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									10 Home Performance Marketing
Tactics Worth Stealing
BPI Northern Virginia Summer Workshop
July 27, 2010

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Top-Tier Contractors Are Consistent

1. Diversification- Selling more then one product helps prevent
   seasonality and drives more profits through add-on sales.
2. Sales Consistency- A pitch book or laptop presentation that
   keeps salesmen consistent and helps overcome hidden objections.
3. Marketing- Spend money to make money and have a message
   with a clear call-to-action.
4. Financing- Offering a low monthly payment option or no payment
   “gap” financing until they get their incentive payment or home

        If the contractor, while in the home,
doesn’t have the tools and training to close the sale,
             it can be a lost opportunity
Build –Your -Own
Market Launch Plan
Define Success!
•   Where do you want to go in 2010?
•   Where do you want to be in 2015?

Create a 90-Day Plan to Get There!
1. Define Yourself
2. Introduce Yourself as the Subject Matter Expert
3. Get into the Community
4. Celebrate your Customers
5. (Repeat application as needed)
1. Expand how you use Business Cards
 •       Full color and professionally designed
 •       Mini-ad for your business
 •       Drive people to your website to learn more
 •       Everyone in the company needs a card
 •       Magnet for the refrigerator
 •       Peel-and-stick for HVAC system
 •       Rubber stamp special offers on the back
 •       Leave extras with:
     •     Trade allies
     •     Past customers
     •     Restaurants
2. Build a Brag Book
•   “The analysis you provided on our 100-year-old home gave us the information we needed to
    make our decisions with confidence. The work you provided went far beyond our expectations of
     Harold & Linda – Homeowners, Ithaca, NY

•   “We installed new equipment and the energy savings more than pay for it! We had immediate
    positive cash flow, decreased maintenance costs, and increased property value; it was a no
     Walter – Apartment Complex Owner – Syracuse, NY

•   “Between the insulation and the furnace, it is a very different house. If you have an older home
    or are contemplating buying one, this kind of work is an amazing way to make the cost of
    ownership much lower.”
     Simon & Tracy – Homeowners – Dryden, NY

         Word-of-mouth marketing is
            the most believable
3. Draft a News Release
 •   About you as local expert
 •   First customer! 100th customer!
 •   Local representative for your state program, BPI, etc.
 •   Free resources on your website
 •   Available to speak to groups
    4. Enhance your Web Presence
•    Google yourself
•    Your storefront
•    News release and Brag Book online
•    Links to “other” energy experts
•    Action steps
•    Search engine optimization
Marketing Toolkit Access
    5. Distribute the News Release
•    Media and Search Engines via or
•    Everyone you know via
•    Friends and Family via Facebook and LinkedIn
6. Produce a Customer Open House
 •   During and after current customer project
 •   Email invites
 •   Door hangers
 •   Yard signs
 •   “Impromptu”
7. Get on the Speaker Circuit
Topical and “How To” Speakers are needed at:
•   Rotary Club and other Civic Organizations
•   Home Shows
•   Home Owners Associations
•   Chambers of Commerce
•   Adult Learning Centers
•   Realtors and Code Officials
•   Business and Trade Groups
    8. Produce a Workshop
•    20-45 min. on “10 Tips to Save Money, Be More
     Comfortable and Make Your Home More Earth
•    1-2 hours on “Whole House Improvements: How to
     Do it Yourself and/or Manage Your Contractors”
     Tips for Organizing
     Seminars and Workshops
1.    Draft a brief description and flyer for group to use to promote your

2.    Recommend RSVPs and/or a modest registration fee to demonstrate
         •   Allow host/sponsor to waive fee as appropriate

3.    Script your presentation with plenty of customer stories
         •   Provide handouts and news article reprints
         •   Make sure everyone gets your full contact information
         •   Provide extra copies for attendees to share with friends and

4.    Gather attendee info. through sign-up sheets, evaluation forms and door
         •   Follow-up with attendees as sales leads and job referral sources
    9. Produce a Newsletter
•    Your news releases
•    Customer stories
•    Latest on federal/state/utility incentives
•    Reprints from other sources
•    Distribute in print at health food stores,
     Chamber/Rotary meetings, etc
•    Distribute online via Constant Contact and watch who
10. Make the Most of Home Shows
 •       Cross-telling is Cross-selling
     •      Yellow boiler “as seen on”
     •      Solar? Home Performance is first step..”
     •      Whole House poster is key talking point
 •       Homepage on laptop
 •       Showcase testimonials and reprints
 •       Live radio interviews
 •       Clipboard with “lead sheets”
 •       Bring your appt. book!
Your Marketing Launch
1.   Email and call all your local papers, radio and TV stations
     and ask if they need your help to produce a story on what local
     people can do to save energy, be more comfortable and reduce
     carbon emissions

2.   Email and call all local civic groups and ask if they need your
     help to make a presentation on what local people can do to make
     their homes perform better

3.   Position yourself NOW to be the local “go to” home
     performance expert to leverage local media outlet when they
     decide to run a story about something related to home
     energy/performance (i.e. HOME STAR, appliance rebates, utility
     rate increases, cold/hot weather records, global warming

4.   Don’t build your business to rely on federal/state/utility
     incentives. Sell the fact that your services are worth paying full
     price.. for savings, comfort, efficiency, health/safety
   Home Performance Contractor Financing Resources
                    Diagnostic Equipment & Training Financing
To start or increase the size of your home performance business, you will need to purchase diagnostic
equipment and get trained and certified.
    ƒ    Finance BPI Certification Training                ƒ   Preserve Cash with 100% Diagnostic
    ƒ    Industry Low Rates Keep Financing Costs               Equipment Financing
         Down                                              ƒ   Flexible Terms Based On Loan Size
    Financing For Home Performance Diagnostic Equipment & BPI Certification Training!

                                     Bridge/ Gap Financing
Bridge financing (90 day or 180 day no payment/ no interest option) is a tool that contractors can utilize to
help bridge the time between a completed installation and when an applicable rebate is funded or
homeowners are approved for long term financing such as Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
Financing and the loan is funded.
    ƒ    Bridge Loans From $1,000 To $25,000               ƒ   No Interest/ No Payments During Bridge
    ƒ    100% Of Job Cost Wired To Your                        Loan Period
         Business Account Within 48 Hours Of Job           ƒ   Program Branded Sales Support Materials
                          Retain Working Capital and Improve Cash Flow!
                                     Homeowner Financing
Provide your homeowners with a nationally-available home performance financing solution. It’s quick, easy
and makes investing in home performance upgrades affordable in areas where program-sponsored financing
is not yet available. Join the more than 1000 contractors that leverage EGIA GEOSmart Consumer Financing
and have installed over $700 million in funded home upgrade projects in the past 5 years alone.
    ƒ    Loan Amounts Up To $25,000                        ƒ   Fixed APR’s That Can Be Bought Down
    ƒ    Instant In-Home Approvals                             To 5.99%
                                                           ƒ   Direct Deposit Funding
          Finance a $10,000 Home Performance Upgrade For As Little As $125/ Month!

                              Business Expansion Financing
Gain ready access to the capital you need to expand your home performance business. EGIA’s GEOSmart
Home Performance Business Expansion Financing offers a simple way to finance office and field equipment,
computer software and systems, tools, furniture and work stations, trucks, power equipment, and more.
    ƒ    No Down Payment Leasing                           ƒ   Loan Amounts From $10,000 - $5,000,000
    ƒ    Loan Approval Within 48-72 Hours                  ƒ   Terms Up To 5 Years
        Stay Ahead Of Your Competition With Rapid Financing For Your Business Growth!

            To Learn More Call EGIA Contractor Services at
             866-797-7343 or email
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