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									Leveraging Social Networking Sites
      for Job Opportunities

             Presented by
           Praveen K Panjiar


             WITS ZEN.COM
 A Blog for Web, Internet, Technology and
             Social Intelligence
• A large majority of companies are moving away from job boards toward
social media as their primary recruiting tool, according to Jobvite Social
Recruiting Survey 2010.

• 83% of respondents use or plan to start using social networks for
recruiting in 2010.

• LinkedIn (78%), Facebook (55%) and Twitter (45%) are the most
popular social recruiting channels, while MySpace is used by just 5% of

• Companies decrease spending on more expensive recruiting channels,
like job boards and third party recruiters or search firms.

• Among the 70% of companies actively hiring, the use of social
networks for recruiting is even more pronounced.
• 50% of hiring companies plan to invest more in social recruiting while
only 17% will spend more on job boards and 36% will spend less.

• Social media profiles are important in the hunt for finding and hiring
new talent.

• More than 80% of respondents review social profiles at least
sometimes -- almost 1/3 always review them; but 69% of candidates
don't share their account information when applying.

• For candidate quality, respondents rated social networks significantly
higher than job boards who landed in last place; while referrals were the
most highly rated for quality
• So, social network recruiting has become a mainstream channel for
employers who need access to talent.

• Social network recruiting refers to recruitment through sorting out
candidates who actively participate in various social networking sites
including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Are you prepared for companies and recruiters to find you
on all these social media sites?
Sex and Cash Theory of Hugh McLeod

 The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs:
 One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills.
Sex and Cash Methodology for Job Search

  Lot many jobs are there; Lot many ways are there of getting jobs.

          The Cash Methodology: Make your profile on Job portals; look
          for jobs, send out customized covering letter with your resume

          Chances are 80% that you can land up with a job

          Now, the Sex Methodology: Use social media creatively to land
          up with better job prospects.

          It’s Balancing act you need to find better job prospects with the
          use of social media platforms.
Create Online Profiles and Build a Brand

  Sites Where You Should Have an Online Profile


  LinkedIn is the professional networking site where everyone should have
  a profile. one of the best places online to find a job


  Here is best way to use Facebook when you're job searching.


  A presence on Twitter isn't absolutely necessary, but it can help with your
  job search and there are employers using it to source candidates.
How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

  • Complete your Profile

     •   Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date.
     •   Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive
         opportunities through LinkedIn!

  • Add a Compelling Headline

  • Include a Photo

  • Professional Summary

  • Include Keywords and Skills
How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search

     • Your Public Profile

     • Grow Your Network

     • Join Niche Groups

     • Answer Questions

     • Get the word out

     • Find out people with similar profile

     • Get Recommendations

     • Build your network before you need it
LinkedIn Signal: new way to consume information

  • Filter: Browse only relevant
    status updates from your stream

  • Search for keywords, topics or
    people across the stream

  • Get an auto updated real-time
    stream with rich content

  • Find the hottest trending links
    across any relevant topics

  • Save real time searches
How to Use Facebook for Job Search

  •   Facebook Search; Use it as a job search tool

  •   Narrow it down to people, pages, groups, link, etc
Also find links to blog posts or job openings
  To find links that contain the word “marketing” simply click on “posts by friends”
  or “posts by everyone” on the left.
Facebook Pages and Groups

  • Facebook has many groups and pages for career minded individuals
    as well as recruiters.

  • Make sure to be an active user in these groups because when a job
    opportunity becomes available

  • Facebook Applications: Visit the Facebook Application Directory and
    search using "job search" "career" or "jobs" as keywords.

        •   BranchOut
        •   Easy CV
        •   Business Cards
        •   Indeed – Job Search
        •   CareerBuilder
        •   Hire My Friend
Facebook Marketplace: Shows listings such as for jobs, sale
items ,housing, etc.
Points to remember for Jobseekers on Facebook

  • Clean up digital dirt before you begin your job search

  • Consider creating your own professional group

  • Be selective about whom you accept as friends

  • If you're still employed, don't mention your job search
How to Use Twitter for Job Search
  • Set up your account

  • Use your personal e-mail address for your account

  • Use your real name for your account

  • Complete your “More Info URL” by linking to your preferred bio

  • Create a branded “One Line Bio” and make it recruiter-friendly

  • Standard professionally-looking background design

  • Keep your tweets public

  • Keep tweets professional and favorable to anyone
How to Use Twitter for Job Search
  • Invest daily time in tweeting

  • Participate in chats using hashtags to get advice and be noticed

  • Mingle by attending Tweetups

  • Find Relevant Twitter Lists to Follow: Listorious as the best way to
    find relevant Twitter Lists to follow

  • Follow the companies that interest you and get a feel for their culture

  • Follow target company employees, recruiters, and industry leaders

  • Follow Twitter accounts that post job openings

  • Follow conferences and events related to your field
How to Use Twitter for Job Search
  • Check out Twitter job search engines

  • Use Twitter’s advanced search for accurate job hunting

  • TwitterJobSearch*

  • TweetMyJobs*

  • Advanced Twitter Search*

  • Make the most out of hashtags for job searches
Summing Up
• Social media tools aren't an alternative to real life, they are part of it

• Don't expect a quick ROI from your social media efforts

• Take action, be consistent, and you’ll soon be exploring a wealth of
• professional networking opportunities

• Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
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  innovative news to global WITS enthusiasts, practitioners, prospective
  customers, business partners, and investors, eventually inspiring the inventing
  entrepreneurs into technology venturing and entrepreneurship.

  -The man behind emulating the concept of information hub is Praveen Panjiar.
  And the major catalyst to drive the initiative is IIFT, New Delhi, which honed his
  skill in “International Business”, driving his dreams towards implementation and
  execution of some of his constantly flowing ideas.

  -Primarily a learner, who practices and works towards taking the learning curve
  southward, and eventually influences the community based on the learning
  acquired with varied experience right from IT services to business and finance to

  -Started off as a practitioner in media, challenged his capabilities and delved into
  the field of IT services, encompassing content creation to marketing
  communication, online marketing, social media/social commerce, web strategy,
  to business development.
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