Crystal Couture - A Touch of Brilliance

 Swarovski shines new light on the art of Catwalk Jewellery, showing crystal
                    creations to make the Runway rock.

Paris, January 2006

Swarovski, the world’s largest producer of cut crystal, has commissioned
leading international designers from the worlds of jewellery and fashion, to
create their ultimate vision of jewellery for the Catwalk. The designers have
each been invited to find new creative expressions for crystal, challenging
conventions of form and function, playing with colour, volume and proportion,
bridging jewellery, body ornament and fashion. In each individual, thought-
provoking, couture-inspired design, Swarovski crystal is the hero. The result is
Swarovski Runway Rocks.

This dazzlingly provocative collection of hand-made, one-of-a-kind, original
Runway Rocks crystal creations, unveiled during Paris Couture in the lavish
surroundings of the Hotel Pozzo di Borgo, includes works by names from
around the world, including Vanessa Seward of Azzaro, Jean-Paul Gaultier,
Hussein Chalayan, Antonio Berardi, Rodolphe Rousseau, as well as top
jewellery designers Philippe Ferrandis, Johnny Rocket and Pianegonda, and
directional accessories designers, Ed Griffiths, and DoAn. From Hussein
Chalayan comes a cape with an integral kinetic jewelled collar, showing
crystal in motion, while Rodolphe Rousseau embraces his signature draped
and pleated bodice with an exquisite crystal-studded chained harness,
architectural and Art Deco in flavour.

A strong international flavour has been injected with designs from around the
world, showing the universal language of ornament: Noboru Shionoya from
Japan, drapes a flowing golden shawl around a crystal neckpiece, Sarina
Suriano of Australia, conjures crystal into a sun-shimmering oasis of colour and
light, while British Francesca Bristol etches crystal flamingos in her signature
Perspex, and Kirt Holmes, also from the UK, weaves a magical web of crystal-
strewn chain. Paying homage to the city of Couture, there is more than a
glamorous sprinkling of Parisian style, with a fashion-forward crystal-cage from
Rosemarie le Gallais for Daniel Swarovski, and a scintillating corsage from On
Aura Tout Vu.
This intensely couture collection also features show-stopping star pieces
including the dangerously beautiful flower and thorn body sculpture, “Belle a
Lier”, by Shaun Leane, who creates catwalk jewellery for Alexander
McQueen; the dramatically sensual Disco Flutter mask and dress by Scott
Wilson, a leading light of catwalk jewellery, Lesley Vik Waddell’s ethereally
light corset and ruff, and from Brazilian Rodrigo Otazu, who designs couture
jewels for Christian Lacroix, the theatrically exuberant “Wonderful World”
necklace, a monumental mass of futuristic crystal covered globes. This is
crystal to make the Runway rock.

As jewellery has become an integral part of fashion, the most creative
expression of individual style, so the flamboyant art of couture or catwalk
jewellery is flourishing. Runway jewels, often created and crafted by artisans
who are unsung heroes of the fashion world, underline the message and
meaning of each new collection, sparking innovative trends and themes in
both jewellery and fashion. As jewels become more closely entwined with
fashion, new forms are evolving, body ornaments that subvert convention to
shape, manipulate and transform the body.               Through Runway Rocks,
Swarovski highlights this corner of intense creativity.

Swarovski crystal has always been the essential ingredient of couture
jewellery, adding its extraordinary dream-like qualities of glamour, light and
allure to barrier-breaking jewels and ornaments. Throughout the 20th century,
Swarovski worked hand in hand with leading designers and couturiers,
including Elsa Schiaparelli and Christian Dior, for whom they created their
phenomenally successful Aurora Borealis glinting crystal stone. Today this
symbiotic relationship continues, as Swarovski collaborates with cutting-edge
talent around the globe, helping bring visions to life. Celebrating crystal
creativity and today’s new collaboration between jewellery and fashion,
Swarovski proudly presents Runway Rocks.

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For more than a hundred years Swarovski, the Austrian family company based
in Wattens in the Tyrol, has been the world’s leading brand for cut crystal.
Crystal jewellery stones and crystalline semi-finished goods for the fashion,
jewellery and lighting industries are as much a part of the company’s product
range as gift articles, home accessories, and collectibles fashioned from
faceted crystal. Swarovski’s artistic and design abilities are evident in Daniel
Swarovski Paris and Swarovski Jewellery, the company’s accessory and
jewellery ranges. Since 1995 visitors have been able to enjoy the ultimate
crystal experience at the Swarovski Crystal Worlds. The Swarovski group also
includes Tyrolit, which produces grinding tools and abrasives, and Swarovski
Optik, the company’s optics division, with its precision optics for hunting and
nature observation.

In 2004 Swarovski achieved group sales of Euro 1.83 billion with a total of
approximately 16,000 employees.


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