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									      Sydvestor AS
      Asset Management – Private Equity – Project Finance - Corporate Finance

      June 2011

19.09.2011      Corporate Presentation - Sydvestor AS
             Sydvestor AS

                                                                           PROJECTS                   SERVICES INCL.:

         Invests in securities in listed   Equity investments in           Syndication, debt          - Corporate and business valuations
         companies and in bonds.           corporations in the region of   placement and              - Private placements
         Investment criteria:              M&R/Norway.                     management of shipping     - M&A
         • Solidity                        Long-term investment            and real estate project.   - Public offering
         • Cash flow                       horizon.                                                   - Dept placement
         • Profitability                                                                              - Mergers and acquisitions
         • Growth                                                                                     - Divestments
         • Market share                                                                               - Financial restructuring
         • Share pricing
         • Leadership

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             Sydvestor AS
              Sydvestor was incorporated in 1998              Sydvestor AS is an Investment Bank with a
                                                               dedicated team offering a wide range of
              Sydvestor is an investment bank                 services that creates excess returns for
                                                               our clients through strong focus on single
               headquartered in Ulsteinvik, Norway, licensed   markets, industries and companies.
               and supervised by the Norwegian Financial       Our services involve individual and
               Supervisory Authority ("Finanstilsynet")        personal attention.

              Our services are marketed towards the
               private as well as public sector. Focus areas
               are all regional businesses and the
               international shipping and maritime industry
              Approx. MNOK 1000 invested capital
               (including funds)
              Sydvestor AS is owned by partners and
               regional investors/clients (60/40)
              5 employees per January 2011
              Experienced Professionals

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             Sydvestor Asset Management
              Sydvestor Asset Management is and independent
              business within Sydvestor AS offering investments in
              securities and bonds

              Our services are marketed towards businesses in
               the private and public sector, pension funds,
               foundations and wealthy individuals and
              We focus our investments in listed companies
               selected out of fundamental analysis. Investment
                                                                       Asset Management is a licensed services
               criteria are financial strength, cash flow, earnings,   where the clients gives Sydvestor authority
               growth, market position, stock price and                to invest in securities and bonds through a
                                                                       standardized instruction agreement.
               management                                              The clients will be the owner of the
              We are switching focus to bonds when the ratio          securities through a separate security
               between profit and risk in stocks is not attractive
              Our investments are proven to give higher return        A wealth management agreement must be
                                                                       of no less than MNOK 5.
               compared to the stock index on OSE
              High performance is secured through allocation
               and stock picking

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             Sydvestor Private Equity
             Sydvestor Private Equity is a business within Sydvestor AS managing Investment Funds

             Sydvestor Vekst AS (Closed ) – 8 years performance – 20% p.a.

             Møre og Romsdal Såkornfond AS
              Is an Investment Fund aiming to create value for its investors through active
               ownership in small and medium-sized companies and innovative projects located
               in the county of Møre og Romsdal
              The fund was established in 2007
              Capital base of MNOK 165
               (Atlantic Cod Farms AS, Norsk Hummer AS, Maritime Partner AS, Norex Industrier AS, Mobitalk AS)

             Sydvestor exercises active ownership through board representation.

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             Sydvestor Corporate Finance
              Sydvestor Corporate Finance is a business within Sydvestor AS with a dedicated team of 3
              professionals with extensive industry and transaction experience from offshore, shipping,
              industry, tourism, banking and consulting.
              Our core areas are offshore shipping, maritime industries and real estate.

             Equity Capital Markets (ECM):
              We offer financial advice in all types of equity transactions;
                  Private placement,
                  M&A
                  Public offering and listing (IPO`s)

             Debt Capital Markets (DCM):
              We offer consultancy in establishing an optimal capital structure, including restructuring of
               debt, debt options and opportunities and creative financial solutions

             Mergers, acquisitions, divestments, restructuring and joint ventures (M & A):
              We know the Norwegian business environment and the international business
               in our core areas and the players in this business and
               the needs they have

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             Sydvestor Project Finance
              Sydvestor Project Finance is a business within Sydvestor AS which organize, facilitates and
              raise capital of shipping and real estate projects.
              Sydvestor`s services include syndication and project financing.

                                                                                 ”Havila Troll”
             Shiping Projects:
              We arrange and syndicate shipping projects
              Sydvestor Shipinvest AS is an investment company which
               takes controlling positions in ship projects ( portefolio ) :
                   MV Havila Troll
                   MV Seacor Grant                                              ”Seacor Grant”

             Real Estate Projects:
              We structure and facilitate real estate projects and offers
               direct investment in the SPC `s
                   Havblik AS
                   Finanseiendommen KS

             Sydvestor take management of investment companies (SPC`s) within real
             estate and offshore shipping projects. Business involves the
             responsibility of the owner companies' daily operations,
             including accounting and reporting.

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             Experienced Profesionals
             Frede Uldbæk (56) – Managing Partner – Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Project Finance
             •    Experienced executive as CFO from Danish and Norwegian industry
             •    Experienced Director of Boards in corporations within the maritime industry, ship owning and ship operation of
                  deep sea fishing and offshore service vessels, hotels and investment companies.
             •    Founder of Sydvestor AS – 1998
             Sigvald Skeide (43) – Partner/Director – Asset Management
             •    Experienced manager from companies in industry specialized in trade and finance.
             •    Manager of finance from the Ulstein Group before he join Sydvestor AS in 2003
             •    Board of Director from some companies and sport clubs

             Jostein Sætrenes (46) – Partner/Director - Corporate Finance, Project Finance and Private Equity
             •     Experienced executive as CFO from companies within offshore shipping and finance
             •     CEO from ship owning/ship operation and banks
             •     Director of Boards in shipping companies, ship yards, financing institutions in Norway and abroad
             Steinar Kulen (57) – Partner/Director - Corporate Finance, Project Finance and Private Equity
             •    International experienced executive from the maritime industry, management consultancy, real estate and
             •    Experienced CEO from ship yards/marine industry
             •    Experienced International as well as Norwegian Director of Boards in corporation within the maritime industry,
                  shipping, management consultancy, financing institutions, real estate, hotel and tourism,
             Vigdis Garnes – Office Manager
             •    Experience from back office functions in major maritime players
                  finance departments

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