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					                                         Curriculum Approval Request

                                                                                              Date Received by Coalition:
Name of Curriculum: Type Here
Name of Contact: Type Here                                                                    Date Reviewed:

Mailing Address: Type Here
Physical Address if different: Type Here
                                                                                                       Approved with Conditions
City, State, Zip: Type Here
                                                                                                       Not Approved
Telephone: Type Here

Curriculum used in any of the Polk County School Readiness sites must meet the following requirements. These are
shown in Bold Italics. Please describe in detail how the requested curriculum meets these requirements. Your
descriptions should be clear and include enough information so the curriculum can be fairly assessed by the Curriculum
Review Group.

Curriculum Name: Type Here

    1. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate. It has realistic and attainable expectations.
    Begin typing here.

    2. The curriculum has a Character Development component. (Describe what is included in this component.)
    Begin typing here.

    3. The curriculum does the following…
          A. Promotes interactive learning among staff and children.
          Begin typing here.

             B. Helps children achieve social, emotional, linguistic, physical and cognitive goals.
             Begin typing here.

             C. Permits flexibility for children and teachers.
             Begin typing here.

             D. Encourages active learning through play and frequently allows children to make meaningful
             Begin typing here.

             E. Fosters children’s exploration and inquiry, rather than focusing on “right” answers or “right”
                ways to complete a task.
             Begin typing here.

       F. Facilitates concept learning and skills development in an integrated and natural way. (Integrated
          thematic instruction)
       Begin typing here.

       G. Shows evidence from research of being based on sound child development principles of how
          children grow and learn.
       Begin typing here.

       H. Shows respect for cultural and linguistic diversity and allows and appreciates individual
       Begin typing here.

4. The curriculum meets all of the State of Florida School Readiness Performance Standards, including the
   following Domains:

       A. Physical Health
       Begin typing here.

       B. Approaches to Learning
       Begin typing here.

       C. Social and Emotional
       Begin typing here.

       D. Language and Communication
       Begin typing here

       E. Emergent Literacy
       Begin typing here.

       F. Cognitive Development and General Knowledge
       Begin typing here.

       G. Motor Development
       Begin typing here.

5. The program has age appropriate activities and materials that promote the following experiences:

       A. Construction (wood blocks, waffle blocks, bristle blocks, Lincoln Logs, etc.)
       Begin typing here.

       B. Dramatic Play
       Begin typing here.

       C. Manipulatives
       Begin typing here.

       D. Creative Expression (Art)
       Begin typing here.

       E. Language (Reading and Writing)
       Begin typing here.

       F. Discovery/Sensory
       Begin typing here.

       G. Fluid Play
       Begin typing here.

       H. Music and Movement
       Begin typing here.

       I. Outdoors/Gross Motor
       Begin typing here.

       J. Computers (optional)
       Begin typing here.

6. Assessment evidence (from multiple sources) is used to understand and improve learning by improving
   curriculum implementation and teaching practices.
   Begin typing here.

7. Parent Involvement:

       A. Parents are recognized as the child’s first teacher.
       Begin typing here.

       B. Parents are given letters about thematic units of study and each of the interest areas available in
          the program detailing the benefit to the child. (Provide examples)
       Begin typing here.

       C. Parents are welcomed visitors to the program or classroom and opportunities are available for
          parent participation.
       Begin Typing here.

       D. Conferences are scheduled to discuss the parent’s expectations for their children and answer any
          questions they may have about the curriculum.
       Begin typing here.

          E. Parents are knowledgeable about goals and assessment.
          Begin typing here.

   8. Include a copy of your daily routine and schedule for each age group. The schedule should reflect
      teacher directed time frames and child initiated time frames. Attach a description, if necessary, to explain
      how the schedule meets all requirements.
   Begin typing description here, if needed. If not, please delete this line only.

   9. Include a copy of the last four weeks of lesson plans for each age group.

   10. Attach any additional information for consideration that may assist the Curriculum Review Group with its
       assessment of the requested curriculum.
   Begin typing additional information here if needed. If not, please delete this line only.

NOTE: Applications and attached materials will not be returned.


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