JOB DESCRIPTION
Post Title:                       Post No.                  Grade:

Senior Financial                                            PO6

Directorate:                      Division:                 Section:

Resources                         Corporate Finance         Chief Accountant’s Group

Responsible to: Financial Reporting Manager

Responsible for: Up to 6 staff, management of functions and staff within the
team as directed by the team leader, including trainees and apprentices as


    To manage processes and staff to achieve relevant and defined aspects of the
    preparation of the Council’s Financial Accounts and reporting of performance
    against the Council’s budget in accordance with statute and recommended

    To manage aspects of the timetable for closure of accounts and budget
    performance reporting, and develop accounting process and procedures to
    achieve these results in collaboration with other finance officers.

    To coordinate contributions from other Directorates and Services towards the
    production of financial reports and performance information.

    To produce and publish financial performance information appropriate to a range
    of stakeholders.


    1.        Preparing information to report the Council’s financial performance and financial
              position on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

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2.      Taking responsibility for producing statements and notes comprising key
        elements of the Council’s annual Statement of Accounts and undertaking
        functions relating to the consolidation of accounts. Ensure information provided
        in these statements is accurate and in accordance with accounting standards
        and practices, and meets the needs of users and stakeholders.

3.      Ensuring the publication of the Council’s accounts and supporting statements
        complies with statutory and regulatory requirements within the timescales
        specified by the Accounts and Audit Regulations.

4.      Working with Directorate Finance Teams and other officers within Corporate
        Finance to manage and co-ordinate contributions from Directorate Finance
        Teams, towards corporate financial performance reports, Government returns
        including grant claims, and the Statement of Accounts.

5.      Research, review and develop best practice in financial accounting practice and
        procedures and disseminate it throughout the Council.

6.      Monitor changes in accounting legislation and other requirements, commenting
        on consultation documents as necessary, and manage consistent
        implementation throughout the organisation.

7.      Actively ensure that financial reports produced by the team promote
        understanding of complex financial matters.

8.      Liaise with the external auditor on issues surrounding the audit and approval of
        the accounts and associated process and systems.

10.     Ensure that Financial Regulations and Standing Orders are adhered to in
        relation to all tasks carried out. Provide training to relevant staff in Financial
        Regulations and procedures.

11.     Establish and maintain an effective liaison with the Directorate Finance
        Managers and coordinate corporate Government returns, statistics and financial

12.     Responsible for arranging specific working groups to ensure consistency of
        accounting practices.

13.     Prepare, maintain and project manage the timetable for production of the
        financial accounts, Whole Government Accounts, RO forms and any other
        similar documents.

14.     By a process of review, ensure financial and accounting processes are
        developed and refined to use with financial accounting requirements/timetables
        for the production of accounts and financial data.

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15.     Develop and maintain financial procedures to ensure that they operate
        efficiently and effectively.

16.     Initiate and present reports, statistics and other data as requested by
        management and Committee.

17.     Ensure that all related records and working papers are presented in a format
        and to a standard acceptable to the external auditor, and compliance with
        legislative requirements and the Accounting Code of Practice.

18.     Supervise staff to assist in the analysis of accounts and the production of
        published accounts and balance sheets.

19.     Examine, analyse and implement all relevant circulars, legislation and
        instructions received including changes by the Standards of Recommended
        Practice (SORP). Provide written or oral advice to senior management and
        Finance staff on issues requiring their attention.

20,     Manage and develop staff including implementing the Council’s performance
        management scheme, to motivate people and ensure high levels of

21.     Implement the Council’s human resources policies with regards to Sickness,
        Discipline, Capability, Performance Management, Training, etc., and take part in
        the recruitment of staff.

22.     Monitor the output volumes and quality of the team where appropriate, using the
        Council’s agreed performance monitoring schemes.

23      Prepare individual development plans for staff, review performance and take
        any action as appropriate.

24      Take steps to achieve the Council’s objective of a workforce to reflect the
        community in the recruitment and development of staff. Play an active role in
        supporting all employment initiatives within the Council (i.e. work experience,
        modern apprenticeships, etc.).

25      Develop training programmes to raise the teams’ awareness of changes in
        legislation and working practices that will enable them to improve the standard
        of service offered by the section.

26.     Participate in the Council’s performance management scheme, ensuring that
        performance standards/targets are set and met within the agreed timescale.

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Adhere to the Council’s Equal Opportunities policies and ensure anti-discriminatory
practice within the service area.


Undertake any other reasonable duties commensurate with the grade as
determined by the manager.

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           Person Specification for the Post of
              Senior Financial Accountant
Knowledge         1. Knowledge of financial management.

                  2.   Knowledge of the requirements on local authorities
                       concerned with reporting the Statement of Accounts.

                  3.   Knowledge of how the financial performance of a large
                       complex business should be reported to its customers
                       and stakeholders, both internal and external, to promote

                  4.   Knowledge of best practice in accountancy and financial

                  5.    Knowledge of the audit and inspection requirements on
                       local authorities, including Use of Resources.

Qualifications    1. CCAB Qualified accountant or equivalent experience
& Experience      and knowledge

                  2.   Experience of financial management.

                  3.   Experience of financial accounting in accordance with
                       statutory and regulatory requirements and codes of

                  4.   Experience of advising senior managers and accounting
                       professionals in technical matters.

Leadership        Achieving Results
Management        1.    Ability to communicate business goals and objectives
Framework              clearly to subordinates and colleagues to achieve buy-

                  2.   Proven track record of providing services to meet
                       customer needs.

                  3.   Knowledge of how to achieve improvements in
                       efficiency and value for money.

                  Engaging With Others

                  1. Experience of staff supervision.

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                  2. Able to negotiate, influence and work effectively across
                     organisational boundaries to achieve results.

                  3. Able to establish positive working relationships with a
                     range of stakeholders.

                  4.   Able to communicate complex issues in a professional
                       manner to a wide range of audiences to promote

                  5.   High standards of integrity

                  Valuing Diversity

                  1.   Commitment to the principles and practice of equality
                       and diversity in employment and service delivery.

                  Learning Effectively

                  1.   Actively pursuing Continuing Professional Development
                       as defined by professional body.

                  2.   Committed to own learning and development.

                  3. Able to share good practice and experience and learn
                     from others.

Other             1.   A satisfactory attendance record (normally less than 5
                       days in a year) but taking into account individual

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