacks.                 1/4  miles  of  Rt.  982.  Look  for  signs.  
Double  occupancy:  Includes  conference  fee,               From  the  East  via  the  Turnpike:  Exit  the  Pa  turn-­                    Tuesday Thursday
room  for  two  nights,  meals  and  snacks.                 pike  (Donegal  Exit).  Turn  right  and  take  Rt.  31  
Commuter  Rate:  Tuesday  $30,  Wednesday  $60,              West  to  the  village  of  Laurelville.  Turn  right  onto                September 13 15 , 2011
Thursday  $30.  Includes  conference  fee,  meals            Rt.  982  North  The  center  is  3/4  mile  North  of  the  
and  snacks.                                                 intersection,  1/4  mile  off  Rt.  982.  Look  for  signs.           Laurelville  Mennonite  Church  Center  
Commuter  Rate  2:    (no  food  or  lodging)  1/3  off.     From  the  West  via  I-­70:  Exit  I70  onto  Rt.  119               941  Laurelville  Lane  
Spouse  rate:  $20  off  room  rate  per  night.             South,  to  route  31  exit,  turn  left  (East)  and  go             Mt.  Pleasant,  PA  15666  
Thursday  Lunch  $10                                         through  Mt.  Pleasant  to  the  village  of  Laurelville.            800-­839-­1020  
                                                             At  the  intersection  of  Rt.  982  Turn  left  onto  Rt.  982       724-­423-­2056  
Additional  Fees:                                            North.  The  center  is  3/4  mile  North  of  the  intersec-­  
Non  PPCA  member  fee  $45  (exceptions  for  non           tion,  1/4  mile  off  Rt.  982.  Look  for  signs.  
No  show  cancelation  fee  after  8/30/2011  $30            PPCA  PA  State  Vendor  #:  181775  
Sex Offenders Dr. David L. Delmonico                                                                                                                 John  E.  Wetzel,  Secre-­
                                                                                                                                                     tary,  Pennsylvania  De-­
                                                                                                                                                     partment  of  Corrections  
                   David  L.  Delmonico,  PhD                                       Schedule                                                           
                                                                          Tuesday,  September  13                                                      John  E.  Wetzel  was  appointed  
                   Dr.  David  Delmonico  is  an            Check  In  (at  Solar  House)  11:00    12:00  PM                                          by  Gov.  Tom  Corbett  as  secre-­
                   Associate  Professor  at  Du-­           Lunch                                  12:00 1:00  PM                                      tary  of  the  Department  of  Cor-­
                   quesne  University  in  Pitts-­          Dr.  Delmonico                         1:30 4:30  PM                                       rections  in  December  2010.    
                   burgh,  Pennsylvania.  Dr.  Del-­        Dinner                                 5:00 6:00  PM                                       Secretary  Wetzel  has  served  
                   monico  conducts  research,              Dr.  Delmonico                         6:30 8:30  PM                                       as  a  correctional  officer  
                                                                                                                             (Lebanon  County  Correctional  Facility),  a  treat-­
     consultation,  and  training  on  topics  such           
                                                                                                                             ment  counselor,  supervisor  of  treatment  services  
     as  cybersex,  cyberoffense,  and  cyber-­                         Wednesday,  September  14                            and  training  academy  director  (Berks  County  
     safety.  Dr.  Delmonico  also  lectures  on            Breakfast                              7:45   8:45  AM           Prison)  and,  in  2002,  he  was  named  warden  of  the  
     topics  such  as  general  Internet  psychology                                                                         Franklin  County  Jail.    He  was  also  appointed  as  
     and  sexually  addictive  and  compulsive                                                                               the  corrections  expert  to  the  Pennsylvania  Board  
                                                            Denise  Bunner                         9:00 10:30  AM            of  Pardons  in  June  2007,  a  position  he  continues  
          Dr.  Delmonico  is  co-­author  of  In  the       Break                                  10:30 10:45AM             to  hold.    Since  2006,  he  has  been  a  corrections  
     Shadows  of  the  Net  and  Cybersex  Un-­                                                                              consultant  in  the  areas  of  operational  and  staffing  
     hooked.  He  has  published  numerous                  gious  Communities  Helping  Sexual  Offenders  Transi-­         analysis  and  vulnerability  assessments.    Wetzel  is  
     scholarly  articles  on  a  variety  of  addiction                                                                      currently  the  immediate  past  president  of  the  PA  
     and  sexuality  topics.                                                                 10:45 12:15  PM                 County  Corrections  Association  (formerly  PA  
          Dr.  Delmonico  is  Director  of  the             Lunch                            12:30 1:30  PM                  County  Prison  Wardens  Association).      
     Online  Behavior  Research  and  Education             Business  Meeting                2:00 2:30  PM                     
     Center  (OBREC)  at  Duquesne  University              Workshops  (Federal,  state  &  county  jails  Chaplains)        Denise  Bunner  is  a  Psychological  Services  Spe-­
     and  Editor-­in-­Chief  of  the  Sexual  Addic-­                                        2:30 3:30  PM                   cialist  for  the  PA  DOC  at  SCI-­Albion.    She  cur-­
     tion  &  Compulsivity  journal.                        Free  Time                       3:30 5:30  PM                   rently  coordinates  the  Sex  Offender  Therapeutic  
                                                            Dinner                           5:30 6:30  PM                   Community  at  Albion,  which  is  an  intensive  sex  
                                                            Secretary  John  E.  Wetzel,  PA  DOC                            offender  therapeutic  community  program  for  
Certificate  and  Gift                                                                                                       those  sex  offenders  who  are  considered  a  moder-­
Conference  participants  will  receive  a  certifi-­                                        7:00 8:00  PM  
                                                                                                                             ate  to  high  level  of  risk.    Denise  has  a  Master  of  
cate  for  up  to  twelve  hours  of  in  services                                        
                                                                                                                             Arts  in  Clinical  Psychology.    Before  joining  the  
training  along  with  a  complimentary  PPCA                             Thursday,  September  15                           PA  DOC,  Denise  served  as  an  Offender  and  Fam-­
gift.                                                       Breakfast                         7:45 8:45  AM                  ily  Therapist,  as  well  as  a  Community  Abuse  Re-­
                                                            Workshops                         9:00 10:15  AM                 sponse  Team  member.    In  the  latter  role,  she  pro-­
Networking  tables                                                      (Judaism,  Native  American  and  Rastafarian        vided  therapeutic  assistance  to  family  members  
Resource  and  vendor  tables  will  be  available.                                                                          affected  by  incest.    In  2005,  she  was  deployed  to  
                                                            Break                             10:15 10:30  PM                the  Angola  State  Penitentiary,  Louisiana  to  assist  
     NOTE:  Please  keep  your  cell                        Workshops                         10:30 11:45  PM                Social  Workers  attempting  to  locate  family  mem-­
     phones  on  manner  mode  while                        (Transference,  Re-­Entry,  Parole  Board-­Sex  Offender)        bers  of  Parish  prisoners  displaced  by  Hurricane  
                                                            Wrap  Up                          11:45 12:15  PM                Katrina.  
     attending  sessions.  Thank  you!                      Lunch                             12:30  PM  

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