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                                           volume 62 number 3
                                           december 2008
                                           greendale, wi

clash of the
Who reigns supreme in the
battle for pizza chain glory?

iPod, you Zune
The iPod has long been considered one of
the best mp3 choices around, but now it
has some real competition.

behind the
scenes: PO
Take an in-depth look at the
monthly magazine.
                               ’tis the season.
                                     Dear Greendale,                   If the “weather outside is frightful,” it may be too hard to
                                          As we head into         drive anywhere and grab a bite to eat. Instead, make it hard
                                     winter break, I’d like to    for your pizza delivery man, and order a hot, delicious pizza
                                     give you some advice         from your (or our) favorite pizza place (pages 16-17).
                                     for what you should do            And just to promote my favorite class period, if you’ve
                                     to maximize your away        got an open class period for semester two, don’t be scared
                                     from school experience.      to walk in to Room 110 and join us. For information on our
                                     First, party hard. But not   great class, take a look “behind the scenes” later in this issue
                                     too hard, I don’t want       (page 8). It’ll be one of the “most wonderful times of the
                                     anyone getting expelled.     year” if you’re willing to join us, I guarantee it.
                                     Secondly, don’t complain          Either way, “have yourself a merry little Christmas,” or a
                                     about the weather, enjoy     “Feliz Navidad” as they say in Spanish class. Keep it real this
       nate clemente                 it. Go sledding, skiing,     break Greendale, and don’t forget to tip your waitresses.
         editor-in chief             or have a snowball fight.
                                     Thirdly, roast chestnuts     Peace,
on an open fire, sit back, and read this December edition of       Nate
the Pioneer Outlook. Well, only the latter is important, but
feel free to do whatever your little heart desires these next     EDITORIAL POLICY
couple weeks.                                                     Pioneer Outlook is an outlet for reporting facts, conveying ideas, and pro-
     Now on to the magazine itself. Since I’m in the Christmas    moting the diverse nature of opinions of the student body. Pioneer Outlook
mood, I’ll read off some stories with some cheesy holiday         is a periodical in which the rights of the First Amendment are recognized
puns. Bear with me. If you’re looking for the best way to go      and respected.
                                                                  Pioneer Outlook as an open forum accepts and encourages letters to the
“rockin’ around the Christmas tree” this year, check out our      editor. This section is reserved for its readers, both students and staff, to
feature on iPods and Zunes (page 19). Don’t forget about          express their opinions freely.
the hottest new book series on the shelves that everyone is       Letters must be free of obscenities, libelous statements, and racial or ethnic
raving about, Twilight (pages 24-25). Plus with the new           slurs. Only signed letters are accepted, but signatures can be withheld from
                                                                  publication on request. Writers should be aware that their letters may be
movie that just came out, it’s the “Twilight” before Christmas!   edited for space and grammatical errors. Letters may be submitted to any
(Don’t worry folks, I’m here all week).                           adviser, editor-in-chief, or staff member in Room 110.

                                   on the cover
                                                             Senior Amy Stasik prepares to take
                                                             another slice from a delicious Papa John’s

                                                             Pictured left, senior Justin Dunlap
                                                             chomps down on a scrumptious piece of
                                                             sausage pizza - his favorite.

                                                             For more on the best of the big name
                                                             pizza chains, head to pages 16 and 17.

2 | DECEMBER 2008
                                            look inside...
        features                    6 access denied              by Joseph Puchalski
                                    Students at GHS are finding it harder to use the Internet at school.
                                    7 welcome to America by Dylan Saleska
                                    Greendale’s AFS students adapt to the American way of life.
                                    8 behind the scenes: Pioneer Outlook by Kim Le
                                    Taking an in-depth look at the monthly magazine at GHS.
                                    9 second generation anthers by Nicole Lopp
                                    After graduating from GHS, alumni find themselves back at their old stomping grounds with
                                    kids of their own attending GHS.
                            6       10 birth order by Kristen Tracy
                                    Why do you act the way you do? It may be due to your birth order.

11 panthers of the month                   by Morgan Mutranowski and Meghan Milosz
Featuring seniors Matt Seipel and Samantha Marus.
12 rock lives by Joey Vinci
The story on how rock came back with a vengence.
14 winter fun in Greendale by Ariana Lublin
Not sure what to do over Christmas break? Check out the following attractions.
15 nothin like the Rave by Sara Barsch
Want a great place to rock n’ roll? Check out this cool venue.

16 clash of the crusts              by Nate Clemente
Which pizza chain is the best? PO breaks each one down to help you solve this question.             12
18 welcome to by Sara Barsch
There are a variety of places to go online to get the buzz about your favorite celebrities.

            leisure                19 ipod, you zune by Mike Van Ermen
                                   The iPod has long been the prefered mp3 of music listeners, but now it has some competition.
                                   20 lookout by various Outlook staffers
                                   Featuring reviews and comics.
                                   22 pop culture grid by Nate Clemente
                                   23 path of the pen by various members of the Creative Writing Club
                                   24 the twilight phenomenon by Angelika Villafuerte
                                   Teenagers everywhere are going crazy for this book series and recent movie.

 19                                26 recipes by Amy Stasik

27 hit em’ where it hurts by Cordney Wren                                                                 sports
NFL players are getting penalized and fined for causing excesesive contact on quarter-
backs, come on now isn’t this football?
28 student spotlight by Justin Dunlap
Featuring junior Erin Connell.                                                                     28
28 lowdown on the takedown by Jenn Marolt
Team of the month featuring Varsity Wrestling.
30 point-counterpoint by Alex Merg and Cordney Wren
31 beyond the arc by Alex Merg
                                                                         staff opinion
No Breaks for Breakfast                                                  the day. However, if they want to enjoy a tasty breakfast, they
     We’ve all heard it before: breakfast is the most important meal     won’t be able to grab a quick bite to eat from McDonalds. They’d
of the day. However, it’s evident that not every high school student     have to wait for George Webb’s to take their time and make an
has the time or the will to eat at such an early hour. We’re too         entrée, and people are too rushed in their lives to wait for that
rushed in the morning, and breakfast is usually last on our priorities   slow service. Fast food restaurants are made for convenience, and
in the morning. Just ask the person next to you if they eat breakfast    serving breakfast all day would keep that goal in mind.
every morning, and odds are that they probably don’t. Because of              Lastly, we think that breakfast isn’t always just a morning
this, as well as other reasons, we at Pioneer Outlook believe that       food any more. Even school lunches serve their breakfast, such
McDonalds (and also other major fast food chains) should serve           as French toast sticks or an “Egg McPanther.” It just goes to show
breakfast all day.                                                       that sometimes our stomachs crave morning goodness, and it IS the
     As fellow teenagers in society, we all know that getting up         most important meal of the day. What’s to stop you from having
early is not one of our strong suits. And when we wake up at a           that meal at 10 p.m. at night, or at any time you want?
bright and early hour, say noon, it’s already lunchtime. But since            It’s just frustrating to us that breakfast can’t always be eaten
we just woke up, shouldn’t breakfast be the first meal on your            on the go if we want it. Traditional pancake houses or sit down
mind? The problem is that McDonalds closes its breakfast foods           restaurants may have breakfast options, yet the fastest way to get
at 11 a.m., forcing you to get a burger instead of an early morning      your breakfast needs is at a quick stop like McDonalds. Who is it
delight known as the Egg McMuffin.                                        hurting if they serve breakfast all day anyways? It could definitely
     In the same manner as waking up late, there are some citizens       bring in more revenue, and we the consumers would surely be
in this fine country of ours who work at night and sleep during           satisfied.

                  speak out                       What’s one gift you’ve received and then re-gifted?

                       “A half-used Best Buy gift card.”                                     “ A Lego pen.”

                                      Dustin Becker ‘09                                                    Matt Grieshop ‘12

                       “A white elephant gift from cross                                     “A fruit basket from my mom.”
                                       Allie Furru ‘10                                                   Bianca Gasparri ‘11

                       “An Austin Powers DVD.”                                               “A pair of Aquaman underwear.”

                                 Connor Chadwick ‘11                                                         Evan Goyette ‘10

                       “An ugly pair of jeans.”                                              “An ugly monkey shirt from
                                          Kristin Eul ‘12                                           Christina Mooney ‘09

4 | DECEMBER 2008
                         Winter horrorland.                             that there was a chance that there could be ice on a road, I would
                                                                        definitly slow down and not risk the chance of having an accident,
                               Having lived in the great state of
                                                                        but when it’s more of a compacted snow than slushy snow, there
                          Wisconsin for all 18 years of my existence,
                                                                        isn’t a high chance of ice on the plowed roads.
                          I have experienced the good and bad about
                                                                             Another bad thing about the snow is getting up earlier than
                          the weather here. Living in the upper
                                                                        normal. For many students, their ideal life would stay up all night
                          northern hemisphere, the weather tends to
                                                                        and sleep in late, but during the school year on a weekday, it is
                          be very cold and very white for most the
                                                                        highly rare to be able to sleep in. When many students already
                          year. To some, like me, I am a big fan of
                                                                        wake up between 6 and 6:30 a.m., they are forced like me to get up
 ryan st. martin the cold yet am not a fan of snow. There               even earlier to wipe off their cars and start up their cars to defrost
   editor-in chief        are a lot of negative factors that go into
                                                                        their windshields. It is a major pain to do but it has to be done
                          snow than just looking ugly outside.
                                                                        otherwise they could show up to school late and get after school
                               Other than just the snow outside,
                                                                        detentions, which I know no one wants.
the roads become very difficult to drive in, students and teachers
                                                                             Lastly, having to go to school five days a week, plus having
have to wake up earlier to clean off their windows and lights, and
                                                                        homework over the weekend, many students find they have a
students may need to cancel plans with their friends because their
                                                                        cramped schedule once their jobs, extra curricular activities, and
parents feel it is too dangerous to drive in the weather.
                                                                        family events are added into the picture, free time to spend with
     What really makes me upset is the fact that how slow people
                                                                        friends may be very limited. The harsh snow fall, icy roads, or
drive in the wintertime. The day of our first real snowstorm, I had
                                                                        cancelled events may lead to canceling hang out time with their
to go to work, and in Oak Creek, the roads weren’t snow plowed
                                                                        friends. I know I’ve had to deal with these factors, and with there
very well. Parts of the roads were done very well, while other
                                                                        not a whole lot to do during the winter time here in the Milwaukee
parts looked like they have only been shoveled. I like to drive fast,
                                                                        area, it makes life more stressful and sometimes more boring than
and anyone who drives or has driven at some point in their life
                                                                        it really has to be.
would say the same thing.
                                                                             With the already heavy winter snowfall this season, hopefully
     When it snows, the roads are horrible and people want to stay
                                                                        it calms down and minimizes all of these negative factors in a
safe so they slow down. What I don’t understand is how people
                                                                        person’s daily routine.
can go 10 miles under the speed limit on a plowed road. If I felt

                                                                                                                  PIONEER OUTLOOK | 5
Students at GHS are finding it harder
and harder to use the internet at
school. By Joey Puchalski

             ou’re sitting in the library getting ready to type a       students that allows them to view the websites they want on a
             paper on drug abuse. You go on the Internet to find different URL bar provied by the website.
             information for your paper, but the site you find is            Although the district has found many proxy sites on the
             blocked. You find another useful website, blocked- internet, they can’t stop it because as one is taken down, another
             this is Barracuda.                                         one comes up. “I go on internet proxies all the time. My favorite
                  Barracuda is a firewall that blocks students from used to be Math Whzzer, and the school blocked it, but I have
websites that could be considered innapropriate or harmful. many more,” an Anonymous junior said.
Barracuda has caused many students grief because it could block             Proxy sites aren’t very hard to find, it is as simple as going
a site that they need to complete a project for school. Barracuda to your home computer, going to Google and typing in proxy
is basically a security camera, “The Barracuda sits between your webistes. Although Greendale has blocked the entire page if you
computer and the Internet. It watches everything that goes in do this process, the proxies inside the website could be blocked or
and out,” GSD Technology                                                                               unblocked.
Associate Ryan Jonas said.                                                                                   When students come to
      For the websites, there is a  “I was looking for pictures                                        Greendale High School, they sign
white list and a black list, and
if the website you are trying to    for a project and Barracuda                                        a computer use policy that states
                                                                                                       that they will use the computer only
reach is on the black list it will
trigger Barracuda to block it. If
                                    blocked them even if they                                          for educational purposes. “Proxies
                                                                                                       try to do away with school blocks
there is a word in the title such as
“game” it will block it because
                                    weren’t inappropriate.”                                            on games and inappropriate sites.
                                                                                                       Any time you use a proxy you
it is filed under the category of                                      -sophomore Sam Bukowski are violating the agreement you
games.                                                                                                 signed,” science teacher John
      Many students dislike                                                                            Wilkinson said.
Barracuda because it can interrupt their schoolwork. “I was                 The Greendale High School handbook says that the intent of
looking for pictures for a project and Barracuda blocks them even the computer policy is to assure that no innapropriate websites will
if they aren’t inappropriate,” sophomore Sam Bukowski said.             be accessed, and this is what Barracuda enforces. What if you are
      Many students like Bukowski have had trouble finishing a doing a history project and you need to go on a website to learn
project because of Barracuda. “It blocks everything, even sutff that about Thomas Jefferson? Would the right thing be to go on a proxy
isn’t that bad,” junior Steve Greer said.                               website and finish your project? “If they can’t get something
      Students are not the only people who have problems with here at school on the internet, they can ask their teacher,” Principal
Barracuda; teachers have also found Barracuda to be a road block Steven Lodes said.
in their lesson plans from time to time. “Barracuda is sometimes
frustrating because there are valuable educational tools out there
that are untapped,” social studies teacher Ben Hubing said.
      Barracuda can also be a very useful tool; it works very well at
keeping students from innapropriate sites. “I have no problem with
blocking students from websites they shouldn’t be on,” social
studies teacher Megan Faherty said.
      Although Barracuda does a great job at blocking
students and teachers from innapropriate sites, it stands no
chance against Internet Proxies. A proxy is a tool used by                                          photo courtesy of

6| DECEMBER 2008
I       t is rare to find any student at GHS that does not have some
        sort of music player with them at all times. Whether students
        live and breathe through their mp3 players or just use them
        for a leisurely tune here and there, students everywhere are
        faced with the question of what music player to buy, the
Apple iPod or the Microsoft Zune.
                                                                         products support, they still need the assistance of a computer to
                                                                         upload songs onto their memory units. Apple serviced this need
                                                                         with the wildly popular iTunes, while Microsoft created Zune
                                                                         Store. Many people are very familiar with iTunes even if they don’t
                                                                         have an iPod because of the online song store. “I have an Apple
                                                                         computer at home computer at home, and the program was already
      While it is true that both products accomplish what is most        on it. It made downloading music very easy and convinient,” senior
important in mp3 players, playing music, consumers look for other        Lauren Belair said.
features as well. The iPod started the craze of vibrant-colored music         Zune also has an online store, but most people are much more
players, dating back to the iPod Mini. And while the Zune has five        familiar with iTunes because of the abundance of gift cards and
different-colored faceplates, the newest generation iPod nanos’          advertisements. “The Zune Store works very well and is very
have nine different colors. “I bought my iPod because I liked the        user-friendly. It automatically searches for album artwork when
selection of colors much better than Zune,” freshman Andrea              I don’t have it stored to my hard drive, which saves me a ton of
Waldera said. “I didn’t even look much at its performance.”              time,” junior Kyle Goodman said.
      While the iPod may have the Zune beat in terms of colors, the           Pricing between the two products has been very competitive,
Microsoft product has several unique features that seem foreign to       with the Zune recently dropping their prices slightly below iPod.
most iPod users. The Zune supports a radio service, which does           For an 8 GB Zune, it costs $139.99 plus tax. For the same size
not require any adapters or starter kits to operate. The iPod has the    iPod, it costs just 10 dollars more, priced at $149.99. The 8 GB
capability for a radio, however the user must first purchase a radio      model can hold about 2,000 songs, so the competition for superior
adapter for $75 in order to get any radio signal. The Zune also          memory for less cash slightly favors Microsoft.
has a fileshare option, where any other Zune user in the area can              For the technologically inclined, the iPod takes entertainment
wirelessly transfer any music, pictures, or videos to another unit.      to a whole new level. The iPod Touch has revolutionized the
“I like how you can share files with other people who have Zunes,”        modern music player era by replacing all buttons with a universal
sophomore Sabrina Krysiak said. “I can easily transfer my music          touch screen that can be used for everything from playing music,
and pictures.”                                                           playing games, or checking Facebook. The iTunes store offers
      The iPod’s filesharing capabilities are severely limited,           applications such as sport updates for the raving football fan or the
however, and the only way to transfer music to another user is to        game LineRider for the easily amused. “I absolutely love my iPod
burn a CD from the host’s computer. Songs from an iPod can be            Touch. It does everything any other mp3 player does, but it keeps
transferred to another person’s computer, but a program must be          me entertained all day every day with its awesome applications,”

                                                                                  The iPod has long been the

iPod, you Zune                                                                    preferred mp3 of music listeners
                                                                                  everywhere, but it now has some
                                                                                  competition By Mike Van Ermen

purchased in order to complete the transaction.                          junior Jake Bucko said. “Whenever I get sick of an application,
     One of the main attractions the Zune has is the very large screen   I just go to the iTunes store and buy a new one or download one
compared to the average mp3 player. The long and wide screen is          for free,”
perfect for watching stored movies and playing complicated and                Each company offers an amazing product with distinct features
intricate games. “The screen is a definite plus to the Zune. It allows    that the other product can’t compare to. Whether you decide to
me to watch movies and play games and not have to strain my eyes         spluge on an iPod or a Zune this holiday
to see any details,” junior Zach Geiger said. Apple has attempted        season, both will             satisfy any
to counter this advancement, making the newest generation iPod           music junkies’                   appetite
Nano thinner and longer, making the screen look more like that of        for nonstop
the Zune.                                                                tunes.
     The iPod revolutionized the music player world with its state
of the art touch click wheel. Many people have been accustomed
to this piece of technology, and experienced iPod users can quickly
scroll through hundreds of artists and stop on the exact one they are
looking for with relative quickness and ease. The Zune, however,
has a directional pad which feels slightly more awkward than the
iPod. While it is a minor inconvenience, some users prefer the
slightly edged technology over the classic features to feel more a
part of the 21st century.
     Despite the amazing and advanced technology that both
                                                                                                               PIONEER OUTLOOK | 7
      t comes out every month, and is read by the majority of the
      student body at Greendale High School, but does anyone
      really know what goes on behind the scenes of Pioneer
      Outlook? Ever since the school was opened, GHS has
      offered students and faculty this little composition of
      Originally known as The Pioneer, the student-written and           Merg,
                                                                                St. Ma
edited publication was not always as it is today. The first few                Cleme rtin, &                                          men
                                                                                     nte                                    Van Er
years it was available, it was more of a newspaper, but by the                                                    Wren &
time the 70’s hit, The Pioneer underwent a transformation,
taking on a more magazine-like layout, as well as the name we            fulfill this, writers use what is known as “The Stalker Book,”
know and love today, Pioneer Outlook.                                    home of every single student’s schedules. Its main use is to track
      So what does it take to make the magazine happen? The first         down students to get quotes. The writing process usually takes a
step is coming up with topics to write about. Writers are given the      number of days to complete.
opportunity of being able to pick what they want to write about               After a series of rough drafts have been
each month, which isn’t always easy. “One of the hardest things          edited, it’s time to move on to

                                                                                                   o ok
I have to do is come up with topics to write about,” sophomore           layout designing.

                                                                                              ut l
Joey Vinci said. “I want to make sure I choose a topic that teens
would actually like to read about.”

                                                          e er                               O
      Once each staffer comes up with
a few ideas, Outlook

                                                     i on
                                                                                                                                             y Lee
a d v i s e r,                                                                                                                           Jenn
                                                                                                                                 sy of

                                                                                                                       re co

       D THE

 BEHIN                                                                                                                               im Le

                                                                                                                         . BY K
                                                                                                                   t GHS                  The

                                                                                                            ine a
                                                                                                                                    s t a f f

                                                                                        nthly                       uses a program called
                                                                        at t he mo                   InDesign to create a layout that
                                                       epth      look                  compliments their story. “Creating a layout is my
                                           a    n in d                   favorite part of the process,” senior Jenn Marolt said.
                               Taking                 Amy Hutter,             Though it may seem like a pretty simple process, writers often
                   and      her       editors, seniors Nathan            run into hardships along the way. “Finishing gets complicated
   Clemente, Ryan St. Martin, and Alex Merg, decide which                when you don’t get the responses that you need for quotes,” junior
topics would be good quality stories to put in the month’s issue.        Mike Van Ermen said. “Also, we can’t all be layout pros like
Writers are assigned their stories, and the race to beat the deadline    Jenn. Sometimes it’s hard fitting everything on the page.”
begins.                                                                       Outlook is normally a laid-back class, allowing the students
     When each person is given their topic, they are basically           to work at their own pace. However, there is one specific week
on their own and in charge of their own work and getting things          that all staffers dread, press week. “Press week is the last week
they need for it. “Making sure you have enough information and           the students have to finish up their articles before they reach the
quotes is really important,” sophomore Ariana Lublin said. To            deadline,” Hutter said. Staff members agree. “Press night, the
                                                                         night that the magazine is sent in, is pretty stressful because you
                                                                         have no choice but to finish whatever you’re doing,” sophomore
  What’s your favorite part of: Outlook                                  Kristen Tracy said.
                                                                              Editors stay after school, sometimes as late as 10 p.m., to
     “Listening to                                 “Being able to        put the finishing touches on the articles. “It’s not too bad though.
   Cordney’s rapp-                                  express my           Getting to spend time with Nate is a lot of fun,” St. Martin said.
   ping every class                               opinon to every-            After three and a half weeks, the staff is finally able to see the
        period.”                                       one.”             outcome of their hard work. “It’s great hearing people talk about
     Junior Mike Van                                                     the things they liked in the issue,” Clemente said. After the issue
                                                   Senior Sara Barsch
         Ermen                                                           comes out, the staff receives a day or two, and then the process
                             “TANKS!”                                    starts over again.
                                                                              Writing doesn’t have to be a student’s forte for them to be
                         Senior Nate Clemente
                                                                         on the staff. An interest in writing is really all a student needs.
                                                                         “I really like writing, and this sounded like a good class for me,”
                                                                         freshman Nicole Lopp said. “It was scary at first, being the only
                                                                         freshman in the class, but I’ve grown to love it.”
8 | DECEMBER 2008
  second generation
   After graduating from GHS, alumni find themselves back at their old stomping
   grounds with kids of their own attending GHS. By Nicole Lopp

                 hether it’s the high academic standards, or the       the building isn’t the only thing that has changed. Most native
                 small town feel of Greendale, many GHS grads          Greendale parents are pleased with how Greendale is shaping up.
                 come back to ‘the Bubble’ after graduating.           Mara Kuzmanovic’s dad said, “The village center looks great,
                 Although they insist they won’t return, there         and everything is nicely kept up and clean.”
                 are numerous second generation Panthers.                   Since many Panther parents have graduated, the village is
                 “Maybe it’s the small community, great school         becoming more popular. The historic Broad Street shops have all
                 system, or the strong set of values that keeps        gotten a ‘face-lift’, and changed for the better, but some people are
them coming back,” said Physical Education teacher Diane               disappointed that all of the open space and green area is gone and
Thieme said.                                                           is now being devoloped.
    No matter where you turn, it’s easy to find a current student,            Aaron Steffes’s dad who graduated 1982 said, “The village
who has a Panther parent, and there are still a few teachers           is having more and more events each year to draw more people in,

roaming the halls who have taught children of former students.         which is a good.idea. But I feel that there are a lot more punky kids
English teacher Jan Settle has been teaching since she was 21,         and disrespectful kids that like to destroy property which, upsets
and has been teaching her ‘grand-students’ for many years. As          me.”
for the changes in her students Settle said, “Technology changes            There are changes in school policies as well. According to
how students learn. My students used to read real books, not           Justin Bahr’s grandma, GHS used to have a smoking room, not
sparknotes.”                                                           only for the teachers, but for the students as well. Also, seniors
     Many of the grand-students that our teachers have had are         could leave after their morning classes. And open lunch, wasn’t
exactly like their parents. “Sometimes I can tell by how they act,     just for seniors.
and their facial features,” Thieme said.                                     Some students think their class choices are very limited, but
     However she thinks that students overall have changed. “The       compared to 30 years ago, there’s a wide range of classes to take and
kids are not as reserved as they used to be, and they tend to be       activities to join now. There also weren’t as many electives, such
louder, and more vocal. It is harder to get them focused because       as stage crew, or drama club. “There were very limited electives,
technology is very distracting.” Thieme said. Although she admits      and very few sports for girls,” Thieme said. However, there are
that there is a lot more stress on kids now, there is more cheating    a few select activities and sports that they had that we currently
and distractions.                                                      don’t. GHS used to offer gymnastics, and even water ballet! Some
     Although the size of the student body has significantly            may find three full semester of gym to be a lot, but 30 years ago it
decreased over the years, the diversity in the school has increased.   was even worse. “Everyone had to take six semsters of gym, and it
“There are a variety of races, nationalities, and religions among      wasn’t co-ed for quite a while,” Thieme said.
GHS students,” Thieme said. “The size went from about 1,700 to              Overall, graduates are satisfied with the changes at GHS and
1,000. This is a good size though. I have had classes of up to 45      the high academic standards. Katie Darby’s mom, Linda Kainz,
people.” said Thieme.                                                  who graduated in 1980, said, “I love what they did with the school.
      Former students find the renovations impressive, however          I’m happy my children get to attend a great place!”
                                                                                                             PIONEER OUTLOOK | 9
             he oldest, the leader;                                                                oldest child role,” Hulett said. “The
             the child that sets the                                                               three siblings older than I am make

             tone for the children                                                                 a perfect ‘oldest, middle, youngest’
             to come. The middle                                                                   fit, and so do I, along with my

             child; the adaptable one,                                                             younger brother, and ‘baby’ sister.”
             the one who’s left out,                                                                    Junior Christian Noggle is the
the problem child. The youngest                                                                    middle child in his family. “For the
child; the baby, the free-spirited
one, the one who gets what they                                    d                               most part, I fit the middle traits, but
                                                                                                   they don’t all apply to me,” Noggle

want. Do you and your siblings                                                                     said. “The oldest and youngest traits
fit the birth order stereotype?                                                                     fit with my other siblings very well.”
     Birth order is a popular,                                                                          “I feel like I have to break all the
widely- researched topic. Some
researchers say the order you were
born in can determine what you
                                                                   r                               boundaries and my sister has it easier
                                                                                                   than me,” senior Lauren Belair said.
                                                                                                   “I am the oldest, and whenever I do
become later on in life, what your                                                                 something wrong it’s a huge deal,
personality is like, how well                                                                             but when my younger sister
you get along with others, Why do you act the way you do? It may be does the same thing, it’s okay. I
and even who you will marry.                                                                              feel like the experiment child.”
     These       generalizations due to your birth order. By Kristen Tracy                                     Freshman and youngest of
typically apply to families                                                                               two, Britney Bodden feels she
with three children, with a distinct oldest, middle, and youngest has less restrictions than her older brother. “My brother got a cell
child, like the Klars. Senior Lizzy Klar is the oldest of three phone when he was 17, while I got my phone in fifth grade,”

girls, while sophomore Emily Klar is right in the middle, and
younger sister, Anna, is in seventh grade. For the most part, the
Klars feel they fit the birth order theory. “I am super organized
with most things, with the exception of my room,” Lizzy said. “I
guess I’m kind of a serious person since my mom just told me
the other day that I should get out and have fun more often.”
     Lizzy fits most of the traits for the oldest child, just as Emily and          Lizzy, Emily,
Anna fit the middle and youngest children. “I’m the buffer or peace                    and Anna
zone in my family. I would say Anna is a charmer and sometimes a                      Klar each
                                                                                       seem to
manipulator. She is a brown-noser and gets away with a lot,” Emily                  have some
said. “I get along with both Lizzy and Anna for the most part, but                 typical birth
they don’t really get along unless they are ganging up on me.”                      order traits.
     Math teacher Kate Hulett has five siblings and even though
they don’t fit the typical birth order generalization, they fit it in
a different way. “I’m the 4th born of six, but I fit more of the            Bodden said. “He also wasn’t allowed to go to Summerfest
                                                                                 until he was 17, and I was allowed to go at 14.”
                                                                                       And while the traits of birth order are very
       Birth Order Traits                                                        dominant in some families, other families do not fit the
                                                                                 generalizations at all. In psychology teacher Megan

        oldest                   middle                  youngest                Faherty’s case, birth order didn’t truly apply to her
                                                                                 family. “I am the middle child of two brothers. I don’t
                                                                                 think being the middle child had a big effect on me,”
    • Oganized                • Rebellious                   • Risk takers       Faherty said. “The studies that say birth order matters
    • Energetic               • Diplomatic                   • Romantic          say that my older brother should beat me in terms
    • Assertive               • Attention Seek- • Secretive                      of grades and test scores, and that’s not the case.”
    • Reliable                      ing                     • Immature                 Faherty also said most psychologists believe
    • Driven                  • Competitive                 • Senstive           the effects of birth order are very small because
    • Logical                 • Loud                        • Social             they do not have enough information to actually
    • Cooperative             • Suspicious                  • Good sense of      prove that birth order affects someone’s personality.
    • Have fear               • Friendly                         humor                 Although there is no scientific evidence to
         of being             • Love to stand               • Life of the        prove that birth order affects a child’s personality in
         dethroned                  out                          party           any way, many people still believe in it. It does seem
                                                                                 to apply to many families in one way or another.

10 | DECEMBER 2008
Panthers                                                                              Sam Marus &
of t                                                                                   Matt Seipel
   e Month
                                                                                                    By Meghan Milosz and
   h                                                                                                Morgan Mutranowski

Don’t be alarmed if you hear someone                                                      Have you ever gotten into a debate with
frantically screaming down the hallway to                                        Matt Seipel? Let’s hope not, because it could
greet her friend. Senior Samantha Marus                                          end up being hazardous to your health.
is definitely one person you cannot miss at                       olor :                 Whether you’re discussing Barack Obama’s
GHS, and she has proven to be a step above         Favorite C
                                                                                 recent electoral victory or the definitions of
the rest.                                                         rink:           psychology terms, Seipel’s unique sense of
                                                   Favorite D
     “I really enjoy having Sammy in class,”                                      satire will leave you dumbfounded.
                                                   Green Tea
science teacher John Wilkinson said. “She                          nimal:                But underneath all the jokes, Seipel
                                                    Favorite A
has a high energy, great enthusiasm, and that,                                     really enjoys his classes at GHS, especially
                                                    Polar Bear
combined with her great science ability, makes                     lass:           AP Psychology. “I like AP Psych because it’s
                                                    Favorite C
her a great person to be around.”                                 atre              something I chose to take and wasn’t forced
                                                     Advanced The
     Marus is involved in many activities                                           into,” he said. “I want to major in psychology
including plays, musicals, ABC Club and NHS.                                         in college, and I am fascinated by the endless
You’ll also find her in the village, working at                                       possibilities of the human mind. Also, Ms.
Seasons of the Heart.                                                                 Faherty is definitely a baller.”
     “With all of the things I’m involved in,                                                Seipel has a great deal of respect for his
especially the time-consuming theatre shows, I                                        other teachers as well. “They have a good
have zero free time,” she said. “I’ve helped out                                      sense of humor, and they make school seem
with the middle school plays for the past three                                        less like walking on a bed of nails and more
years, and I plan to do it again this year.”                                           like learning,” he said.
     Going all out should be the definition of                                                 Faherty is also a fan of Seipel. “Matt
Marus when it comes to having school spirit.                                            always participates in class and asks a lot of
She always dresses up for spirit weeks for                                              questions to spark discussion,” Faherty said.
Homecomings, football games, and tech weeks                                              “He also has a tendency to see through my
for theatre.                                                                             psych experiments and mess things up.”
     Next fall, Marus will attend Carthage College                                              Seipel is        looking forward to
to major in Psychology and minor in Spanish.                                              continuing his education at Marquette
     “Both Psychology and Spanish are my passion                                          University. After college, Seipel hopes
and are something I want to do with my life,” Marus                                       to have his own psychotherapy private
said. “What drew me to Carthage was the close                                              practice, as well as publishing some
proximity to my house, the amazing psychology                                              books and writing music on the side.
program, a beautiful campus, and lots of scholarship                                              While Seipel’s mind is looking
opportunities.”                                                                             forward to the future, he will always
     Besides working with things that she loves and                      oliday:            remember all the fun he had at GHS,
meeting new people, there are other qualities about        Favorite H                        especially all the first-time experiences,
college that Marus is looking forward to.                                o rd:               like the first dance, the first week of
     “I’m just so stoked to be on my own and to be         Favorite W                        class, first football game, and first time
independent,” she said.                                                   ovie:               driving. However, there is one thing he
     Marus appreciates all of the friends she has to        Favorite M                        will miss the most. “I’ll definitely miss
                                                            Office Space
support her in all of her accomplishments, but she                        a nd:               always having something to complain
depends on her family for support as well.                  Favorite B                         about,” he said. “In Greendale, that’s
     “My brother, Sean, is my best friend,” she said.       O.A.R.                             just too easy.”
“Being his friend and spending time with him is what                                                 Seipel is a headstrong individual
I’m going to miss most at college.”                                                             who will always be remembered for
     Although Marus is extremely excited about college,                                         doing what he thinks is right, “I am
she will also miss a lot of things about GHS.                                                   independent-minded in the most
     “I’m going to miss my theatre family, hands down,”                                         extreme sense. I take this life as
she said. “When you’re in a play or musical you spend                                            an opportunity to learn about and
a lot of time together and get really close. We become a                                         improve both myself and the world
family and it’s a bond I have never experienced anywhere                                         around me,” he said.
else. I’m really going to miss it.”
                                                                                                           PIONEER OUTLOOK | 11
               very decade is known for a certain genre The story on how rock came back with a
               of music. The 90’s had Grunge and Pop,
               the 80’s had New Wave and Hair Metal vengeance by Joey Vinci
               and the 70’s had Disco, but each of these
               decades has one thing in common, they all             dominated by rap. Whether it’s for solos, the riffs or the lyrics, many
               had some form of rock.                                love rock music for what it is. “I was a huge fan of metal in high
Today, we live in a world where the Billboard 200 is                                                                                 school
dominated by Rap, R&B, Country, and Emo rock, and                                                                                    and I
where The Jonas Brothers reign at number one and are more       “I wasn’t sure if metal would
popular than The Beatles. But this year, several Hard Rock
bands have released songs and albums that have dominated        ever return.”
the charts.
     Many see the return of rock to the mainstream charts                                 -English teacher Robbyn Schley
as a good thing. English teacher Robbyn Schley loves
metal. “I watched as grunge rock took over metal and metal
became uncool, and for a long time, I wasn’t sure if metal
would ever return. But it’s a good thing that this genre of
music hasn’t died and it’s receiving renewed attention,” she said.   continue to listen to many of the bands that were my world in high
     Some people think that the return has yet to happen and that it school,” Schley said.
will return at a later time. Math teacher Mike Bourke is undecided        Rock has returned to the mainstream and has come back with
on the subject. “It seems like many of the next generation bands     a vengeance, in part due to several albums that were released this
flame out pretty quickly. I think it’s great that AC/DC came out year. Some of these albums are AC/DC’s Black Ice, Disturbed’s
with a bang with their latest album, but I don’t think we’ll see a Indestructible, Metallica’s Death Magnetic, and Guns N’ Roses’
time when full-on rock              bands dominate the charts,” he Chinese Democracy
said.                                                                     Black Ice for AC/DC is one of the albums that added to the
     But many                                                        return of metal and most rock fans would argue that AC/DC is one
are        happy                                                     of the most influential hard rock bands of all time. They formed in
because they                                                         1973 in Australia and since then have taken the world by storm.
love rock music                                                      Songs like “Back In Black,” “Highway To Hell,” “T.N.T,” and
and are tired                                                        “Thunderstruck” are all considered some of the greatest rock
of seeing the                                                               songs ever.
charts                                                                                    Now, after an eight year break, Black Ice is
                                                                                           AC/DC’s 15th studio album in their 35-year
                                                                                                history. It debuted at number one in
                                                                                                  almost every notable musical chart.
                                                                                                   Their number one single off of the
                                                                                                   album, “Rock N’ Roll Train” is
                                                                                                   already being requested numerous
                                                                                                  times a day on several radio stations
                                                                                                 across the country. Sophomore Taylor
                                                                                                 Covelens loves the album. “I think it’s
                                                                                               a nice refreshment of old AC/DC albums.
                                                                                             It’s good to have something new from AC/
                                                                                           DC because anything they make is godly,” he
                                                                                             Disturbed is another band that helped rock’s

12 | DECEMBER 2008
return with their album Indestructible released this past summer.      Wicklund found the album to be horrible. “The album sounds like
Disturbed has only been around for a few years, but they’ve already    Disturbed if they had a girl singing. It just ruined the band and I
secured a solid place in the history of rock. Back in 2001, their      can no longer taker Axl Rose seriously after this album,” he said.
song “Down With The Sickness” became a phenomenon. Three                    Some people like it. Schley is one of those that like the album.
years ago, they released the album Ten Thousand Fists, which           “I was streaming it on Myspace before it even came out and I love
held some big hit songs like “Stricken”, “Ten Thousand Fists”,         it. For Axl to release this album is like a long lost love rising from
and “Guarded”, but they thought it wasn’t good enough. With the        the dead. It’s hard to reject,” she said.
release of Indestructible, Disturbed changed their musical direction        With one of the two best selling albums of this year being
to become darker and heavier. This is why the album elevated to        AC/DC’s Black Ice, can rock stay on the charts as the calendars
number one on the Billboard 200 in its first week of sales. It is       roll over to 2009? We’ll have to wait and see. But 2008 will be
possibly Disturbed’s best album and helped to bring back rock to       remembered by rockers everywhere as the year rock returned to
mainstream.                                                            the top.
      Sophomore Wesley Scott think it’s one of their best. “It was
amazing. I loved the fast tempos of the songs and the layering of           VINCI’S OPINIONS
the instruments was great,” he said.
      Metallica’s latest album, Death Magnetic, was released on
Sept. 12. It’s been five years since Metallica’s last release, St.                               Disturbed’s Indestructible is a
Anger, and while that album debuted at number one in over 30                                    brilliant album with amazing riffs,
countries, it was seen as a failure by most because of its horrible                             great solos, and amazing lyrics. It
lyrics, exclusion of guitar solos, annoying snare drum, and layout                              is just all around extraordinary. I
of the songs.                                                                                   highly recommend this album.
      After the failure, Metallica fired producer Bob Rock and hired
Rick Rubin, who has worked with Slipknot, Slayer, System Of A
Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others. The hype for this album
was built up with the creation of the Mission: Metallica website,                              Death Magnetic is one of the best
which gave fans inside videos, riff samples,, and other insights                               Metallica albums. The outlay for
into the band.                                                                                 each song is superb. The solos are
      The album debuted at number one in almost every country                                  riveting and the riffs and beats are
and stayed at number on in the U.S for two weeks. Many thought                                 just fantastic. I love this album.
the album was brilliant because it returned Metallica to its thrash
metal roots that it was known for in the 1980s and early 1990s. “I
like how it’s kinda thrashy. It brought back their rocker image and                            Black Ice is a pretty good album.
it’s a great recovery from St. Anger,” sophomore Thomas Laurie                                 It has some decent riffs and
said.                                                                                          some good lyrics and vocals, but
      Guns N’ Roses’ new album Chinese Democracy came out in                                   it isn’t better than past AC/DC
late November. It was an album literally 14 years in the making.                               releases.
This album was due to be released in the spring of 1995, but due to
multiple lineup changes, surgery on Axl Rose’s throat and lawsuits,
among other things, the album just came out. The only original
Guns N’ Roses member still in the band is Axl Rose, as everyone                                Chinese Democracy was a major
else left in the late 1990s.                                                                   disappointment. It’s hard to believe
      Chinese Democracy debuted at number three in the U.S and                                 that it took 14 years to make this
so far has not been lower than number five on any music chart.                                  bad of an album. The only good song
It also helped bring on the rock revival. The album, however, is                               on here is Shackler’s Revenge.
seen by many to be a major disappointment. Sophomore Charlie

                                                                                                               PIONEER OUTLOOK | 13
  Fun                                                     photos courtesy of,, and

    In Greendale!
Not sure what to do over Christmas break? check out the following attractions!
                                                           By Ariana Lublin

     With a little over two weeks of             and Coach. It is nice to just experience        Suicide Hill, located by the Domes. There
Christmas break to do what ever you want,        something a little different than all the       are three hills that are very big and fun and
here are some fun and exciting suggestions       regular malls, and Bayshore is an outdoor       it doesn’t cost a thing.
of what to do over Christmas Break.              mall with a lot of decorations and pretty       Museums:
Wisconsin Dells:                                 lights. “I like Bay Shore because it’s not           Something that may not seem like
     One thing a lot of people love doing        like a normal mall. My favorite stores are      fun, but actually could be if you try it out
is going to the Wisconsin Dells. Besides         Forever 21 and Zumiez,” junior Callie           is going to the museum to check out some
waterparks, you can also go to all the fun       Prindiville said. “I also like to just walk     new exhibits or going to Discovery World
stores and activites such as mini golfing,        around outside. I take my birthday money        to experiment. The new Titanic Exhibit
go carts, bungee jumping and more. There         and Christmas money and go shopping,”           at the Milwaukee Public Museum is a
are plenty of great places to get food. Also,    Prindiville said. If you want to get some       popular choice to check. The two senior
as far as water parks come, The Kalahari         good deals, then head to either Johnson’s       Film as Literature classes went to see the
Resort and The Wilderness seem to be on          Creek or the Kenosha Outlet. “I go to           Titanic exhibit on Monday Dec. 15. “I go
a lot of people’s favorite places to visit.      Johnson’s Creek twice a year and my             to the museum twice a year, but I haven’t
They have deals during Christmas break           favorite stores are the Nike Outlet and The     yet seen the Titanic exhibit,” sophomore
where you can get rooms and water park           Gap,” sophomore Tegan Potterton said.           Alexandrea Rios said. During the week
passes for cheaper and its only about a two      Outdoor Activities:                             its $21 and on the weekend its $24. The
hour drive. “Mt. Olympus is my favorite               If shopping isn’t your thing, then         Titanic exhibit is going to be open until
water park because it’s not only a water         spend some time outdoors. Ice skating,          May 25, 2009. Another fun and interesting
park, but a theme park as well.” sophomore       snowboarding, skiing, sledding, tubing,         museum is Discovery World. Its only
Bri Gold said. Mt. Olympus is the biggest        or ice fishing. There are places really          $12.95 to get into the museum, and there
water park and theme park in the Wisconsin       close that you could go to, to do these fun     are multiple exhibits. Some exhibits are
Dells. It is generally open from 10:30 a.m.      outdoor activities. Many students go to         the ‘Techno Jungle,’ ‘House of sound,’ and
to 10 p.m. at night so the whole family can      Crystal Ridge since its close. It is a place    ‘Reiman Aquariums.’ These are only some
have a fun time all day long. Another great      where you can snow board, ski, and go           of the fun and exciting exhibits you can
place to visit in the Dells is the Wilderness.   tubing. “I go to Crystal Ridge like three       explore at Discovery world. It is located
“The Wilderness is my favorite water park        times a week, but I have a season pass,”        right by the lake front so it’s not too far
because I like the ride that is like a giant     sophomore Justin Biller said. Others            of a drive. Another museum you could go
funnel, its super fun.” junior Libby Robb        travel a little farther away. “I like to go     to is the Milwaukee Art Museum. Its only
said. Not only does this resort have water       snowboarding at places like Alpine Valley,      $8 a person and is also located by the lake
rides, it has a nine hole golf course in the     and Cascade. I’m excited because we have        front.
Wilderness Woods and one of the top spa          real snow this year that makes it easier and         Don’t sit around and do nothing other
destinations in Sundara.                         less icy,” junior Kelsey Feldmann said.         than homework, make the two weeks you
     Shopping: Venture out away from             There are two other places that you can         have off worth while because when you
Southridge and Mayfair and go to some            go in Wisconsin to go sledding. One is          come back to school, it’s exam time, so
of the newer, more exclusive malls, like         Whitnall Park that has a little cottage that    make your christmas break be the most fun
Bayshore town center or Brady Street.            you can sit inside and get hot chocolate        you have in a while.
At Bayshore, there are stores like Zumiez        for only $1. The last place you can go to is

14 | DECEMBER 2008
Nothing Like
           Photos courtesy of
                                               The Rave...

Wanna great place to Rock n’ Roll? Check out this cool venue. By Sara Barsch

             ere at Greendale High School, many students of all         venues at The Rave that may not be as popular but do exist. Those
             grade levels have different ways of finding excitement      being The Rave Basement, The Rave Vibe Room and The Rockstar
             and having fun. And one thing they like to do is go to     Lounge. All together this place holds seven stages to enjoy and
             concerts.                                                  listen to a variety of music, which may be why many prefer this
                  The Rave is a great place for doing just that         over anywhere else.
             that. Fans are able to experience the thrill of a live          Junior Jake Bucko and his band, Sec the Sky, actually had
performance with a group of friends. The specialty genres that          the oppurtunity to perform a live show at the Rave in the Rave
usually play at the Rave are Folk, Rock/Pop-Rock, Jam Band, and         Basement. “It’s an awesome experience. Getting up on stage and
Metal.                                                                  playing in front of a bunch of people is so exhilarating,” he said.
     About 20 minutes from Greendale, the Rave is located on            To book a stage at the Rave you need to contact, by either calling
24th street on Wisconsin Avenue. “The location is okay, but the         or emailing, one of the guys at the Rave that runs the Battle of
neighborhood is kind of bad,” senior Aaron Ovsiennko said,              the Bands and they will try and set a date and place at one of the
“However I like it because it’s not far and easy to find.”               stages. The most common places where local bands perform are
     Having it be so convenient to find makes the Rave so much more      either in the Rave Bar or Vibe Room.
of an attraction to teens. Concerts for the Rave                                                                             The cool thing
are advertised often in many different places. The
most common places that show what’s playing are
                                                      “I love the Rave just for the                                     about the Rave is
                                                                                                                        that occasionally
online, like sites such as MySpace or the official
Rave website. “I’m on the emailing list, so The
                                                      fact that you can get super                                       there are days
                                                                                                                        when people can
Rave just sends me the concert announcements,”        close and actually meet some                                      actually get into
senior Molly Schmidt said. “I usually hear about                                                                        a concert for free.
concerts from ticket vouchers or the radio,” junior   of the bands.”                                                    For instance on
Tom Hellauer said.                                                                                                      Election Day this
     For the most part, the cost of tickets for                                              -senior Amanda Julian year, the band
concerts at the Rave depends mainly on when you                                                                         3oh!3 played a
get them; generally if you purchase them earlier                                                                        concert that was
you get a better deal, the longer the wait, the higher the price will   free and open to anyone who was wearing the ‘I Voted’ sticker.
rise. “I usually get my tickets at the ticket box where the cost is     Along with having the chance for free concerts, fans can get close
anywhere from $20-$35,” Hellauer said.                                  to them and even meet them. “I love the Rave just for the fact that
     The Rave consists of many different stages to watch a concert,     you can get super close and actually meet some of the bands,”
the most popular being the Rave Hall. Almost every act that has         senior Amanda Julian said.
come through Milwaukee has played at this stage at one point or              Also the rave has vouchers that have deals such as buy two
another. Another room at the Rave is the Eagles Ballroom, which         drink tickets, which are $7.50 each, and you get to see the concert
is the biggest stage, just a huge dance floor, staging, and bar. The     for free. “They’re a way better deal especially when people are
Eagles Ballroom is also famous for holding huge concerts with           paying $25 to get in, and my friends and me are getting in for
well-known artists.                                                     $15 each,” senior Ashley Stacey said. “I actually just got into a
     Also the Rave Bar, familiar to some students here at GHS, is a     concert on Sunday, The Black Crowes, with a voucher I got from
great place to discover new and local artists. There are three other    Starship.”

                                                                                                             PIONEER OUTLOOK | 15
the              CLASH                                            !

              the crusts
         elicious crusts, rich sauces, melting cheeses, spicy pepperoni: yes, this is
         the world of pizza. The traditional Italian dish has been satisfying American
         stomachs for ages, and the number of pizzerias have been growing continuously
         throughout the country. The question, however, is this: which restaurant is the
best? Pioneer Outlook breaks down each major pizza chain to help you accomplish this
daunting task. By Nathan Clemente

                                                 ne common chain, easily distinguishable with its logo, is Domino’s. With a user-friendly
                                                 delivery system and cheaper prices, it’s easy to see why someone would go with Domino’s
                                                 to defeat their hunger pains. However, not everything is as it seems.
                                                      Domino’s menu is quite basic: nothing too fancy but nothing too plain. The variety is
                                                 there, with unique pizzas with tasty toppings (for instance, meat lovers like myself, don’t
                                                 overlook the MeatZZa Feast). Their newest special is the Oven Baked Sandwiches, which
                                       are pretty much like sub sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong; these are some delectable works of art.
                                       There are five different sandwiches available and each is special in its own way (the Philly Cheese
                                       Steak and Chicken Parmesan are two I suggest). However, they all have that amazing Artisan Italian
                                       Bread, which has never let me down. For $5, this could be an easy substitute for Jimmy John’s or
                                       another sub place, whose prices are slowly rising.
                                            But let’s get back to the pizza. To sum it up, the pizza is lacking. There is never enough cheese
                                       in my opinion, and the crust almost tastes like the cardboard box it’s been sitting in. The toppings
themselves are not so rough, but the pizza is only as good as its foundation. Unlike Pizza Hut, however, they do succeed in taking out
the grease.
     Due to a below average pizza, Domino’s gets only a 3 of 5 pizzas. Granted
they deliver the fastest of all the chains in my experience, and they have that
spiffy Online Tracker, but the pizza doesn’t necessary live up to the hype.

                hile Pizza Hut and Domino’s are better-known chains, Papa John’s is one
                of little recognition, but big taste. Their pizzas are the epitome of “fresh,”
                and this restaurant is already on the rise.
                      Donning their slogan “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” Papa John’s
                has one goal: to please their customers with their superior pizza. And I’m
not going to lie, this pizza parlor isn’t just talk. Using the best crusts and toppings of all
the other chains listed, their pizza is one of near perfection. Ingredients are their key, and
Papa John’s keeps their promise to give you their best.
     Still, along with a pizza, everyone is game to eat some breadsticks to mix up their meal. Unfortunately, I myself was not a fan.
Seemingly cooked for too long, their breadsticks turned out too hard and were not so appetizing. On the plus side, the best dipping sauce
known to man, the garlic sauce, boosts the value of Papa John’s. It’s good with pizza, breadsticks, and pretty much anything that needs
a garlicky (yes, that’s a word) aftertaste.
     Yet another downfall to this popular pizza place is the location. By far the farthest away in distance from Greendale, it takes longer
for delivery or carryout, since the closest restaurant is 27th and Oklahoma.
                                                                                    Either way you slice it, Papa John’s is sure to please any
RATING:                                                                        famished pizza eater. Although the distances are farther and
                                                                               breadsticks below average, it still earns a strong 4 out of 5 pizzas
                                                                               for their outstanding knowledge of the crust.
16 | DECEMBER 2008
             izza, pizza! Such a recognizable slogan, and the sound of it can make anyone think
             about eating a mouth-watering pizza pie for dinner. However, how scrumptious the
             slogan might sound, taste doesn’t always match.
                  Little Caesars, to start, is known and praised for its cheap pizza. Easily the best
             value pizza of them all, they are devoted to serving you quality pizza at an easy
             to pay price. Yet the quality is where this pizza chain fails, and cheap pizza only
comes with cheap ingredients.
     Let’s analyze. The crust is never baked to that golden perfection like in the pictures,
and its consistently inconsistent. The cheese is a spongy rubber, and never reaches that melty
cheese that we all desire in pizzas. The sausage is probably the most questionable sausage I’ve ever tasted, something about it just tastes
like dog food.
     On the other hand, their Crazy Bread is a tasty treat that might be the only shining star in the Little Caesars universe. Contrary to the
rest of their food, the breadsticks are cooked quite well, and contain tons of flavor. But as a major pizza restaurant, I’m still questioning
                                                         why they can’t focus more on the pizza.
RATING:                                                       Even though I’m ripping hard on Little Caesars, they still feature the best prices
                                                         for a pizza. Still, the taste is what a pizza chain is all about, and due to Little Caesars’
                                                         failures, they receive a miniscule 2 out of 5 pizzas.

                                                 rguably the most well known of all the chains, Pizza Hut has fed us for years. Starting with
                                                 their red-roofed roots and gaining decades of experience, Pizza Hut “knows the dough” when
                                                 it comes to making pizzas.
                                                      Their menu is one of constant change, and newly-featured items are always making an
                                                 appearance. One of the most famous specials at Pizza Hut is the P’Zone, featuring a pound of
                                                 toppings and cheeses in a folded crust. The P’Zone is an effective entrée for someone to eat if
                                   they are eating by themselves, as it’s the perfect size for one famished person to satisfy their hunger.
                                        Some other specials are the PANormous pizza, boasting 40 percent more pizza than their large pan
                                   pizza (which can feed an army), and the Pizza Mia, a pizza made with cheddar and mozzarella cheese as
                                   well as a new tomato sauce. These Pizza Mia’s are $5 each if you buy three or more, so feel free to take
                                   advantage of these cheaper pizzas if there’s a big party. The only problem is half the toppings are used
in the Pizza Mia, which sometimes doesn’t match the true taste of a regular pizza.
     In general, Pizza Hut pizzas taste great, but sometimes their quality is sub par. The cons of their pizza is the abundance of grease that
takes hold of the rest of the pizza, occasionally making it hard to savor the great taste of Italian sausage or what not. The service is also
not the best, as I’ve previously encountered many mistakes on my phone-in orders. On the contrary, Pizza Hut does offer what I like to
call one of the most perfect pan pizzas in the P’Zone. Overall, Pizza Hut is rated a solid 3.5 out of 5 pizzas, as the pizzas aren’t terrible,
nor is the price that expensive. It’s great for both big parties
(PANormous) as well as small ones (P’Zone), and usually no RATING:
one comes away unsatisfied.

           he newest of all the pizza chains, Toppers Pizza is finally starting to make its way to pizza
           chain glory. Toppers has its origins here in Wisconsin, appealing mostly to college students
           who need a bite to eat during hard study hours. Compared to other pizza restaurants,
           Toppers is by far the most laid back and comedic of them all. Just give them a call or head
           to their website, and you’ll discover why I enjoy it.
                Now their food options are ones to take note of. Variety is a valuable tool in putting
yourself on the map, and Toppers does the best job of it. With over 15 special, yet exotic, pizzas
such as the Potato Topper and the B-L-T Pizza, it seems like once you’ve had one you’ve got to try
them all. Or you could just keep eating that one, if it’s that good. Plus, the cheese is already nearly
melting off the crust. It’s one of the best in my view. In addition, they have the best variety of breadsticks in their Topperstix. Whoever
knew that you could order your breadsticks with bacon or pepperoni already on them, or that eating “Berrystix” for dessert could be so
     Furthermore, if you want an appetizer for your pizza, the Grinders (once again, subs) and quesadillas are attractive options. The
toppings and ingredients are top-notch, and they don’t let you down like other restaurants non-pizza entrees might.
     Yet everything has a weak point, and Toppers is in its price. In order to pay for new and interesting toppings or pizzas, you have to
dish out a few extra bucks. But to counter the expenses, for your convenience Toppers stays open until 3 a.m., a definite plus if you and
your friends are craving a midnight (or later) pizza run or delivery.
                                                                                       All in all, Toppers takes the trophy with a stellar 4.5
RATING:                                                                           out of 5 pizzas. Although your wallet will be hit a little
                                                                                  harder, your stomach will be a little more pleased (even
                                                                                  late at night).
Toppers logo courtesy of: ; Pizza chef courtesy of:
All other logos and pizza picture courtesy of:                                            PIONEER OUTLOOK | 17
        WELCOME TO

There are a variety of places to go online to get the buzz about your favorite
celebrities. By Sara Barsch

              ow more than ever it’s      way to fame by being ridiculously blunt, and insulting many. His
              easy to find out all the     flamboyant personality and extensive imagination play a large
              news about celebrities.     role in making him as famous as he is today. Surprisingly, he
              Before, fans would          even has his own line of clothing, which also contains his share
              have to search through      of wild gossip. “I’m on this site very often,” junior Morgan
              the grocery store or gas    Johnson said. “Usually at least three to four times a day.”
              station magazine racks           Most recently the famous site has informed fans that actress
to find the latest Star Magazine, but      Jennifer Aniston was pregnant with twins. “The site told me that
now there is a much more efficient         she went as far as taking folic acid and eating lost of protein and
way to find out about which stars are      dairy to increase her chances of having twins,” Johnson said.         Paris Hilton gets
breaking up or hooking up- celebrity           The websites that have to do with hilariously embarassing        caught drinking
gossip websites.                          moments of celebrities seems to interest fans. Senior                 and driving again.
                                                                      Dynasty Jenkins chooses to visit
   “Pregnancy scares are the most                            and
                                                                      where she often reads about famous
   interesting drama to me.”                                          pop artist, Britney Spears and her
                                                                      outrageous moments. “I recently just
                                   -sophomore Hope Holubowicz read that her son was in the hospital,”
                                                                      Jenkins said.
                                                                           Many celebrity magazines now
     There are so many websites and       have their own websites as well. “I usually visit TeenVogue.
blogs devoted solely to discussing        com to find out whatever I want to know about celebrities,”
the lives of celebrities, all viewed      sophomore Mariah Mabry said. “I wouldn’t say I’m constantly
by curious readers. These websites        searching for gossip, but when I’m curious about someone or
contain as much, if not more,             something I definitely look into it.”
information than the average rag-mag,          The ever-so-famous website of MySpace seems to not only          Lindsay Lohan
and have much more dirt on the hottest    become a place where people go to to communicate with others          breaks up with her
celebrity which is updated on a daily,    and express who they are freely on their own personal page,           girlfriend.
even hourly, basis.                       but also advertises celebrity gossip throughout their pop-up’s.
     Sophomore Hope Holubowicz            “Whenever I visit, I’m constantly seeing pointless
likes to check out the latest pregnancy   pop-up ads about celebrities, which are mainly so crazy to even
news. “Pregnancy scares on celebrities    consider believing,” senior Meena Mousavi said. “I wish they’d
are the most interesting drama to me,”    have more ads on hot male celebrities such as Paul Walker or Joe
she said. “I find it hilarious how these   Jonas, I’d definitely read that!”
Grade-A celebrities are so afraid of           There are even sites that anyone can contribute information
getting pregnant and supporting a child   to, such as Sophomore Christie Hoppe
when they have millions of dollars that   chooses to turn to this website for her dose of saucy drama. “It’s
they could easily just hire a nanny to    usually pretty accurate,” she said.“I love to read about Heath
do the job for themselves.”               Ledger and the movie he starred in, The Dark Knight, and what is a very            happened to him,” Hoppe said.
popular website devoted completely             More specifically, there are websites devoted to the blogs of     Perez Hilton
to discussing saucy celebrity gossip.     shows. For instance the hot new MTV sitcom The Hills promotes         gets in a fight
Perez Hilton is the new go-to guy to      viewers to catch up any Hills drama by going to their personal        outside popular
fish out any dirt on almost every hot      blogpage on “I love The Hills. That website could for        Hollywood
celebrity nowadays. With the help         sure come in handy when I miss new episodes, even though the
of his insanely famous friend, Paris      re-runs are on all the time!” senior Anita Nathan said.
Hilton, Perez was able to work his
18 | DECEMBER 2008
                                                                                                 by nathan clemente

         pop grid
 do YOU
 fit in?
                                rachel o’keefe              james gordon                  ashley hoffman          ben hubing
                                    class of 2012              class of 2010                 class of 2009    social studies teacher
 Instrument I wish I         Bagpipes                    Sousaphone                      Guitar               Drums
 could play

 Favorite midnight           Colored goldfish             Reese’s Peanut                  Oreos and milk       Peanut M&Ms
 snack                                                   Butter Cups

 Person whose                Damian McGinty              Nate Clemente                   John McAdams         Kenneth Bontempo
 autograph you’re
 dying to get

 Concert you would           Celtic Thunder              The Beatles                     Jack Johnson         Nirvana
 pay $1000 to see

 Best nickname you’ve        Rach House                  James and the Giant             Shley                BJ Hubes
 ever had                                                Head

 Favorite superhero          Batman (because of          Mighty Mouse                    Batman               Batman
                             Christian Bale)

 ______ is not a real        Golf                        Cheerleading                    Cheerleading         Chess

 Favorite member of          All of them, they all       Ringo Starr                     John Lennon          George Harrison
 the Beatles (see top)       had cool hair

 Reruns you can’t stop       Reba                        The Simpsons                    One Tree Hill        Seinfeld

 December is the             Snazziest                   Most hazardous...est            Coldest              Bestest
 _____est month

photos courtesy of: (beatles), (batman logo),
(m&m’s), (goldfish), (mighty mouse),
(homer simpson), (snowflake). Guitar courtesy Jenny Lee                                     PIONEER OUTLOOK | 19
                   .out look
  for love or friendship                                                                                                 amy stasik

 The Boyfriend Soccer Number:                                23                                       Luke Sisler and Anna
                 Favorite Subject:                           Math                                     Rutkowski have been dating
                 Favorite TV Show:                           Law + Order                              for 2 years. Luke and Tom
                 Favorite Kopp’s Flavor:                     Cookies + Cream                          Knezic have never dated.
                 Dream Car:                                  BMW?                                     Who knows Luke better - his
                 Mac or PC:                                  PC                                       girlfriend or his best friend/
    Luke Sisler  Favorite Musical Artist:                    O.A.R.                                   non-romantic companion?
 The Girlfriend Soccer Number:                               23
                 Favorite Subject:                           U.S. Studies                             We have a tie, yet again. Anna
                 Favorite TV Show:                           that 70!s show                           and Tom both know Luke
                 Favorite Kopp’s Flavor:                     cookies n cream                          equally. They each answered
                 Dream Car:                                  something !ashy & obnoxious              three questions incorrectly.
                                                                                                      Anna didn’t know Luke’s
                 Mac or PC:                                  PC
                                                                                                      favorite subject, TV show, or
  Anna Rutkowski Favorite Musical Artist:                    O.A.R.
                                                                                                      his dream car. While Tom
 The Best Friend Soccer Number:                              23                                       didn’t know Luke’s favorite
                          Favorite Subject                   Math                                     TV show, favorite Kopp’s
                          Favorite TV Show:                  Premier League Review Show               flavor, and dream car. Looks
                          Favorite Kopp’s Flavor:            Choc. Chip Cookie Dough                  like two more people have
                          Dream Car:                         Ferrari                                  dodged the shame that would
                          Mac or PC:                         PC                                       have come had they lost for
                          Favorite Musical Artist:           O.A.R.                                   love or friendship.
      Tom Knezic

  mike van ermen                                                                             role models
     The 2008 film Role Models is based on two friends, Danny           and it was absolutely hilarious hearing some of the jokes that came
(Paul Rudd) and Wheeler (Seann William Scott) who receive              out of his mouth, most of which people would normally hear from
either 150 hours of community service or 30 days in jail. The two      a person no younger than 20. Mintz-Plasse does an outstanding
friends decide to take the 150 hours                                                             job of playing the dorky role of Augie,
of community service, and get sent to                                                            who surrounds himself with people who
an organization where adults mentor                                                              believe they are in medieval times, having
troubled kids. Obviously, the two                                                                foam sword fights every other day.
kids (Christopher Mintz-Plasse and                                                                    Role Models is rated R for Crude and
Bobb’e J Thompson) aren’t exactly                                                                Sexual Content, Strong Language and
on their best behavior, and the two                                                              Nudity. Quite honestly, there probably
friends must find a way to adapt.                                                                 isn’t a scene in the movie that doesn’t
     Overall, this movie was absolutely                                                          have some sort of sexual reference or
hilarious. From the first scene where                                                             inappropriate language. However, if you
Wheeler makes an inappropriate                                                                   and your friends aren’t easily offended
joke only those older than 14 would                                                              by these forms of expression, I strongly
understand, to the closing credits                                                               recommend seeing this movie in theaters
where an ex-drug addict plays with a                                                             or buying it when it comes out on DVD.
gas station corn dog, this film was full of laughs and sure to please   I give Role Models 4.5 stars out of 5, for being absolutely and
any light-hearted movie buff.                                          positively hilarious.
     Thompson does an excellent job of playing the role of Ronnie,

20 | DECEMBER 2008
                                      look out.
comic                                                                                        jack coan

                    SASUKE!                         HEY, IT’S
                     GUYS,                          CHIBA!
                      WAIT UP!

                                                                                HEE HEE!
                                                                               I KNEW
                                                                  IT’S THE    YOU’D
                             HERE,                                NINJA
                            SASUKE!                             KID MOVIE!
                                                                             LIKE IT!
                           I HAVE A                              THANKS,
                         CHRISTMAS                                 CHIBA!
                         FOR YOU.

        YOU GUYS                                          WHAT!
          AFTER                       SASUKE, YOU                                             HMM...
                                      LIKE HER,          SH-SHUT UP,                          MAYBE
          BREAK! BYE,                                                                        I SHOULD
            SASUKE!     BYE,          DON’T YOU?          JAMIE!                               GET A
                        CHIBA!                                                                GIFT FOR

                           I GOT
                         YOU A

                                                                 IT’S SO

                                                                                      PIONEER OUTLOOK | 21
Dancing in the Rain
                                      path of                                                                   jenny lee

    Rachael smacked at her gum loudly, occasionally                the bell ring just before the rest of us did, and was already
blowing a bubble half the size of her face. Dr. Murphy, our        on her feet with her backpack swung over her shoulder. I
fifth grade teacher was writing the spelling words of the week      packed up my papers and slid them into my folder before
on the board, reciting each letter in her monotonous voice.        lining up at the door to leave.. She came up right behind me
Rachael leaned over sideways from her desk in my direction.        and said, “Here’s your pencil back.”
POP! The bubble she had been blowing burst an inch away
from my ear. I leaned away from her, without glancing over.        She extended her arm, holding out the pencil I had borrowed
I knew she was looking to stir up trouble again. She tapped        her.
her fingers on the desk impatiently, irritated.
                                                                       “Oh, thanks, I almost forget,” I said. She was about to
“Gosh, I’d do anything right now to get out of here.”              say something else when her dad blasted the horn and yelled
                                                                   out his car window, “Come on, I don’t have all day. I can’t
     I stole a glance at her as she sank low in her seat and       believe I had to miss my meeting to pick you up, you little
crossed her arms over her chest tightly. Her mismatched socks      brat.”
sagged around her ankles and her hair was an unruly mess.
I sat up straighter in my stiff seat and smoothed my hands             Her dad lived down the street from my house. Her parents
over my ruffled skirt. She stuck her hand in her mouth and          were divorced, so she would usually spend the weekends
took out the shriveled, colorless piece of rubbery substance.      with him while her mom worked two jobs. Everyone knew
She toyed with the thing, squishing it flat between her palms       he was a heavy drinker, and he would often stay out late
and then rolling it into a ball. She pulled at it, experimenting   into the night, sometimes all night. There were occasionally
with how thin the strand of gum could stand to be stretched        loud noises coming from inside the house, sometimes a
out. She looked around to see if anyone was paying attention       swear word or two could be heard by a passerby of they
to her little scene when she stuck the gum right under her         were shouted loud enough. I watched her reluctantly walk
desk. Using her fists, she pounded at the gum a couple of           to her dad’s car, testing his patience. I headed home as the
times to make sure it wouldn’t come loose.                         car roared off down the street, billowing dead leaves from
    “Rachael, what are you doing?” Dr. Murphy looked
angrily at her, “Do I have to call your parents again about               I was startled when my doorbell rang late into the
your behavior in this class?”                                      gloomy afternoon the next day. I wasn’t expecting anyone
                                                                   and went to the door out of curiosity. It was Rachael.
    “No, ma’am,” she obediently replied, looking down at           Awkwardly, I opened the door, unsure of what to say. She
her feet. When Dr. Murphy had resumed with her spelling            smiled, almost embarrassed at herself.
words, she turned towards me, “Hey, you got a pencil or                “Hi, I was wondering of you’d like to play in the park
somthin’ I can write with?”                                        with me. I brought a Frisbee,” she held out her hand for me
                                                                   to see the worn and scratched Frisbee. There were teeth
   I opened my pencil case, revealing perfectly sharpened          marks in it too.
pencils, all lined together in a neat row. I took one out and
handed it over to her.                                             “Sure,” I replied.

“Thanks girl, you’re a doll.”                                          I grabbed an umbrella with me, as it was starting to
                                                                   drizzle outside. At the park, we sat on the swings for a while.
     The school bell rang, echoing through the hallways and        It was beginning to rain harder and just as I was about to
reaching the ears of anxious eleven year olds eager to get         reach down for my umbrella, she asked, “Have you ever
home for the weekend. Somehow, it seemed Rachael heard             danced in the rain before?”
22 | DECEMBER 2008
                                 the pen.
“No, that’s silly,” I said pragmatically. “I’d catch a cold.”

     “You have to try it, it’s fun!” she said. Without any time to react, she tugged at my arm and pulled me out onto the field;
somewhere along the way I had lost my sandals. She was spinning around and around, reaching out her arms and sticking
out her tongue to catch the droplets of rain. She took my hands in hers and we were spinning together, faster and faster until
everything passed by in a swirl of colors. My feet ran over the rough grass, stomping and skipping. Our clothes and hair were
soaked through…but all I could do was breathe in the air’s sweet, refreshing scent. I realize now, looking back, that without
her, I would have never known what it’s like to dance in the rain.

you                                                                                                           katie walter

                                                        I’m here because
                                                           I want to be.
                                                        And this is where
                                                         I make my plea.

                                                      There’s nothing that
                                                         I’ll ever love,
                                                      and yours in return
                                                       I’m unworthy of.

                                                      To hear your voice,
                                                      To hear your mind,
                                                      Then we are forever

                                                     On days such as this,
                                                     With the frost outside,
                                                        All I think about
                                                      Is being your bride.

                                                         Once my lips
                                                       Touch with yours,
                                                      My mind goes blank.
                                                       Our love endures.

                                                       To sit here with you
                                                      Is one of those things
                                                      I think about always.
                                                      We’ll feel like kings.

                                                     God only knows what
                                                      I’d do without you.
                                                     My life would be bare.
                                                      I’ll never say adieu.

                                                                                                    PIONEER OUTLOOK | 23
          The Twilight
                     “About three things I was absolutely
                     positive. First, Edward was a vampire.
                     Second, there was part of him- and
                     I didn’t know how potent that part
                     might be- that thirsted for my blood.
                     And third, I was unconditionally and
                     irrecoverably in love with him.”
                     -Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

                                       hether you’re walking past a bookstore in the mall
                                       or surfing the Internet on your computer, it’s likely
                                       you’ll run into Twilight somewhere throughout the
                                       day. This incredible romance series by Stephenie
                                       Meyer has literally swept the nation as girls
                                       everywhere have become addicted to its romantic
                     plot with a twist.
                          “I really love it because it’s a love/drama story and you just get
                     so caught up in the book,” sophomore Emily Schultz said. “The
                     suspense of the action leaves you fascinated.” And it’s true. This
                     best-selling novel isn’t your everyday love story. Meyer managed to
                     capture many other story elements into the series.
                          Twilight is about Bella Swan, who’s nothing more than your
                     typical high school student. Things become complicated, though,
                     when she falls for the eccentric Edward Cullen, a “vegetarian”
                     vampire who drinks the blood of only animals. Unfortunately, with
                     Bella’s ability to attract trouble and Edward’s overly precautious
                     attitude towards the situation, their relationship is anything but easy.
                          It’s not very long before the two are struggling to survive through
                     a series of perilous events in which all they’re really hoping for is the
                     chance to be together. Throughout the book Meyer gives readers the
                     opportunity of reading electric, romantic scenes between Bella and
                     Edward and suspenseful vampire hunts and fights. “I love the idea
                     about the innocent girl and the sadistic vampire,” freshman Marlena
                     Fisher said.
                          Another aspect of the Twilight series that made it such an
                     easy story to get into is the many different, yet equally intriguing,
                     supporting characters. Some of the more popular characters are
                     Jacob Black, Charlie Swan, Carlisle, Alice, Esme and Emmet Cullen,
                     Rosalie and Jasper Hale, and James and Victoria.
                          As readers enter further into the series, the characters continue
                     to grow and change. “My favorite character is Edward because he’s
                     so intriguing and I would get so caught up in him,” Schultz said. On
                     the other hand, junior Alissa Rendon finds that a different character
24 | DECEMBER 2008
  Phenomenon                                                                                             By Angelika Villafuerte

appeals to her. “I like Jacob when he’s           show. Unfortunately, she found that the          was probably hard for them, since the book
being fun and sarcastic. He adds a lot of         movie she was so eagerly awaiting left her       is so widely read, but their performances
much needed humor to the melodrama,”              disappointed. “I saw it, but didn’t like it,”    fell very short of my expectations,” Duffy
she said                                          she said. “The serious scenes were really        said.
     After Twilight was published, fans           corny and made people laugh.”                         No matter what people’s opinion
were fortunate enough to continue reading              Stores sold promotional items such as       happens to be on the movie, most fans seem
Edward and Bella’s story in the other three       T-shirts, key chains, posters, and more to       to share the thought that the book is much
novels Meyer wrote, New Moon, Eclipse,            ready the fans for the upcoming film. The         better. “The movie fails in comparison,”
and Breaking Dawn. “My favorite is                movie made about $70.6 million in just the       said Rendon. “A lot of the actors did not
Twilight because I feel that it has the most      opening weekend, and now that it has been        fit the characters and I think people who
interesting plot. My least favorite is New        out for a few weeks, it’s left many with         read the book entered with unreachable
Moon,” junior Jenna Dornak, who read              split opinions on the movie.                     expectations for the movie.”
the entire series, said.                               “They left a lot of parts out and changed        Most people agree that the book
     On Nov. 21, the movie Twilight, based        them so they didn’t match the book at all,”      provides better detail and does a better job
on the novel and directed by Catherine            sophomore Aley Brajkovic said. “But I            at depicting the story. “It’s more interesting,
Hardwick, opened in theaters. It stars            loved all the actors, just not the guy who       and gives you a better sense of what the
Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert               played Edward. He was awful!”                    relationship between Edward and Bella is
Pattinson as Edward. Some popular                      Brajkovic isn’t the only one either who     like,” Duffy said.
supporting actors include Cam Gigandet            thinks Pattinson failed to meet the high              With the popularity that Twilight has
as bad vampire James, Taylor Lautner as           expectations of playing Edward Cullen. In        received over the few past years, and the
friendly Jacob, and Kellan Lutz as hilarious      fact, most people who read the book and          anticipation of more films in the future, it
big brother Emmet. Fans everywhere had            then saw the movie found that Edward and         has become the new Harry Potter for teens
been anticipating the day that the movie          Bella, the two main characters in the novel,     and young adults alike.
came out for months.                              were their least favorite characters in the           “Twilight again. Another ending. No
     Senior Kristen Duffy went to go see          movie. “I liked almost everyone except for       matter how perfect the day is, it always has
Twilight right away during the midnight           Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. It         to end.” - Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

                     Who’s your favorite character?
           Jasper Hale                                                            Edward Cullen
    “He’s got a cool personality.                                           “He portrays his character very
    He’s quiet and he doesn’t go                                            well and he is just super hot!”
    out seeking for attention. I love
    that he’s easy going when he’s
    not ghting the urge to kill.”
          Aley Brajkovic ‘11                                                       Audra Lisowski ‘10

                                               Jacob Black                                                             Alice Cullen
                                        “He has a good reason for every-                                        “Alice is just amazing! Besides
                                        thing he does and he loves Bella                                        the fact that she can see the
                                        and takes care of his family and                                        future, she’s bubbly and crazy
                                        Edward. He’s just a great friend                                        and has the best fashion sense
                                        to everyone.”                                                           out of all the Cullens.”
                                                 Ina Petrov ‘12                                                          Elle Bunker ‘11

                                                                                                                   PIONEER OUTLOOK | 25
                         Warm up over this winter
                         break with a bowl of some
                         hot, savory soup.
                         By: Amy Stasik

         Zesty Cheeseburger Soup

                                                                                     Broccoli Potato Soup
2 lbs. ground beef
1 medium onion, chopped
Salt, pepper and garlic powder
1-½ cups cubed peeled potatoes
1-½ cups water                                                          2 cups fresh broccoli florets
15-¼ oz. can whole kernel corn, drained                                 1 small onion, thinly sliced
14-3/4 oz. can cream-style corn                                         1 tbsp butter
11 oz. can condensed cheddar cheese soup, undiluted                     10-3/4 oz. can condensed cream of potato soup, undiluted
10-3/4 oz. can condensed cream of asparagus soup, undiluted             1 cup milk
10-3/4 oz. can condensed cream of mushroom soup, undiluted              ½ cup water
10 oz. can diced tomatoes and green chilies                             3/4 tsp minced fresh basil or ¼ tsp dried basil
2 cups half-and-half cream                                              ¼ tsp pepper
     In a soup kettle, cook beef, onion, salt, pepper and garlic        1/3 cup shredded cheddar cheese
powder over medium heat until meat is no longer pink; drain.
                                                                                     In a large saucepan, saute broccoli and onion in
   Add potatoes and water; bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover
                                                                                butter until tender. Stir in soup, milk, water, basil and
and simmer for 15-20 mins. or until the potatoes are tender.
                                                                                pepper; heat throughly. Add cheese; stir until melted.
Add the corn, soups and tomatoes; mix well. Bring to a boil.
Reduce heat. Stir in cream; heat through but do not boil.

                                        French Onion Soup

                                                     In a large saucepan, saute onions and sugar in 3
          2 medium onions, chopped              tablespoons of butter until golden brown. Stir in the
          1 tsp. sugar                          flour, pepper and nutmeg until blended. Gradually stir in
          6 tbsp. butter, divided               broth. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 mins. Reduce
          1 tbsp. all-purpose flour              heat; cover and simmer for 30 mins. Stir in the Parmesan
          1/8 teaspoon pepper                                                                                  Recipes courtesy of
                                                cheese.                                                        Taste of Home.
          Dash ground nutmeg                       Meanwhile, in a large skillet, melt remaining butter;       Visit
          2-½ cups beef or vegetable broth      add bread. Cook until golden brown on both sides. Ladle for
          2 tbsp. grated Parmesan cheese                                                                       more great recipes.
                                                soup into two oven-proof bowls. Place a slice of cheese in
          2 slices French bread (1 in. thick)   each bowl; top with bread and remaining cheese. Bake at
          4 slices provolone cheese             375° for 10 mins. or until the cheese is bubbly.

26 | DECEMBER 2008
          NFL players are getting penalized and fined for causing excesesive contact
          on quarterbacks,come on now isn’t this football.By Cordney Wren


                 elmets, cleats, and pads are used to protect players      mann said.
                 in the NFL,but lately it seems that a little yellow             Fellow players in the NFL have expressed their feelings on all
                 flag protects players too. Is this flag protecting the      of the late hits that have been called, including Pittsburgh Steel-
                 players to much and hurting the possible outcome          ers strong safety Troy Polamalu. “I think regarding the evolution
                 of the game?                                              of football, it’s becoming more and more flag football, two-hand
                      The NFL is trying to protect the players from        touch,” Polamalu said in a article on “We’ve really lost
                 injuries and possibly ending each other’s career,         the essence of what real American football is about. I think it’s
but when players are getting fined unnecessarily, it makes fans re-         probably all about money. They’re not really concerned about
ally annoyed watching the games, and while fining players when              safety,” Polamalu said.
hitting helmet to helmet is understandable situation because of                  Hitting and contact are a part of the game of football, and fans
how dangerous that can be to players, some fans think the league is        are tired of seeing their favorite athletes and teams being fined and
going to far. “The NFL is becoming softer and too paranoid when            penalized for these nonsense calls.
quarterbacks are being hit. That takes the fun out of the game,”                 “Watching football nowadays is becoming less fun because of
sophomore Dominic Schwabe said.                                            all the calls that are being made to protect players,” senior Timmy
     Several players have been fined for hits, including Vikings De-        Lutzen said. “I wish it was how it used to be back in the day of
fensive end Jared Allen, who was fined $50,000 for late hits on QB          hard hitting and physical plays.”
Matt Schaub of the Houston Texans. Allen was rushing Schaub and
attempted a diving tackle as an offensive linemen was pushing him
to the ground. As this happened, Allen fell into Schaub’s knee.
     When athletes are playing football, even in the days of playing
                                                                                               Q&A               With Varsity Football
                                                                                                                 Coach Rob Stoltz
pee wee football, they are taught to go as fast as they can, so they
can’t stop in time to avoid the other player. “Playing quarterback I
have seen the benefits of this rule in high school and the downfall,
but in all as a quarterback I feel most of these calls are a little out-    Q: How do you feel about all of the fines that are being placed
rageous,” senior Christopher Ridgway said.                                  on NFL athletes?
     Fans may recall when Allen hit Packers QB Aaron Rodgers                A: The fines are ridiculous that players are receiving, but as a
and was flagged with roughing the passer. Many fans felt that                coach I can see how they’re trying to protect players.
it was totally bogus. If Allen chooses to go slower and Rodgers             Q: You played football, can you explain how hard it is for players
pumps fakes and escapes the tackle, then Allen fails at doing his           to stop or shift their momentum?
job. So the question is, where do you draw the line between what’s          A: Not going full speed is very difficult in the sport of football
legal and what’s not?                                                       because it’s a game of inches and one false step or move can
                                                                            change the outcome of the game. Also, players are taught to
     Another player in the NFL that was fined was New York Gi-
                                                                            drive through tackles, and sometimes if you don’t this players
ants Defensive End Justin Tuck. Tuck was fined $7,500 for a hit
                                                                            may break the tackle.
on Dallas quarterback Brooks Bollinger in the fourth quarter of a
                                                                            Q: Are these penalties common in high school football?
game earlier this season. Tuck made contact with Bollinger as he
                                                                            A: No, because in high school players can’t afford to make mis-
was releasing the ball and the fine was for using his helmet, but            takes, because they will be taken out the game versus taking out
fans could clearly see that it was a textbook tackle. “As a defensive       a guy you pay millions and is the star of your franchise.
lineman I can feel for players like Allen and Tuck. Trying to stop
your momentum is very difficult in football,” senior Lucas Pohl-

                                                                                                                 PIONEER OUTLOOK | 27
 St u d e nt S pot l i g ht:
                                                                                                   Erin Connell
By Justin Dunlap

  Connell started swimming competitively
when she was nine years old. She has been on
the varsity team for three years and this year she
finished tenth in the 100m freestyle at the State
swim meet. “Swimming is basically my life and
I don’t know anything different,” she said. She
hopes to continue swimming in college.
  “Erin will be successful at whatever she puts
her mind to,” science teacher and swim coach
John Wilkinson said. “She is an incredibly
talented individual, both in the classroom and
in the pool.”
                                                         Erin Connell

                                                                                    Connell is a member of the GHS Marching
                                                                                  Band and plays the snare drum in the drumline.
                                                                                  She has been playing percussion since the fifth
                                                                                  grade. “I like it because it makes a lot of noise
                                                                                  and it’s fun to play,” she said.
                                                                                    She is proud to have been a part of the
                                                                                  state championship team the past three years.
                                                                                  “Winning state has been by far my best memory
                                                                                  of being in the band,” she said. “Having won
                                                                                  three years in a row has been amazing.”
 Erin Connell, Mark Liederbach, Angela Fuller, John McAdams, Zach Hogan

  Not only is Connell an outstanding swimmer
and member of the band, but she is also
involved in many organizations throughout the
school. She is a member of National Honor
Society, Student Council, and Service Club.
“I joined Student Council and Service Club
because I love to help the people at GHS and
in my community,” she said.
  After high school, she hopes to attend
St. Norbert College and study elementary
education. “I would like to teach kindergarten,
first, or second grade,” she said.
                                                         Erin Connell, Ashlyn Potterton, Chelsea Giesige, Emily Mattice, Kaelyn Hogan

28 | DECEMBER 2008
How do you feel the
 team will do as a
     whole or
                                                Team of the Month: Wrestling Team 2008
                                                                                                                     By Jenn Marolt

                                                here’s the entertainment industry’s idea     Currently, there are no girls that participate,
                “We have some                   of wrestling with the WWE Smackdown          although across the country the numbers are
                 very strong                    on TV, and then there’s high school          increasing. “We, as a team, are currently a part of
                 individuals                    and college wrestling, which can be          Division one in the Woodland conference,” junior
                  last year who                 traced back 15,000 years. This style of      Eric Schuerman said.
                   should good     wrestling is called Greco-roman wrestling, which               GHS is currently combined with St. Thomas
                  this season.”    is seen as the most underrated sport by many and          More for the third year in a row. “Being a fourth-
            - Matt Wilson 09       has been around for the longest time. This month          year senior I understand how things work with
                                   we feature the GHS wrestling team and the men             St. Thomas More. They come here to practice
                                   that dedicate themselves to this ancient tradition.       at around 4 p.m, which is now located in the old
                                        Senior John Battikha thinks that wrestling is a      weight room, which becomes quite crowded with
                                   highly underrated sport which is 90 percent mental        all of us together,” Battikha said.
                                   and 10 percent physical. As in any sport, there is             The team has an inspirational quote that they
“We have                           a good deal of training involved, and in wrestling        say to motivate them before every meet, “First
many more                          there’s long weekend tournaments, which typically         round is all skill, second round is all endurance
seniors this                       can last over 12 hours in a single day, which makes       and the third round is all heart.” “Wrestling overall
year so I                          the process seem a lot longer. “I feel that it’s one of   is a one-on-one sport where your teammates can’t
expect us to                       the hardest sports, and it really keeps you ripped,”      help or hide your mistakes,” Battikha said. “It is
have a strong                      senior Jared Hinsenkamp said.                             one of the only sports where you can rely only on
team. I am also confident that            Wrestling is a sport in which one contestant        yourself even though you are on a team. When you
some will go to state.”            competes with another using a variety of techniques       are on the mat it is you and the opponent only.”
 - Matt Miller 09                  and holds to score points. The terms pin, take                 The wrestling team has been in three meets
                                   downs, reversals and falls all relate to scoring.         and one invite. Suffering a loss in the first meet
                                   There is individual scoring and these points help         against New Berlin West. Although they lost, the
                  “We have         add up for the team.                                      team did well, including Battikha, Wulz, Miller,
                  many strong            There are also 16 weight classes to compete         and Hinsenkamp. For the second meet against
                   members I am    in, the lightest being 103 pounds and 285 being           New Berlin Eisenhower, the team went for their
                   hoping that     the heaviest. Competition happens in rounds and           first season win, scoring 39 points as a team.
                   a few of us     is judged by a referee. This year there are five                Then finally their most recent meet was against
                   will have the   seniors, Matt Miller, Hinsenkamp, Jordan Wulz,            Pewaukee, where they had another unfortunate
opportunity to go to state.”       Battikha, and Matt Wilson. Battikha feels these           loss, but Wulz won his match with a pin.
 - John Battikha 09                seniors will lead the team to a successful season.             The members have high hopes for this
                                   “We want to get first place conference titles,             season.“Overall, I expect us to push ourselves as
                                   and I personally want to beat Josh Mohr from              hard as we can, and become better than when we
                                   Pewaukee,” he said.                                       started as the season continues,” Erdman said.
                                         Wilson has similar thoughts. “Working hard
“I am hoping to
                                   during practice will hopefully pay off in the end
get a winning
                                   for a good season,” he said.
record and I
                                         Junior Erick Erdman feels that each team
also hope be
                                   member gives it his all. “We are always improving,
able to go to
                                   and we are trying to break our limits. As individuals
                                   there is a lot of potential in our team that just needs
- Jordan Wulz 09
                                   a little bit more improvement,” he said.
                                         There are about 20 athletes who compete on                     Wrestling Team 2008
                                   the wrestling team at the various weight classes.         Photos courtesy of LifeTouch

                                                                                                                   PIONEER OUTLOOK | 29
                                                counter point   with Alex Merg and Cordney Wren
                                              Proudly bringing           like he is, no one can beat them on any given night.
                                             you    the   best           A: The Indiana Pacers did, same with the Nuggets.
                                           in quality, semi-                       Michael Vick Shot at Redemption
                                         informed        sports          A: After hearing about Michael Vick wanting to make a return
                                       banter since October              to the NFL after he serves his prison sentence, I thought he was
                                    2005.                                crazy. After thinking a little more about it, I still think he’s crazy
                                                                         because he wasn’t that great of a quarterback to begin with. With a
We’d like to send out a warning to all you “fans” who do not re-
                                                                         career quarterback rating of 75.7, Vick was nothing special in my
ligiously follow the world of sports, this may seem like a foreign
                                                                         eyes. His talent is obviously phenomenal, but after spending jail
language to you.
                                                                         time and through aging, Vick will more than likely lose some of
    Giants Without Plax: Better or Worse?                                his blinding speed that was the only good thing he possessed as a
A: In case you haven’t watched any sports television in the past         quarterback. Besides the fact that Vick’s skills won’t be the same,
week (you still probably have heard somehow), Plaxico Burress            he’ll likely be on a mediocre team looking for a quarterback. All in
is officially out for the rest of the year because of a Chedda Bob-       all, I don’t think Vick was ever that good of a quarterback and with
esque moment where he accidently shot himself in the leg with his        the extensive layoff, he’ll be worse.
own gun. With Burress gone, I believe it’s a blessing in disguise for    C: I’m not saying he will be a Pro Bowl quarterback when he
a Giants team with its eyes on another Super Bowl victory. Besides       comes back, but in a few years of returning I think he will be a
the fact that Plaxico Burress is a huge distraction for the team, his    key starter in the NFL. There are also so many teams who need a
selfish attitude and inconsistency in games hurt the Giants. Yes, I       quarterback and he is also big playmaker.
know that when he wants to be, Plax is one of the best receivers in
the NFL, and the Giants will miss his big play capability. However,
I believe Plaxico Buress hurts the Giants with his antics more than
                                                                                            Test Of Knowledge
                                                                         The winner of last month’s question is Travis Kahl, who correctly
he helps them at wide receiver.
                                                                         said first that Mike Conley was the high school teammate of Greg
C: I understand Burress has caused a lot of distraction on the
team, but I feel that the Giants will not be as good with him versus
                                                                         The ultimate loser is Becky Simonson, who said Steve Nash (he’s
without him. With Burress out, it puts more pressure on Eli who I
                                                                         from Canada) played high school basketball with Greg Oden (Nash
feel isn’t as good as people think. Burress, who drew double teams,
                                                                         is 14 years older).
is no longer there preventing teams from loading more guys in the
box to stop the Giants rushing attack. I had the Giants as my Super
                                                                         As a red-shirt freshman, Michael Vick led Virginia Tech to an
Bowl winners in the previous issue, but since this incident, I have
                                                                         undefeated record before losing to who in the 2000 National
changed my pick to the Carolina Panthers and my sleeper team:
                                                                         Championship game?
Baltimore Ravens.
                      Who’s the Best?
A: About a month and a half into the NBA season, the contenders
stick out like the hair on Scott Skiles’ head. The Boston Celtics,                               The Forecast
Los Angeles Lakers, and Cleveland Cavaliers are the clear cut
favorites to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy, but who right now is the
                                                                            And the winner is...               Cordney Alex
best team in the league? To answer my own question, I’d have to          BIG 12                                OU         Texas
go with the Cavaliers not because of LBJ, but because of everyone        BIG EAST                              Louisville Pitt
else. Mo Williams has produced for the Cavs and if Delonte North
can keep up his 48 percent field goal percentage, the Cavs have the
                                                                         BIG TEN                               Purdue MSU
point guard, the bigs, and the superstar to win the title (don’t sleep   ACC                                   UNC        UNC
on my Rockets though because like I said last issue, all they have       PAC 10                                ASU        UCLA
to do is get into the playoffs and get in healthy and they’re instant
contenders).                                                             NATIONAL CHAMPS                       UNC/UL UCONN
C: Is this truly a difficult question? The Boston Celtics are the         POY                                   CURRY GRIFFIN
best team in the NBA. Lakers and Cavs are good, but come on
now. Celtics have the best record, defending champs, and are on a
12-game winning streak. Last but not least, when Rondo is playing
30 | DECEMBER 2008
Beyond the Arc
 Enough Stephen Curry Already!!!!                                               with alex merg

                earing the raspy and overdramatic voice of Dickey        shot 38 percent from the floor and 31 percent from deep against the
                V signals that time again. The time where pointless      big boys. Along with sub par shooting percentages, Curry average
                BCS debates and the meaningless NBA month of             more turnovers than assists against these teams as well (3.5 assists,
                November can be finally ignored. The time when            4.3 turnovers), including an eight turnover, two assist game against
                Doug Gottlieb somehow rips on every single               the Dukies.
basketball player in the nation. The time where you can count on              Now don’t get me wrong, Curry can play and I think he’ll end
there being a great game on TV every single day untill April 4th (just   up being a decent NBA player, but there is no way this guy close to
in time for the NBA Playoffs). It’s time for college basketball.         Blake Griffin or even Tyler Hansbrough. In fact, a forgotten Duke
      I realize it’s December and teams are only halfway through         slayer in his own right, Eric Maynor of VCU is better than Stephen
their non-conference schedule, but the media is already driving me       Curry. Haven’t heard of Eric Maynor? Just think back to that first
crazy. I’m not talking about the great analysts like Bill Raffetery,     round upset of Duke when, as a sophomore, Eric Maynor torched
Jay Bilas, and Dick Vitale, I’m talking about the overall media.         the Blue Devils for 22 points and 8 assists, including the game-
The guys who have already anointed North Carolina as NCAA                winning jumper. While leading a talented VCU squad this year,
Champions, and the guys who think Stephen Curry is God’s gift to         Maynor is more efficient, while being just as explosive of a scorer.
basketball. Add all of the talk about how great the Big East is and      For example, Maynor is averaging 24 PPG and 6 APG, while
you have a trio of already overused sports stories of this season.       shooting 53 percent from the floor and 44 percent from downtown.
To make matters worse, the media is right about only one of these        Compare this to Curry’s 46 percent field goal percentage and 36
topics, and it’s not Stephen Curry.                                      percent from behind the arc. Maynor also shows he can put up big
     First off let me say this, Stephen Curry can play and there’s       numbers like Curry by hitting for 35 against Vanderbilt on only 20
no doubt the kid can shoot. All this Curry hype by the media,            shots (take some notes Stephen, that’s efficiency against a solid
however, has made it official to me. Stephen Curry is overrated.          opponent).
He’s not the type of guy who’s overrated because he’s just not good           Enough with the comparison, I’m just trying to point out
at all, he’s overrated because the media and opposing coaches are        that Curry is human, and there are players like him playing at
bowing down to Stephen Curry like he’s LeBron James. No, I’m             mid majors. The media is so busy hyping up Stephen Curry to be
not just ranting because I’m still bitter about the Badgers losing to    something he’s not that they miss out on a phenomenal college
Davidson in the Sweet 16 last year, it’s just my opinion, and here’s     basketball player for 3 years at VCU. Speaking of media hype...
why.                                                                          On to another topic that’s getting on my last nerve. “North
     One of the things that has been bugging me recently is              Carolina will cruise to another national title.” Once again, not
Curry’s game vs West Virginia a week or so ago. Playing in the           so fast. North Carolina has everything it takes to win a title, but
Madison Square Garden against a depleted West Virginia squad,
Curry led Davidson to victory with an unbelievable 27 points and
10 assists!!! Way to go Stephen, you’re amazing!!! Not so fast.
                                                                         “In fact, a forgotten Duke slayer
With Curry’s impressive 10 assists came a whopping 8 turnovers
(the Badgers average 10 per game as a team). Add that to the fact
                                                                         in his own right, Eric Maynor of
that Curry had to take 27 shots to get his 27 tells me he wasn’t
efficient, at all. While being excused of basically every turnover
                                                                         VCU, is better than Curry.”
by the analysts, Curry was praised for leading his team to a victory
down the stretch (West Virginia’s best defender was hurt, along          I’m just not seeing it. Wayne Ellington is the master at choking,
with their leading scorer). Take any decent shooter in the country       while the lack of three point prowess will catch up to UNC in
and give him freedom to take 27 shots and I guarantee you that           the end.And anyways, the Big East teams will beat each other up
he’ll get 27 points. You may be sensing some anger at this point,        all year, only to send 5 teams to the final four with UConn, Pitt,
bear with me.                                                            Lousiville or Notre Dame winning the title. Just look at the pattern,
     In order to further prove my point, I went the extra mile and       the last three titles have gone to teams who lock up on defense
compiled some of Curry’s stats. By elimanting cupcakes like              (Kansas, Florida), and when UNC won it in 2005, they had lock
Guilford, Emory, JMU, Loyola (MD), etc (plenty of cupcakes on            down defenders in Jackie Manuel, Jawad Williams and Sean May.
their schedule), I took some of Curry’s stats vs. big time programs      I don’t see any lock down defenders this year for Carolina, and the
from last year and this year and found very predictable results.         first team able to slow the temp vs UNC will beat UNC.
Curry’s regular season stats vs. Duke, North Carolina, UCLA, NC               So the next time you see Stephen Curry or UNC on TV, don’t
State, Oklahoma, and West Virginia were alarmingly average. “The         buy into the media hype, or at least make sure they earn it because
best shooter in America,” according to seemingly the entire nation,      in my eyes, neither has yet.

                                                                                                               PIONEER OUTLOOK | 31

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