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The Governing Body
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How teaching is organised            8
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Assembly and religious education     9
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National Testing and Test Results    10
                                           Insurance                    29
Sports                               12
                                           Charges for Visits           30
Special Educational Needs            13
                                           Admission Form               32
Raising concerns and
                                           Emergency Contact Details    33
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The School Day                       15
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                                           Holiday Pattern 2007/2008    37
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Medicines                            21
                   ASKERN SPA JUNIOR SCHOOL

                                        Headteacher         Ron Leedale

                                        Address             Sutton Rd
                                                            DN6 0AQ

                                        Telephone No:       01302 700332
                                        Fax No:             01302 708832

Dear Family,

On behalf of the Staff and Governors of the school, I am pleased to welcome you to
Askern Spa Junior School. It is always a great pleasure to welcome new pupils into
our school. We look forward to providing a good all-round education for your child
and developing their talents, their attitudes and their character in a happy caring and
secure environment. Each child is an individual with their own special needs. In
partnership with the family we aim to meet these needs so that children can achieve
their full potential, and make the most of their gifts.

Inevitably, with any new experience or new relationship there is a sense of
excitement and interest, as well as a sense of anxiety or worry. We hope that our
brochure will answer many of your questions, as well as giving reassurance and

Askern Spa Junior School is a happy, friendly and, we hope, successful school. I hope
that over the period of your child’s education a strong and fruitful partnership will
develop between school and home for the benefit of your child. We want your child
to grow up to be a thoughtful, caring and responsible individual, with a lively, enquiring
mind and a good foundation of knowledge, skills and practical abilities.

I look forward to seeing your child grow in confidence and stature over his or her
time at our school.

Yours sincerely,

Ron Leedale.

                      Head:           Ron Leedale
                      Chair :         John Fordham

Askern Spa Junior School        Telephone: 01302 700332
Sutton Road                     Fax:       01302 708832

           Visit our Website:


Ron Leedale                                Headteacher
Jo Giddins                                 Deputy Headteacher and Lower School Leader
Neil Butler                                Assistant Headteacher and Upper School Leader

YEAR GROUPS                 NAME                    CURRICULUM RESPONSIBILITY

Year 3                      Jo Giddins              Year 3 Curriculum
                                                    Infant School Liaison.
                                                    Planning & Assessment.
                                                    Art Coordinator
Year 3                      Jennifer Ridley         Religious Education
                                                    Local History
Year 3                      Ceri Seymour            Modern Foreign Languages Coordinator
Year 4                      Pam Mills               Year 4 Curriculum
                                                    Geography Coordinator
                                                    PSHE Coordinator
Year 4                      Tracy Goodson           SEN Co-ordinator
Year 5                      Michelle Berry          Science Coordinator
                                                    Healthy Schools Coordinator
                                                    Design Technology Coordinator
Year 5                      Alan Cutts              ICT Co-ordinator.
                                                    History Coordinator
Year 6                      Neil Butler             Maths Coordinator
Year 6                      Elaine Exley            English Co-ordinator
                                                    Comprehensive School Liaison
All year groups             Bob Morley              Special Needs Teacher
                                                    Physical Education Co-ordinator
All Year Groups             Karen Roberts           Music Coordinator
All year groups             Joan Soulsby            Specialist Teaching of Special Needs

Cheri Bennett                                       School Secretary/Assistant
Cathy Lindley                                       School Secretary/Assistant
Georgina Leedale                                    Catering Manager
Les Turner                                          Site Supervisor

 Teaching Assistant              Midday Supervisors                   Catering Assistants
 Mavis Holmes
                                 Sheena Chappel                       Elaine Maddison
 Lorraine Mitchell
                                 Senior midday supervisor             Sue Goodwin
 Tracy Humble
                                 Carol Leadbitter                     Sheila Howard
 Michelle Brady
                                 Pauline Mordue                       Dawn Job
 Tracey Davison
                                 Gina Gardner                         Pauline Mewes
 Jackie Asquith
                                 Lesley Sayles                        Sue Robbins
 Colette O’Brien
                                                                      Lisa Ellis
 Lesley Hodgson
                                                                      Tracy Mcnicol
 Christine Marshall
                                                                      Joanne Werrett

School crossing patrol (mornings only)                      Carol Leadbitter
Education Welfare Officer                                   Jo Patterson (01302 700474)

                           The Governing Body

The Governors currently serving are:-

Headteacher                             Chairman

Mr R Leedale                            Mr John Fordham
Askern Spa Junior School
Sutton Road                             3 Adelaide Rd,
Askern                                  Norton,
Doncaster                               Doncaster
Tel: 01302 700332                       DN6 9EW

Elected by Teachers                     Local Minor Authority
Mrs J Ridley                            Mr H Connell
Mrs J Giddins

Elected by Other Staff                  LEA

Mrs G Leedale                           Mr J Fordham

Members of the local and                Elected by Parents
business   community co-
opted to serve                          Mrs   Z Garnett
                                        Mrs   C O’Brien
Mr   A McAdam                           Mrs   J O’Shea
Mr   D Thompson                         Mrs   L Goodwin
Mr   M Drake
Mr   D Ridley

                      WHAT ARE GOVERNORS
Governors are like a board of Directors and make decisions about how things run.
They meet at least twice a term at school and all parents are welcome to come along
and listen to what goes on.

Governors are appointed to help:
       Decide what is taught.
       Set standards of behaviour.
       Interview and select staff.
       Decide how the school budget is spent.

School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They work together
- they cannot act individually.

School Governors are:
       Parents.
       Teachers at the school.
       Other staff working at school.
       Local council representatives.
       Community representatives, businessmen and women.

Parent Governors:
       Have a child in school.
       Are elected by parents of the school.
       Serve, as do other Governors, for four years.

Why are parents on the Governing Body?

Parent Governors bring the views of parents to the Governing Body, but they speak
and act as individuals. They should not be thought of as delegates or “mouthpieces”
of the parents, they do not vote for all parents in general. They have equal status in
the work of the Governing Body and have voting rights.

What are Parent Governors expected to do?

Parent Governors can make sure that all communications with parents are both
informative and easy to read, describe the activities in everyday language and avoid
the use of jargon. Parent Governors should be aware of ways of encouraging parental
interest and actively involved in drawing parents into the school. Governors can
become an increasingly important part in the home - school partnership.


 To enable the pupils to achieve the highest possible standards and to make good
  progress in relation to their prior attainment.

 To provide the pupils with teaching of high quality and a curriculum which meets
  their needs and the requirements of the National Curriculum.

 To plan realistically and use the school’s resources efficiently to ensure good value
  for money from the available funds.

 To help the pupils develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding
  and to achieve good standards in all their relationships.

 To help children progress smoothly from the class teacher methods of the infant
  school, to the more specialised curriculum of the comprehensive.

 To develop the school as a centre for the community.


All pupils follow a course of study, which is designed to comply with the requirements
of the National Curriculum.

What is the National Curriculum?

The National Curriculum comprises of nine subjects, which all Junior School children
must study. The subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography,
Technology, Music, Art and Physical Education. The government has made regulations
regarding the amount of teaching, which must be given each week, and it has made
recommendations regarding how the time might be allocated to the study of the nine
subjects. Consequently the opening hours of the school and the timetables have
been organised to comply with all the necessary requirements. Children will be
assessed on their performance in the National Curriculum during their final year with
us, but their performance will be monitored and reported on annually during the
intermediate stages.

Whilst the National Curriculum lays down a number of attainment targets for pupils,
it accepts that all children have individual needs, abilities and skills and it is the
school’s responsibility to try to meet those needs and educate each child to the limit
of their potential.

Sex Education

This is taught in Year 6 as part of the curriculum on Health Education, which is
developed throughout the school. It is taught in a sensitive, factual way and “it is
given in such a manner as to encourage those pupils to have due regard to moral
considerations and value of family life”. (Section 46, Education Act 1986). The
governors of the school have adopted the LEA guidelines on Health Education
(including Sex Education) and a copy of this can be seen at the school.


Whatever the age range in the class, the teacher organises his/her class according
to the requirements of the National Curriculum. Consequently, in the classroom
situation teaching may be organised on a class, group or individual basis and the
methods employed include a combination of what might be termed the `subject’ and
`cross-curriculum’ or `thematic’ approach.

In addition in all years may be “set” for some lessons in English, Mathematics and
Science according to their ability.

The `Basics’

The government has published attainment targets for all the Core and Foundation
subjects - English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Geography, History, Art, Music
and P.E.

At least an hour a day will be devoted to both literacy and numeracy.


All the children attend assembly and Religious Education lessons but parents retain
the right to withdraw their children on religious grounds from either or both of
these activities.

R.E. is the only subject on the curriculum where there is not a nationally agreed
curriculum framework. This is to recognise the cultural and religious diversity of our
nation, and the needs of the pupils in the different areas of the country. The school
is not affiliated to any particular religious denomination. The teachers currently
make use of the Agreed Syllabus of R.E. for Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council.

Particular attention is paid to the way basic Christian attitudes are brought to bear
on the life of the school as a whole. The school is quite a large society to which a
child has to learn to adapt, but if we can illustrate that it is essential for everyone’s
happiness and well-being that each individual must abide by certain Christian rules
and tenets whilst within the school, then we believe there is every likelihood that
good attitudes will prevail and will be practised in the comprehensive and within the

                         NATIONAL TESTING

As part of the assessment of children’s achievements there are special National
Tests set at the end of Key Stage Two. The assessments are made in the Summer
Term when the children are eleven, or very nearly eleven.

Apart from the National Tests, the children receive an assessment from their
teachers. This is based on the standards, which they have achieved generally in their
classroom work. In addition children in years 3,4 and 5 take non-statutory tests in
Maths and English.

In the tables below are the percentages of children achieving particular levels at the
end of Key Stage Two in 2005. At Key Stage Two if children are not present on the
day of the test they are not allowed to take it on an alternative day - hence the
percentage of absentees.

                                                                                  - 10 -
                         TEST RESULTS FOR 2005

These tables show the percentages of Year 6 children achieving each level at our
school in 2005

Figures may not total 100% because of rounding.

                         Below            3       4        5      Pupils         Pupils
                         level                                    disapplied     absent
      English                8        24          55       9              0         3.53
      Mathematics            7        22          54       13             0         3.53
      Science                0        20          54       21             0         4.71

Most pupils’ attainment will be within the range of Levels 3-4.

Those pupils assessed outside these levels are deemed to be working above or below
the norm for their age group.

                             NATIONAL RESULTS

These tables show the percentage of Year 6 children achieving each level nationally in

Figures may not total 100% because of rounding.

                 Below       3        4       5        6        Pupils         Pupils absent
                 level 3                                        disapplied

English              7           19   49      25       0              0              0
Mathematics          6           19   46      29       0              0              0
Science              2           14   49      34       0              0              0

                 Below       level            3                      4              5
English                  8                    15                     51             27
Mathematics              7                    19                     43             31
Science                  4                    10                     43             43

                                                                                               - 11 -

The school aims to encourage participation in a range of sporting activities. All
children have one lesson of Physical Education and one Games lesson per week. These
are compulsory. In addition children in Year 5 have one lesson of swimming at Askern

                                             A Sports Day is held in the summer
                                             Term one for Year 3 and 4, and one
                                             for Year 5 and 6. We encourage all
                                             children to take part.

Clubs are organised in a range of sports
both after school and during the holidays.
Competitions are entered.

                                             Our football team played in the final of the
                                                BT Community Cup at the Millennium

NB. No child will be allowed to remain in school after 3pm without first obtaining
parental permission.

                                                                                       - 12 -

In the school we have a Special Needs Co-ordinator, Miss T Goodson. She liases
closely with the class teachers and the parents of children with special needs.
Programmes of work are set up to help with the particular difficulties of the
children. We are fortunate to have the assistance of the Integrated Learning
Support Service. Visiting teachers come into school to help our children who have
reading and number problems. Although this help is mainly given in the classroom
situation, there may be times when withdrawal from the classroom is used.

In some cases, the learning difficulties may require more specialist help and an
assessment by the School Psychologist would be made. All this would be done in
consultation with the parents.

                                                                             - 13 -
            Raising Concerns and resolving Complaints

From time to time parents, and others connected with the school, will become aware
of matters, which cause them concern. To encourage resolution of such situations
the Governing Body has adopted a “General Complaints Procedure”.

The procedure is devised with the intention that it will:
Usually be possible to resolve problems by informal means
       Be simple to use and understand
       Be non-adversarial
       Provide confidentiality
       Allow problems to be handled swiftly
       Address all the points at issue
       Inform future practice so that the problem is unlikely to recur

If you have a complaint:

         Have a word sooner rather than later so that things can be sorted out
          before problems escalate.
         Have a word with the Class Teacher, Assistant Headteacher, Deputy
          Headteacher or the Headteacher.
         If having done this, you are not satisfied, please contact the Chair of
          Governors through the Local Authority.

                                     New Sports Hall

                                                                                    - 14 -
                           THE SCHOOL DAY

                            Lessons begin at 8.45am.

Lunchtime begins at 11.45am until 12.45pm for years 3 and 4 and at 12 noon until 1pm
                                 for years 5 and 6.

                                Lessons end at 3pm.

The total teaching hours per week including Religious Education but excluding the
statutory act of collective worship, registration and breaks is 23 hours.

 Children are allowed into school after 8.00am in the morning. They should come
  into school and go straight to their classroom, to continue some ongoing work, or go
  to the breakfast room if they intend to purchase breakfast.

                                                                                  - 15 -
                    SCHOOL RULES/DISCIPLINE

Discipline within the school is run on mutual respect by and towards staff and
children, and is the responsibility of everyone - not just the teachers within the
school. Parents, teachers and other adults with whom the children come into contact
all have a part to play. It is not simply the responsibility of teachers to ensure good
behaviour of children. The most important people are the parents, whose role is
vital if the teachers are to be able to teach the National Curriculum and all its
relevant components. The recent Elton Report “Discipline in Schools” stressed the
important job parents have in ensuring that a good and consistent example is set to
their own children.

I hope that you will constantly reinforce our five classroom rules.

1. Always enter the classroom quietly.

2. Put up your hand before speaking - don’t
   call out.

3. Work quietly without disturbing others.

4. Stop, look and listen when the teacher is

5. Follow instructions carefully,

and support the Governors and the school in developing an even better learning
environment for our children.

We base our philosophy on positive reinforcement - certificates, letters of praise to
parents and so forth.

We cannot allow the group to be disrupted by children who cannot work with the rest
of children and in some cases the help of the School Psychologist, Education Welfare
Officer and Medical Staff is sought after consultation with parents.

However, if the pupil continues to misbehave, be disruptive, or put the safety and
welfare of others at risk, they may be excluded from the school, in line with the
current Educational Committee Regulations. No punishment will be given other than
that which a responsible, caring parent would sanction, or that which is permitted by

                                                                                   - 16 -
                    PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 requires all schools to adopt a
Home/School agreement from September 1999 and to review that agreement from
time to time.

Our partnership agreement was developed in consultation with teachers, parents,
governors, ancillary staff and children.

Our partnership agreement is included here. You will be given two copies. I would
ask you to sign both copies, and return one copy to your child’s teacher. Your child
should also sign both copies. You should keep the other copy at home for reference.

                              Year 4 in Robin Hoods Bay

                                                                                - 17 -
                            PARENTAL VISITS

Teachers are available most afternoons at 3pm to meet parents in order to discuss
matters of mutual interest and the Head teacher is available at all times. For
matters of critical importance no appointment is needed to see the Head teacher
although it would be helpful if parents could inform him beforehand of their intention
to call. For less pressing matters an appointment should be made as the Head
teacher has various timetable commitments.

Facilities are available for parents of intending pupils to visit the school in order to
meet members of staff and to see the children at work. Such visits are arranged on
an informed basis and times, which are convenient for all concerned.

During the term prior to admission, all new starters are invited to spend some time in
the classroom with the teacher to whom they have been allocated.

              Reports to parents and open evenings.

A full written report is given on each pupil by the class teacher in June/July. The
report is studied by the parents and retained by them. Following acknowledgement
of the receipt of the report by the parents, the school will make arrangements for
parents to spend at least five minutes with the class teacher on a selected evening
and with the Headteacher, if required.

There are other open evenings in the Autumn and Spring Terms.            Parents are
encouraged to visit the school at 3pm daily, or at any mutually convenient time when
there are any problems relating to their children.

                                                                                    - 18 -
                          HOMEWORK POLICY

At Askern Spa Junior School we value the links between home and school, and the
need for us to work together to ensure a good education for your children. It is for
this reason that we believe that it is important that children bring “work” home from
a fairly young age.

This enables you to help your child in the learning process, and for them to see
parents and teachers working together. As the child gets older and goes on to the
Secondary School the work brought home becomes more demanding and time
consuming. Therefore it is important to prepare your child at the junior stage of
their education, or homework can be a “shock” to the system.

Our approach to “homework” varies throughout the school, according to the age of
the child. However, one important aspect remains the same. The “homework” given
to your child will only be of benefit if we have your support. Home/school books or
homework diaries are given to all children. Please support school by using these to
communicate with your child’s teacher.

                                                                                 - 19 -
                                 PASTORAL CARE

Children are cared for at school primarily by their class teacher, who gets to know
them as individuals, in terms of their personalities and their intellectual, aesthetic,
creative and physical abilities.

However, we consider that the pastoral care of children is a joint responsibility of
home and school, and to that end, we try to develop and foster good relationships
between parents, pupils and members of staff.

The Headteacher is responsible for the education and welfare of all the children in
the school and, in addition, to relying upon the help of the co-operation afforded by
the parents and class teachers, he is able to call upon extra support form the
Education Welfare Officer, Ms J Vaughan. She can be contacted at Campsmount
School, telephone (01302) 700474.

Children who have a problem of any kind are encouraged to discuss it with either
their class teacher or any other member of staff.

                                        The telephone numbers, or whereabouts of
                                        parents, if available are carefully noted for
                                        use in emergencies such as illness or

                                        During school hours the Headteacher and
                                        teachers act in `loco parentis’ and,
                                        therefore, no child will be permitted to leave
                                        the school during lesson times unless a
                                        written request is received from the
      Year 5 & 6 at Eden Camp.          parent(s) or unless, in an emergency the
                                        parent comes into school and explains the
                                        situation to the Headteacher or class

Parents are expected to send a written note if they wish their child to be excluded
from a particular lesson through any type of incapacity. Further, parents are
requested to co-operate fully where a child should be wearing spectacles or a hearing
aid.  When a disability is known in the school, the child concerned will be
advantageously placed in the classroom in order to alleviate that disability.

                                                                                    - 20 -

It is very important that we know about any medical problems that may affect your
child’s schooling. If your child is ill, home is obviously the best place. However, if a
child is fully recovered and is completing a course of antibiotics, school will help by
administering those medicines which cannot be worked around the school day. i.e.
those required 4 times a day.

Medicines must be clearly marked with the child’s name and dosage and handed in to
Mrs Bennett or Mrs Lindley in the school office.

School cannot be held responsible should it be forgotten.

You can of course, come to school to administer the medicine yourself.          Asthma
sufferers should always have their inhalers with them.

                                                                                    - 21 -
                  Gaining a place for your child at
                      Askern Spa Junior School
The Local Education Authority (LEA) is required to publish its entry policy for pupils
entering at age 7 (Year 3). This is a summary of their formal policy.

Entry at age 7:

1.    The number of pupils who can enter Askern’s Year 3 in 2006 is 95.

2.    Pupils in the catchment area will be admitted provided parents have confirmed
      their preference on the application form.

3.    The LEA may direct additional statemented pupils to the school.

4.    Spare places will be allocated on the basis of…

      a) Brothers/sisters already at the school,

      b) It being the junior school for a pupil’s

         infant school,

      c) Supporting disability or social


      d) Parents working at the school,

      e) Distance of pupil’s home from school.

                                                                                  - 22 -

He or she should only be absent if the reason is “unavoidable”. Allowing a child to be
absent without good reason is against the law and parents can be fined up to £1000.
Every half-day absence from school has to be classified by the school (not by the
parents), as either authorised or unauthorised. This is why information about the
cause of each absence is always required.

Authorised absences are mornings or afternoons away from school for a good reason:
illness or other unavoidable causes.

Unauthorised absences are those, which the school does not consider reasonable and
for which no “leave” has been given. This includes keeping children off school for
trivial reasons; truancy; absences, which have never been properly explained, and
children who arrive at school too late to get a mark. Providing a note may not be
sufficient if the reason given is not “unavoidable”. Children should never be kept off
school for reasons such as shopping, minding the house or as a treat.

Some children need encouragement to attend regularly. Any problems are best
sorted out between the school, the parents and the child. It is never better to cover
up their absence or to give in to pressure to excuse them from school. This gives the
impression that attendance does not matter and may make things worse. Parents are
expected to contact school at an early stage and to work with the staff in resolving
problems together. This is nearly always successful.

If problems cannot be sorted out in this way, the school may refer the child to the
Education Welfare Officer (EWO) from the local education authority. He or she will
also try to resolve the difficulties by agreement but, if other ways of trying to
improve the child’s attendance have failed, these officers can use court proceedings
to prosecute parents or to seek an education supervision order on the child.

Parents or children may wish to contact the EWO themselves to ask their advice.
They are independent of the school.

Julie Vaughan our EWO may be contacted on Doncaster 737225/737230 or at
Campsmount School on 700474.

Details of Absences                            2004/05       2005/06       2006/07

Percentage Authorised Absence                    8.4%          6.3%          5.9%
Percentage Unauthorised Absence                  0.4%          1.6%          1.6%
Percentage Attendance                            91.2         92.1%         92.5%

                                                                                  - 23 -

The school applies the following procedures in deciding how to deal with individual’s absences.

Illness and other legitimate reasons

If a child is unfit for school, parents should contact the school on the first day, in person or
by phone. When the child returns, he or she must bring a written note signed by a parent
for each period of absence. Absences will not be authorised without this procedure. Other
reasons for absence must be discussed with the school each time. Leave may be granted in
an emergency (e.g. bereavement) or for medical appointments, which must be in school time,
provided a written explanation is received.

If no explanation is received, the school will send a letter home with the absent dates listed.
There is space provided to give a reason for non-attendance. Due to poor attendance figures
in the district, we are now able to issues fixed penalty fines for unreasonable periods of
absence or where too many holidays have been taken.


All holiday leave in term time is at the discretion of the Head. Provided the request is made
in advance in writing by the parent looking after the child, leave for up to 10 days per school
year may be granted, provided the child’s attendance record is otherwise satisfactory.
Leave may be refused where children have attendance of less than 90% or at crucial times
of the year (e.g. during exams). Requests for leave beyond 10 days a year will only be
granted in exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Holiday forms can be obtained
from our office.


Children must attend on time to be given a mark for a session, unless the lateness is
unavoidable. Parents are expected to ensure that children are present at registration.
Arriving more than 15 minutes after the start of the session without good reason is counted
as unauthorised absence.


The school has a legal duty to publish its absence figures to parents and to promote
attendance. You will receive information in your child’s report. Very good attendance is
rewarded each year with individual and class prizes. The suggestions of parents and children
about how to encourage attendance are especially welcome.

The school has a duty to make your child’s time in school interesting and worthwhile. Parents
have a duty to make sure that their children attend. The school is committed to working
with parents as the best way to ensure as high a level of attendance as possible.

                                                                                           - 24 -
                           SCHOOL UNIFORM

Children are expected to wear a school uniform. Our uniform can be purchased
anywhere and is flexible and not too expensive. The colour has been chosen because
it is available at many shops and can also be obtained from YPO. In addition
sweatshirts, fleeces and polo shirts are available from the school office, with the
                                                     school logo on.

                                                      All children’s clothing that is
                                                      likely to be removed during
                                                      the day - coats, anoraks
                                                      etc., - should be clearly
                                                      labelled.     We have a lost
                                                      property box in the office,
                                                      which is usually full, especially
                                                      in the summer months, and we
                                                      will endeavour to recover any
                                                      missing      items,     however,
                                                      children must accept some
                                                      responsibility for missing items.


The children should be dressed in any of the following for these activities: -

                                                  Outdoor –
                                                  warm top i.e.; sweatshirt/jumper

                                                  Indoor –
                                                  bare feet
As the weather is particularly unpredictable during the winter months, it would be
advisable for the children to bring clothing, which is suitable for both indoor and
outdoor activities in order that they can participate whatever the weather.

All children should have a complete change of clothing.

                                                                                     - 25 -

1.    Long hair must be tied back (also during swimming).

2.    No denim clothing (restricted movement).

3.    No clothing with buckles etc.

4.    All jewellery must be removed before physical activities. Studs must also be
      removed. We have been advised that even studs cause serious injury during
      physical activities, and must be removed. If your child has difficulty removing
      their own studs then could they not wear the items to school on days when
      activities take place? Newly pierced ears, (up to six weeks after being
      pierced) must be covered by a plaster to avoid any accidents (please send a

If your child is unable to take part in the lesson for medical reasons, could you please
ensure that they bring a note? As you know, it is a legal requirement that your child
participates in Physical Education, and we appreciate your support in ensuring this by
making sure your child has the appropriate clothing in order to take part in the lesson
on the correct day.


Please do not let your child bring jewellery to school, as we cannot accept
responsibility for loss or damage. When children have pierced ears, they should only
wear one small stud in each ear whilst at school, and not dangling earrings. Teachers
will ask children to remove earrings during P.E. or games for safety’s sake, and
replace them afterwards

Children may wear a watch.

Inappropriate hair styles and colours e.g.: bright hair dyes will be actively

                                                                                    - 26 -
                            SCHOOL MEALS

The school has one canteen in which children eat either a school meal or a packed
lunch. Children stay for a meal at lunchtime on the strict understanding that: -

                                         They behave in a reasonable manner and
                                         respond at all times to those carrying
                                         out mid-day supervision.

                                         They do not leave the premises except
                                         with the permission of the Headteacher
                                         or Deputy Headteacher.

                                        Dinner money should be brought in on a
                                        Monday in a plastic envelope, even if
      your child is not staying the full week. The correct amount would be

In addition the school provides breakfasts from 8am until 8.35am, and children are
able to eat fruit during afternoon break.

                                                                              - 27 -

                       CHILDRENS PRICES

SUNSHINE CEREALS 40P                 HOT DOG SAUSAGE     50P

                    BIG BREAKFAST 60P
                    WITH BREAD AND BUTTER OR TOAST

CHEESE ON TOAST      30P                   TOAST         10P
BEANS ON TOAST       30P                   BISCUITS      10P
POACHED EGG ON TOAST 30P                   MIXED FRUIT   25P


TEA                          20P     COFFEE              25P
HOT CHOCOLATE                25P     FLAVOURED MILK      25P
PURE ORANGE                  25P     DILUTE ORANGE       10P

                                                               - 28 -
                                    SCHOOL BUS

The bus currently arrives at 3.05pm. Occasionally there have been emergency situations
where the bus has arrived late or not arrived at all. Under these you may be contacted to
make other arrangements for your children.

Many of our children travel to and from school on public transport and are expected to
behave sensibly. The LEA and the Bus Company are within their rights to refuse to
transport children who persist in bad behaviour on the bus. Warning letters will be sent to
parents of badly behaved children and eventually they will be refused travel.

The bus route passes directly outside the school, an in a morning there is a crossing patrol
warden on duty.

Please make sure that your child knows the school bus rule:

                    SIT ON A SEAT UNTIL YOU GET OFF!


Many of our children come to school on bicycles in the summer months and leave them
outside school. Although we do what we can in terms of security, several bicycles have been
stolen - even though they have been padlocked. Obviously, bicycle thieves will target schools
and we cannot accept responsibility through our insurers. As a result bikes are best kept at


In a large school it is inevitable that children will have accidents, and lose or damage personal

What is the insurance cover for the school?

Doncaster MBC only insures against injury caused to the children as a result of the
negligence of the Authority, its servants or agents and does not insure to pay compensation
following any injury suffered accidentally by a pupil.

Parents wishing to insure their children against personal accident/injury are advised to
consult their assurance company.

Similarly, pupils are not covered for loss or damage to property in school. We would,
therefore, advise you to consider whether your existing private insurance arrangements need
to be extended to cover possible eventualities occurring in school.

                                                                                            - 29 -
Class Visits are arranged so that the whole class can do follow up work. As prices increase
and schools find it more and more difficult to subsidise trips out we hope to be able to rely
on parents to contribute to the cost of these visits. Most of our visits will be in the locality
but also we would hope to be able to travel further a field to provide new experiences for
our children and for these visits we always use coaches with seat belts.

Under the terms of the Education Act, however, the Governing Body is required to draw up
and keep under review its own policies in respect of charges and remission arrangements,
including school visits.

We have always believed that no child should be barred from a visit with their classmates
because of money problems and in the past we have always worked out some arrangements*.
Now, however, things are slightly more complicated. Consequently, if a visit is planned in
lesson time and your child brings home a letter asking for a “voluntary contribution” what
must be remembered is that:

       a)     The “voluntary contribution” will be in fact the actual cost of
              the visit for the child and,

       b)     if the full amount from each child is not forthcoming, taking
              into account * above, then the visit will not take place.

As we make use of the local environment in the work that the children do at school, it is
hoped that parents will readily give permission for their child to go out in the locality with
adequate supervision being provided. If you have any concerns in this area, please contact
school. Governors have given their permission for this to take place and it is hoped that
parents will come along and accompany their child where possible.

                                     Year 3 - Danelaw visit

Please complete the slip contained in this folder and hand it in when you come to the Parents

Finally, we do rely on the help and support of all our parents in what we do at school and we
hope that the time that you and your child spend with us will be stimulating, enjoyable and
                                                                                           - 30 -
Further information on all education - related topics can be obtained from school or

                   Director of Education,
                   P.O. Box 266,
                   The Council House,
                   College Road,
                   DN1 3AD
                   Tel: Don 734444


This information applies to admissions during the academic year 2006/2007 and was
correct at the time of printing in the summer of 2006. It should not be assumed
that there will be no change affecting the relevant arrangements before the start of
or during the school year or in relation to subsequent school years.

                                                                                  - 31 -
                                      ADMISSION FORM
                                       NAME AND ADDRESS
Surname:                                        Forename:
Other Name:                                     Chosen Name:
Gender:                                         Date of Birth:

Postcode:                                           Telephone No:

(Please complete the parental and emergency contact details overleaf).

Please complete by ticking the appropriate box
Travel Arrangements             Meal Arrangements              Dietary Needs
Bicycle                         Free Meals                     None
Car                             Home                           Artificial colouring allergy
Public Transport                School Meal                    No dairy produce
School Coach                    Sandwiches                     Gluten Free
Train                           Other                          Kosher foods only
Walks                                                          No nuts of any type/quantity
Taxi                                                           No pork
Other                                                          Ramadan
                                                               Seafood allergy

                                     MEDICAL INFORMATION
Doctor’s Name:

Doctor’s Address:

Telephone No:

Please note any

medical conditions we should know about

                                    CULTURAL INFORMATION
Ethnicity                          Home Language                         Religion

                                       PREVIOUS SCHOOL
School:                            From:                                 To:

                                                                                              - 32 -
               Please fill in the details below up to a maximum of 6.

                1st CONTACT                                2nd CONTACT
Name:                                      Name:

Day Tel No:                                Day Tel No:
Additional Comments:                       Additional Comments:

Home Address:                              Home Address:

Post code:           Home Tel:             Post code:           Home Tel:

Relationship:                              Relationship:

Parental Responsibility          YES/NO    Parental Responsibility          YES/NO

                3rd CONTACT                                4th CONTACT
Name:                                      Name:

Day Tel No:                                Day Tel No:
Additional Comments:                       Additional Comments:

Home Address:                              Home Address:

Post code:           Home Tel:             Post code:           Home Tel:

Relationship:                              Relationship:

Parental Responsibility          YES/NO    Parental Responsibility          YES/NO

                5th CONTACT                                6th CONTACT
Name:                                      Name:

Day Tel No:                                Day Tel No:
Additional Comments:                       Additional Comments:

Home Address:                              Home Address:

Post code:           Home Tel:             Post code:           Home Tel:

Relationship:                              Relationship:

Parental Responsibility          YES/NO    Parental Responsibility          YES/NO

                                                                              - 33 -
Internet Permission Form

Please complete and return this form to the headteacher.


As a school user of the Internet, I agree to comply with the rules on its use. I will
use the school network in a responsible way and observe all the restrictions explained
to me by the school.

Pupil’s signature _________________________

Date: ___/___/___


As the parent or legal guardian of the pupil signing above, I grant permission for my
son or daughter to use electronic mail and the Internet. I understand that pupils will
be held accountable for their own actions. I also understand that some material on
the Internet may be objectionable and I accept responsibility for setting standards
for my son or daughter to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information
and media.

Parent’s signature ______________________________

Date: ___/___/___

Pupil’s name ________________________________

Form/class ___________________________________

Home Telephone ____________________________

Adapted from: National Association for Co-ordinators and Teachers of IT,
Acceptable Use Policy
                                                                                 - 34 -
Local Visits

During the course of their time at Askern Spa School, children will be involved in
study about the local area. As part of this work, we will take them out for walks
around the locality. Please could you sign the slip below to give permission for your
child to take part in these activities.



I give my permission for my child______________________________to take part
in visits around the local area.

Signature of parent/guardian_________________________________________

School Photographs
From time to time, as pupils are involved in work and visits, we take photographs to
record their achievements. These may be displayed around school, used in the school
prospectus and occasionally sent to the local press to celebrate the work being done.

We would like your permission to take such photographs whilst your child is engaged
in work or visits with the school.


I give permission for photographs of my child__________________________to be
used for the above purposes.

Signature of

                                                                                         - 35 -
School will:                          Child will:                           Family will:
We will welcome your child into       I will try my best to :               We will try our best to ensure
school each day and provide a                                               our child:-
stimulating place to learn.            get to school on time,
                                       be ready to learn new things,          attends regularly,
                                       wear the correct school                is on time,
                                         clothes.                              is prepared for learning,
                                                                               is suitably dressed with
                                                                                uniform and PE/Games kit.

We will do our best to provide a      I will behave as sensibly and         We will try to label clothing and
safe, secure environment for          responsibly as I can at all times.    equipment and encourage our
your child.                                                                 child to be responsible.

We will provide information about     I will try my best to work as hard    We will inform the school of any
your child’s progress and             as I can and do as I’m asked at       home circumstances which may
opportunities for you to talk to      home and school.                      affect our child’s progress and
teachers.                                                                   welfare, and contact school on
                                                                            the first day of absence.

We will inform you of events          I will do my best to obey the         We will try our best to visit
happening in school through           school rules and look after the       school when appropriate to
newsletters and diaries.              school equipment and building.        discuss our child’s welfare and
                                                                            progress. We will try to attend
                                                                            at least one open evening per

We will listen attentively and be     I will try to learn and find out as   We will try our best to support
responsive to you and your child.     much as I can.                        the school’s policies and
Each day will be viewed as a                                                guidelines on behaviour and help
“Fresh Start”.                                                              to ensure our child behaves well.

We will provide opportunities to      I will try to show kindness and       We will do our best to support all
extend your child’s learning.         consideration to others.              attempts to enhance our child’s

We will encourage children to                                               We will do our best to encourage
show consideration and tolerance                                            kindness and consideration in our
to others and respect the                                                   child.
property of others.
We will do our best to treat your                                           We will try to support our child in
child fairly and objectively at all                                         any extra curriculum activity
times.                                                                      he/she may be involved in.

Signed………………………                       Signed………………………                       Signed………………………

                                                                                                        - 36 -
        Holiday Pattern – 2007/2008 School Year
  Holiday       Schools       Re-open       Training     No. of Days
                 Close         (AM)          Days*         Holiday
                             Wednesday     3rd and 4th        2
                              5th Sept        Sept
Autumn Half    Friday 26th   Monday 5th                      5
   Term         October        Nov

 Christmas     Friday 21st   Monday 7th    3rd and 4th       10
               December       January       January

Spring Half    Friday 8th    Monday 18th                     5
  Term         February       February

  Easter        Thursday     Monday 7th                      11
               20th March      April

 May Day       Friday 2nd    Tuesday 6th                      1
                  May           May

Summer Half    Friday 23rd   Monday 2nd                      5
   Term            May         June

Training Day    Thursday     Monday 30th   Friday 27th        1
                26th June       June          June
  Summer       Friday 18th                                   27

                                                                  - 37 -
- 38 -

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