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					                              Finance Manager
                        Context and Background Paper

The role of Finance Manager will be an entirely new one for The Benjamin
Foundation. Until December of last year the Finance Department was overseen by
an Operational Manager of Business and Finance. That role had a broad brief which
included overseeing administration and fundraising as well as financial issues. When
that post holder secured a new post as Chief Executive of a national charity we took
the opportunity to review the skill set required. This led to the immediate
appointment of a full-time Fundraising Officer. Although it was recognised we
needed the competencies expected of a fully qualified accountant it was not clear the
extent to which that was needed against the other skills sets within the Finance
Department. For the past three months we have been working closely with our
accountants, Rostrons, who have been carrying out an in-depth review of accounting
processes etc. Working together with the Chief Executive they have now determined
that as a complex and growing charity we do need a full time Finance Manager who
is either a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, or in exceptional circumstances
would have the experience that would provide an equivalent skill set.

The Benjamin Foundation is a complex organisation and therefore the finance
processes and challenges are also complex. It is essential the Finance Manager has
both the competencies and personality to positively embrace the many challenges
that will present. As stated in the Job Description The Benjamin Foundation now has
an annual turnover in excess of two million pounds, and this is growing at
approximately fifteen to twenty percent per annum, and I anticipate that carrying on
for the next few years. There are some parts of The Benjamin Foundation which are
subject to VAT with all the consequent repercussions. Some of our service delivery
areas currently have deficit budgets and it is essential the Finance Manager works
carefully with the Senior Management Team (which comprises the Chief Executive,
Operational Manager Children & Young Person Services and the Operational
Manager Housing & Homelessness), the Fundraising Officer and the Board of
Trustees to ensure the financial viability of these essential services. The Benjamin
Foundation is also a dynamic and growing charity and again it is essential the
Finance Manager makes a full and positive contribution to our development. Indeed
with income for Corporate Office coming from a management fee charged to each
service delivery area growth is the only way to secure income for these core
corporate office services.

The Finance Department will consist of a Full Time Finance Manager, a part-time
(three-fifths) Finance Officer and a part-time (three fifths) Finance Assistant. The
Finance Department currently operates using Quickbooks software accountancy
package. The Benjamin Foundation is both a Charity – registered number 1124936,
and Company - registered number 3825425.

Richard Draper MBE – Chief Executive
         Registered Charity No. 1124936 – Registered Company No. 3825425

                    Job Description – Finance Manager

Job title:    Finance Manager

Scale:      NJC Equiv Points 39 to 43 (depending on qualifications and

              5% non-contributory pension

              Full time 37.25 hours

Holiday:      25 days (+ bank holidays) p.a.

Reports to: Chief Executive


The Finance Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day planning and
operation of the Finance Department and its staff team. The Benjamin
Foundation currently has an annual turnover of over £2 million, and has plans
to grow further over the coming years.

The Finance Manager will work with the Senior Management Team and the
Board of Trustees to assist in the further development of The Benjamin
Foundation. The Benjamin Foundation is a complex charity with currently
some twelve service delivery areas, each with their own financial
complexities, which includes VAT for some. The Finance Manager plays a
key role in ensuring the highest quality financial management and oversight of
The Benjamin Foundation.

Job purpose:
    To assist the Board of Trustees, Chief Executive and Senior Management Team in
      setting the financial strategy and business planning

       To manage the finance team

       To ensure that the accounting records are complete and accurate in reporting to
        Charity Commissioners and within Company House requirements and regulation
Key accountabilities:

Managing People and Resources

   1. Management of the Finance team, to include work schedules, annual appraisals,
      regular support and supervision and TOIL management. Ensure cover is available
      during periods of sickness, holidays etc

   2. Manage the process of internal audit, to include regular petty cash checks

Professional Knowledge and Service Delivery

   1. Ensure all accounting functions are properly and effectively operated, including
      monthly payroll and bank reconciliation

   2. Prepare Annual accounts to deliver to the External Auditor for Audit. These
      accounts must be SORP and Companies Act compliant

   3. Monitor and manage cash-flow position and produce reports as required for the
      Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee (which fulfils the internal audit and
      scrutiny function) and Board of Trustees

   4. Oversee the production of monthly management accounts, including Commentary
      and, on a quarterly basis, a forecast to the end of the Financial Year

   5. Oversee the preparation of tax returns including monthly and quarterly VAT returns
      and Gift Aid

   6. Oversee the production of all year end returns, including statutory payroll returns

   7. Administer legacies on behalf of The Benjamin Foundation to achieve optimum

Strategic Approach and Service Development

   1. Ensure there is a sound financial strategy and financial business plan in place

   2. Take the lead in the preparation of the annual budgets

   3. Contribute and assist in the delivery of the Finance Team’s Annual Business Plan


   1. Oversee the issuing of monthly accounts to all relevant managers, with comments
      on progress to managers. Give support/guidance to non-finance staff on financial
      issues as required

   2. Liaise with auditors, bankers, etc
  3. Liaise closely with the Fundraising Officer to –
      ensure as far as is possible any deficit budgets are covered
      monitor gap between funds and expenditure
      ensure grants and fundraising income are accounted for correctly
      ensure grants are correctly utilised and grant makers provided with sufficient
         financial information on a timely basis

  4. Service the Finance & General Purposes Sub-Committee, contribute to wider
     financial management issues at The Benjamin Foundation and liaise closely with
     the Chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Sub-Committee.


  1. Maintain key relationships to high standards at all times

  2. Attend and report to relevant meetings both within and beyond The Benjamin

  3. Undertake personal development and attend any relevant training

  4. Undertake such other duties as may be delegated or assigned commensurate with
     the level of grading and role of the post
                           Finance Manager
                            Person specification
Specification                                                     Essential (E)
                                                                  Desirable (D)
Qualifications and Experience

      A minimum of 2 years account management                    (E)
       experience including the control of accounts
      Experience of managing a Finance Department team           (E)
       for an organisation of a reasonable size and annual
      A Chartered Accountant or equivalent                       (E/D)*
      Educated to a level 4 qualification or above               (D)
      Experience of computerised accounting packages(E)          (E/D)
       e.g. Quickbooks (D)
      A level 3 or above management qualification                (E)
                                                                  * Essential
                                                                  except in
Knowledge and Interests

      Excellent knowledge of charity accounting, including       (E)
       knowledge of SORP and specialised charity
       accounting rules, including returns to Companies
      Excellent knowledge of statutory format of charity and     (E)
       company accounts
      Ability to review, monitor and continually improve         (E)
       financial control and procedures, ensuring excellent
       financial scrutiny whilst putting in place minimum level
       of bureaucracy
      Ability to present financial information in an             (E)
       understandable and transparent format to Trustees,
       Senior Management Colleagues and other Managers
      Ability to interpret and report against budgets            (E)
      Ability to contribute to development plans to ensure
       well informed growth                                       (E)
      Research using published and unpublished sources of
       information                                                (E)
Personal Qualities

      A determination to provide a high quality of service      (E)
      The ability to manage the work of a team of staff         (E)
      A team leader rather than hierarchical manager            (E)
      Honesty, fairness and a commitment to the Foundation      (E)
      The ability to relate well to other members of the team   (E)
       and to provide solid leadership
      Hard working, creative, flexible and able to
       demonstrate common sense                                  (E)
      An ability to communicate clearly and effectively via
       email, telephone and face to face, while dealing with     (E)
       complex issues
      Being able to confidently make decisions regarding
       complex and non-routine matters and to be
       accountable for these decisions
      A willingness to undertake training appropriate to the
      An interest in the long term development of the service   (E)
       working within detailed work plans and objectives
      The ability to work under pressure and to meet            (E)
      The willingness to contribute to the wider Benjamin       (E)
       Foundation success story
      A sense of humour                                         (E)
(Registered Charity no. 1124936 – Registered Company No. 3825425)
Brief history and achievements –
The Benjamin Foundation was established following the death of Benjamin Draper,
aged 17, in a motorcycle accident. We received our registered charity status in 1994
and became a registered company in 1999. Our ‘objects’ are broad based looking to
see what role an active charity can play in developing and delivering services and
facilities for the educational and social welfare benefit of the residents of North
Norfolk. All our work is undertaken in genuine partnership with other agencies, both
public and voluntary sector. Although it is our long-term aim to provide services for a
wide range of clients, to date we have concentrated on establishing a holistic
approach to developing services for young people aged 0 to 25.
To date the services include –
    In partnership with Norfolk Youth & Community Service, we have established
       and run thirteen youth groups across the district, four of these groups are
       specifically designed to meet the needs of young people with special needs.
       In order to ensure accessibility to these groups, particularly given the very
       rural nature of the district, we operate two minibuses together with paid
       drivers and voluntary escorts to pick up and drop-off club members. We have
       been further developing the service through the use of a large converted
       caravan, this gives both The Benjamin Foundation and Norfolk Youth &
       Community Service a flexible working tool that enables us to more easily
       engage with young people in our small rural villages, and has proved very
       successful. Sadly much of this work is currently on hold whilst we find the
       necessary sources of funding to continue its delivery. We are really pleased
       that a grant from Children in Need will allow us to operate a Special Needs
       Youth Group from Sackhouse at Wells-next-the-Sea. This was launched in
       October 2007 and membership is growing.
    Time for You provides a specialist advice, information and counselling service
       working with two defined age groups. Our work with 5 to 13 year olds
       receives funding from the Children’s Fund, which helps us to deliver a
       Children’s Support Project in Primary and Secondary Schools in the North
       Walsham and Cromer area. We have been invited by the Cromer cluster of
       schools to extend this work, including the development and delivery of
       support to parents and families.          The Broadland Community Safety
       Partnership has also funded us to provide the Time for You service in 7
       primary schools across their area, which is another exciting development for
       the service, and means more children across the county are getting the
       support they need.
    In our work with 13 to 19 year olds we recognise that as young people go
       through adolescence into early adulthood they can require the support of
       empathetic independent adults. The Benjamin Foundation works in
       partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau and Mancroft Advice Project to
       provide a high quality support service virtually all of which is delivered through
       outreach. In 2003 this service became a significant part of Connexions-
       Norfolk delivery and The Benjamin Foundation are now the lead agency in
       providing the Connexions Centre in North Walsham. The Time for You
       service has achieved the Community Legal Services Quality Mark status. We
    are currently exploring ways of making this service available to young people
    up to the age of 25.
 To complement the Time for You service the Foundation has employed
  Parent Support Advisors to work with and build the capacity of individual
  families working with school partners.
 In partnership with North Norfolk District Council and Norfolk Social Services
  we have established and run, Winston Court, a nine-bed direct access centre
  for homeless young people aged 16 to 25. This has proved extremely
  successful.    Despite a good turnover of residents, with over 130 young
  people having already gone through, the centre has been fully occupied since
  opening in 1997. The ethos of the centre is to deal with the issues that may
  have led to or compounded a young person’s homelessness and then build
  up the skills and self esteem that lead to successful independent living. We
  have also added 2 move-on flats to the facilities available.
    In March 2003 we opened, in Fakenham, an eleven-bed centre, together with
    four move-on flats, for homeless young people aged 16 to 25, known as
    Steven Newing House. This is a partnership project between The Benjamin
    Foundation, Peddars Way Housing Association and North Norfolk District
   We have run a Resettlement Scheme since 2000 that provides crisis
    intervention work to rough sleepers, homeless families and individuals of all
    ages in Norfolk. The Scheme also delivers support to young care leavers and
    young people in our move-on accommodation.
   We have recently been developing what we hope will become a very exciting
    and dynamic centre for young people in Wells-next-the-Sea. Based in the
    Sackhouse it provides a range of services for children and young people. A
    youth club for young people with special needs was launched in October
    2007 and is running at capacity.
   In partnership with North Walsham Junior School and North Walsham Infant
    School we provide an After School and Holiday Club for 4 to 11 year olds
    through a project entitled Kidzone.
   In 2007 we have opened Restore, a furniture recycling project, at Holt. We
    have been providing this service informally since Winston Court opened in
    1997, but with increasing demand and no other provision in the area we are
    keen to see it properly established.
   We are also in the early stages of discussion with a number of partner
    agencies with regard the establishment of a significant Visual and Performing
    Arts project for children and young people, which will operate across the
    district but with significant premises probably based in North Walsham.
   The Benjamin Foundation manages The Carpenters Arms, a drop-in youth
    venue in North Walsham town centre. As well as a space to meet socially,
    the young people who use the Carpenters Arms can buy snacks and drinks
    from the coffee bar, and have access to a trained youth worker. The venue is
    styled around the idea of a ‘dry pub’, giving young people in the area a safe
    but relaxed place to go to. If we are able to establish funding sources we will
    be looking at ways to extend the opening hours of The Carpenters Arms to
    include some evening and/or weekend sessions.
   The most recent addition to our family of services is the long established
    ‘Town Tots’ playgroup and crèche based in North Walsham. The Benjamin
    Foundation was approached by the Management Committee of Town Tots in
    2007 to ask us to manage the service in the future. We have gladly agreed to
    do this and have welcomed the expertise and enthusiasm of the staff team
    into the Foundation, and look forward to continuing to provide a quality pre-
    school service in the town.
We gained ‘Investors In People’ status in April 2001 and completed successful
reviews in March 2004 and March 2007.
Contact: The Benjamin Foundation, Kings Arms Loke, North Walsham, Norfolk,
NR28 9JX Tel: 01692 500999 E-mail:

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