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EDI – Solutions that work for you
For some, the term “EDI” is frequently associated with the highly technical “geek” IT world. However, EDI or ‘Electronic Data Interchange’ is really just a means of communication allowing businesses to trade in a cost efficient way, while also minimizing manual work. In today’s truly global business world, EDI has been adopted as the universal standard for computers to exchange business data in a structured way. No matter where two trading partners are located, they can always use the EDI solution for paperless communication! Learning EDI doesn’t need to be difficult. Once the EDI format is selected, there are many different ways to communicate, including FTP and email. With EDI, the sending computer compiles, translates & formats the message automatically. This leads to faster transfer of data, fewer errors, reduced exception-handling, and, all in all, a more streamlined business process. EDI can help you
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Automatically synchronizes the sharing of data across you and your business partners applications Significantly reduces paperwork, phone calls, faxes Reduces processing speed from hours to minutes Dramatically decreases the possibility of errors by transferring data without manual intervention

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