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           How to Make Your Own E-Commerce Site:
                        Step by Step

           Marjan Mihanovic, marjanm@eunet.yu
Authors:   Dusan Dingarac, dingo@sk.co.yu
           Zoran Horvat, zoranh@eunet.yu
           Miodrag Stefanovic, mik42@yahoo.com
           Ivana Vujovic, ile@eunet.yu
           Prof. Dr. Veljko Milutinovic, vm@etf.bg.ac.yu
What will you learn from this tutorial?
      This Tutorial will guide you through the following sections:

        – You will become familiar with some basic techniques and terminology.
      YAHOO! Store
        – The easiest way to make your business Internet-enabled
      ecBuilder
        – Software package, intended for creating more advanced eCommerce
          solutions, still very easy to use.
      Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition
        – The most powerful tool,
          for the large and most advanced e-commerce solutions.
      MBA for B2C

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Introduction to E-Commerce

   E-Business - The shape of things to come

 The most interesting part of E-business over the Internet
  (also called I-business)
  is E-commerce over the Internet (I-commerce)
 Over 170 000 000 people,
  that were using Internet on 1.1.2000.,
  can be potential customers
 Number of Internet users doubles every three years
 The most important thing for I-commerce is web store;
  a place where you can show and sell
  your goods to Internet users.

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Web store

   Your store is working non-stop:
      24 hours per day
      7 day per week
      365 (366) days per year
      Your customers from all over the world
       can spend their money without any time-zone limits.

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Web store

   Let us see what is needed to open a new web store:
      1. Getting an Internet Merchant Bank Account
          (account that enables credit card transactions over the Internet)
      2. Web Hosting
          (getting WWW space with some Internet provider)
      3. Obtaining a Digital Certificate
          (obtaining initial keys for encryption, etc…)
      4. Finding a Provider of Online Transactions
          (middleman between your customer and your bank)
      5. Creating or Purchasing a Shopping Cart Software
          (getting hold of the web store infrastructure: sw-shelves, etc…)

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Internet Merchant Bank Account

 In order to be able to accept
  credit cards over the Internet,
  you must apply to your bank
  for an Internet Merchant Bank Account
 Depending on which country you live in
  and what bank you are with,
  this can be relatively easy or somewhat difficult.

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Web Hosting

 Web hosting is a very important step in this process
 This is how you gain a presence on the Internet
  in the first place
 It is important that the web hosting company
  is capable of providing you with the level of service
  that you need to maintain your Web store
 A few things to look for are:
    –   Good uptime (over 99,5% guarantied)
    –   Good technical support (your store is working non-stop)
    –   Fast connection to the Internet
    –   Staff that is knowledgeable about E-commerce
    –   Compatibility with major E-commerce providers
    –   Classified statistics of access to your Web site

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Obtaining a Digital Certificate

 If you are a larger company, however,
  you may want to get your own digital certificate
  (for CC processing and/or for processing of sensitive data)
 A certificate costs about $150.00 per year
  and can be obtained from
    – Verisign (http://www.verisign.com)
    – Thawte (http://www.thawte.com)

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Provider of Online Transactions

 There are a lot of online transaction providers
 They offer all kinds of packages
 Decide on a provider's package that fits your needs
 This is perhaps the most important aspect
  in creating an E-commerce Web site.

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Shopping Cart Software

 Generally it is possible to find
  three different types of Web store
 Three types of Web store creating and shopping cart software are
  best represented with three examples
  discussed later in this tutorial:
       • 1) Yahoo! Store
       • 2) EcBuilder
       • 3) Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition

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Credit Card

 The most widely used way of purchasing
  over the Internet is Credit Card
 The consumer surfs the Internet to the merchants Web site,
  where he/she decides he/she wants to buy something.
 The consumer is moved to the online transaction server,
  which ensures security.
 Transaction (credit card billing) is passed
  through private gateway to a CC Processing Network,
  where it is completed (or denied).

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       Credit Card

            System of validating card data
             and making a transaction is shown on this picture

                                 Other Merchant Sites
      Consumer                                                         Online
                      Internet                Site
                                                                       Server                      Bank
                                    Other Merchant Sites                           issuing and acquiring
                                                           Private Gateway

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Electronic Cash

 Contrary to Credit Card,
  Electronic Cash is informational equivalent
  of physical banknotes and coins.
 It is perfect for so-called micropayments
  (such as paying $0.10 for the one-time use of software
  or $0.19 for reading a literary essay)
 Electronic Cash can offer such benefits as
     – anonymity of the buyer
     – global acceptance...
    but Credit Card will be dominant for at least the next few years.

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Yahoo! Store
Introduction to Yahoo! Store

   Basic disadvantages
    – Cannot create original look of the e-Commerce site;
      sites on Yahoo! Store look similar to each other
      no matter what effort was taken for visual design.
      That is because all sites are forced to have the same structure,
      and only graphical elements and their arrangement on the screen
      may be partially different
    – Company still needs its own server
      in order to use most advanced capabilities of Yahoo! Store
      (e.g. custom functions for tax and shipment calculation).
      If company owes a server (virtual or real),
      it can use other tools (such as ecBuilder)
      to create more flexible e-Commerce site.
    – Yahoo! Store certainly cannot fulfill all e-Business demands
      asked by big companies

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    Creating the Store
 Suppose at this moment that we
  are featuring a company named
  Raspberries, Inc., which offers
  ecological fruit: raspberries,
  blackberries, and strawberries.
 Each fruit is offered in a number
  of forms: fresh, frozen, juice, etc.
 First we want to create the store
  for our company: we may type
  rasp in the ID field, and
  Raspberries, Inc. in the name field.
 Thus, our WWW address will be:
  and heading on our front page
  will read Raspberries, Inc.

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    Preparing to Edit the Store

 After signing
  with Yahoo!,
  the screen
  with options
  will be
 The key page;
  each one of
  the 8 sections
  contains links
  to vital
 Only manager
  can access
  this page; not
  the shopper.

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Page Variables
 If we click the Edit
  button at the front
  page, another page
  with properties of the
  front page will load.
 Properties are referred
  as Variables.
 Each page contains a
  number of variables
  that describe all
  relevant details of its
  look and structure.
 The site creation
  activity boils down to
  the changing of the
  values of relevant

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Changing Some Variables

   At this step, we will enter the page title and the logo message.
   Let page title be: Green food from Serbia.
   If no page title is entered, store title will be used instead
    (in our case, Raspberries, Inc.).
   Message might be assumed as company motto,
    e.g. Our fruit knows of no chemistry.
   We also may upload a title image by pressing
    the Upload File button at the appropriate row.
    If this image is loaded, it will be used instead of the store title,
    i.e. instead of Raspberries, Inc.
   Note that page loading time will be longer when the uploaded
    image is bigger. It is highly recommended to upload
    images smaller than 20kB, in order to keep high performance.

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Creating New Section

 Now we may create sections on our front page.
 We will make three sections:
    – Fresh Fruits
    – Frozen Fruits
    – Finished Products
 In order to create a section,
  you should click onto the New Section button on the menu bar.
 Then, you will be prompted for name and caption
  of the new section.

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Creating New Section

 To finish section creating,
  click the Update button.
 In the same manner,
  another two sections
  can be created.
 After each section is
  created, appropriate
  section page is loaded.
 In order to return to the
  front page, click Home
  button at the left margin
  on the section page.

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Selecting General Look of the Page

 Figure shows one possible look of
  our front page (style Soft on the
  menu bar). It is important to know
  that all pages (currently our three
  section pages) will share the same
 Note that the menu on the left
  margin contains three buttons,
  each of them leading to one
  of our sections.
 It is highly recommended that all
  pages on the site have the same
  general visual properties, in order
  to set impression of stability and
  consistency to the customer.

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    Adding an Item to the Section

 Now, we may try to add items into
  our store. Menu bar on section
  pages contains New Item option.
 After clicking to New Item option
  (say, on the Fresh Fruits section
  page), a form will be loaded.
 Four properties of the new item are
  asked for: name, caption, code
  (this is internal code of the item),
  price in US Dollars.
 After clicking to the Update button,
  our item will be added
  to the Fresh Fruits section.

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Full Look of the Item

 After an image is uploaded,
  it will be shown both on the
  item (upper figure) and the
  section pages (lower figure).
 Note that image is shown
  in full size on the item page,
  and as a thumbnail at the
  section page.
 Also, there is an Order button
  at the item page. User will be
  able to order our product by
  clicking on that button.

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Final Look of Fresh Fruits Section

  In the same manner,
   we can add other items
   to our Fresh Fruits page.
  Figure shows possible look
   of the Fresh Fruits page
   after four items were added.
  By clicking either on the name
   or the image of any item,
   appropriate item page will be
   loaded: then, the user can order
   the wanted amount of the

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   Product Name:
   Manufacturer:
    Software inc.
   System
    Desktop PC
    with Microsoft
    system and
    Microsoft IE 4.0
    or Netscape 4.0

                       Product URL: http://www.ecbuilder.com

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                   Payment processing

  ecBuilder provides full support for online credit card processing
  Credit card paying process is security sensitive
  The merchant (you) takes care of delivering the bought goods
  ecPlace takes care of CC payment processing

           (3) Customer enters Credit card number

                                              (2) Shopping List encrypted    (4) Payment request submitted
           (1) Makes Shopping List            with Public Key Technology          via secure connection
Customer                               Your                             ecPlace                        Payment
                                       Site                             Server                         Processor
                                                                                    (5) Transaction
                        (6) Encrypted eMail with results                                 result

           (7) eMail with results

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ecBuilder First step : Site Structure

   ecBuilder will generate several HTML pages,
    and will correctly hyperlink them
   In this step you should choose
    which additional pages your site will contain
   The choices are:
         •   Content Pages
         •   Your Products or Services Catalog
         •   Feedback Form
         •   Contact Information Page

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ecBuilder First step: Site Structure

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ecBuilder Second step - Company Address

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ecBuilder Third step - Site Builder Profile

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ecBuilder Fourth step - Contact Person Profile

                   Page Number: 34/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Fifth step - Business Classification

                    Page Number: 35/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Sixth step - Company Identity

                   Page Number: 36/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Seventh step - Web Site Content

    By checking the 'Content Pages' checkbox in Step One,
     you caused ecBuilder to generate a page
     with the default title 'background'
    A link to that page can be found
     on the main page of the site
    This 'background' page contains
     up to 100 links to other pages
     of your choice and content,
     which are also generated by ecBuilder
    You may use this option to add anything
     you find relevant to your eBusiness,
     or the site in general.

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ecBuilder Eighth step - Payment Methods

                  Page Number: 38/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Ninth step - Online Processing
                       Other Merchant Sites

    Consumer                                                      Online
                 Internet           Site
                                                      ecPlace   Transaction
                                                                  Server                      Bank

      Consumer                                                                issuing and acquiring
                       Other Merchant Sites Private Gateway

        The ecBuilder adds one more stage
         into the generalized e-Business pipeline: The ecPlace
        It is a ready-to-use interface to OTP;
         you do not have to create your own one inside the Merchant Site
        Private Gateway = SSL or VPN or anything else to provide security

                                         Page Number: 39/59                         Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Ninth step - Online Processing

      Here you must select the third party
       online transaction processing (OTP) company you intend to use
      As of this moment,
       ecBuilder supports E-xact and InternetSecure
       transaction processing companies;
       the ecPlace is nothing else but software to interact with the OTP
      After you have obtained a merchant account,
       you must obtain a separate account
       with one of the supported OTP companies
      Go to http://www.ecbuilder.com/client/merchantaccount
       for more info on obtaining an account
       with an online transaction processing company
      Remember: OTP = TGP (transaction gateway provider)

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ecBuilder Tenth step - Catalog

               Page Number: 41/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Eleventh step - Advertising &
      This Step gives you three options to select:
        – Top Page Banner
        – Bottom Page Banner
        – Hit Counter
    Banners are used primarily for link exchange
     between sites of similar interest
     in order to boost up hit ratios,
     and for some additional cash source
     (pay per clickthrough banners, for example): e.g., 1cent/click
    Hit counters are used for tracking
     visitor statistics for your site,
     which can be useful when planning
     your future market strategy

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ecBuilder Twelfth step - Order & Inquiry Fields

                    Page Number: 43/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Thirteenth step - Site Design &

                   Page Number: 44/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Thirteenth step - Site Design &

                   Page Number: 45/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Fourteenth step - Security Options

                   Page Number: 46/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Fifteenth step - Search Engines

 ecBuilder can submit your new site
  to eight (as of ‘this’ moment) search engines,
  to make sure your E-business site is easy to be found
 The data and keywords you entered in previous steps
  will be used in the submit process
 You may visit an independent Submit-It service provider at:
 For a small fee they will submit your site
  to hundreds of search engines

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ecBuilder Fifteenth step - Search Engines

               Page Number: 48/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Sixteenth step - Upload Your Site

                   Page Number: 49/59   Made by: Ifact
ecBuilder Sixteenth step - Upload Your Site

                  Page Number: 50/59   Made by: Ifact
Site Server Commerce Edition

         A Technological Survey
     Pipeline Editor

 Pipeline Editor is a visual tool
  for creating pipeline files (.pcf).
  Pipeline is graphically presented
  as a vertical pipe broken into
  sections representing stages
 Every horizontal section (valve)
  represents an OPP COM object
  in the corresponding stage
 This software enables user to
  add and configure OPP objects.
  Also, user can create or remove
  stages from the pipeline.

                                  Page Number: 52/59   Made by: Ifact

   Every ‘item’ object
    has fields for
    calculating the price
    and the additional
    expenses tied to that
   The ‘items’ is an
    object implemented
    as a collection of
    ‘item’ objects
   Each ‘item’ includes
    no methods (only

                            Page Number: 53/59   Made by: Ifact
    Product Pipeline

 Aim of this type of pipeline is
  to gather information about
  products, and shows it on the
  product.asp page
 This page shows info on the
  products offered for sale
 This stage, among other
  things, is used for a
  preliminary single item price

                              Page Number: 54/59   Made by: Ifact
Plan Pipeline

 Plan pipeline is a
  superset of the
  Product pipeline
 It is used for
  complete price
  calculation based on
  various parameters
 What follows is only
  the NEW stages, not
  mentioned before, in
  the product pipeline

                         Page Number: 55/59   Made by: Ifact
Purchase Pipeline

 This type of pipeline accepts
  the OrderForm object already
  processed through the Plan
  pipeline and completes the
  order processing by
  performing financial
 This pipeline, among other
  things, performs the cc
  authorization and completes
  the purchase

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Issues in Modern Management
and Business Administration
The Three Approaches to Business

   Common Sense
   Fast Knowledge
   Formal MBA

                     Page Number: 58/59   Made by: Ifact
The MBA Issues of Importance

 Form
 Essence
 Morale of the Story

                        Page Number: 59/59   Made by: Ifact

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