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					       March 2007                                                                   Volume 11.3
                                 The Newsletter of the Tuscaloosa Human Resource Professionals
                                        PO Box 20297, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35402
                                                  Web site:

                                         The THRP News
                                                                Reservations deadline: 4:00 p.m.
                                                                     Tuesday, March 13th
                                                                Reservations can be submitted to
March Meeting                                                            Will Patton by:
Thursday, March 15th                                                Phone: 205/562-5810 or
Location: Indian Hills Country Club                             Email:
Time: 11:30 am – 12:45 pm
Speaker: Charlie McLane– CUE Inc.
Our speaker for March will be Charlie McLane from
San Antonio, Texas. Charlie has been the Executive
Director of CUE Inc. since April 2001. CUE is a non-   The President’s Corner
profit national employers association dedicated to     Happy spring break! I know a lot of you may be out
positive employee relations. CUE members               of town this week, so stay safe! I remember our
represent a variety of industries including            safety briefings in the military before a weekend
manufacturing, trucking, retail, aerospace,            pass. Our leaders always said, “Don’t drink and
automotive healthcare, and others. Charlie has been    drive, stay alert and stay alive.” That’s pretty good
associated with CUE for over 20 years through his      advice. I want to thank our membership for a great
roles with Holiday Inns Inc. and LaQuinta Inns.        turnout last month. We had a great meeting and I
                                                       hope you all attend our general meeting on the 15th.
Charlie spent 18 years in various capacities from      Please keep the reservation policy in mind. Several
Manager of Industrial Relations to Vice President of members had to stand in the back of the room last
Human Resources for Holiday Inn's Americas             month because we ran out of place settings. Our
Division. He was also VP HR for LaQuinta Inns Inc. chapter continues to support the state chapter and
                                                       SHRM. This month two of our members, Gloria
Subsequent to his hotel career Charlie taught at the Lamon and Tom Scroggins will leave for
university level for 2 years as a Visiting Assistant   Washington D.C. and represent our chapter at the
Professor in the College of Business at the University Hill visits. Hats off to Tom and Gloria for taking on
of Texas San Antonio. He has consulted in the area     this challenge. I am also going to establish a
of employee health benefits with the firm of           diversity chairperson for our chapter. This is a new
Chapman Schewe out of Houston. He has degrees          position and I will mention the basic job duties at
from the University of Tennessee, The University of our general meeting. If you cannot attend the
Memphis and Baylor University School of Law.           general meeting and want more information just
                                                       drop me an email and I will send you the job
Charlie will be speaking to us this month about the description. Unfortunately, I have not found anyone
Free Choice Act and Positive Employee Relations.       willing to serve as our chapter certification chair.
March 2007

Therefore, we will not have a spring training session     Lavonda Dodd – 15th
for the May test date. However, I am working with         Beretta Henderson – 15th
Shelton State Community College to develop a fall         Rhonda Strickland – 17th
training program in preparation for the December          Beth Lipsey – 19th
test date. My goal is to create an annual training        Jamey Camak – 25th
class that is affordable, gives our certified             Tom Scroggins – 25th
membership opportunities to teach and earn
recertification credits and change the responsibilities   Please let me know if I have missed your b’day!
of our certification chair to a coordinator role. We
are working with HRCI right now in developing this
program. We have two upcoming education
opportunities for our membership. Jennifer recently
emailed the membership a flyer for the upcoming
Workforce Development Seminar at Shelton State on
March28th. This is an excellent opportunity to learn
more about Workforce Development, earn a HRCI             Membership Remarks:
recertification credit and enjoy a free lunch! Also,      We have FOUR new members to welcome:
the SHRM Alabama chapter will host the annual               1. Evelyn Barbee – Managed Health Care
state conference in Birmingham on May 16. This                 Admin., Director, Network Dev-Mkt
seminar sells out every year so don’t procrastinate.
Visit the website for registration       2. Frank Walls – ARD Logistics, HR Manager
and more details. Thanks and I will see you
Thursday.                                                    3. Curt Ward – Indian Rivers, HR Assistant

Proud to Serve!                                              4. Tracy Falls – The Westervelt Company,
                                                                Compensation and HR Manager
Russell DuBose, President, THRP
                                                          Thank you new members for joining our team. We
                                                          look forward to a great year in 2007! I encourage all
                                                          THRP members to consider joining SHRM. When
                                                          you talk with your CEO or supervisor, ask her to
                                                          support your professional growth and budget
                                                          SHRM dues for 2007. It is a worthwhile investment!
                                                          Visit for more information or feel free
                                                          to contact me with any questions.

                    Happy Birthday to our                 Reminders:
members born in March:                                    Remember to bring your member profile sheet to the
Philip White – 6th                                        General Meeting if you have not already submitted
Judy Hand – 7th                                           it by email.
Shirley Davis – 8th
Richard Davidson – 9th                                    Remember to pay your annual membership dues.
Paula Price – 11th                                        You will be in jeopardy of losing your membership

March 2007

if payment is not received. This is a wonderful          Relations Board and the employer would be
investment for your career!                              required to recognize a union.

Legislative Corner                                            The bill would also require that any disputes
      House Passes Card Check Legislation             during subsequent bargaining for a first contract be
                           by                         settled by binding arbitration after 90 days of
                  Thomas W. Scroggins                 negotiation and 30 days of mediation. This means a
                                                      union would essentially be guaranteed a first
        Once a venerable institution in labor contract on some terms and may be less likely to
relations,       National       Labor       Relations negotiate.
Board-supervised union elections may become a
thing of the past. On Thursday, March 1, the U.S. SHRM members sent over 4,000 letters to
House of Representatives passed H.R. 800, the Congressional members in opposition to this
Employee Free Choice Act, by a vote of 241-185.       legislation, yet it passed in the Democratically-
                                                      controlled House. The bill must now pass the Senate
        Currently, in a typical representation where the stronger Republican minority will likely
proceeding under the National Labor Relations Act, filibuster the bill. Even if passed in the Senate, a
a union must obtain signed union authorization veto from President Bush is expected.
cards from at least 30% of the employees in the
putative bargaining unit. The union then shows
these cards to the National Labor Relations Board in
its representation petition as its “showing of
interest.” If the NLRB deems the showing to be
sufficient, an election in which all the employees in
the bargaining unit can vote either for or against            Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
union representation is held a few weeks later.

       In reality, unions typically do not seek an
election until they have 50% or more employees
signed onto an authorization card. Unions can also
request that an employer review the signed
authorization cards and acknowledge the union as
the bargaining representative for its employees, but
employers routinely and wisely deny such requests
necessitating an election.

       The Employee Free Choice Act proposes to
drastically alter this process by allowing unions to
obtain bargaining representative status not through
an election, but merely by a check of the signed
authorization cards. If a union presented a sufficient
number of authorization cards, a majority of those in
the proposed bargaining unit, the National Labor

March 2007


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