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               ANNUAL REPORT
Board of Directors
Theola Kirschenbaum , President
Carl Cheffers, Vice President
Dean Crowley, Secretary
Larry Clanton, Treasurer
Board Members:
                                                                                Theola Kirschenbaum
Elaine Allen
Donald Alvarado
Ruben Armienta, D.D.S.
JoAnn Baker                   Dear Friends of the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier,
Jeff Brown
Joe Corey                     It has been my pleasure to serve on the Board of Directors for the Boys & Girls Club
Ray Cornman                   of Whittier for more than 11 years now. While the physical accomplishments, such as
Aaron Ellis                   the addition of two school sites, the opening of our free-standing Teen Center, and the
Cheryl Estep
Shannon Gimbel                renovation of our gym, are easy to see from the outside looking in, it is the personal
Donald Heimark                accomplishments of our children that are the true testament to our success.
Steve Hernandez
Vanessa Ivie                  One Club member would not speak or even acknowledge when spoken to when she
David Johnson                 came to the Club because of a special condition that she has. Week after week, our staff
Patricia Kasababian
Joyce Kaufman, Ph.D.          members worked to connect and engage with her and slowly progress was made. First it
Phillip Longoria              was a nod of the head, and then a single whispered word. Very slowly with daily attention,
Mary McNeil, Ph.D.            she began to talk and play with other kids. Now, we regularly hear her playfully shout
Jon McNeil                    across the gym to her friends. Mom says it’s because of the love and attention that she
Carl Miller                   gets at the club.
Alex Moisa
Rodney Moss
Marilyn Neece                 As you read through our 2010 Annual Report, it is my hope that you will get a strong sense
James Pon                     of the opportunities our kids are receiving through the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier, as
Jill Sanchez                  well as an understanding of the resource this Club is for our community. For every dollar
Paul Schirmer                 invested into the Club, the positive economic community impact is $16.42. For more than
Monica Sena
                              43 years, the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier has been keeping kids off the streets; helping
Rita Torres
Mickie Yuchno                 them graduate from high school at a much higher rate than the state average; lowering
Jason Zuhlke                  crime rates and pregnancy statistics for our community; as well as providing a safe, fun,
                              and challenging environment during after-school hours and throughout the summer so that
Advisory Board:               parents may continue working and not have to sacrifice their income during these trying
Al Campano                    economic times.
Gregory Polito, M.D.

Emeritus:                                               Some people give time, some money,
Chief James F. Bale                                      some their skills and connections,
Victor A. Lopez                                          some literally give their life’s blood.
Lee E. Owens                                            But everyone has something to give!
Klane Robison, DD
Joan Woehrman
                              If you are already actively engaged with the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier, I thank you
                              from the bottom of my heart for your precious friendship and your invaluable support! If
Executive Staff:              you have not yet experienced the joy of spending time at the Club or giving to one of our
Samantha Ridout
    Executive Director        programs, then I strongly urge you to consider doing so today. I promise that you will
Sidney Menzies                receive back ten-fold what you give to our kids!
    Director of Operations
Deborah Arroyo                Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and generosity!
    Director of Development
Wendy Murrietta
    Director of Finance
Justin Lippolt
    Branch Director
Coco Lujan
    Teen Director
Richard Alfieri               Theola Kirschenbaum
    Education Director        President
Shanna Renken
    Athletic Director
Richard Duran
    Fitness Director
             Summary of Financial Activities                                              Did You Know?
                                                                                          • 100% of our seniors graduated from
               Year Ended June 30, 2010                                                     high school.
                                                                                          • After school, all Club members (7-18
                                                                                            years) receive one hour of
     Revenue & Support                                                                      homework help, a free healthy snack,
                                                                                            and one hour of physical activity.
     General Donations                                                  $121,385          • Membership for any youth ages 7-18
     Community Campaign                                                  $78,696            is $15 for the school year and $10 for
     Foundations & Grants                                               $731,358            the entire summer.
     United Way Designated                                               $21,913          • During the school year, the Boys &
     Interest & Dividends                                                $51,335            Girls Club of Whittier has four sites,
                                                                                            the main Clubhouse, the McCabe
     Special Events (net)                                               $184,214
                                                                                            Foundation Teen Center, Katherine
     Gain on Fair Value of Investments                                   $97,646
                                                                                            Edwards Middle School, and Walter
     Other Revenue                                                       $12,279            Dexter Middle School, and we serve
                                                                                            nearly 500 kids every day.
     Total Public Support & Revenue                                   $1,298,826          • More than 350 kids participate in our
                                                                                            summer program on a daily basis.


     Program Services                                                 $1,194,468
                                                                                                Our Mission:
                                                                                            The Club offers young people
     Development & Fund Raising                                          $99,195            what they need most: adults who
     Management                                                         $103,551            respect and listen to them; a safe
                                                                                            environment where they can have fun
     Total Expenses                                                   $1,397,214            and be themselves; and interesting,
                                                                                            constructive activities that channel
                                                                                            youthful energy into challenging
     Net Operating gain/(loss)                                          ($98,388)           pursuits. The mission of the Boys &
                                                                                            Girls Club of Whittier is to inspire and
                                                                                            enable all young people, especially
     2010 Audited Financial Statements available upon request.                              those who need us most, to realize
                                                                                            their full potential as productive,
                                                                                            responsible and caring citizens.

Get Involved with the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier!
Be a part of an organization that is positively impacting and transforming the communities surrounding us.

Enroll Your Youth
   All kids between the ages of 7-18 years old are welcome to join the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier.
Contribute To The Club
   We depend on generous financial contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations
   in our community to fund our diverse programs and daily services.
Volunteer Today
   The Boys & Girls Club of Whittier is looking for volunteers and mentors to make a difference in
   a child’s life! A variety of opportunities are available to match your interests, time availability,
   and desired location.
Become A Corporate Partner
   The Boys & Girls Club of Whittier continually creates partnerships designed to meet the needs of our Club, as well as the needs of
   our partner corporations.
Alumni Association
   The Boys & Girls Club of Whittier is currently searching for our Club alumni. If you, or someone you know, attended any Boys &
   Girls Club as a youth we would love to hear from you!
Parent Association
   Learn how to partner with the Club to create a more successful environment for your children – and all children who participate
   in Club activities. Find strategies to help you support your child’s success, plus an overview of programs for youth and family
   support programs.
                                2010 Highlights
Former Club Kids Stay In The Family
                      Often being a member of the Boys                              Before becoming our McCabe
                  & Girls Club family doesn’t stop when                        Teen Center’s Membership Assistant,
                  you graduate from high school. Gustavo                       Wendy Guzman spent her days here
                  Anaya has worked for the Boys & Girls                        at the Club as an active member where
                  Club of Whittier as an Outreach Leader                       she credits the Club with helping her
                  for more than three years, but the Club                      overcome her extreme shyness. She
                  has been his second home since the                           also became a junior staff mentor
                  age of seven when he first became                            at the age of 15. Wendy is currently
                  a member. Currently he is attending                          working towards her Bachelor’s degree
Fullerton College, where he is studying architecture and      in Sociology at CSU Fullerton and hopes to receive her
is a member of their soccer team.                             Master’s Degree in Social Work from USC.

Volunteers Make A Difference                          BGCW Awarded Carol M. White Grant
At BGCW                                               from the Department of Education
                       At the heart of every              In September 2010, the Boys &
                      organization are amazingly      Girls Club of Whittier was awarded a
                      dedicated volunteers and        three-year grant through the Carol M.
                      that rings true for the Boys    White Physical Education Program
                      & Girls Club of Whittier.       (PEP). BGCW was one of only 77
                      Throughout       the    year,   grant recipients throughout the nation
                      volunteers play an integral     and only one of two Boys & Girls Clubs
                      part of the Club’s everyday     that received funding this year.
                      operations     by    working        The PEP grant is enabling the Boys
                      closely with Club members       & Girls Club of Whittier to develop and
in a variety of different capacities. Volunteers      implement the programs necessary
such as Eric Bravo, owner of Back-To-Basics           to ensure that every Club member receives 60 minutes a day of
Personal Training and a former Club member,           physical activity, access to lifelong physical recreation activities like
spend countless hours working with and                walking and biking on the Greenway Trial, the education and tools
mentoring our Club members, helping to give           needed to learn how to track their daily consumption of fruits and
them every opportunity available for success.         vegetables, as well as weekly nutrition and cooking classes.
    Bill Davies dedicates his time to being a
mentor to our Club members. Twice a week              BGCW Club Members Give Back
he comes to the Club to meet with his mentee                                                   Members of the Teen
and they play a variety of games, read books                                                Center’s Leaders-In-Training
together, and spend time                                                                    program, hosted multiple car
sharing about their lives.                                                                  washes to raise money for their
    The Boys & Girls Club of                                                                American Cancer Society’s
Whittier is always looking                                                                  Relay for Life team.
for volunteers and mentors
to make a difference in a
child’s life and a variety
of      opportunities    are
                                                          Our teens joined forces with
available to match your                               the Whittier Host Lion’s Club to
interests, time availability,                         raise money to help the victims
and desired location. As to be expected, all          of the Haiti earthquake.
volunteers and mentors receive the training
and support necessary to become a successful
part of our team and Club family. For more
information regarding volunteer opportunities,                                                 Our teens participated in
please contact Susan Halliday, BGCW                                                         United Way’s Homewalk in
Volunteer Coordinator at (562) 945-3787                                                     Downtown Los Angeles. They
x114 (applications may also be download at                                                  also worked to collect new                                                                              blankets and bottles of water
                                                                                            which they then distributed that
                                                                                            day to those on Skid Row.
                                2010 Highlights
Jewels Mesa Named 2010 Youth                                   BGCW Club Members Visit
of the Year                                                    Vietnam Wall
    Jewels      Mesa      was                                      Members of the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier visited
honored as the Boys & Girls                                    the Dignity Memorial Vietnam Wall at Rose Hills Memorial
Club of Whittier’s 2010 Youth                                  Park to pay their respects to our fallen soldiers. With the
of the Year. As a sophomore                                    sun shining and the wind blowing, Club members walked
at Whittier High School,                                       the Dignity Wall while reading the names of those who
Jewels is consistently on                                      gave their life for our freedom. Adilene Castaneda, age 12
the Dean’s List and is a                                       worked diligently on her rubbing and when asked why she
member of the school’s                                         chose to do a rubbing of soldier whose name was Samuel,
water polo team. When she                                      she replied “My grandpa’s name is Samuel.”
is not at school, practice, or                                     In addition to Club members seeing and experiencing
competing in games, Jewels                                     the Wall, they were also given an opportunity to explore
enjoys spending time at the                                    a military vehicle; sit with a former member of the USMC
Boys & Girls Club of Whittier,                                 under a traditional canopy that was used for shelter
which she lovingly calls her “second home.”                    and camouflage; and write letters of encouragement to
    A Club member for more that five years, Jewels is an       active members of our military. Sitting pensively, Tiffany
intelligent and ambitious student athlete; she maintains       Hendricks, age 10 writes a short note to a soldier she will
a strong sense of self in everything she does; and her         never meet. “I wanted to say thank you and let them know
amiable personality, love for learning, and willingness to     that we are proud of them.”
help others is what continually sets her apart amongst
her peers.
    It was here at the B.C. McCabe Foundation Teen
Center that Jewels joined our Leaders-In-Training
program and has volunteered with her fellow teens in
more than a dozen community service activities over
this past year. Whenever there is a chance to help
others, Jewels is among the first to sign up. Whether
organizing a toy drive that raises hundreds of toys for
children in need, or developing weekly activities for the
kids residing at the Salvation Army’s Transitional Living
Center, Jewels is always giving of herself for others

2010 Gala Auction
    On Saturday, October 23, 2010, the Boys & Girls Club
of Whittier hosted its 36th Annual Gala Auction where the
second annual Lee Owens Award was presented to one of
our community’s most benevolent and extraordinary couples,
Karen and Jim Shepard.
    The Lee Owens Award has been created to recognize a
recipient from within the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier’s service
area who exemplifies Lee Owens’ own Spirit of Giving. For
more than 30 years, Lee was an avid cheerleader for the Club’s
growth and development and a grand supporter who always
stepped up when there was a need. But most of all he was a
compassionate man who wanted to see our youth have a safe
and fun place to call their own…a place that was founded on
respect for others, belief in talents, and the potential for all.
    Driven by compassion and their unselfish commitment to this community, Karen and Jim Shepard have spent their
lives helping those who cannot help themselves through the generosity of their time, their talents, and their philanthropy.
As an amazing social worker, Karen gave of herself everyday to help meet the needs of countless children, as has Jim
done through his leadership of the B.C. McCabe and BCM Foundations. The Shepard’s have led by example and their
passion to improve the lives of our children, especially those who find their second home at the Boys & Girls Club of
Whittier, has made them the perfect recipients for the Lee Owens Award.
Thanks to our donors!
We extend our heartfelt thanks to the following organizations and individuals
who have so generously contributed to the Boys & Girls Club of Whittier this
program year.
Corporate and Foundation Gifts
Abbott Laboratories                                  JC Penney
Accuride International, Inc.                         Jerome Foundation
ACRA Aerospace                                       Johnson Controls
All Points Media, LLC                                Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe Springs - Heritage                       Salon Cheval
Ameriprise Financial                                 LA Alliance                                                       Soroptimist International of Whittier
AT&T United Way                                      Larson & Bawden LLP                                               Southern California Edison
B. C. McCabe Foundation                              Long Beach Unit - So CA Football Officials Association            Staples
Banco Popular North America                          Macy’s                                                            Target Corporation Community Relations
Bank of America United Way Campaign                  Master Repiping                                                   Target Specialty Products
Bank of Whittier                                     McMaster-Carr Supply Co.                                          The R.C. Baker Foundation
BCM Foundation                                       Melody Graham, C.P.A.                                             The Rose Hills Foundation
Blue Ribbon Container & Display, Inc.                Menasha Corporation                                               The TJX Foundation, Inc.
Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood                       Merrill Lynch                                                     The Walt Disney Company
Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley            Microsoft                                                         Timothy Martin Salon
Boys & Girls Clubs of America                        National Charity League, Whittier Chapter                         Toyota of Whittier
Brannon & Lo Insurance Agency, Inc.                  Old Navy                                                          Triangle Distributing
Car Program LLC                                      OneWest Bank                                                      Tri-West, Ltd.
Circle K Stores, Inc.                                Orange County’s United Way                                        Truist, Altruism Connected
City of Whittier                                     Orbit Party Rentals, Inc.                                         United Way California Capital Region
Credit Union of Southern California                  Pacific Western Bank                                              United Way of Greater Los Angeles
Cuddy & McCarthy, LLP                                Pacific Youth Foundation                                          Ventura Foods, LLC
Edison International                                 Premier Food & Oils Company                                       Walt’s Cleaners
El Monte RV                                          Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital                              Wells Fargo Bank - East Whittier
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market                     Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Foundation                   Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Friendly Hills Bank                                  Rio Hondo Community College                                       Whittier City School District
Friendly Hills Woman’s Club                          Ronald Reagan Presidential Library & Museum                       Whittier College
Golden State Storage                                 Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary                               Whittier Dental Group
Greg’s Auto Body                                     Rossi Doskocil & Finkelstein LLP                                  Whittier Downs Mobile Home Park
Harvey & Parmelee LLP                                Rotary Club of Whittier                                           Whittier Kappa Kappa Gamma - Alumnae Association
                                                                                                                       Whittier Rio Hondo Kiwanis Club
Individual Donors
Ms. Tracy Acosta                        Hon. Margaret M. Bernal            Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carmichael       Mr. and Mrs. Manuel DeSantos       Mr. and Mrs. Raul E. Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aguilar            Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Berrigan       Ms. Dorothy Carras                 Ms. Estella Diaz                   Ms. Marie Garcia
Mr. Jose Alcaraz                        Mr. Bruce Bertram                  Mr. and Mrs. Ron J. Carruth        Dr. and Mrs. John Dick             Mr. Rogelio Garcia
Mr. Rich Alfieri                        Ms. Eleanor Bewley                 Mr. and Mrs. Victor Caseras        Mr. and Mrs. David M. Dickerson    Mrs. Genienne L. Gastelum
Ms. Caren Algots                        Dr. Shalini Bhargava &             Mr. and Mrs. Richard Casford       Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dicus        Mrs. Cathy George
Mr. Chris Allen                            Mr. Avinash Bhargava            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Casford       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Dillon      Mr. Christopher George
Mrs. Elaine Allen                       Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bickley       Mrs. Vanessa Cassano               Dr. Liza DiMaranan                 Mr. and Mrs. Ytzhak Gewelber
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alvarado            Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Biesemeyer    Mr. Dan Castorena                  Ms. Charlene Dimas-Peinado         Mrs. Mary Ann Gilbert
Ms. Sabrina Alvarez                     Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bihr         Mr. and Mrs. L. Cervantes          Mr. Steve Dobbs                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gimbel
Mrs. Margaret Ammann                                                       Mr. Jeff Cestra                    Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Doehring      Ms. Shannon Gimbel
Mr. Gustavo Anaya                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Rafael Chabran        Ms. Margaret A. Donohue            Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gipple
Mr. and Mrs. Leighton Anderson                                             Ms. Suzy T. Chavez                 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Duran          Ms. Tricia Gluck
Ms. Tracy L. Anderson                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cheffers         Mr. and Mrs. William Durrette      Mr. Mando Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel X. Anguiano                                            Mr. Jose S. Ching                  Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Romberger      Ms. Maria Gomez
Anonymous                                                                  Ms. Peggy Chulack                  Mr. and Mrs. F. Angel Elgorriaga   Mr. and Mrs. David Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Antonelli                                             Mr. and Mrs. John Churchill        Mr. and Mrs. Philip L. Ellis       Mr. and Mrs. L. David Gomez
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Arbuckle, Jr.                                            Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Clanton      Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Ellis        Ms. Brianna A. Gonzales
Dr. and Mrs. Ruben Armienta                                                Mr. Charles Claver                 Ms. Wendy Ely                      Ms. Roberta Gonzales
Mr. Gus Arriaza                                                            Mrs. Nancy Claxton                 Ms. Martha Escutia                 Ms. Carmen Gonzalez
Mr. Burton Arrington                    Ms. Cindy Birt                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cober         Ms. Jeanette Espinoza              Ms. Britney Gonzalez
Mrs. Deborah Arroyo                     Mr. and Mrs. Norfleet E. Blaine    Mr. Christopher Cohick             Mr. Jose Espinoza                  Mrs. Julie C. Grass
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Auerbach         Ms. Laurie Blood                   Ms. Sandra Cohick                  Ms. Cheryl Estep                   Dr. and Mrs. Julius Gray
Ms. Andrea Avila                        Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Bobier     Mr. Brian Colmenares               Mr. and Mrs. Marshall U.           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Greene
Ms. Laurie Baccus                       Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence T. Bonham    Mrs. Richardine Connolly              Estrada, Jr.                    Dr. Philip Greider & Ms. Margo Kaatz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bagan            Mr. and Mrs. Chris Booth           Mr. Lorenzo Contreras              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ewing          Ms. Tamra Grimes
Mr. Charles Bakar                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Bowers        Mr. and Mrs. Lind Coop             Ms. Marilyn S. Fant                Mr. Mark Grossi
Mr. and Mrs. Cory Baker                 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Braaksma         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Copley         Mr. Philip A. Farha                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey K. Ball            Father James Bradley               Mr. John Coragliotti               Mrs. Jacqueline Farmer             Mr. and Mrs. Juan Guerra
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ball             Ms. Sandy Bradshaw                 Mr. Joe F. Corey                   Mr. Jesse C. Farrington            Ms. Sandra Guinto
Mrs. Beverly Ball                       Mrs. Betty H. Brecht               Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Cormack     Mr. Steve Farrington               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Gunther
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Balzano         Dr. and Mrs. Paul Breitman         Mr. Raymond Cornman                Ms. Christy Fisher                 Hon. and Mrs. Philip S. Gutierrez
Ms. Paula Barksdale                     Dr. Don Bremme & Ms. Linda Polin   Mr. German Corro                   Dr. and Mrs. James P. Fitzgerald   Ms. Wendy Guzman
Dr. Kathleen Barry & Mr. Carl Spencer   Mr. and Mrs. Vernon J. Brock       Mr. Jim Coulson                    Mr. Rafael Flores                  Mr. Don Hagstrom
Mr. Brian Bart & Ms. Karen Clark        Mr. and Mrs. Myron Bromberg        Dr. Gerald J. Cox                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Florin      Mr. David Hale
Ms. Jasmine Bastidas                    Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brown         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Crawford     Mrs. Sylvia Foltz                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Haley
Ms. Angela Bauer                        Mrs. Penny Brown                   Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crowley          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ford           Mr. and Mrs. Jerald D. Hampton
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Behnke           Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown            Mr. James R. Crowley               Mr. B. E. Francis                  Mr. and Mrs. Roy E. Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Beisswenger      Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Buckley    Mrs. Dorothea H. Cummings          Dr. Carmella Franco &              Dr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Hansen
Mrs. Ursula Bell                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Butler        Mr. Frank Cutrone, Jr.                Mr. Tom Jackson                 Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hanson
Mr. Miguel Berio                        Senator Ronald Calderon            Mr. Humera Dadabhoy                Mr. and Mrs. Mike Freeman
                                        Ms. Cathie Camacho                 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dato           Mr. and Mrs. Norman K. Frieze
                                        Ms. Elizabeth Camp                 Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Davis         Mr. Rick Fullerton
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Campano        Ms. Michal L. Dawson               Mrs. Diane Futterman
                                        Ms. Priscilla A. Campbell          Mr. and Mrs. Eric D. Day           Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gaarder
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Campbell        Ms. Etelvina De La Torre           Ms. Guadalupe Galindo
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Campfield       Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Demarco    Mr. Jorge Galvez
                                        Ms. Ashley Candelaria              Dr. Joan Dengrove                  Mr. Fernando Garcia
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Carlisle      Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester L. Denton   Ms. Adrienne Garcia
Donors, Continued                                                            Mr. and Mrs. James T. Neel
                                                                             Mr. Lyle Nelson
                                                                                                                 Mrs. Lillian Singelyn
                                                                                                                 Dr. Anita Sinha & Mr. Tanuj Sinha      In-Kind Gifts
                                                                             Mr. Ron Nelson & Mr. David Schnur   Mrs. Valerie Sinkus                    Activision Blizzard, Incorporated
Mr. Dean Harako                        Mr. and Mrs. Dan R. Lincoln           Mrs. Maureen Nerio                  Mr. Troy Siu
Ms. Janice R. Harbin                   Mr. Justin Lippolt                    Mr. and Mrs. Owen Newcomer          Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. Smith           Ms. Summer Aguilar
Ms. Lori Harris                        Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Longoria         Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Nickell                                                  Mr. Chris Allen
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hartman           Ms. Sarah L. Lopez                    Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nordbak                                                  Mrs. Elaine Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hauser, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Lopez            Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Noring                                              Mr. and Mrs. Donald Alvarado
                                       Ms. Lisa M. Lopez                     Ms. Elaine Novak                                                           Anaheim Marriott
                                       Ms. Crystal Lopez                     Ms. Kathleen M. O’Hara                                                     Mr. Ronald E. Anderson
                                       Mr. Mike Loya                         Dr. Ernesto Ong                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John W. Antonelli
                                       Mr. Ed Lua                            Dr. and Mrs. Martin Y. Ono                                                 Antonello Ristorante
                                       Ms. Francis Lujan                     Ms. Dolores Orabuena                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Ruben Armienta
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Owen Lynch               Ms. Ruth Ordorica                                                          Mrs. Deborah Arroyo
                                       Ms. Irene Lyon                        Mrs. Erika Owens
                                       Mr. Ruben Madrid                      Mr. and Mrs. Lee G. Panagos
                                       Ms. Jeanette Madrigal                 Mr. John Panetta
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Magnuson      Mr. Ricky Parnell                   Mrs. Lois Margaret Smith
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Arsen Malkasian          Mr. William M. Pate, Jr.            Dr. and Mrs. H. Lewis Smith
                                       Mr. Lawrence Manookian                Ms. Alexandra Patron                Mr. Alan D. Smith
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Louis Marchioli          Mr. John Patterson                  Dr. and Mrs. James Snodgrass
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Hedrick       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marino              Ms. Nancy Payne                     Ms. Denise C. Solis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Heimark         Mr. Arthur Markel                     Mr. Victor L. Pearson               Mr. and Mrs. Ed Southerland
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hellesen            Mr. and Mrs. Norm Marks               Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peauroi          Dr. Dennis J. Spiro
Mrs. Ann Heming                        Ms. Alma Marmolego                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peck            Ms. Susan Spitzer & Mr. Scott Bovitz
Mr. Mark Hemming                       Mr. Gabriel Martin                    Mr. Cesar Pedrego                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stambaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Henderson       Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Martin        Mr. and Mrs. Henri F. Pellissier    Mrs. Terri Starkman                    Mr. and Mrs. Cory Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Henke           Dr. Mary M. Martinez                  Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Penate           Ms. Frances H. Stearns                 Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Behnke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Henson         Mrs. Jennifer Martinez-Calderon       Dr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Polito      Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Stip            Benihana, Inc.
Hon. and Mrs. Alfonso D. Hermo         Ms. Cynthia Martino                   Mr. and Mrs. John B. Pollara        Mr. Alfred W. Stoll                    Ms. Deborah Beutler
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus J. Hernandez        Mrs. Margaret Martyn                  Mrs. Patricia Pollard               Mrs. Ruth Sudick                       Bon Appetit Catering
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Hernandez            Mrs. Ellen Maruyama                   Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pon           Mr. Christopher J. Sullivan            Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hernandez         Mr. Randy Massaro                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ponce           Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Swain          Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hernandez           Ms. Vicki Mastro                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pontes          Dr. and Mrs. Michael Tannyhill         Bruce Thompson Interiors
Mr. Steve Hiatt                        Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Mastro            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Ponton       Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Taylor        Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hickey           Mr. and Mrs. Vern Matheson            Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Price           Mr. and Mrs. George N. Thomas          Restaurant & Market
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hill                Mr. Ronald D. Maurer                  Mrs. Beatrice Pride                 Ms. Janet L. Thomas                    California Grill
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hillson            Mr. and Mrs. Loreto Mauro             Mr. and Mrs. Raul R. Prieto         Dr. and Mrs. Michael Thomas            Ms. Cathie Camacho
Mrs. Louise B. Holden                  Mr. and Mrs. Randy May                Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pulice         Mr. and Mrs. William G. Thompson       Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Campano
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Hole, Jr.         Mr. John Mayfield                     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Ramirez     Mrs. Sandra L. Thorstenson             Candlewood Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Philip C. Holland         Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McAlister         Mr. Derek Ranney                    Mr. Pete Tiano                         Carpet One
Ms. Laura Horn                         Mr. and Mrs. R. D. McDonnell          Dr. Edward A. Reece                 Mr. and Mrs. David F. Todd             Ms. Cynthia G. Carrillo
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Howard           Mr. and Mrs. John C. McFarland        Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reilly         Mr. Hector Toro                        Mr. Roberto C. Carrillo
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hudspeth       Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. McFerran         Mr. and Mrs. James Reyes            Mr. and Mrs. Roberto A. Torres         Cerritos Center for the
Ms. Crystal Huerta                     Mr. and Mrs. Sean McGarry             Ms. Jennie Reyes                    Ms. Dolores J. Torres                      Performing Arts
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Humphreys                                                 Mrs. Teresa L. Reyna                Mr. Angel Torres                       Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cheffers
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hunter                                                   Ms. Joy Reyna                       Ms. Diane Torres                       City of La Mirada -
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ivie                                                    Ms. Karen Reynosa                   Mrs. Karen S. Toth                         Community Services
Mr. Craig Jackson                                                            Mr. Andrew V. Reznack               Mr. and Mrs. Vernon H. Tracy           The Cheesecake Factory
Mrs. Judi Jacobs & Dr. Don Spitz                                             Dr. Rodric Rhodes, Ph.D.            Mr. Marty Trevino                      Mr. and Mrs. Larry L. Clanton
Dr. and Mrs. Geun S. Jahng                                                   Mr. and Mrs. William Richman        Mr. and Mrs. Erwin A. Ulbrich          Coastal Cruisers
Mr. and Mrs. Don L. Jenkins                                                  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Richmond       Mr. George N. Uyeno                    Mr. Joe F. Corey
Mr. Colin Jewett                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Ridout       Mr. John Vaca                          Mr. Raymond Cornman
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Johnson                                                Ms. Francine H. Rippy               Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Vacchio        Mr. Jim Crawford
Ms. Leona Jones                                                              Ms. Yolanda Rivera                  Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Valles            Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crowley
Dr. and Mrs. Louis W. Kang                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Klane Robison          Mr. and Mrs. Wallace R. Van            Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Davis
Mrs. Patricia Kasababian               Mr. and Mrs. Rick McGill              Dr. and Mrs. Peter C. Roca              Deventer                           The Doctors
Dr. Joyce Kaufman &                    Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. McHatton         Ms. Norma Rodarte                   Mr. Robert Varela                      Mr. and Mrs. Steven Earl
   Dr. Robert Marks                    Ms. Soleil McIntosh                   Ms. Victoria Rodriguez              Ms. Mayra A. Vazquez                   Edison Bar
Mr. Doug Keeling                       Ms. Sharon K. McKay                   Mr. Ralph E. Rodriguez              Ms. Mayra A. Vazquez                   Emergency Essentials
Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Kelley          Mr. Jon E. McNeil                     Ms. Bobbi Rodriguez                 Ms. Melinda Vela                       Mr. James Engelman
Mr. and Mrs. David Kelley              Dr. and Mrs. Woodrow W. Meier         Mr. Andres Rodriguez                Mr. Phil Villa                         Mr. and Mrs. Marshall U.
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kellogg           Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Mele             Mr. and Ms. Raymond Rogers          Mr. Norbert F. Vinatieri                   Estrada, Jr.
Ms. Jeanette Kelly & Ms. Helen Kelly   Mr. and Mrs. William Mellick          Ms. Erlinda Roman                   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Vinatieri       Fenix 5-4
Mr. and Mrs. John Kenan                Dr. and Mrs. Seymour J. Melnik        Ms. Megan Ruane                     Marion Vitone                          Flame Broiler
Mrs. Margaret B. Kennedy               Ms. Nicole Mendez                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Rubin        Mr. John E. Voss
Ms. Christine Kentner                  Mr. and Mrs. Sidney V. Menzies                                                                                   The Framery
                                                                             Mr. David M. Salazar                Mr. and Mrs. Gary Walburger            Mr. and Mrs. Carl Friesen
Mr. Norman D. Kepner                   Ms. Bea Mercado                       Mr. and Mrs. Blake P. Sanborn       Ms. Gertrude H. Wallis
Ms. Melinda Keppler                    Mrs. Angelina Mericle                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ytzhak Gewelber
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Sanchez        Ms. Li Wang                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gimbel
Mr. Steven L. Kester                   Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Mericle           Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sands        Mr. Robert L. Warnock
Mrs. Pat King                          Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mershon                                                                                       Ms. Shannon Gimbel
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Santos       Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Watanabe          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Graham
Ms. Pamela Kinnaman-Korporaal          Mr. Greg Mesa                         Mrs. Susan Sanzone                  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Watje
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kirkpatrick           Mrs. Ruby B. Messersmith                                                                                         Grove of Anaheim
                                                                             Ms. Sandy Sardo                     Mr. Darryl Weaver                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kirschenbaum         Mrs. Lisa Meyer & Mr. Darren Ferris   Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Sargent      Mr. and Mrs. James West
Mr. and Mrs. Norm Kirschenbaum         Ms. Andrea Meza                                                                                                  Harrod Chiropractic
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ted Saulino            Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. West           Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Heimark
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kirschenbaum        Ms. Maxine Michie                     Mrs. Patricia Scheifly              Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Wheeler
Mrs. Harriet Kittle                    Mr. and Mrs. Brian Miles                                                                                         Mr. Robert G. Henderson
                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Schirmer       Mr. and Mrs. James C. White            Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Knott          Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Miller           Mr. and Mrs. James A. Schlotz       Ms. Margaret D. Wilkison
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Kone                 Mr. George Miller                     Dr. and Mrs. Donald Schmidt         Mr. and Mrs. Greg Williams             Hilton Garden Inn Montebello
Dr. Ian Kramer                         Dr. and Mrs. Haig V. Minassian        Mr. and Mrs. Tim Schneider          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Williams        Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Ingersoll
Ms. Nancy Kugler                       Mrs. Selma Minerd                     Mr. and Mrs. Mark Scott             Mr. and Mrs. David Williamson          J & S Sportscards
Ms. Madeline S. Kuist                  Dr. and Mrs. Keith S. Miyamoto        Ms. Monica Sena & Joe Beatty        Marty Wilson                           JAKKS Pacific, Inc.
Ms. Karen I. Lantz                     Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Moisa            Mr. and Mrs. Nanda Senathi          Mrs. Janet W. Wood                     Jazz Kitchen, Ralph Brennan’s
Ms. Patricia Lara                      Mr. Rodney M. Mojarro                 Mr. Suren P. Seropian               Dr. and Mrs. William H. Wright, Jr.    Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and Crafts
Mr. John Lawrence                      Mrs. Yanira Monarrez                  Mr. Martin Serrano                  Mr. and Mrs. William Wylde             Mr. and Mrs. David G. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Louis M. Lazarou          Mrs. Mary Jane Moody                  Mr. Enrique Serratos                Mr. Jerry York                         Ms. Sharon A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Le Sauvage          Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morales             Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Settlage     Mr. Sherwood Young                     Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kaneko
Mrs. Teresa LeBouvier &                Mr. Rodney Moss                       Mrs. Ruth B. Shannon                Mr. and Mrs. Allan Young               Mrs. Patricia Kasababian
   Mr. William LeBouvier               Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Muhlestein      Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Sheals        Kai Yu                                 Dr. Joyce Kaufman &
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Leisy           Mrs. LaDonna Munier                   Mr. and Mrs. James Shepard          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Yuchno                 Dr. Robert Marks
Mr. Baltazar Lemus                     Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. Murray         Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Sheppard         Mr. Victor Zambrana                    Mr. and Mrs. John Kenan
Dr. Juliet Lener & Mr. Thomas Hicks    Ms. Wendy Murrietta                   Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W.            Mr. and Mrs. Jason Zuhlke              Mrs. Margaret B. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Lenz              Ms. Melinda M. Nabor                     Shesgreen                        Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Zwemer        Mr. Steven L. Kester
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lietzau            Mr. Phillip Nazaroff                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shields                                               Mr. and Mrs. Norm Kirschenbaum
Dr. Rosie Lim & Mr. Basilio Lim        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neece               Dr. Neal Shindel                                                           Ms. Nancy Kugler
                                                                 Ms. Connie Ng                     Rebecca Merlino Photography      The Sweet Spot Salon
In-Kind Donors, Continued                                        Nickel Nickel Whittier            Regal Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Roberto A. Torres
                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Nordbak         Rocky Cola Cafe, Inc.            U. S. Veterans Real Estate
                                Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Longoria    Old Navy                          Ms. Suzie Rodriguez              Properties Inc.
                                Mr. Oscar Lopez Beltran          Old Navy - The Quad               Mr. Roman Romano                 Veracruz Restaurant
                                Los Angeles Lakers               Orchard’s Fresh Foods             Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Sanchez     Ms. Elizabeth Villa
                                Los Angeles Regional Food Bank   Pacific Auto Spa and Express      Ms. Joann M. Sarachman           The Walt Disney Company
                                Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que   Lube                              Dr. Gordon Sasaki                The Warehouse Restaurant
                                Ms. Vicki Mastro                 Pacific Sales                     Mr. Craig Schirmer               Whittier College
                                Dr. Jeffrey A. McDermaid         Paloma & Friends                  Secure Transportation Co., Inc   Whittier Cyclery
                                The Melting Pot                  Panera Bread Company              Mr. Jose Sena                    Whittier Host Lions Club
                                Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Mericle      Payless ShoeSource                Ms. Monica Sena and              Whittier Police Department
                                Ms. Cathy Miyasaki               Pico Rivera Chamber of Commerce      Mr. Joe Beatty                Wildflower Linen
                                Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Moisa       Pit Fire Pizza                    Silverado Silversmith            Ms. Margaret Wilkinson
                                Monster Media                    Mr. Larry Pita                    South Coast Plaza                Woodside Florist
                                Montebello Country Club          Dr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Polito    Southwest Airlines Co.           Woodworkers of Whittier
La Mirada Theatre for the       Ms. Wendy Murrietta              Mr. and Mrs. James D. Pon         Staples                          Mr. David Yurman
Performing Arts                 Museum of Tolerance              Pour Le Bain                      Stereo Zone                      Yves Restaurant - Wine Bar
Mr. and Mrs. David Le Sauvage   Musical Theatre West             Presbyterian Intercommunity       Steve’s BBQ                      Mr. Richard M. Zoraster
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Leisy    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Neece              Hospital                      Summit House Restaurant          Mr. and Mrs. Jason Zuhlke
Long Beach BMW                  Neel Landscaping & Design        R Hobbies                         Tangram Interiors
                                                                                                                                          Thank You
                                                       Save-The-Date In 2011
    The 2011 Gala Auction is coming home! Join the Boys                                                           2011 Wish List
& Girls Club of Whittier for A Safari Adventure on Saturday,                               Please let us know if you are interested in contributing
October 22nd at the Friendly Hills Country Club. To donate                                any of the following items. All gifts are tax-deductible to
                                                                                                           the full extent of the law.
a silent or live auction item or to receive an invitation, please
                                                                                       School Supplies (pens, pencils, paper, spiral notebooks,
contact Deborah Arroyo, (562) 945-3787 x102.                                              backpacks, markers, etc.)
                                                                                       Office Supplies (copy paper, post-it-notes, pens, paper clips, etc.)
    Ribs 4 Kids! Join us for one of our DINNER-TO-GO                                   Sports Equipment (basketballs, soccer balls, cones,
                                                                                          softballs, footballs, volleyballs, etc.)
events in June, July, or August! Tickets are $25 and include                           Technology (games for Xbox and Xbox Kinnect, computer monitors
your meal choice of a baby back ribs (feeds two) or barbecue                              or towers less than two-years old, etc.)
chicken (feeds four). For more information, please go online                           Furniture (new or gently used chairs for kids’ computer stations,
                                                                                          mid-size conference tables, etc.)
to                                                                       Kitchen Supplies (new or gently used small wares, utensils,
                                                                                          microwaves, knife sets, etc.)
                                                                              Thank you in advance for your generosity!
                                                                              lifestyles that build character and instill good citizenship.
                                                                              2,000 kids develop academically, while forming healthy
                                                                                  Please know that your gift will help ensure that our
                                                                              for ten children to participate in our summer program.
                                                                              a month and a gift of $100 can pay the membership fee
                                                                              $25 can provide a child with healthy snack every day for
                                                                              size can make a tremendous difference, such as a gift of
                                                                              our kids and our community’s future! A single gift of any
                                                                              support. Please consider making a contribution today to
                                                                              year and now more than ever must ask for the community’s
                                                                                  The Boys & Girls Club of Whittier has had a challenging
                                                                                                      It Just Takes One

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