The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County by pengtt


									   Story by Mark Twain
Lesson by H. Caitlin Corbitt
Brainstorm in a paragraph-
  What was difficult about reading
   “The Jumping Frog…” story?
  What does the language of the
   story tell you about the
  Look up when you are finished.
 What does someone’s dialect say about
 Do you feel differently about a person
  when you hear them they talk?
 Do you think that dialect is an
  indication of intelligence?
 Why? Why not?
 Get in groups of three
 One person is going to be the runner, one
  person is going to be the recorder.
 The group that answers all four questions
  first and brings them to me will win.
 There is a place for runner up so do not stop
  working until you have all the answers
 Ready, Set…
 “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County”
  was written by:_______________ _________________
 Also Known as (The name his Momma gave him)
      ____________ ____________ _____________
I will take the middle initial if you cannot spell the middle

 Where is the story set? What is the name of the
 From who’s perspective (point of view) is the story
  being told?
   A- The first narrator. Duh.
   B- Jim Smiley
   C- That old guy in the tavern from the beginning of the
   D- Daniel Webster
  Mr. A. Ward
  Simon Wheeler
  Leonidas W. Smiley
  Jim Smiley
 Mr. A. Ward
   The first frame of the story. Ward is the man that Mark
    Twain is writing to.
 Simon Wheeler
   The old guy in the tavern from the beginning of the
    story! He is our monotone and “unenthused” narrator.
 Rev. Leonidas W. Smiley
   The man that Twain came to Angel’s Camp, California to
    learn about.
 Jim Smiley
   The man Twain actually learns about. He is our
    protagonist- the man who will bet on anything.
 Let’s find the main actions that
  move the story along.
 Together, we are going to put
  together the major points of story.
 Mr. Ward told Twain (Our first narrator) that
  while he was visiting California’s gold mining
  camps, he must stop into Angel’s Camp and ask
  Mr. Simon Wheeler about Rev. L.W. Smiley.
 Twain writes him back, pointing out the mean joke
  that Mr. Ward played– he knew that Wheeler
  would be reminded of old Jim Smiley and keep
  Twain there telling him useless old stories.
 To exact his revenge, Twain writes down every
  rambling word of the exchange so Mr. Ward would
  be forced to listen to it too.
 Jim Smiley will bet on ANYTHING.
 He bet on Parson Walker’s wife- he figured she’d kick
  the bucket.
 He had a horse that seemed sickly until the end of a
  race when she would suddenly come useful!
 He had a dog (Andrew Jackson) who looked sneaky
  and lazy but would fight and win. He didn’t lose until
  he was pitted against a dog that lacked hind legs.
 He educated a frog, Daniel Webster, to jump higher
  and farther than any other frog.
 A traveling stranger who did not SEE anything special
    about Daniel Webster. He “wanted to bet” Jim but alas,
    did not have a frog to beat Daniel.
   Jim Smiley (oh so graciously) let the stranger hold
    Daniel while he went out to find the stranger a frog.
   While Jim was gone, the stranger filled Daniel to the
    gills with quail shot.
   When Jim returned and the two were set side by side,
    the stranger’s frog hopped and Daniel stayed still!
   Once the stranger left with Jim’s money in hand, Jim
    picked up Daniel and found out that the frog was full
    of quail shot!
 Having heard enough about Jim Smiley
 and realizing the trick Mr. Ward had
 played on him, our first narrator
 (Twain) leaves Mr. Wheeler once he
 becomes distracted by someone else.
 Trickster story/ Swindler’s Tale
   What are the “tricks” in his story?

 What makes this story funny?
   Theories of Humor in literature

 What is realistic about this story? Is any of it

 Do you find any of this believable? Do you “know”
  these characters?
Thank you so much for your

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