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                      Fall 2011: Frequently Asked Questions
     For Newly-Arrived International/Exchange/Study Abroad Students

   COMMON LOCATIONS                                                  □ Buy a long-distance phone card and call
       Abbreviation                  Building Name
                                                                     Long-Distance Phone Cards
     AQ                       Academic Quadrangle
                                                                     You can purchase long-distance phone cards from
     MBC                      Maggie Benston Centre
                                                                     convenience stores. On the Burnaby campus, they are
     WMC                      West Mall Centre
                                                                     available at Minimart 101 in the MBC or from Nesters
     CM                       Convocation Mall
                                                                     Market Grocery Store at the Cornerstone. Shop around and
                                                                     ask others from your country if possible as the rates vary
   FIRST WEEK CHECKLIST                                              greatly.
                                                                     Pay Phones
   □ Seek advising at SFU International                              There are pay phones available in each of the residence
   SFU International – Advising Services                             buildings. Other locations include:
   We are available to assist all international students with:       • 2000 level of WMC
   • study permit and temporary resident (entry) visas               • top two floors of the MBC
   • on campus employment regulations                                • throughout the AQ
   • social insurance numbers (SIN)                                  Mobile Phones
   • co-op, post-graduation, and off-campus work permits             There are a variety of cellular phones and providers that offer
   • visitor visas and work permits for spouses/common-law           plans that vary from:
     partners                                                        • Pay As You Go
   • health insurance and the Canadian medical system                • Month to Month plans
   • US visitor visas                                                • 1-3 Year long locked contracts
   • personal, cultural and academic transition                      You can find providers that offer phones and services at:
   • any other non-academic questions or concerns                    • Lougheed Mall
   For more information, please visit       # 145 bus to PRODUCTION WAY SkyTrain Station
                                                                        take the SkyTrain on the side that says “TO
   International Students
                                                                       WATERFRONT VIA COLUMBIA" to Lougheed
   International Student Advisor drop-in advising hours:
   Burnaby campus (MBC 1200)
   Monday to Friday, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm                              • Metropolis at Metrotown (British Columbia’s largest
                                                                       shopping centre in Burnaby)
   Surrey & Vancouver campuses                                         #144 Bus to METROTOWN SkyTrain Station
   Please contact an International Student Advisor by email
   (; phone (778-782-4232) or visit the         If you choose to bring your mobile phone with you, it is
   Burnaby campus during drop-in advising hours.                     possible that you can use it in BC. However it must be an
                                                                     unlocked phone that is compatible to the networks supported
   Inbound Exchange Students                                         by our major carriers such as Rogers, Telus, Fido and Bell.
   Drop in and sign in for an appointment at MBC 1200                Their network is GSM standard with development currently
   Spaces fill up quickly, appointments available on a first-come,   focused on UMTS, HSDPA, and EUL service. If you have
   first-serve basis.                                                an unlocked tri band or quad band phone, you should be able
                                                                     to use your phone by replacing the SIM card. If you have a
                                                                     dual band phone it must have 850 or 1900 MHz bands to
                                                                     function on our major networks.

E-mail:                     Phone: 778-782-4232          

□ Obtain your SFU ID card                                                  International Students
SFU ID cards can be picked up at any of our three campuses                 The U-Pass BC fee is automatically added to your student
listed below beginning July 12th. Please note you will have to             account when you enroll in a U-Pass BC eligible course, and
wait 24 hours after enrolling in an eligible course:                       must be paid at the same time as your fees and tuition.

        SFU ID card production locations/times                             Inbound Exchange Students
                                                                           If you pay tuition to your home institutions, you will be
                                 Summer Term Reduced Hours
                                 (May 24th - Aug 26th)                     required to buy a U-Pass as well and pay for it at Student
                                 Mon – Thur: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm             Services.
                                 Fri: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
                                 Regular Hours                             □ Get a parking pass
                  3000 Level     Mon – Thur: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm             For more information, please visit
  Burnaby           MBC          Fri: 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
                                 Extended Fall Rush Hours
                                 Aug 31- Sep 1: 8am-7pm                    Burnaby campus
                                 Sep 2: 8am-4pm                            Enter the Burnaby parking lottery for a chance to purchase a
                                 Sep 6-8: 8am-7pm                          spot. Parking is extremely limited at Burnaby campus.
                                 Sep 9: 8am-4pm.
                                 Mon: 10:00 am- 4:30 pm                    Vancouver campus
                 Registrar and   Tues – Fri: 9:00 am- 4:30 pm
   Surrey        Information                                               Nearby parking lots include the one beneath the Harbour
                                 Note: Students admitted to Surrey
                   Services      programs only must obtain their Student   Centre complex at 515 West Hastings (weeknights only after
                                 ID cards at the SFU Surrey campus         6 pm, all day Saturday and Sunday and statutory holidays) and
                                 Hours (May 30th – Sep 2nd)                Imperial Parking at 400 West Cordova Street. The Cordova
                                 Mon – Thur: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm             Street lot offers reduced rates after 4:00 pm for students,
                 Registrar and   Fri: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm                   faculty, and staff with a valid SFU library card or a parking
 Vancouver Student Services
                            Regular Hours                                  pass available from Continuing Studies. Bicycle racks are also
                                 Mon – Thurs: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm           available at this location. Parking on the street is free after 8
                                 Friday: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm                pm.
You will need to present valid photo ID (for example,                      Surrey campus
government issued ID, passport, driver’s license, or high                  Enter the Surrey parking lottery for a chance to purchase a
school GoCard).                                                            decal. Parking is limited at the Surrey campus.

□ Pick your U-Pass BC card                                                 □ Add & Drop courses
U-Pass BC is a mandatory program for all members of                        International Students
Simon Fraser University’s Student. The program provides                    International Students are able to add/drop courses through
unlimited, all zone access to public transit in Metro                      the online system at before the appropriate
Vancouver including TransLink Bus, SkyTrain and SeaBus                     deadlines as outlined on
services (all zones) and a discount on West Coast Express
Train fares.                                                               Inbound Exchange Students
                                                                           Inbound exchange students can add/drop courses with the
Starting August 25th, you can swipe your SFU                               Exchange Program Assistant at SFU International
student ID card at any U-Pass BC self-service                              during the first week of classes. After the first week,
machine near the Registrar counters, during business                       please visit the appropriate department to speak with the
hours at any of SFU's three campuses and receive your U-                   undergraduate program advisor.
Pass BC card from the machine.
After you have your U-Pass card for September, each month
you can swipe your student ID card at the self-service
                                                                           □ Confirm enrollment in your classes
machines to receive your MONTHLY U-Pass BC card,                           and pay your fees
beginning the 21st of the previous month (or the first                     There are several ways you can pay for your tuition and fees
business day after the 21st). For example, October's U-Pass                after you have enrolled in classes. The most convenient way
BC card will be available from the machines beginning                      to pay is through either online or telephone banking with
September 21.                                                              your bank or credit union. Avoid lineups! For more
                                                                           information see
For more information see
Translink Trip Planner tells you how long your trip will                   □ Buy your textbooks from the SFU
take, if there are any transfers involved and how much it
costs. Website:                                   Bookstore
                                                                           You can look up what textbooks you will need at
                                                                  Log in using your computing ID and click on a

E-mail:                           Phone: 778-782-4232               

class title to see what textbooks are required. Order your        Credit Unions:
books online from the SFU Bookstore through            • Credit Union of BC -
Books are often in stock before the term starts.                    (Searchable by location)
                                                                  Virtual Banks:
□ Purchase temporary medical                                      • ING Direct -
insurance and sign up for the BC Medical                          • President’s Choice -
Services Plan, if eligible
SFU requires that all students have health insurance for the      □ Shop for household items or
entire duration of your studies. Health care in Canada can be
very expensive if you don’t have insurance and these plans
                                                                  furniture you may need
work to help you avoid unexpected health costs:                   On Campus - Shopping
• Temporary Health Insurance                                      • The Cornerstone (next to the B-lot parking lot on the
   For your first few months in BC or the entire duration of        Burnaby campus)
   your stay if you are a 1 term visiting or exchange student       • Nesters Market Grocery Store
• BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP)                                     (Nesters has a Canadian Postal Outlet and a Pharmacy)
   For the length of your stay if you will be in BC for more
                                                                    • Several shops, restaurants and cafes
   than 6 months
• The SFSS Health & Dental Plan (for Undergraduate)               You can find a full list of shops and services online at
   OR Graduate Benefit Plan (for Graduate)                Community  Shops and Services
   For extra benefits that are not covered by Global Campus       • The Tech Shop (technology products)
   Health Plan or MSP *only if you pay tuition to SFU                inside the SFU Burnaby Bookstore (MBC)
For more information on how to apply, please visit                  *SFU also carries a selection of technology products at the          Surrey and Vancouver campus bookstores.
                                                                  • The Attic (thrift shop)
                                                                    in the McTaggart-Cowan Hall basement
□ Open a bank account                                     
To open a bank account, you will need:                            If you live in residence, you may need pillows, sheets,
• Valid Passport                                                  blankets, toiletries, etc. and some of you may want to stock
• Valid Study Permit                                              up on some food if you’re not on a meal plan. Ask your
• Proof of Address (i.e. phone bill, lease agreement or letter    Residence Orientation Leader about shopping trips organized
  from landlord/homestay family)                                  as part of Residence Orientation.
• Proof of Enrollment (To qualify for student account,
  many banks will ask for your Confirmation of Enrollment         Off Campus - Household Needs
  Letter which can be downloaded from your student                • Metrotown Mall (over 450 stores)
  account)                                                          #144 bus directly to Metropolis (45+ mins)
The following is a list of the major banks offered on and off       • Superstore (a large grocery and furniture store)
campus.                                                             • T&T grocery store (Asian specialty foods)
On Campus:
                                                                  • Lougheed Town Centre (over 100 stores)
• Scotiabank -
                                                                    # 145 bus to Production Way SkyTrain Station
  Cornerstone Building, 8972 University High Street,
                                                                     Take the SkyTrain on the side that says “TO
                                                                    WATERFRONT VIA COLUMBIA" to Lougheed
  Phone: 604-294-6862 ext. 2003
                                                                    Station (25+ mins)
    Automated Banking Machines
                                                                  • Han Nam Supermarket and Hanahreum Mart
    There are 4 Scotiabank ABMs on campus for cash
                                                                    (Korean/Asian specialty food markets)
    withdrawals only: 2000 and 3000 Level of the MBC, next
                                                                    In the plaza, along North Road about 15 mins walk
    to Education department of the AQ and WMC.
                                                                    (South/downhill) from Lougheed Town Centre
Off Campus:
                                                                  • Safeway (supermarket)
• Bank of Montreal (BMO) -
                                                                    # 135 bus to the Kensington Square Plaza
• Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) -
• TD Canada Trust -                         • Shopper’s Drug Mart (pharmacy/toiletries store)
• Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)                         # 135 bus to the Kensington Square Plaza
• HSBC Bank Canada -

E-mail:                      Phone: 778-782-4232         

Off campus - New Furniture                                        □ Find housing if you do not have it
  #145 bus to Production Way SkyTrain Station                     On campus
   Take the SkyTrain on the side that says “TO                   If you have not applied for and been accepted into residence
  WATERFRONT VIA COLUMBIA" to BRAID Station                       this term and have missed the deadline, call the Residence
   #156 bus to “LOUGHEED STN"  Watch for the                    office at 778.782.4201 to see if space is available. They can
  big blue building with the yellow IKEA sign (30+mins)           also advise you how to apply for a future term.

Off Campus - Used Furniture                                       Off campus
Start off by looking on campus bulletin boards for notices of     Please Note: These websites are not endorsed nor are they
furniture for sale.                                               sponsored by SFU. They are simply placed here as a resource
                                                                  to students looking for off-campus housing. SFU does not
• Value Village (second-hand items)                               pre-screen advertisements for off-campus housing and
  # 143 COQUITLAM STN bus Eastbound  get off at                  assumes no liability for any disputes arising from tenancies or
  Como Lake and Clarke Road  Walk past Safeway                   other services advertised here. It is your responsibility to
  Supermarket, Petro-Canada gas station and DairyQueen and        check out the listings carefully.
  it will be on your left, in Burquitlam Plaza (10+ mins)
                                                                  Familiarize yourself with the BC Residential Tenancy Act
• Consign Home (consignment store)                                before signing a lease. Website:
  #135 Burrard SkyTrain Station  get off at the corner of
  Hastings St. and Sperling Ave
                                                                  The following resources are the best places to start:
You can also look in the local newspapers, on-line or at          •
garage sales for furniture on sale:                               •
• Vancouver Sun & Province:                                       •                         •
• Buy & Sell:
• Used Vancouver:
                                                                  Please note that there are a number of private companies
• Craig’s List:                  which offer homestay service. Two companies past students
                                                                  have used include:
□ Make sure that your Study Permit is                             • First Choice International Placement Inc.
accurate and valid for study at a post-                    
                                                                  • International Education & Homestay Services of BC Ltd.
secondary institution; if in doubt visit                   
an International Student Advisor at SFU
International                                                     □ Familiarize yourself with Canadian
We strongly recommend that you make an appointment to             currency
see an International Student Advisor at the SFU International
                                                                  Canada is not solely a cash-based society, as most retailers
Office for information on how to renew your Study permit,
                                                                  accept credit/debit (Interac) cards for purchases. The most
obtain a co-op work permit or an off-campus work permit.
                                                                  widely accepted credit cards include MasterCard and Visa.
Please meet with an advisor at least 90 days                      Retailers who accept credit cards will have a sign displaying
before your Study Permit expires.                                 this on the front door. Due to counterfeit concerns, many
Website:                               stores do not accept large bills such as $100. Currency
                                                                  exchange services are available at the Vancouver Airport and
□ Apply for a Social Insurance Number                             at the major banks in the city.
(SIN) if you already have a contract for                          Travellers cheques are also widely accepted in Vancouver,
work on campus                                                    and can be easily cashed at a bank or credit union for a
If you obtain employment, you will need a SIN card. To            nominal fee.
apply for a SIN card, you will need a valid passport, study
permit and letter confirming on-campus employment OR a            Canadian money is unique. Each bill is a different colour ($5
work permit. International students will need to apply in         is blue, $10 is purple, $20 is green, $50 is red, $100 is brown)
person at any Service Canada office. Website:                     and anything less than $5 is in the form of a coin. The $1   coin is known as the “loonie” as it has a loon (similar to a
g_handouts/sin.pdf                                                duck) on it. The $2 coin is known as a “toonie” and these
                                                                  terms are widely used, so be prepared! Another common
                                                                  slang you will hear is “buck”, meaning dollar.

E-mail:                     Phone: 778-782-4232           

FIRST MONTH CHECKLIST                                               3. Once you have received the notification message, have
                                                                       your 9-digit SFU ID# ready, go to the SFU Computing
                                                                       Account Online Activation Form at
□ Explore SFU’s library services                             
With locations in Vancouver, Surrey and at the main campus
in Burnaby, SFU Library houses a print collection of 2.7
                                                                       and follow the instructions to activate your SFU
million volumes and 6000 journal subscriptions and is a
                                                                       Computing ID.
major resource for all students. To make use of the wide
variety of resources available to SFU students, the best place
to start is at the Library website:          □ Check out all the student clubs at Clubs
Student Learning Commons (SLC)                                      Days
The Student Learning Commons (SLC) is an academic                   For information on clubs & societies, please attend Clubs
learning centre providing friendly and knowledgeable                Day during the second week of school at the CM area or
assistance with a wide range of academic topics and skills.         please contact the Student Society general office in the MBC
Their goal is to provide students with the strategies and tools     (2nd Floor) or visit
needed for academic success through workshops and one-on-
one appointments.                                                   □ Pick up your free gym membership tag &
                                                                    sign up for an intramural sport or other
To guarantee an appointment time or a workshop space, and
for more information, please visit the Student Learning
                                                                    recreation activities
Commons website:                     Access is free, but you will need to get a shoe tag from the
                                                                    Athletics & Recreation office to enter these facilities. The
Burnaby campus                                                      Athletics and Recreation Office is located across from the
Room 3020, on the main floor of the Bennett Library Mon-            WMC in the same building where the Gym is located. Bring
Fri, 9am - 4:30pm                                                   your student card. Website:
Surrey campus                                             
Room 3695, adjoining the Library, on Podium level 3
Mon-Fri, 9am - 4:30pm                                               □ Apply for a BC ID card to carry on you as
Vancouver campus                                                    identification
Mon-Thu, TBA                                                        B.C. Identification (BCID) cards are very useful if you are
Room 1070, Mezzanine level of the Belzberg Library                  not a driver and are typically used as identification in any
                                                                    situation where you might use a driver's licence.
□ Learn about SFU computing services                                Website:
The following is a list of the labs, their locations and hours:
                              Mon -Fri    Saturday     Sunday       □ Visit our Facebook and iBlog to check
 SCIC Lab 1 (AQ3145)                                                our exciting events and workshops
 CIC Lab 2 (AQ3145.2)          8:30a -     10:30a -    10:30a -     To help everyone keep in touch with the active and vibrant
 East Concourse (AQ3144)        7:30p       6:00p       6:00p       international community at SFU, we have set up some sites
 West Mall Lab (WMX2502)                                            on the web. Check us out and stay up to date.
 Information Commons           8:00a -     10:00a -    10:00a -
 (Library 3rd Floor)           11:45p       10:00p      10:00p
 Information Commons           9:00a -     10:30a -    10:30a -
 (Library Service Desk)         7:30p       5:30p       5:30p
 Micro Computer Facility       8:30a -
                                          CLOSED       CLOSED
 (AQ3148)                       6:30p
If you have not activated your SFU Computing ID,
do the following:
1. Accept the offer of admission by paying a deposit of $250.
    Allow 5-7 business days for the processing of your    
    payment.                                                        International-Student-
2. You should receive an email message 5-7 business days
    later at your non-SFU email address indicating that your
    SFU Computing ID is ready for you to activate.

E-mail:                        Phone: 778-782-4232          

□ Check services at Simon Fraser Student                         □ Work or volunteer on campus
Society (SFSS) and Graduate Student                              Information is available at Career Services for on-campus
Society (GSS)                                                    work ( and at Volunteer Services
                                                                 for volunteer opportunities (
Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS)
The Student Society offers you a lot of different ways to be
involved outside of the classroom while you're attending
Simon Fraser University. From clubs, departmental student        Dates
unions, helping out with campaigns or participating in the       ACADEMIC CALENDAR OF EVENTS
collectives of the Women's Centre or Out on Campus, you
will find many opportunities to enhance your student life.       DEADLINES
Graduate Student Society (GSS)                                   RESIDENCES & HOUSING IMPORTANT DATES
The Graduate Student Society (GSS) at Simon Fraser     
University is happy to provide SFU graduate students with        STATUTORY HOLIDAYS
the information and assistance they need to navigate and
enjoy their experience at SFU.

□ Seek academic advising for
undergraduate students
Academic advising is located in Student Central in MBC.
Academic advising is available to help undeclared students
with course planning and choosing a major. They also
provide advice on academic difficulty for all SFU students. If
you have declared your major, please contact your
departmental advisor for assistance. Website:

□ Transfer credits
If you are transferring from a university, or an academic
institution outside of British Columbia, please visit Student
Services, MBC 3200, for information on what is needed
from you in order to articulate your transfer credit. Students
transferring from BC colleges should consult the BC College
Transfer Guide at: For more information,
visit Admissions, MBC3000.

□ Purchase meal cards
If you are not on a residence meal plan, you are able to
purchase meal cards (Piper Express card) at the SFU Dining
Services office. You can add a fixed amount on the meal card
and use the card to purchase meals at the participating on-
campus cafeterias. To obtain a meal card, please visit the SFU
Dining services office in the AQ building on the 2nd floor,
near the White Spot Restaurant.

□ Check Road and Traffic Report
Campus security office provides updates on road conditions
as well as information on bus access to the campus. This is
useful during the winter season when SFU can receive

E-mail:                     Phone: 778-782-4232          

USEFUL CONTACTS FOR SFU:                                    E-mail (GENERAL QUESTIONS)
On-campus and Off-campus Resources
                                                             (EXCHANGE & STUDY ABROAD)
On Campus Emergencies (Burnaby)   778.782.4500              SFU LIBRARY (BURNABY CAMPUS)
On Campus Emergencies (Vancouver) 778.782.5252              Phone     778.782.3869
On Campus Emergencies (Surrey)    778.782.7511
        Off Campus - EMERGENCY 911
                                                            STUDENT LEARNING COMMONS
                                                            Burnaby Phone      778.782.4648
                                                            Surrey Phone       778.782.7614
Phone   778.782.3100
Web                                 STUDENT SERVICES – Registrar & Information Services
                                                            Burnaby      778.782.4356
                                                            Surrey      778.782.7400
Phone   778.782.3106
                                                            Vancouver 778.782.5000
                                                            STUDENT SOCIETY
Phone   778.782.3112
                                                            Phone     778.782.3870
Phone   778.782.6568
                                                            OFF-CAMPUS CONTACTS
                                                            BC MEDICAL SERVICES PLAN (MSP)
GRADUATE STUDENT SOCIETY                                    Phone 604.683.7151
Phone   778-782-3899                                        Web

                                                            Phone 1.888.242.2100
HEALTH & COUNSELLING CENTRE                                 Web
Phone   778.782.4615
                                                            DAVID CUMMINGS INSURANCE (Global Campus Health Plan)
Web                       Phone 604.228.8816 N. America Toll Free 1.800.818.3188)
INTERFAITH CENTRE                                           Web
Phone   778.782.3180                                        INTERNATIONAL TAX SERVICES OFFICE
Web                   Phone 1.800.267.5177
                                                            SERVICE CANADA, Burnaby (SIN cards)
Phone   778.782.4832
                                                            Phone 604.437.3761
Web                  Web
RECREATION                                                  SFSS and GSS Health and Dental Plan
Phone   778.782.3675                                        Phone     1.866.369.8795
Web                               Web

Phone   778.782.4201                                        Phone     604.683.2000
Web                        Web

Phone   778.782.5467                                        Phone     604.255.0546
Web                         Web

SFU INTERNATIONAL                                           TRANSLINK (Public Transportation)
Phone   778.782.4232                                        Phone     604.453.4500
Fax     778.782.5880                                        Web

E-mail:                Phone: 778-782-4232            

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