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									                                Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee
                                     1919 Smith St.
                                      Suite 11800
                                  Houston, TX 77002
                                    (713) 655-0050

November 28, 2007

Brandon K. Smith
532 B N. Chicago Ave.
Lubbock, TX 79416

Attention: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, 18th Congressional District of Texas

Subject: HPV Vaccination Bill Proposal

Please accept the following Project Proposal Report entitled “HPV Vaccination”. I have
chosen you as the recipient of this proposal because you are the founder and co-chair of
the Congressional Children's Caucus. Since your committee is responsible for the well
being of children America you seemed to be the best suitor to handle such a case.

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the leading cause of cervical cancer today. By the age of
50, 80% of women will have acquired the infection of HPV. By passing a bill that would
mandate HPV vaccinations in adolescent girls the number of cervical cancer cases would
diminish drastically.

We have provided you with ample stats that portray the dangers of HPV. This report
outlines the problem, a solution, as well as advantages and disadvantages of the proposed
solution. After successfully reading this proposal I feel you will deem it necessary to
write a bill that mandates the HPV vaccination.

After performing many hours of research I have developed an in depth understanding that
pertains to this matter. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Brandon K. Smith

HPV Vaccine Proposal
  English 2311 – Section 017

     November 28, 2007

        Jessica Davis
        Kelley Hays
        Jordan Payne
       Brandon Smith


Currently, the human papillomavirus (HPV) is of big concern in the United States today.
 Approximately 20 million people are currently infected with HPV. At least 50 percent of
sexually active men and women acquire genital HPV infection at some point in their
lives. By age 50, at least 80 percent of women will have acquired genital HPV infection.
Since HPV is a sexually transmitted disease, the only way to acquire it is if you are
sexually active. The biggest cause for concern with HPV is how the infection is linked to
cervical cancer among women of any age. Approximately 10 of the 30 identified strands
of HPV have been known to lead to cervical cancer. The purpose of our proposal is to
encourage the proposal of a bill into congress. This bill would make the HPV vaccine
mandatory for all pre-adolescent girls in the US. In order to take a step towards making
HPV vaccinations mandatory a bill must first be written on the national level. Since HPV
is the most common STD and usually goes undetected by people, we need to protect
woman against the infection to prevent more cases. Our proposal will explain specific
information about the virus and why congress should consider this bill. We then explain
how this bill would benefit our targeted audience as well as women in society.

Table of Contents:

      Letter of Transmittal                     Page 1

      Title page                                Page 2

      Abstract                                  Page 3

      Table of Contents                         Page 4

      Introduction                              Page 5-6

      Methods                                   Page 6-7

      Audience/Appeal                           Page 7

      Solution                                  Page 7

          o Advantages of proposed solution      Page 8

          o Disadvantages of proposed solution   Page 8-10

      Conclusion                                Page 10-11

      References                                Page 12


HPV, human papillomavirus, is a genital infection that commonly occurs in sexually
active men and women. HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the
United States. Serious consequences have been known to occur from the HPV infection.
It is believed that there are nearly 20 million Americans that are infected to date. Each
year it is believed that 6.2 million Americans contract the HPV infection. Majority of the
infections go unnoticed and never cause any problems. Some of these cases end up going
away on their own even without receiving treatment. The infections that don’t go away
on their own have led to genital warts in both men and women. Current treatments are not
constructed for the direct treatment of the virus. Instead, the drugs are designed to target
specific cells associated with HPV.

HPV is known to be a specific cause for cervical cancer. Only certain types of HPV lead
to cervical cancer. The beginning stages of cervical cancer lead to invasive cancer. This
process is known to take anywhere from 10 to 15 years. According to, “In
2005, there were 500,000 new cases of cervical cancer worldwide, and 260,000 women
died of cervical cancer”.

STD                    Symptoms                      Damage                Numbers
HPV Human              For women: Genital            In women: Requires    Approximately 20
Papilloma-Virus        warts that sometimes          painful and           million people are
                       form cauliflower shape.
                       Many do not experience
                                                     expensive treatment   currently infected.
                       noticeable symptoms.          to remove pre-
                       May have itching and          cancerous warts.      50-75% of sexually
                       pain. Usually detected                              active men and
                       through abnormal Pap          In men: Cancer of     women acquire
                                                     penis and anus        genital HPV at some
                       For men: Genital warts                              point in their lives.
                       similar to those in
                       women.                                              About 5.5 million
                                                                           Americans get a
                                                                           new genital HPV
                                                                           infection each year.
                                                                           90% of cervical
                                                                           cancer cases began
                                                                           with HPV.

Genital HPV primarily occurs in men and women that regularly have multiple partners.
The most effective way of preventing HPV is abstinence. However, this is not the most
realistic method of prevention.

The use of condoms has also been discussed as practical preventative methods. However,
the effect of contraceptives such as condoms in the prevention of the HPV infection is
unknown. Majority of studies report that the use of condoms had no have any additional

protective measures. Much more research must be done to determine whether or not the
use of condoms is an effective method for prevention.

On the other hand, some studies have proven that condoms do minimize the risk of
genital warts and cervical cancer. One benefit of the use of condoms is that they could
reduce the HPV infection transferred or decrease the chances of becoming re-exposed.

The amount of evidence present is not enough to suggest that condoms should not be
considered as the primary prevention for the HPV infection. Condoms may reduce the
risk of cervical cancer.

To this day, HPV vaccinations are considered to be the most effect means of cervical
cancer prevention. Receiving a safe effective HPV vaccine to help prevent genital HPV
infection as well as the HPV associated disease of genital warts and cervical cancer is the
most practical method.

In June 2006, a new vaccine was produced by Merck called Gardasil, which protects
against the cancer causing types of HPV. This vaccine was approved by the U.S. Food
and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in girls and women ages 9 to 26. While this
advance has the potential to improve the health of millions of women, policymakers and
health professionals will need to address many issues to assure the large scale
administration of this new vaccine.

The preventative means for HPV occurs in a series of shots. Gardasil is the shot given
that helps to prevent HPV infection. Gardasil is specifically designed to help prevent
HPV types; 6, 11, 16, & 18. These types are the ones that lead to cervical cancer. “The
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends Gardasil for all girls
ages 11 or 12 years old. The vaccine is also recommended in girls and women ages 13
through 26 years old who have not already received the vaccine or have not completed all
booster shots”. Gardasil is given in a series of three shots over six months and has a few
side effects. Those include; pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the injection site, fever,
nausea, and dizziness. This is just a small price you pay in a manner in which you could
avoid cervical cancer.

The purpose of this document is to portray the importance of proposing a bill that
mandates the HPV vaccination. The remainder of this document contains highly detailed
information that provides background information about HPV itself. We have also
provided a proposed solution that details both advantages and disadvantages. The rest of
this proposal highlights the main topics with bulleted headings.


In order to figure out the severity of the issue at hand, HPV, we had to conduct research
on the disease and what exactly the risks are if the disease is left untreated or not
prevented. From there we could decide on the brutality of the issue and decide what

course of action to appropriately take. This then lead us to the conclusion that we would
need to go public with this issue and make the public know about the seriousness of this

Another result of research will be the audience that we chose to appeal to. After
researching thoroughly we could then see who this proposal will be affecting directly so
that we can make sure we find one representative to directly communicate our proposal to
them in the most clear cut way.

To get the appropriate action that we feel necessary for our proposal, there is going to
ultimately be one method. As a group we have decided that the course of action in
putting our proposal into action is to contact Shelia Jackson Lee.

 We found Lee by conducting research into locating who would politically be in charge
of such an issue as HPV. She seemed to be the perfect candidate because she is involved
in the children’s caucus. Her ultimate goal is the safety and security of our nation.


 As previously stated, “By the age of 50, 80% of women will have acquired the infection
of HPV.” While it seems that women should be our intended audience, we are attempting
to have a bill written that mandates HPV vaccinations. In order to complete such a
process we have chosen Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee who represents the 18th
district of Texas. We chose Sheila Jackson Lee because she is the founder and co-chair of
the Congressional Children's Caucus. Her committee is responsible for the well being of
children here in American. She seemed to be the best suitor to handle such a case since
we are attempting to have a bill written that mandates these shots in pre-adolescent girls.

We will appeal to the reader, Sheila Jackson Lee, in a variety of ways. We will first make
her aware of the HPV virus itself. We will share with her all of our information and stats.
Then, we will portray to her our knowledge of making a bill. We will make this process
very easy for her by providing background information as well as resources. We will also
give detailed information of the vaccinations that she will be attempting to make the bill
for. To see this process through we will make it as easy as possible. The more work we
do the better. We will appeal to her not only because this matter is within her committee,
but also by enabling her to do the least amount of work possible.


Our solution for the problem of if the HPV vaccination should be required for young girls
ages 11 or 12 years is we need to show the importance of the vaccination to these young
girls. We hope to give Congresswoman Shelia Lee Jackson the information to be able to
give others congress members the information they need to make an informed decision.

We hope not to just win the other members over but to be able to really get them to see
the importance in this vaccination.

We have gathered in information for Ms. Jackson and hope that she can use it to make the
job easier. We have done our background research and understand with all the good there
is also the bad. But as we see it the all good of the vaccine will over prevail the bad.


Although HPV can be prevented without the vaccine almost every women will have sex
at some point, meaning that almost every women will be exposed to HPV in her lifetime.
Even women who wait until marriage can contract HPV from her husband.

The HPV vaccination gives us the opportunity to protect women and young girl from
contracting HPV. Gardasil and Cervarix both have been proven to be effective in
preventing infections from HPV strains 16 and 18, these two strains account for 70
percent of all cervical cancers. The vaccine also helps protect against strains 6 and 11.
These two strains are connected to genital warts.

In order to make sure women and girls are protected we need to reach them before they
are exposed to HPV. This means all women and girls need to be vaccinated before they
begin to have sex. The HPV vaccine is only 44 percent effective in women that are
already exposed to HPV 16 and/or 18, while it is 98 percent effective in women that have
not been exposed.

Many people see giving the vaccine to young girls as saying to them it is alright to go on
and have sex. This is not the way it should be looked at, we should look at it as an
opportunity to save lives. We now have the chance to be able to help prevent something
that has a chance of leading to cancer.


Disadvantages of the vaccine can include; pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the
injection site, fever, nausea, and dizziness. But this is just a small price you can pay for
being able to avoid getting cervical cancer.

Below is a chart of women and girls that have been vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.
The chart shows many women and girls of different ages and their reactions to the
vaccine. It is important to understand that this is just a small percentage of the women
and girls that have been vaccinated most do not even have reactions at all.

Age   Size      Know       Shot    Admin.        Time      Reaction      Commenter
               Allergies            With         After
               or Other
17               Low        1st   Meningitis    10 Min.     Fainted        Snail
                Blood              HEP A                                  Re: Self
               Pressure            TB Test
13                          1st                  2 to 3  Collapsed,       Patricia
                                                 min.      Fainted,         Re:
                                                           Became         Daughter
15    Petite               3rd                 Immediate    All 3:         Jeanie
      Thin                                      & 5 days  Burning
                                                                          re: Her 3
                                                         fluid with
13                                                       shot ,very
13                                                         through
                                                          the night
                                                            Re: one
                                                            13 year-
                                                             old: 5
                                                           days after
25                         3rd                 Immediate    Sudden         Melody
                                                            rush or
                                                                         San Antonio
                                                            hearing       Re: Self
                                                           and very
                                                           Gray and
                                                            hot and
                                                           went pale
                                                             ... "Felt
                                                           like I was
                                                            going to

                                                                 drop dead
 11                             4                                Shot area       Michele
                              Others                              swelled      re: Daughter

                                                                  Red and
                                                                  itchy for
 31    Above         No        1st       None        10 min.       Painful   Tania Lopez
       Avg.       Allergies                                      1st Fainted
                                                                  after 2nd
                                                                 or 3rd shot
                                                                 on a plane
 18    Athletic    None       1st &     1st with                                   Ali
                                                                  After 1st,
                               2nd     meningitis                                re: Self
                                                                 sore joints
                                                                 and severe
                                        2nd with
                                        TB Test
                                                                  for a few
                                                                 After 2nd,
                                                                 Site itchy.
                                                                 Weak for
                                                                 about 24


What is more important, a political argument over wrong and right, or somebody’s life?
The value of life is something to be cherished and when one has the ability to prevent a
life threatening or altering disease, we should at all cost do whatever we can to prevent
such a thing.

The importance of our proposal is to make families with daughters and women aware of
what exactly is at stake. Not only can someone lose their life but as well as the possibility
of never being able to have kids. Making a vaccination mandatory crosses many lines
and steps on many toes, but in the end a life saved is worth it.
Many parents see this proposal as interference in their parenting abilities. When do we
draw the line of what is a parent’s decision and what is not? HPV is a sexually
transmitted disease. Parents do not want to think of their children having sex at young
ages, and definitely do not want to think of their children contracting diseases.
The issue of HPV also creates religious turmoil. Many religions do not believe in things
such as birth control, or pre-marital sex, or abortions. Agreeing to allow children at the
young age of 13 to them might be going against all religious beliefs since basically it is
saying you can continue in intercourse and not have to worry since you have been

With the help of Sheila Jackson Lee we can approach the parents in a more empathetic
advance that will let them know we understand why this is controversial as well as come
across in a way that shows we care for their children’s ultimate well-being.
Our ultimate goal is to make sure that Sheila Jackson Lee has all of the sufficient
evidence and statistics that she needs to continue on with this campaign. We are hoping
that we have done all of the research necessary so that there are no unanswered questions
and we can successfully continue on with making sure Gardasil is correctly used for what
it was intended to cure.

What it all comes down to is basically life or death. No not everyone is going to contract
this disease, but those who do I am sure would vouch that if they had the opportunity to
prevent such a disease they would.

The idea is not to promote unsafe sex or to go against anything parents or society has
believed in regarding somebody’s rights since you are being vaccinated for a disease.
Before children enter into school or go to college they are required to have TB shots,
Polio vaccination, and Hepatitis. What makes this situation any different? The goal is to
protect and save. Gardasil only prevents one of many STD’s, but STD’s are one main
cause of death in society today. Men have the high potential for carrying the disease, but
only women contract it in the sever forms. Women should be happy that society has
taken a stand for their protection and lives.


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee

Gallup Crisis Pregnancy Center
    Common STD Chart


How a Bill Becomes a Law

HPV Stats

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