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					Hi <FIRST_NAME>, American Dream Come True Team
Update, Support and Motivation


We are really excited about sharing this week’s Newsletter with
you! It is as always jam-packed with Goodies, Information and
Inspiration and this weeks edition is just over the top, we hope
you will enjoy it.

We wish you a prosperous and happy week!

Be Blessed
Beah’ and Rob

Welcome To
     American Dream Come True Team's
             ~~ UPLINE NEWS ~~
  A Group of Forward Thinking Independent ADN Members.

Issue 011                       9/04/01


1) Welcome New Members
2) Dream Team Membership Award
3) NEW! Get your questions answered at our
New Team FAQ
4) You are invited! Join our American Dream Come True
Live Training and Support Chat
5) Trafficology- Unusual Traffic Ideas that work
6) A Beautiful Testimonial from Vivianne
7) A Poem of Truth
8) Quotes of the Week

Past issues of our newsletter are now available at
and we invite you to browse around and read everything you need
to know to become a Mega-Success with American Dream.


We would like to welcome the following new active members
who recently joined our Team!
We are very happy that you have joined our American Dream
Family and wish you the best of success with your exciting new
Marie Rohling
Betty Putchlawski
Arthur Cox
Carol Burkett
Sheryn Todd
Noni Gonzales
Don Campbell
Ron Haviland
Carol Ayers
Kevin Jones
Raymond Kozole
Plutarco Gonzalez
Silvia Anthony
Jennifer L. Deacon
Lazaro Santana
Gary Baker
Jean Mason
Douglas Carroll
Bill Yanky
Winthrop Mann
Tristar Management
Group, Annelise Kolde
June Reardon
Robert J. Judice
Charles Brill
Cleveland McBride
Maggie Hill
Ryan Enyart
Deborah Johnson

We invite every new member to visit our team support web site
at where we
share a large variety of goodies and information to help you to
get a successful start with American Dream.
Please feel free to share this web site with all of your new
team members you enroll.


No Money…Is Network Marketing for You?
A really awesome letter from our sponsor David Simmons

2) American Dream Come True Team Member of the Week
This week we would like to honor our awesome friend
and team member Susan Honeycutt.
Susan just joined our team a few weeks ago and was already able
to enroll 3 active members through her outstanding follow-up
work. Congratulations Susan!
We also would like to thank Gary Evans for sharing the
Trafficology Web Site and the wonderful poem you can read at
the end of our Newsletter with our team.
Thanks a Million to Vivianne Elias for sharing her wonderful
product testimonial with our group.

If you would like to give a membership award to one of your
Team members, please let us know and we will be more than
happy to feature him or her in our Newsletter!

3) NEW! Get your questions answered at our
new Team FAQ web site!

If you’ve just started out or are already a “seasoned” American
Dream Pro, we would like to invite you to visit our brand new
Team FAQ web site where we address most of the questions we
usually receive from new team members via email. Please feel
free to direct all your new members to these FAQs which are
located at

If you can think of any other questions, which should be included
on this web site, which we designed to save us all time, please
email us at . We would
greatly appreciate your feedback.

4) You are invited! Join our American Dream Come True
Live Training and Support Chat

We are very happy to invite you to our new

American Dream Come True Live Training and Support Chat

to answer all your questions and to be able to get to know each
other better.

When? ******Friday, September 7th 2001 at 9 PM EST
Where? *****At our American Dream Come True Team Chat
Room at

Who?******Every American Dream Come True team member is
invited to join the fun.
If you visit the above web site you will need to click on the button
“Chat now” to access the chat room. On the next screen just enter
your name and hit the “Chat” button to enter.
You will then be able to write messages in the white space at the
bottom of the chat window to communicate with us and everyone
who will join us.
We can’t wait to meet you all and depending on how many of our
team members will join us, we are planning to offer Live Support
and Training Chat Sessions on a regular basis.

5) Trafficology- Unusual Traffic Ideas that work!

Beah & Rob

Thought I would pass this along to you guy's.

Every month, pays people $1,000
for their best traffic-generation ideas. Then, they
publish all this... FREE!

That's why TRAFFICOLOGY is easily the best "How-To-
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If you're not reading it, you are completely out of the loop!

Check out...

6) A Beautiful Testimonial from Vivianne

Hi, this is Beah’…
We just received this wonderful message from one of our newest
team members and with her permission are sharing her awesome
testimonial with our team.
We highly encourage you to share your own product testimonials
with our team as well. Please send an email to
and we will be more than happy to publish your testimonial in our
next newsletter.

So here we go:

Hi Rob & Beah,

Thank you so much for the 2 pre-enrollees. I have faxed their
info and sent the welcome email to the one with an email
address. My husband Will and I are both over 50 and I have
been disabled for the past 10 years with knee and back

I've been looking for an online business opportunity that could
provide us with additional income and hopefully eventually
enough for us to retire without any financial worries. We've
been taking the HGH for a week now and the first thing I
noticed was that I could sleep through the night.
I've been in constant pain since my injury and sleep has been
very difficult for me so this is a good sign that the product will
help me.
I've tried so many products over the years and some have
helped but none as quickly and pronounced as this. Needless
to say I'm really excited and we're ordering at least another
bottle for our first month's purchase.

I would also like to purchase a share in the co-op. Give me a
call when you get the chance I'd love to speak with you.

Vivianne Elias

7) A Poem of Truth

Hello Rob & Beah

Here is a great poem I received from a friend some
time ago. The Poem never had a title, so I call it "A Poem Of

Be Blessed!
Gary Evans

A Poem of Truth

I would rather be a sermon, then to hear one any day
I would rather one should walk with me, then merely show the
The eye a better pupil, more willing then the ear
Find council is confusing, but example always clear
And best of all the preachers are men that live their creed
For to see good put to action, is what everybody needs
I soon can learn to do it, if you'll let me see it done
I can see your hand inaction, but your tongue to fast to run
And the lecture you deliver, maybe fine and very true
But I'd rather get my lessons, by observing what you do
For I may misunderstand you, and the high advice you give
But there's no misunderstanding of how you act and how you
Author unknown

More inspiring and motivating articles are available at

8)      Quote of the Week
"You are never too old to set another goal or to
dream a new dream."
Les Brown

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried
to succeed."
Theodore Roosevelt

"Your living is determined not so much by what life brings
to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by
what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what
John Homer Miller


 SHARE your Ideas and success stories with our group!
                CONTRIBUTIONS Wanted!

"Live" Business Opportunity Calls Every Tuesday and


Please call
212-461-5860 Pin Number 7200 then # key

                   Join the Fun and Excitement!
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Don't forget to introduce them to the host.

We wish you a successful American Dream Week and see you
all on Friday for our Live Chat Session!

Be Blessed

Beah' and Rob
Team ID# 119332
Phone/fax 954 229 9825
Toll Free 1-877-256-2104
(We'll call you right back on our "all you can eat" phone

Remember, life is short so eat dessert first and never, ever
allow anyone to steal your dreams.

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