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									The Church in San Antonio                                                                  Newsletter
July/August 2008                                                5400 Callaghan, San Antonio, TX 78228

I. Summer Training,                   Living Stream Ministry Campus, Anaheim, CA, June 1- July 5,

         The title of this bi-annual training is “Crystallization-study of the Gospel of Luke.”      It was
      composed of twelve messages. Their titles are:

            1.      The Incarnation of Christ, the Man-savior, Fulfilling God’s Purpose in His Creation of
            2.      The Highest Standard of Morality,
            3.      The Man-savior’s God-man Living and Ministry,
            4.      The Reproduction of the God-man,
            5.      The Man-savior and His Dynamic Salvation,
            6.      The Kingdom of God,
            7.      The Jubilee (1),
            8.      The Jubilee (2),
            9.      The Man-savior’s Teaching on Prayer for the Church to Be a House of Prayer,
            10.     The Losing of the Soul-life and the Rapture of the Overcomers,
            11.     The Resurrection of the Man-savior, and
            12.     The Ascension of the Man-savior and His Heavenly Ministry.

          Br. Lee published the life-study messages of Luke. The life-study is Br. Lee‟s commentary
      along the line of “life,” rather than emphasizing on “knowledge.” Actually, the life study is full of
      knowledge too. Paul says that the letter kills but spirit (and the Spirit) gives life (2 Corinthians 3:6).
      Jesus said that we search the Bible in order to have eternal life, but we do not come to Him. Life-
      study is to lead people to their spirits and to Christ, the Life-giving Spirit, in our daily living. Life-
      study follows the Bible chapter by chapter. After Br. Lee released the entire Bible as life-study, he
      began crystallization-study. Crystallization-study extracts crystals from the books of the Bible and
      thus, is not chapter sequential. In mineralogy, crystal is a solid mineral body, often transparent or
      translucent, with a characteristic internal molecular structure enclosed by symmetrically arranged
      planes that meet at definite and specific angles related to the structure of the substance. Crystal can
      form in sedimentary (water), volcanic (fire), and metamorphic (pressure and heat) rocks. Therefore,
      we see in this summer training the twelve “crystals” in the book of Luke. It seems that “the Jubilee
      and the Overcomers” are the key crystals among the twelve crystals.

         About 30 saints registered for and participated in the video training. The twelve who went to
      Anaheim is the highest number in the live training in our church history, thank the Lord!

II.         Schedule of Conferences & Trainings:

           Romania Conference                               Buzias, Romania                    9/5-7/08
           Chinese-speaking Autumn Conference               Houston, TX                        9/12-14/08        -
      ---   Fall ITERO (responsible brothers’)               Kuching, Malaysia                  10/2-4/08
           Switzerland Conference                           Lausanne, Switzerland              10/10-12/08
           Spanish-speaking Mini-Conf.                      Laredo, TX                         10/11/08
           College Conference                               Latham Springs, TX                 10/17-19/08

9/19/2011                                                                                                         1
           Chinese-speaking Conference                                  Paris, France                             10/17-19/08
           Autumn European College-age Conference                       Cefn Lea, Wales, England                  10/24-26/08
           Israel Conference                                            Bet Alfs, Israel                          10/30-11/1/08
           Jr/Sr High Conference                                        Ft. Stockton, TX                          10/31-11/2/08
           LA+MS Percy Quinn Conference                                 McComb, MS                                10/31-11/2/08
           Mid-west Blending Conference                                 Rock Springs, KS                          10/31-11/2/08
           Elders‟ Fellowship                                           Austin, TX                                11/8/08
           Poland Conference                                            Warsaw, Poland                            11/8-11/08
           Belgium Conference                                           Brussels, Belgium                         11/22,23/08
           Thanksgiving Int’l. Conference                               Chicago, IL                               11/27-30/08
           Spain Conference                                             Malaga, Spain                             12/5-7/08
     --     Winter Training                                              Anaheim, CA                               12/22-27/08
           International Chinese-speaking Conference                    Taipei, Taiwan                            1/26-28/09

For the college conference, contact Br. Mike Findeisen @ 699-9813; for the high school conference, contact Br. Justin Stout @ 657-3950;
summer and winter training and others, Br. George Whitington @ 641-0465.

III.        Daily Constitution by the Word

       A. Morning Revival: We are on Week 2 of the Holy Word for the Morning Revival (HWMR) of the
          Crystallization-study of the Gospel of Luke on 9/1/08.

       B.   Daily Life Message We should be on Message 52, “Rooted in Christ and are Being Built up”
            of the Life Study of Colossians on 9/1/08.

       C. Daily Bible Study with Footnotes The reading on 9/1/08 is on Ephesians 3:8-18. Please
          pick up a reading schedule from the service table. (Even though we began this year with
          Matthew 1, you can start with Ephesians now. Reading Bible is not an express train but a local
          train; one can get on any time—but don‟t get off.)

       D.   E-Manna Please contact for our daily supply.

IV.          Reports and Supplications                                                            (Act locally, view globally)

     A.       Local

     O Baptism            No baptism in this reporting period. Our goal reached in the August brothers‟
     fellowship for this year is ten. Let‟s pray and strive to reach this goal. We have four months to
     gain five more. (The cumulative baptisms for the year 2008 are five.)

     O    Fall Semester, UTSA. School starts on 8/27/08. The first campus meeting will be on 8/30/08 with
     the northeast side supplying food. We have about 20 families who will open their homes for the gospel this
     semester. May we all focus in labor and in prayer to bring the UTSA freshmen into Christ and the Church.
     May the three strands of students, full timers, and families be entwined and intertwined strongly. The first
     student meeting was held at the Duarte house on Thursday 8/21/08. Many prayed and helped the first week
     UTSA activities such as gospel contacts, open houses (and meals) by UTSA, and campus fellowship.

     O Perfecting Training and Conference in Plano and Irving, TX respectively, 7/28/08
     to 8/3/08. Five (Martin, Eileen, Sr. Lin, Gloria, and John) from San Antonio were in the seven day‟s
     training and two (Jack and Angus) came for the weekend conference.                     The training started at 7AM and ended

9/19/2011                                                                                                                             2
   @ 10 PM from Monday to Friday. All three meals were served at the Plano meeting hall for 1,300 adults and
   about 300 children. The theme was “the Overcomers’ Testimony in Christ in the Stage of the Intensification.”
   The burden is progressing from 1) consecration, 2) the burning of the seven intensified Spirits, 3) constituted by
   the truth, 4) an over-coming living, and to 5) the intensified actions for the gospel. On Saturday morning the
   sessions were sister‟s fellowship, faculty and staff‟s fellowship, and discussion on gospel. In the afternoon it
   was on children‟s fellowship, campus fellowship and gospel fellowship.

       The conference began on the Saturday night in Irving meeting hall. About two thousand participated. The
   subject was “The Vital Practice of the Constitution, Appreciation, and Propagation of the Divine Truth.” It
   ended at noon Lord‟s Day with Br. Benjamin Chen of New York City on “who are we?” for the last 15 minutes.

        Br. Tym Seay of the church in Austin spoke in the Wednesday morning session. Br. Ray Graver of Irving
   spoke on Thursday morning. Br. David Vinson of Irving spoke on his consecration on Friday. Br. Benson
   Phillips of Anaheim spoke on Saturday about his experience with the Lord‟s recovery.

        Br. Ken Frigo, now in Galveston District, the church in Houston, was in this training.     And Sr. Crystal,
   our June Coleman‟s daughter, was doing meal service.

   O    Saints from Hua-lien, Taiwan Fifteen adults and children visited us Monday after the Plano
   Training. Br. Brad and George joined the dinner at 115 Adelaide Oaks by UTSA. They visited the Alamo
   and the River Walk and left for Houston around lunch time Tuesday. They invite the church in San Antonio to
   attend the first international conference of 2009 in Taipei (See Item II of this newsletter) and visit churches in
   the Hua-lien area (east coast resort area of Taiwan)!

   O     Saints from Birmingham, England Fourteen adults and children plus one Plano driver paid us a
   visit Wednesday. They came by way of Houston and joined the meal at Babcock hall and the prayer meeting.
   They spent two nights here and went back to Plano via a stop at Austin. They asked us to visit them and pray
   for the six universities surrounding Birmingham.

   O Junior High and High School Conferences, Lake Texoma and Lake Lavon, TX 8/7-
   10/08 There were six brother and one sister that attended the High School Lake Lavon conference and one
   sister attended the Junior High at Lake Texoma. The High School conference covered „The Seven Churches in
   Revelation.” The young people who attended the conferences spoke something they enjoyed the following
   Lord‟s Day.

   O     Brothers’ Meeting The brothers‟ fellowship is held monthly. Generally it is on Thursday night at
   the Babcock hall. All brothers are exhorted to participate for the burden and direction of the church. The
   August fellowship was still on the G-O-W and to have “five” baptized during the rest of 2008—may we all
   strive to reach this goal! The September fellowship will be the fifth time since we restored this fellowship.
   This fellowship charts the direction of the church‟s move and the practical need of this locality. We beseech
   the brothers to separate one night in a month for this. Even if you can just show up for half an hour, that would
   be a great encouragement.

   O    Hospitalization and Caring                Remember what Paul said: “We then that are strong [i.e., healthy]
   ought to bear the infirmities of the weak and not to please ourselves (Romans 15:1).” Philippians 2:4 “Look
   not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others.” Continuing your prayer or fast-
   prayer for the following saints. If possible, call or write a card.

            o Br. Jim Fox went to the VA Hospital for knee cap check up on 8/23/08 and felt stressful so that
               he was immediately admitted to the Cardiac ICU. He was released on 8/27/08. It is likely that
               his diabetes induced this episode.
            o Sr. Mercedes Rawdin Her condition is the same. Please pray for her and give a call or a card.
               She declines visitation due to weakness.

9/19/2011                                                                                                          3
            o Br. Bill Freeland had a liver transplant 18 years ago. He needs a new transplant. He still comes
               to the meeting as his body allows. Sr. Laura needs your support!
            o Br. Huei-chen Lin is 72 years old. He had a heart problem that is under medical control. He
               also has back pain above kidneys on both sides of the vertebrae .
            o Br. Fred Fisher is an RN working at the VA Hospital. He contracted hepatitis through his job.
               He is in stage 4 and requires your dstrong prayer support. May the Lord grant his wish that he
               can buy a house near UTSA campus for home meetings.
            o Lenient but Protracted Diseases Please do pray for saints who have diabetes, multiple
               sclerosis, arthritis, backache, kidney failure, etc. If you want to pray specifically for each person,
               please consult with other saints and your group coordinators

   O    Mail Bag

            o Br. Daniel Li graduated from UTSA with a master‟s degree in business. He is working in
                    Houston, not far from the meeting hall.
            o Br. Peter and Sr. Grace Liang went back to Inner Mongolia for a short visit. Br. Peter has
               three more years of surgical residency in Washington DC.
            o Br. Peter Lin graduated from St Mary‟s Hall high school here and went to the University of
                 Washington in Seattle. He spent five years there and in May 2008, he received two bachelor
                 degrees, electric and industrial engineering. He is now in the FTTA for his first term.
            o   Br. ‘Jojo’ Chanpong received his master‟s degree from Duke University, North Carolina and is
                 working in the Bay Area for a genetic engineering firm.
            o   Br. Marcel Gotzmann is fine in Louisiana. He plans to attend Baton Rouge CC and LSU.
            o   Sr. Anne Yu is in Nairobi, Kenya doing AIDS data collection with CDC for three months. She
                 went to the Lord‟s Table with the saints in Nairobi. She asks our prayer for the church there so
                 that the Lord can have a strong lampstand. Her flight back to Washington DC is in early October.
            o   Srs. Lauren Steele and Deyla Elliott Yes, they did survive the three weeks in August of FTTA
                 for their first term. Do remember them. Encourage them with a Hallmark card and/or a care
                 package at least once a semester. Here is a letter from Lauren dated 8/18/08:

                           “Today is my first day off from the training, so I thought I would take the opportunity to write to you
                           to share what has occurred during the pre-training week. I feel that I have seen the entire history of
                           the Lord's recovery in a matter of a week, and been supplied a "Vision of the Age" an "All-inheriting
                           Vision" that I pray we will all see as we continue to pursue our precious Christ. Many told me that
                           the first week would be the most difficult, but it was so amazing! Physically I was tired, but you
                           hear so many riches and you feel so supplied by the Seven Fold Intensified Spirit! He is being
                           intensified through the enjoyment of the Body of Christ. I cannot fully express all that I have
                           enjoyed, but I will do my best to share a bit.”

                           ”I thank you all for your continued prayers, support, and words of encouragement. I do miss you all
                           dearly, but I feel that you are all here with me!....Please let me know how you all are. I can only
                           check email [] on Monday*, but I will make sure to check when I can and
                           get back to you promptly. I look forward to hearing about how you all are doing and what you have
                           been enjoying. “

                             *FTTA day starts from evening to evening. They get LD and Monday off for personal errands. Training
                           resumes @ 6PM Monday.

                o     Sr. Melissa Cartwright of Berlin, Germany was in Waco in late August because of her father‟s
                    illness. She was in Waco during the Summer Training time and made a quick return trip this
                    time.    She asks for the church‟s prayer to support her and her husband Gary who works so hard
                    for LME. They speak Russian and German well and are essential for Eastern Europe gospel and
                    establishing and confirming the churches there.

   O   Move
            o Br. Carl Elshoff moved from Fort Huachuca, Arizona to Fort Sam Houston. He is in the Army
               and will be here for several years. We welcome him. He comes from Rochester, Minnesota.

9/19/2011                                                                                                                       4
               o Br. Reuben and Sr. Darlene Pizarro greet the saints from Floresville, a town southeast of San
                    Antonio along US Route 181. They love the truth of the Bible revealed in the LR.
               o Br. Edward Mao moved back to Plano in late July. He will attend UT-Dallas this fall for a
                  master‟s program. He served as a camera man during the Perfecting Training in Plano .
               o Br. Jeffery Kung is here for his freshman year in UTSA. He was born in San Antonio and
                    moved to Houston. Her sister Tiffany graduated from UT-Austin in May and drove him here and
                    then drove with other sisters from Austin to FTTA for the fall term. His uncle in New Jersey has
                    been supporting us financially every month since 1986 because his grandpa was with us before he
                    passed away in 1986. Jeffery lives with Frank and Aaron in Maverick Creek near UTSA.
               o   Sr. Peggy Prewitt moved to Arkansas to take care of her aging and ailing mother in August. She
                    left Letha and Lyle behind as college students. Do remember to invite Letha and Lyle for
                    meals and home meetings.
               o   Sr. Emily Shuway moved back to Austin in August for school.
               o   Mike and Darlene leased out their house near Bandera and Gilbeau and are renting a house in
                    Maverick Creek by UTSA that serves as a sisters‟ house. Their burden is to take care of the
                    college students and gospel. May God bless their loving heart!
               o   Mack and Norma Vinson are renting Mike and Darlene‟s house and this, helping the Collin‟s
                    campus work.
               o   Br. Shawn Liu reported to work as an electrical engineer at Formosa Plastics in the last week of
                    August. He will strengthen the church in Port Lavaca. Sr. Wendy stays here with Margaret.
               o   Br. Bill Carlisle relocated his job back from Memphis, Tennessee in August. He had over a
                    month fellowship with the church in Memphis. He went to the Jacksonville, Florida Labor Day
                    Conference for the Southeast Region.

     B. Extra-Local
     o    LME and Texas Jameson and Grace Chen of Houston resigned from his lucrative job in the oil
     industry and moved to Madrid, Spain for the Lord‟s Move in Europe (LME). Jameson‟s father is 89 years old
     and lives in Katy, west Houston on I-10. It was said that Jameson hugged his father and cried before
     embarking on the route to Spain. It is like, to us, that Paul in Acts 20:25 and vv. 36-38 “Sorrowing most of all
     for the words which he [Paul] spoke, that they should see his [Paul‟s] face no more. And they accompanied
     him [Paul] unto the ship.” It is hard to get a year-long visa in Spain, but Br. Jameson got his visa. He speaks
     English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. May the Lord raise up a testimony in Barcelona, Bilbao, Cordoba,
     Granada, Malaga, San Sebastian, Seville, Valencia, and Zaragoza in Spain and Lisbon, Portugal.

        In addition, John and Gloria Chang of Irving also quit their jobs and moved to London to serve full time.
     We saw them in Melissa‟s pictures of the Milan, Italy Conference.
     O    The 5 International Summer School was held in Hua-lien, Taiwan in English. One hundred
     ninety young people from Taiwan, USA, Russia, Mexico, and Hong Kong participated in this one-week
     blending from 8/3/08 to 8/10/08. Hua-lien is on the east coast of Taiwan and is famous in scenery such as the
     Tairugu Gorge National Park and Pacific coast line. (Provided by Br. Julian Lu who visited us and whose daughter Sr.
     Victoria will graduate with a Ph.D. from TAMU-Kingsville this December.)

V.        Statistics of the Lord’s Day Attendees:
                    07/06/08                        90                   08/03/08            85
                    07/13/08                        95                   08/10/08            90
                    07/20/08                        115                  08/17/08            95
                    07/27/08                        95                   08/24/08            117
                                                                         08/31/08            AM 125/PM 30

9/19/2011                                                                                                              5
                                              Babcock Hall
                                6193 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78240

                  The designated offering/building fund is $140,000 as of the end of August 2008.

                              The present need (architect’s estimate) is $2.5 million.

 Garage Sale: Thanks be to the Spanish-speaking sisters who keep this burden in mind. They had a third garage
 sale in early August. They collected about $800 for this building fund. (CAN YOU HOST A GARAGE

        We know that the Suez Canal was dug shovel by shovel. The Great Wall of China was laid brick by brick.
 May we remember the need of this locality for a larger hall and the utility of this Babcock Hall for the blending of
 the churches south of us. We will gain Christ and His Church, and furthermore, lay treasure in heaven. Paul in
 Second Corinthians 9 says, on giving, that we sow much, we reap much. He even says that the seeds we sow are
 from God, not ours. As Br. David Vinson said on 8/1/08 in the Plano Perfecting training, all the money we made
 is God‟s. We are just stewards. Paul said that we do not resist unto blood, struggling against sin (Hebrew 10:4).
 That is for sin. For money, Br. Liu yuen-kai (1911-2007) of Danshui, Taiwan said that we have to give until our
 heart bleeds (A Sweet Savor, a model of living Christ—memorial collections, page 49.) What Br. Liu said
 amounts to the livelihood of the widow’s two mites (see Mark 12:41-44). A 2.5 million dollar sanctuary will have
 lesser value to the one who does not sacrifice, even he gave $100,000. Because this $100,000, or any other
 amount, is tantamount to “the one’s, other-than-the-widow, abundance” or “surplus” in Mark 12. This is our
 Lord Jesus‟ comment who valued the “two mites” more. Jesus appreciates any giving, livelihood or surplus, as
 long as we do not make it a “show.”

        We would like to repeat the August/September 2005 newsletter. Martin Luther (1483-1546) said that every
 man needs two conversions: the first is his heart, the second, of his wallet. John Wesley (1703-91) said that the
 last part of a man to be converted is his wallet. Do we hold our wallet tighter toward the Lord‟s present needs?
 (How did you spend the economic stimulus check? Amen! or O Lord!?)

The Church in San Antonio
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9/19/2011                                                                                                          6

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