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									                        JOB DESCRIPTION AND PERSON SPECIFICATION
                                                 Accountable to: Director of Resources &
Job Title: Head of Finance
Contract Length: Permanent      Hours per week: 35                   Weeks per year:
Salary:                                                    Grade: 6
                                                           Location: King’s Cross
College/Service: Resources and Administration
Purpose of Role:
To be responsible for the management of the College finances. To ensure the timely, relevant and
reliable financial information is produced and that all financial transactions comply with the University’s
Financial Regulations.
On occasion, the Head will be expected to deputise for the Director and will also represent the College
as appropriate on committees and groups relating to their area of expertise.
Duties and Responsibilities
   To work with the Director of Resources and Administration in the planning, monitoring and control of
    the College’s finances and financial information systems. Including staff costs, the administration and
    monitoring of the associate lecturer budgets, co-ordination of ordering and control of petty cash and
    imprest accounts.

   To co-ordinate all financial procedures and processes across the College to ensure effective and
    efficient financial administration and to establish best practice in the College.

   To develop existing financial processes and procedures to incorporate the College’s enterprise and
    research activities and ensure all income is received and expenditure is carefully controlled.

   To produce relevant, timely and accurate financial information.

   To ensure that all financial transactions comply with the University’s Financial Regulations.

   Working with colleagues at the University to ensure the effective development of the University’s
    financial information system to improve the quality and effectiveness of the data provided.

   To develop financial strategies and resourcing models to support emerging College priorities and

   To lead the team of College Finance Officers and manage and appraise the performance of the
    finance staff in the College Resources & Administration office.

   To work closely with the Head of Academic Registry to plan and deliver a seamless, integrated
    administrative service across the College

   To deputise for the Director of Resources & Administration in her absence and at meetings as
         To perform such duties consistent with your role as may from time to time be assigned to you
          anywhere within the University
         To undertake health and safety duties and responsibilities appropriate to the role
         To work in accordance with the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy and the Staff Charter,
          promoting equality and diversity in your work
         To undertake continuous personal and professional development, and to support it for any staff you
          manage through effective use of the University’s Planning, Review and Appraisal scheme and staff
          development opportunities
         To make full use of all information and communication technologies in adherence to data protection
          policies to meet the requirements of the role and to promote organisational effectiveness
         To conduct all financial matters associated with the role in accordance with the University’s policies
          and procedures, as laid down in the Financial Regulations
    Key Working Relationships:
             Head of College
             College Management Team
             Head of Academic Registry
             Director of College Resources & Administration
             UAL Central Finance
    Specific Management Responsibilities
    Budgets: N/A
    Staff: Yes
    Other: N/A

Signed                                                                        Date of last review

         (Recruiting Manager)
         Person Specification Professional and Administrative Grade 6                             Means
E = Essential D = Desirable A = Application T = Test I = Interview                        E   D   Testing
                                                                                          √   √   A/T/I

                    Qualifications/Knowledge and Experience

   Degree or equivalent                                                                  √       A&I
   Professional accountancy qualification (e.g. CIMA/ACCA)                               √       A&I
   Significant experience in a finance post in a large organization.                     √       A&I
       Familiarity with Financial procedures in Higher Education Institutions                √   A&I
       Experience of working in a university or other HEI                                    √   A&I
   Excellent knowledge of budget setting, monitoring and control                         √       A&I
   Good understanding of Purchasing Ledger and Credit Control procedures                 √       A&I
   In-depth knowledge of computerised finance systems                                    √       A&I
       Experience of managing staff.                                                     √       A&I
       Ability to apply skill, knowledge and experience to work and seeks                √       A&I
    opportunities to improve. Used as a point of reference by others
       Commits to own development through effective use of the University’s              √       A&I
    appraisal scheme and staff development processes.

                       Communication and Service Delivery

        Ability to communicate ideas clearly and persuasively, explaining                √       A&I
    complicated matters simply, tailoring delivery methods/media to suit the
    audience’s needs and understanding.
        Ability to present compelling arguments to influence and negotiate               √       A&I
    satisfactory outcomes.
   Uses appropriate levels of IT skills to enable best use of available information      √       A&I
    and communications as necessary for the post.
              MS Office                                                                   √
              Email                                                                       √
              Intranet                                                                    √
              Web/Internet                                                                √
              Electronic Diary                                                                √
              Finance software applications
               High level of competency in Excel                                          √
   Ability to lead and develop internal networks, actively seeking to build productive   √       A&I
    and enduring relationships between teams to strengthen working relationships
    and foster collaboration, influencing events or decisions.
        Experience of setting standards sufficiently high to achieve organisational      √       A&I
    objectives, continually monitoring levels/standards of service and identifying
    ways of making improvements based on feedback and anticipated changes in
    the market.
        Ability to keep abreast of external factors that may impact the service and      √       A&I
    takes opportunities to maximise any opportunities.

                                  Managing Resources
       Proven ability of leading and or managing a large team or several sections        √       A&I
    or units or units within a team, devising opportunities for and facilitating cross
    team working.
       Ability to form and communicate clear team objectives and goals whilst            √       A&I
    encouraging joint working.
       Ability to develop team members’ abilities and attain greater levels of           √       A&I
    achievement by encouraging contribution to common goals.
       Ability to plan, co-ordinate and review work, effort, and resources, ensuring     √   A&I
    maximum efficiency and delivery of goals.
   Ability to plan and generate training and development opportunities to meet           √   A&I
    team members’ current and future learning needs, evaluating outcomes and
    putting learning into practice.
   Proven ability to undertake effective appraisals, evaluating performance and          √   A&I

                                  Problem Solving

        Ability to consider wider impact of decisions, assessing possible outcomes       √   A&I
    and their likelihood, challenging decisions appropriately to ensure consideration
    and processes are robust.
        Ability to initiate processes and procedures to resolve problems, anticipating   √   A&I
    difficulties and identifying practical ways of overcoming or preventing them.
       Ability to carry out investigations into complex or sensitive issues, producing   √   A&I
    reports that identify key issues and findings.
       Proven ability of gathering data rigorously and conducting robust analysis,       √   A&I
    questioning assumptions and existing knowledge.

                            Work Environment and Care

        Experience of dealing with difficult situations or confidential matters          √   A&I
    according to policy and procedures, referring to others where necessary and
        Ability to undertake health and safety duties and responsibilities appropriate   √   A&I
    to the post.
        Commits to the University’s Equal Opportunities Policy together with an          √   A&I
    understanding of how it operates within the responsibilities of the post.

                          Teaching and Learning Support

       Experience of exploring content and approach, designing and adapting style        √   A&I
    and method of delivery to suit learners’ needs, taking into account feedback and
    learners’ progress, to assist their learning and to deal with any

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