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 Series 2009 Vol. 3 No. 5                                                                               January - June 2009
RPI Insider is the
most effective in-
                        Raquel Accepts PSP and Digicam    by Cristopher C. Ramos
strument where           Raquel Pawnshop, gets for pawning in some with them. Furthermore, What’s Inside….
                                                                                                            Editorial        ……2
the company, em- Inc. expanded its ser- selected Manila, Laguna, RPI accepts Sony, Olym-
ployees and cus- vices to customers and Rizal Branches and pus, Nikon and Canon Message from
tomers can com- by accepting new eventually in all RPI digital cameras with 6 or                              the Board … … 2

municate.            items – Sony PSP branches before the third                  higher – mega pixel reso- News             … … 3–4
                     and digital cameras.        quarter of the year ends. lutions.         Charger and Feature             ……5
MISSION:                                              Customers can now memory card are also How to become a Smart
                         Last June 22, 2009, pawn their PSP 1000, pre-requisites in pawning Worker
RPI Insider’s mis-
                     aside from jewelry and 2000 or 3000 provided a digicam. True to their Photonews
sion is to maintain                                                                                                             … 6 –7
                     cell phones, RPI started that they have their words, RPI is really
the     company’s accepting the 2 new gad-                                                                  Literary           …… 8
culture through                                  charger and memory card “Kaagapay sa Oras ng Customer Corner: 9
                                                                                 Pangangailangan.”          Kapus sa Budget
the enhancement
of its image and to
create awareness
                        2 Insurance Claims, Ipinagkaloob ng RPI                                             Balatkayong Katauhan 9
                                                                                                            Opinion:         … … 10
                                           ni Katherine R. Aranilla
in the pawning                Dalawa pang Noong ika-6 ng Marso, kahalaga ng P30,000.00.                     No Aydi , No Entri
industry by advo- suki ng Raquel Pawn- 2009 ay ipinagkaloob ng Namatay ang kanyang Marketing Ad … … 11
cating its unique shop, Inc. ang pinagka- Zamora Branch, Lucena asawa na si Gng.
                                                                                                            Thoughts to
motto, “Kaagapay looban ng Insurance City kay G. Maximiano Lourdes Cagas, 64 na                                        Ponder…. 12
sa Oras ng Pan- Claim sa magkahiwalay Cagas ang ika-4 na in- taong gulang, naninira-
gangailangan”        na aksidente.                surance claim na nagka- han sa Sitio Lawis, Brgy. Opportunities… … 12
                                                                                   Talipan, Pagbilao Que-

HRM Joins 2 Major Job Fairs
                       by: Hazel C. Caballes
                                                                                   zon, nang mabundol ng (sundan sa pahina 4)

         Human Resource             was held nationwide in all
Management (HRM) of                 participating Shoe Mart
Raquel Pawnshop, Inc.               Malls (SM) in observance
(RPI) joined “Job-a-                of Labor Day last May 1,
palooza ‟09” at 3rd floor,          2009.
SMX Convention Center,                       HRM also joined
Pasay City. With the theme          “Kalayaan 2009 Job Fair”
"Tayo Na, Trabaho Na", it           in Plaza San Lorenzo Ruis,
was participated by 830             Rizal Park, Manila last
employers including RPI             June 13, 2009. It was a
offering a total of 45,776          three-day job and liveli-
local employment and 847            hood fair which was held in
recruitment agencies offer-         19 cities nationwide as part
ing a total of 173,204 job          of this year‟s celebration of
                                                                     Si Ate Raquel (sa magkaibang pagkakataon) habang ipinagkakaloob ang
vacancies for overseas              the 111th anniversary of         tseke na nagkakahalaga ng P30,000.00 sa kaanak ng ating customer mula
work. “Job-a-palooza „09”           (continue on page 4              sa Zamora Branch (kaliwa) at P90,0000.00 mula sa Sariaya Branch (kanan)
       Editorial                                                                                         Page 2

    Change in Leadership
       We had seen more than enough in the
evolution of Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. - its
systematization,   branch      and     product
expansion, employees' training and all. But its
growth doesn't end there. Recently, another
change has taken place - a new president was
      Unlike the political setting in the country,
change such as this doesn't entail speculation.
Instead, it paves way to have a more
progressive company. New president means
new leadership. New leadership creates new
perspectives.                                        MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD
       It could not be denied that the previous                For this issue, we have decided to talk about the com-
leader really did a good job. Under his              mon deterrent for us to achieve productivity not just in the work-
command, the company had leaped that far.            place or the comforts of our home, but in all aspects of life, that
Enhanced employees’ competencies, branches           is STRESS.
that had been more than doubled and                            Stress is not exclusive to adults, a baby crying is a sign
increased manpower are just few of his               that she/he is stressed about something, may it be hunger or toy.
accomplishments.                                     Children throwing tantrums and yelling is another sign that the
                                                     child is anxious. We can easily see the manifestation of stress in
      Though there might be some employees
                                                     children because they are more expressive.
who have the tendency to be skeptical in such
                                                               Stress may come from work, family, finances, relation-
change due to status quo, however, there are
even more employees who are expecting more           ship, personal success or fulfillment. Depending on how we deal
development and a more competitive company.          with it, stress can lead to other, more serious physical and men-
Change in leadership can meet these                  tal health problems. When challenges arise, let us not despair.
expectations.                                        There are variety of simple, yet healthy ways of coping and mov-
                                                     ing forward.
       The new leader shall not just continue
                                                     Here are some tips from mental health experts for coping with our
what the company has started. She shall lead         everyday challenges;
us to even a greater height, farther horizon and     *PLAN AHEAD. Think of your options and possible scenarios.
wider arena. The new president might face            Lay out your what if‟s and your possible action plan. Having a
problem after problem in doing so. The support
                                                     plan to deal with whatever the issue makes you feel less vulner-
coming from her subordinates plays a vital cog
                                                     able, the worst kind of stress is when you feel you have no con-
to achieve the company’s goal.
       With so many challenges to be dealt,          *TALK IT OUT. Never worry alone. Confide with your family or
one thing is for sure, the change in leadership      close friends and brainstorm solutions for your troubles with them.
should be the catalyst to a unified goal – the       They can help you focus on what you can do and see what has
goal of Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. where it wanted        worked for others.
to be.                                                               ….. continue of page 4
       News                                                                                                          Page 3
                                                                                                                      Page 3
RPI Holds 2nd Modified Company Summer Olympics,
          Green Team is the Champion                                                                     by Mhiles D. Acabado

         "All work and no play were having their registration, re-                          done in certain activities and how they
makes Jack a dull boy" - This is a       spective Team Leaders started to                   can relate those in their work setting.
quote which almost everyone is fa- gather their team members to prac-                       Opinions were exchanged as to which
miliar with and is particularly true for tice for their Team Cheer.                         one had their adrenaline flowing. In
employees who are always facing                    Immediately after the parade             the end, Green Team emerged as
deadlines and are under constant of colors of Yellow, Green, Blue and                       overall winner. Other awards were
                                                                                            also cited for each team; Yellow Team
pressure. Somehow, there is always White Team which was headed by
                                         the current Mr. and Ms. RPI Sweet-                 – Best in Summer Outfit; Blue Team –
a certain amount of
                                                                                                                Most Active; White
stress in any work-                                                                                             Team – Most Atten-
place around the                                                                                                tive; and Green
globe .                                                                                                         Team – Best in
         Everybody                                                                                              Teamwork. Mr. Allan
deserves a break once                                                                                           R. Tadiosa was de-
in a while. So to com-                                                                                          clared as Mr. Sum-
bat stress at work,                                                                                             mer Company Olym-
Raquel Pawnshop,                                                                                                pics 2009.
Inc. (RPI) organizes                                                                                                     How can we
fun activities outside                                                                                          forget the inspiring
the office every year to                                                                                        messages from our
unwind and have a                                                                                               Bosses?       They‟ve
nice, relaxing break                                                                                            congratulated each
from daily busy rou-                                                                                            team for the nice
tines as well as to                                                                                             showing they‟ve had
build and strengthen Mr. Marlon Alcoreza and Ms. Dizzalyn Renegado, the current Mr. and Ms. Raquel Sweet- and of course the
employee relations. hearts, while holding the banner as they wait for other employees for the parade of colors. organizing commit-
Relationships are the                                                                                           tee for a job – well –
fundamental building blocks upon         seven in the morning. While others                                     done and for having
which communication, cooperation hearts, they presented their brilliant                     another successful company activity.
and collaboration are established. It team cheer. The President of RPI                                Free flowing activities were
                                                                                            done after lunch. Some enjoyed swim-
also provides a wonderful opportu- delivered his opening message and
                                                                                            ming on the beach, other had boat
nity to let employees bond together formally opened the summer olympics
                                                                                            riding, some played basketball and
and experience to get to know one for 2009. Mr. Richard Ong of IT Dept.
                                         headed the lighting of the torch.                  volleyball, and others decided to min-
another further.                                                                            gle with fellow employees in the cot-
         This year, RPI conducted its              After a brief rest, the organiz-
                                                                                            tages while having their snacks.
second modified company summer ing committee facilitated the games                                    At around 5:00 pm, everyone
olympics along the great waves of and simulated learning exercises                          headed back to their respective ser-
the beaches in Montevista Resort in (SLE‟s). Relays, Blind Polygon, Scav-                   vices, not only leaving behind them a
Bignay II, Sariaya, Quezon last May enger's Hunt and Newspaper Shelter                      day filled with relaxation, fun, bonding,
17, 2009 with “Maging bukas – palad got everyone's attention as each team                   recreation and beach tripping, but also
                                         tried to outdo each other. Processing
sa kasamahan, maging sa trabaho                                                             bringing home a lot of fun-filled memo-
                                         of the day's activities were done after.
man, paligsahan o kasayahan” as                                                             ries, with friends to look back on (not
                                         Stories were shared about everyone's
their theme. Most employees from                                                            to mention sunburns and “memory-full”
                                         different experiences and strategies
different areas arrived as early as                                                         digicams).
          News                                                                                                                  Page 4

      HRM Joins….                                            from page 1            2 Insurance Claims…
                                                                                                      mula sa pahina 1
Philippine Independence.             first day of the three-day
         Raquel Pawnshop             event which was dubbed                 isang motorsiklo. Nangyari         para magpagamot subalit
was proud to be only pawn-           “Kalayaan 2009 Mega Job                ang aksidente noong Enero          sanhi ng rabis na kumalat
shop joining the said event          and Livelihood Fair”. The              2, sa Maharlika Highway,           sa kan-yang katawan bi-
and collecting qualified ap-         second and third day of the            Brgy. Talipan, Pagbilao,           nawian din siya ng buhay
plicants who can be hired.           job fair on June 13 and 14             Quezon. Dinala ang biktima         noong Enero 26, 2009.
Labor and Employment Sec-            featured employers and re-             sa pinakamalapit na pagam-                  Lubos ang pasa-
retary Marianito D. Roque            cruitment agencies offering            utan subalit noong ika-7 ng        salamat ni Gng. Judith La-
said the participated govern-        vacancies for local and                Enero ay tuluyan na din si-        yug nang matanggap niya
ment agencies conducted              overseas employment, re-               yang binawian ng buhay             ang insurance claim na na-
the recruitment of qualified         spectively.                            dahil sa tinamo niyang             ganap sa Raquel Pawn-
applicants last June 12, the                                                sugat.                             shop – Sariaya Branch
                                                                                     Ang ika-5 na insur-       noong Hunyo 18, 2009.
                                                                            ance claim na nagkakaha-           “Alam niyo po, malaking
                                                                            laga ng P90,000, ay ipinag-        tulong po kayo sa amin kasi
                                                                            kaloob naman kay Gng. Ju-          po wala po akong trabaho,
                                                                            dith Layug, naninirahan sa         sa bahay lang po ako.
                                                                            Brgy. Balubal, Sariaya, Que-       Noong buhay pa ang asawa
                                                                            zon. Noong ika-17 ng               ko siya lahat ang nadiskarte
                                                                            Agosto 2008 ng gabi, ang           sa pamumuhay namin.
                                                                            kanyang asawa na si G.             „Yong natanggap ko po ay
                                                                            Arnold Layug, 32 taong gu-         idadagdag ko bilang puhu-
                                                                            lang, ay bumabiyahe sakay          nan sa naiwang negosyo ng
                                                                            sa kanyang motorsiklo ga-          aking asawa. Salamat po.”
                                                                            ling sa kanilang bahay             sambit ng may-bahay ng
                                                                            patungong bayan. Habang            yumao.
Ms. Richelle T. Rojas and Ms. Hazel C. Caballes of Human Resource Manage-
ment (HRM), as they conduct paper screen and interview of some applicants
                                                                            binabagtas ng biktima ang                   May mga pang-
during the job fair at SMX Convention Center.                               Versatile Sudbivision sa           yayaring hindi maiiwasan
                                                                            Brgy. Mamala 2 ng nasa-            tulad ng aksidente. Malak-
               MESSAGE ...                     from page 2                  bing bayan, bigla na la-           ing tulong para sa mga suki
*GET A REALITY CHECK. Make sure you know all the facts                      mang itong kinagat ng aso          ng Raquel ang ibinibigay
and you are not worrying based on misinformation or rumors                  sa kanyang paa. Marami             nitong benepisyo sa
and gossip.                                                                 siyang napuntahang ospital         pamamagitan ng insurance.
*LIVE A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Eating right and getting regular
physical exercise can go along way in relieving daily stress.
                                                                                     Many people are feeling stressed by the news of the
*REFLECT ON YOUR SITUATION. Ask yourself how you got to
                                                                            day and the challenges of modern life. But you can prevent
that situation. Accept the mistakes and wrong decisions you
                                                                            family and workplace stresses from taking their toll on you if you
have made. Figure out where you are right now, and work out
                                                                            follow simple, yet healthy ways of coping. Most importantly,
what to do next.
                                                                            communicate with those who can help you.
*FIND FAITH. Studies have shown that daily prayer and/or                             Relationship and constant communication with your
meditation can be a major stress reducer.                                   loved ones or persons you trust most is very important. Be-
*SEEK OUT PROFESSIONALS. Accountants or bank people                         cause you always come up with better ideas and you will feel
can help you with money matters. A counselor or pastor or                   more balanced if you hold onto relationships and make sure
priest can help you with moral and emotional issues.                        you talk about what‟s on your mind.
       Feature                                                                                         Page 5
                                HARD WORKERS ARE PASSÉ
         How to Become a Smart Worker
 Proof: job advertisements have long ago deleted „hardworking‟ as a qualification for job applicants
         It used to be that a worker slaved away in the office to get things done, get noticed and eventually
 get promoted. It used to be that the ideal worker was one who dedicated his entire life to the company, rises
 through the ranks, retires and enjoys his pension. Never mind if he missed living his life in the process, rea-
 soning that enjoyment will commence only at retirement.
         It was a work – life pattern entrenched by the industrial age.
         The hard worker is now a relic, a reminder of a predicable past. The modern economy has rendered
 hard workers irrelevant. The knowledge economy, characterized by breakneck competition and ever – shift-
 ing fortunes, has spawned smart workers. Here’s how to be a smart worker:

T                                      G
         eam up. Vanish your inse-               et connected. Smart through a conversation where you
         curities. A smart worker is             workers are not chained casually “brain share” vital infor-
         confident enough to share               to their desks. They go mation.

what he knows and to solicit other out and meet
people’s in-                           people.                                           expec-
sight. His dy-                         Don’t be a
namism       to                        parasitic net-                        tations.      Smart
work      inde-                        worker. Pro-                          workers perform
pendently and                          actively offer help. Join industry e- and oftentimes ex-
in a group                             groups and professional associa- ceed the responsi-
helps      him                         tions. Do not merely lurk in the bilities detailed in
accomplish                             shadows. Offer something useful – their job profiles. But they do not
his goals. His drive and people volunteer to organize events, be a say yes to every demand. Do not
skills fuel his chemistry with oth- resource person, share opportuni- over commit because it will only
ers. For a smart worker, asking for ties. The smart worker is not iso- result in stress and underperfor-
help is not a sign of weakness but lated, he is strategically connected. mance. Be judicious in agreeing to

a badge of maturity.                            une in. While having a requests. Further, agree to ex-

         oosen up. Smart workers               master’s degree, attending   pected outputs (results) only when
         live full lives. Unleash              train-                       inputs (resources) are specified
         your hu-                      ing programs                         and adequate.
mor and practice                       and seminars                                 Smart workers are globally
distressing tech-                      and receiving                        competitive – they are at par with the
niques. They will                      guidance                             best in their fields. Best of all, they
help you manage                        from coaches                         enjoy their lives as much as they love
the demands of                         and mentors                          their work. They attract and create
work.        Smart                     are already significant steps, you   opportunities. They release success
workers do not believe in dichot-      can go even further. Of course,      pheromones that signal “I have ar-
omy of work and life but in harmo-     don’t gather intelligence just to    rived” or “I’m on my way.” Don’t
nious melding of the two. After all,   stay updated. Analyze them for       become obsolete. Be a smart worker.
how can something on which one                                              In time, job advertisements will learn
                                       possible business implications.
                                                                            to catch up.(Reference: Inquirer, Roel A.
spends an average of 40 hours a        You never know, you already im-      Andag, Job Market Column, February 17,
week be separate from life?            pressed your next employer           2008)
             Page 6
Page 6
Photo News            Page 6
RPI Company Outing-Sportsfest ‘09   Page 7
         Literary                                                                                                   Page 8

                           Means to an End                                                   by:
                                                                                             By: Adrian N. Paunil

 “The test to pursue the real achievement is through the measure of what is in the bloodline.”
          People of today wanted to            having the integrity that causes them      Perhaps even out leveling them.
become rich and famous. Yes, it is a          to do adverse works which benefits                    We are just one of those who
fact that for some, it is unseemingly         their necessities and bringing immedi-      could sight these things brought about
the vital and exclusive property to           ate satisfaction to their existing life-    by the wind of changes. No one of us
have by the most powerful, tough and          style.                                      could really tell the true being of every
nevertheless the most invincible indi-                  The temptation was so strong      man we meet. Everyone has his own
vidual to live in this world. It is one way   that even a very little piece of grain is   goal, everyone wants to become
to capture the most intangible dream          still taken into stomach. Different per-    somebody, but it is in the very nature
one could ever imagine. Satisfaction          son has their own reasons why they          of his soul, the innermost aspects that
could be mainly achieved by having            were induced in this kind of activity.      comprise his individuality that could
this vicious idea of captivating all the      Some are because of intense necessity       lead him to the contentment of his life.
luxuries this world could offer. But de-      while others are just following the         No one could measure it except for
spite of this often misunderstood real-       trend. The number of recognitions and       himself. You know, if we are about to
                                              fame has covered the ignorant mind of       start molding ourselves and making
ity, no one is born to be a well-known
                                              young people looking through and            our life so meaningful, discipline
person of fame without realizing the
                                              wanted to follow their footsteps, and       should always come. Trust in God and
very reason why he lives at this mo-
                                              the worst, even the unreal belief and       trust to ourselves are the motivating
ment of his presence.
                                              faith to the Divine Providence has been     factors. It takes 20 years to build repu-
          As we take a glance in the
                                              used. All these negative images of be-      tation but it could be ruined in just 5
mirror of today‟s world we can see a
                                              trayal, greediness, envy and the like       minutes. If we think of this, we will do
different sight, different condition and
                                              has mainly influence the rational think-    things differently. Careful to our works
different actions of people as com-           ing of man and ends up to doing man-
pared to the non-existing typical look                                                    because no matter how minute these
                                              ners which unlikely to result to lose of    actions are, it will really count a lot.
of a very meaningful and idealistic so-       friends, lose of job, lose of self-
ciety. The land of present is now cov-                                                    There are still some out there doing
                                              confidence, lose of governance of be-       the same kind of act. Today is a new
ered by thick clouds of inevitable            havioral righteousness and lose of mo-
changes brought about by the born of                                                      day for you. New hope and new
                                              rality.                                     achievements awaits you. Now that
the new races. The simple house is                      But despite of all these odds,
now becoming a big dome comprised                                                         you live a new life, try to avoid doing
                                              there are still some remaining in the       things that you think could affect and
of modernized aspects, not only the           right course of path facing the great
tangible part of it could be observed                                                     bring an undesirable consequence in
                                              storm of incessant changes. They are        the end. Let yourself committed in
but also through the internal thought of      the ones endowed with optimistic per-
each one embracing this nature of                                                         leaving a great, heroic and precious
                                              spective on the world they are into, hav-   legacy that will be admired by the next
transformation. Even the most impor-          ing strong personality, favorable behav-
tant asset of humanity, the soul, is in                                                   generation. Remember the teaching
                                              ior and enlightened with positive atti-
its way of transfiguration. No one of us                                                  about morality, even your intention on
                                              tude and inspired with the philosophical
is conscious about this little but pro-                                                   doing something is good but the
                                              virtues and values of goodness. These
found experience we are encountering                                                      method or means is bad, the pleasur-
                                              are people that in the end, achieve their
                                                                                          able end result is still derive from a
this moment.                                  ultimate goal. These are the people
                                                                                          sinful act. Also remember that the true
         It is sad to accept the fact that    who become a renowned being and
                                              achieve the perfect happiness. Thus         achievement is attained if we are gov-
at home, we can feel and experience                                                       erned with wisdom taught and shown
this kind of scenario. Some of the peo-       having them as an inspiration could tell
                                              us what to think and what to act.           to us by GOD who is always there
ple inside are not well-motivated nor                                                     watching us all the time.
          Customer’s Corner                                                                                                               Page 9

Mula sa Editor:
                               “Kapos sa Budget”                                                                ni: Joy Climaco Embanecido
                                                                                                                    124 Sampaguita St.Permarline Homes
                                                                                                                    Nangka, Marikina City

Ang sipi na nakalathala sa ibabang bahagi ng pahinang ito ay mula sa isa sa mga masusugid na tagapag tangkilik ng Raquel Pawnshop, Inc. - Marikina Branch.
Sakaling mayroon kayong orihinal na lathalain na nais ninyong ibahagi, maari itong ipadala sa rj22428@yahoo.com.

“PALAGING KAPOS SA BUDGET”                            at pakiramdam ko tuwing mag-                                 Hindi lang ako ang na-
        Ito ang karaniwang su-                        sasangla ako ay nanliliit ako.                        karanas nito, maging ang mga
liranin ng mga tao, lalo na sa                        Subalit nang makilala ko ang                          kasabayan kong mga nagsa-
pangkaraniwang      empleyado                         RAQUEL PAWNSHOP, nag-                                 sangla. Mababait ang mga
na katulad ko. Sumubok ako                            bago ang pananaw ko sa pag-                           staff nito at matiyaga nilang
sa mga pautangan na malalaki                          sasalangla. Hindi ko kailangan                        pinatutunguhan nang maayos
ang patubo at minsan ay nalu-                         mahiya sa ginagawa kong pag-                          ang mga suki nila. Maging sa
lubog na sa pagkakautang.                             sasangla. Naging bukas ang                            pagtanggap ko ng padala ga-
Kung minsan, may maririnig ka                         puso ko sa pagtanggap na ang                          ling sa aking mga mahal sa
pang mga masasakit na salita                          pagsasanla ng gamit ay                                buhay ay dito ko na rin kinu-
sa mga taong pinagkakautan-                           makakatulong ng malaki sa                             kuha ang remittance sa
gan. May isang pagkakataon,                           akin. Ganito ang pinaramdam                           pamamagitan ng Western Un-
dahil sa kapos sa pinansyal,                          sa akin ng mga empleyado                              ion.
naisipan kong isangla nalang                          (sina Jill Jimenez at Lyra                                   Masasabi ko na ang
ang aking alahas sa halip na                          Enriquez) ng RAQUEL PAWN-                             serbisyo ng RAQUEL PAWN-
mangutang sa tao na may                               SHOP Marikina Branch. Sa                              SHOP ay isa sa pinakama-
mataas na patubo.                                     kalaunan,      nakapalagayang                         husay sa ganitong laran-
                                                      loob ko ang mga empleyado                             gan.Hangad ko na nawa’y
      Marami    na    akong                           dahil sa kabaitang pinakita nila
napuntahang sanglaan sa loob                                                                                magpatuloy at mapaunlad pa
                                                      sa akin.                                              ang ganitong Serbisyo.

                                       Balatkayong Katauhan                                                                      ni: Adrian N. Paunil

          “Kung ang isalubong sa iyo‟y               aalinlangan at tunay na kaaya-aya.                    nabilangan.
masayang mukha‟t may pakitang                        Totoong sa pagtanto ng isang mang-                             Sa labas ng mundo‟y talamak
giliw, lalong pakaingata‟t kaaway na                 mang na taong walang muwang sa                        rin ang ganitong uri ng mga gawain.
lihim.” Isang aral na nagmula sa isang               katotohanan at hindi batid ang kahi-                  Umaabot pa nga sa milyon milyon
pilosopong nabuhay sa panahon ng                     naan sa likod ng mapagkunwaring                       ang kabang sangkot na unti unting
matatamang kaisipan. Yao‟y siyang                    katauhan ay bibigyan ng mataas na                     nilulustay. Tila kanser na ng lipunan
nagturo at nagpamulat sa mga mata                    pagtingin at pagkilala ang mga tao o                  na hindi na kayang lapatan pa ng
ng pinakamarurunong na taong nag-                    kaganapang gaya nito. Sadyang hindi                   anumang uri ng lunas. Ang pinaka-
dulot ng pagbabago sa lakbay ng bu-                  mo mapipigilang humanga sa mga                        makapangyarihang tao sa mundong
hay noon. Subalit kahit lipas na ang                 unang pagkakataon. Taas noo hang-                     ating ginagalawan, patuloy sa
mga pangyayaring iyon ay tila buhay                  gang umabot sa hangganang maiba-                      pananaba ang bulsa, wari‟y „di alin-
pa rin at nakatatak na sa hanging                    hagi ang ilang komplikadong ideya.                    tana ang patuloy na pangangayayat
bumabalot ngayon ang kahalagahan                     Nakalulungkot isipin na dahil sa isang                at pagkasira ng pag-asa lalo‟t higit
ng aral na ito.                                      maliit na pagkakamali‟y talagang uukit                nang yaong lubos na nangangailan-
       Sa mga unang tagpo‟y kakiki-                  ng malaki sa pangalan, pagkatao at                    gan. Nahawa na nga ba tayo ng sakit
taan mo ng katiwasayan at kaluguran                  higit sa lahat ay sa puso hindi lamang                na ito, at ang pinakamasakit pa, gina-
sa pananalita at sa pagtanggap. Pag-                 ng mga taong sangkot kundi pati na                    wang sangkalan ang huwad na
ganap sa tungkulin nang walang pag-                  rin sa puso ng tahanang kanyang ki-                                 Sundan sa pahina 10...
         Opinion                                                                                                Page 10

         “Next time do not
bring your „aydi‟ ma‟am”
                              No Aydi, No Entri....     by Welden T. Tipanero
                                                                                                               But what if the
                                                                                                               employee of that
because we already have                                                                                        establishment who
your record.”                                                                    personally knew you was transferred to another
         Brilliant! You may have heard this many                   branch and the new employee demanded you to present an
imes. But is “no aydi” helpful?                                    ID for verification? Regardless if there is a heavy downpour,
         Aydi (ID) is short for Identification Cards. Is it not a thunderstorm or sun‟s heat is at its peak; whether your
important? Is it only for cash remittances or for pawning house is just block or a mountain away, or you are just too
digital cameras or PSPs? Is it a baggage too heavy to carry exhausted, you need to go back and
everyday? If not, why not carry it?                                have your ID. Oh yes, people pre-
         In our daily lives, we are always struggling for con- ferred not be annoyed everyday. But
venience. We do not want to see a day of gloom and disap- when you are to get your money and
pointments. We tend to go somewhere there and some- you are required to get your ID left at
where here – always looking for a more comfortable zone. home half an hour before closing time
If we faint in the heat of the day and a kind stranger brought or your plane to Davao City leaves in
us to a hospital, what name will they put on their records if the next hour, your day might end with
we have no IDs? Hospital attendant might not know who gloom and doom. Hopefully you will
we are.                                                            not curse the little boy who told you
         Having an Identification Card is a privilege… why? not to bring your ID.
         It tells us of who we are. The information it provides              In RPI, we help, we encourage, and we inspire our
is proven to be helpful. Our ID card is our partner wherever       customers to find the brightness of their day. We tell them
we go. It is our silent friend, a secret twin and a trusted what will be good for them. We will not hold back, slow
companion. It has practically good uses too. Look at them down or limit work output by egging on our customers to
when you are sad. Hold them close when you are lonely. always be prepared for their transactions.
Ask your ID whether you shold buy a new cellphone when                       But what if a regular customer forgot to bring her
your old one can still send text message. I know a friend          IDs?
who uses his ID card to open the door of his apartment. On                   Well, a good pawnshop knows how to handle de-
the other hand, you can exchange it for a guest pass when          viations and bring the radiance of the day. Because we are
entering buildings.                                                … “KAAGAPAY SA ORAS NG PANGANGAILANGAN.”
         We may acquire different identification cards –
Voter‟s, Postal, SSS/GSIS, company, school, membership,
homeowners‟ association and more. All of them have pur-
pose and are important. So why leave your IDs at home?
                                                                       Balatkayong...                            mula sa pahina 9

How can it help you there?                                                   Kung paano natin masusukat ang tunay na katapatan
         Some ID cards bear other information aside from           ay walang sinuman ang makakaalam kundi ang mismong may
your name. These may include birthday, contact number, katawan lamang. Huwag nating isisi sa kahirapan ang paggawa
home address and person to be contacted in case of emer- natin ng kasalanan. Ang kamalian, napakaliit man kung
gency. Not all IDs are for a lifetime, others may have valid- ikukumpara sa pinakamaliit na butil ng palay ay kamalian pa ring
ity and others need to be renewed. But regardless if it is still hindi kalugud-lugod sa mata ng tao lalo‟t higit ay sa mata ng
                                                                   Diyos. Ikaw lang ang makapagbubuo sa muli mong pagbangon.
active or expired, these ID cards contain important informa- Sa kabila ng lahat, hindi pa rin maikakailangang minsa‟y naabot
tion about you.                                                    mo ang rurok ng iyong tagumpay at patuloy ng uunlad kung
         Most of the time, ID is helpful rather than a hassle. maibabangon mo‟t muling hihigitan ang ningning ng kislap ng
Yes, an establishment might have a record of you because mapagbalat-kayong katauhang minsa‟y nawaglit sa
of your previous transactions.                                     pagkakakilala.
Advertisement   Page 11
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enabling us to contribute to the pros-
perity of our people and our sur-
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      The most progressive, innova-
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