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					              A PROFILE

                                                  (PVT.) LTD.

                     LAHORE OFFICE
 187- Ata Turk Block, New Garden Town, Lahore
Tel: 042-5846607-09 Fax: 92-42-5831747, Mobile: 0300-8413763
  E-mail: Web:
                           (PVT.) LTD.                A PROFILE

CONTENTS                                       Page
Introduction                                    2

Range of Services                               3

      Income Tax                               3

      Sales Tax                                4

      Internal Audit                           5

      Corporate & Secretarial Services         6

      Management Consultancy                   7

      Accounting and Financial Services        10

Human Resource Center                           11

Investigations                                  12

I.T. Based Advisory Services                    13

ISO Certification                               14

      Quality System                           14

      Product Certification                    14

       (PVT.) LTD.                                    A PROFILE


Law Biz Syndicate (Pvt.) Ltd. is a progressive and rapidly
growing company of Consultants, Advisors, Arbitrators,
Representatives and System Analysts. The Company is
headed by a versatile and dynamic person, who possesses
years of multifarious and rich experience in the field of
Sales Tax, Corporate Consultancy, Financial Management,
Audit, Income Tax and Secretarial practices.

Professional managers of the company, having vast
experience in their respective fields, are responsible,
conscientious and equipped with latest developments to
cater the day to day requirements of clients.

The company possesses in-depth expertise in the matters
relating to    Management,      Audit,   Finance Accounts,
Taxation, Excise & Custom Laws, Corporate Laws and
development of Human Resource.

The company provides specialized services in Management
and Financial Consultancy, Income Tax, Excise & Sales
Tax, Project Financing, Corporate Advisory Services and
Auditing, with the aim to help clients to analyze and
strategically plan solutions to practical problems.

                             (PVT.) LTD.                              A PROFILE

                     RANGE OF SERVICES

                                  INCOME TAX

The company is well equipped to provide a wide range of services in connection with the
requirements under the Income Tax Ordinance.

Services rendered to various Clients can be listed as under:

      Formulation of management and Tax efficient strategies
      Preparation and filing of Tax Returns
      Representation before tax authorities at:

          Assessment levels
          Appeal levels
          Tribunal levels
          High Court levels

      Assistance on Technical Issues relating to Income Tax laws, rules rates and

                           (PVT.) LTD.                                     A PROFILE

                  SALES TAX, EXCISE & CUSTOMS

Sales Tax, for business community and for Government exchequer, has always been
important both for its volume and continuous source of revenue.

We understand that our Clients and business Community at large have right to avail the
privileges available under the Laws.

Keeping in view the above, we provide the following services:

      Establishment and monitoring of system of Sales Tax

      Interpretation of Sales Tax Law

      Counseling on policy framework to be adopted by clients

      Review and scrutiny of records required under the Sales Tax Act 1990

      Assistance in preparation of returns

      Assistance in verification of client’s records by the Department

      Assistance in disposal of the departmental audit queries

      Handling show cause notices on the clients’ behalf

      Initiating and follow up of appeals before Collector and Tribunal

      Representing clients before the Central Board of Revenue

      Assistance to solicitors in court cases

      Updating clients on Sales Tax Laws and Procedures

                             (PVT.) LTD.                                 A PROFILE

                                INTERNAL AUDIT

The Company’s specialization in internal audit is to help management to improve the
systems particularly and day today affairs generally for successful operations of business.
At times special assignments on the request of management are undertaken for
investigation in specific areas of business activity.

Normally internal audit includes the followings

1.     To check the extent of compliance with established polices plans & procedures.

2.     To review soundness, adequacy & application of accounting/financial and other
       relevant controls.

3.     To check the extent to which the assets and interests of the organization are
       properly accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds.

4.     To check the delegation of authorities and their application at various levels of

5.     To check reliability of accounting and other data developed within the
       organization and proper coordination between departments.

6.     To check the quality of performance in carrying out assigned responsibilities
       being appraised at the appropriate level of management.

7.     To report and recommend methods and systems for overall benefit of the

                            (PVT.) LTD.                                  A PROFILE


Good governance for success is essential in corporate affairs. Therefore, LBS provides a
full range of Corporate Services, Specializing in the followings:

      Assistance in legal opinion, interpretation and advice on corporate laws

      Advice on financial aspects of various business decisions

      Assistance in compliance with corporate regulatory requirements

      Preparation of prospectuses, assistance in public flotation and other allied matters

      Promotion and incorporation of new Companies

       Maintenance of Corporate record and filing of day-to-day forms and returns
       required under the Companies Ordinance, 1984

       To deal with specialized types of corporate matters e.g.;

       -    Conversion to private/public limited company,
       -    Conducting search of companies’ records with Registrar,
       -    Registration of mortgages and charges for companies,
       -    Assistance in public floatation and allied matters

       -    Share transfer services

                            (PVT.) LTD.                               A PROFILE


Our consultancy services are primarily designed to facilitate clients through strategic
planning, enabling / creating ways and means to solve practical problems in business
entities. The company provides advice in re-scheduling and financial re-structuring for
projects suffering from acute liquidity crunch.

The Consultancy Services are based upon diverse experience of key professionals in the
following areas;

      Organizational review and efficiency analysis
      Structuring for increased productivity
      Analytical reviews of operational losses
      Recommendations for reduction in overheads
      Implementation of effective costing system
      Feasibilities for joint ventures and acquisitions
      Assistance in identification of projects and workability thereof
      Evaluation of Management Information System and customized development
      Identification of short and long term investment avenues
      Preparation of feasibility studies
      Evaluation of profitability of selected projects
      Valuation, Bidding & Take-over of Sick Industries
      Restructuring, Acquisitions & Mergers
      I.T. Solutions for Industry and Commerce
      Arranging Working Capital & Bridge Financing
      Loan Syndication for Long Term & Short Term Financing
                       (PVT.) LTD.                                    A PROFILE

   Issue of Equity or Term Finance from the Capital Market

   Valuation, Bidding & Take-over of Sick Industries:

          The Company’s network of professionals have the expertise to identify
          suitable business units available, in the desired industrial sector and carry
          out professional valuation of their assets i.e. factory land, buildings, plant,
          machinery and other equipment. We can prepare bids for submission to
          the banks or government agencies handling the disposal of shutdown
          industries. We undertake valuation of various categories of assets for the
          financial sector.

   Restructuring, Acquisitions & Mergers:

          We can facilitate the restructuring of companies to make them
          commercially viable for sale to prospective buyers. Schemes for corporate
          mergers are also prepared to achieve synergy with other industrial or
          commercial entities to improve efficiency in all spheres of operations. We
          have professional arrangements with some top firms of Corporate
          Lawyers, Architects & Consulting Engineers etc. with whom we can work
          in synergy and draw upon their specialized resources to meet the specific
          needs of our clients.

   I.T. Solutions for Industry and Commerce:

          We have the capability to design total solutions for I.T. requirements of
          our clients including the development of customized software especially
          for textile and financial sector, networking, remote connectivity and the
          selection of computer hardware best suited to the clients’ needs.
                       (PVT.) LTD.                                      A PROFILE

   Working Capital & Bridge Financing:

          We prepare/forward specific proposals to acquire working capital funds
          for companies and negotiate the best available terms with lending
          institutions or the leasing companies on behalf of prospective clients.

   Loan Syndication for Long Term & Short Term Financing:

          We can organize the processing and syndication of bank loans or lease
          financing at most competitive terms to the advantage of the borrowing

   Issue of Equity or Term Finance from the Capital Market:

          Due diligence procedures for the issue of a Prospectus or an invitation to
          Subscribe for shares and meeting with other official formalities for fresh
          capitalization for the corporation sector is our specialty.

                            (PVT.) LTD.                                   A PROFILE


Our professional approach in accounting services involves strict quality control. This
means adherence to the highest professional standards, adoption of modern techniques
and maintenance of complete independence.

Various services offered in this area are:

      Designing and evaluation of cost and Management Accounting Systems

      Review and presentation of financial statements

      Counseling on weaknesses of internal controls and recommending remedial

      Diagnostic review, designing and establishment of budgetary and stock controls

      Advising on development of accounting data for making decisions concerning

      Assisting decision-making based on financial data

      Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers

      Receivables and appraisals

      Assisting clients in their liaisons with partners, branches or franchisees abroad

                            (PVT.) LTD.                                 A PROFILE


Law Biz Syndicate (Pvt.) Ltd. also provides recruitment matching talent with

opportunity. We believe that there is a huge pool of talent and expertize in Pakistan just

waiting to be tapped. If you are a go-getter and if you have the talent, but lack the

opportunity, register your CV with us and let a huge database find you the perfect job.

We are a human resource center where experienced counselors and HR personals help the

employers and the perspective employees come together.

We have two goals: To help candidates find jobs. To help employers and recruiters, hire

qualified people for a low cost. Whether you're an employer looking for that "right"

person, or a candidate wanting to take the "stress" out of finding a better job, Law Biz

Syndicate makes it easier. We are devoted to make connections between prospective

employers and employees and connect you to the opportunities that will help you achieve

your goals and realize your dreams. Because of our vast experience and reach, you can

look for jobs not only in Pakistan, but internationally as well.

Employer and Recruiters can find the perfect match candidates! Avail highly affordable

packages! Reduce your extensive interviewing processes with our standardized


Candidates can apply for multiple jobs buy filling out one easy form. We delivers new

jobs openings in your field right to you, maintain your job profile and history. Provide

you career counseling from professionals in the field.

                           (PVT.) LTD.                                 A PROFILE


Because of our extensive experience in financial matters and our reputation for objective
and independent reporting, our clients and others entrust us investigations and such
special assignments.

The services in this area includes inquiries suspected fraud, assessment of credit
worthiness, special audit of advances made by banks, verification of fixed assets,
inventories and investments and preparation of special reports for insertion in the

                           (PVT.) LTD.                                 A PROFILE


Law Biz Syndicate (Pvt.) Limited is keeping pace with I.T. Based Developments and
provides full range of I.T packages for Accounts & Finance. Software Programming,
Installation of Software, Preparation of Software Manuals and all Software related
services and bug-free back-ups are available

Our professional staff gives advisory and operational services in respect of Book Keeping
preparation of the Work Sheets, Ledgers, Analytical Reports and Specialized Accounts,
Maintenance of Accounts through Data Entry, Abstraction of Data and Data retrieval

                             (PVT.) LTD.                                  A PROFILE

                        ISO CERTIFICATION

All the major sectors in Pakistan that require such Certifications including textile, steel,
chemical, rubber, plastic, pharmaceutical, food & beverages etc; are catered by our setup.

We rightfully claim that we provide certificate against almost 99% of the Management
systems and product certification standards followed worldwide. What we offer, in
essence, is a concept of providing a complete range of services under one roof. The
cutting edge that we have over our competitors is, most evidently, the global acceptability
and reliability of our principal

   Quality Systems                        Product Certifications

      ISO 9001/2/3                           TOXPROOF Mark for Textile & Leather
      ISO 14001                              Medical Technology (GM Mark)
      EN 46001/2                             CE Marking
      QS 9000                                GS (Safety Tested) Mark
      KBA                                    Toys Mark
      VDA 6.1                                Electronics
      SCC                                    Electrical/Mechanical Engineering


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