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					   Aspen Enterprises Ltd

 Management, coordination,
communication and IT support
Specialising in pan-european
  collaborative enterprises

         Aspen Enterprises Ltd
         Location & Contact details
     Aspen Enterprises Ltd,
     Aspen House,
     Burton Row,
     Brent Knoll,
     TA9 4BW.
     +44-1278-761000 (switchboard)
                                              Red = location of Aspen Enterprises;
Electronic mail                               Green = major airports (in order of convenience and driving
General Information:       time –
Sales:             Bristol (25 mins), Cardiff (1 hour 30 mins),
Customer Support:       Birmingham (1 hour 45 mins), London Heathrow (2 hours),
Webmaster:       London Gatwick (3 hours)

                                 Aspen Enterprises Ltd
Scope of Services

   Aspen Enterprises Ltd
      Our Key Staff
Tony Gore BSc
Position - Managing Director and principal consultant
Responsibilities - Managerial, financial, consulting,
IT development and support.

Mark Swabey BSc
Position - Consultant
Responsibilities - Project Management, Business
Management, Bid management, Web development
and support.

Lynn Templeman – Clerical Assistant
Beverly Gore – Company Secretary

          Aspen Enterprises Ltd
                 Bid Management

• Influencing and interpreting customer requirements
• Creation of Unique Selling Points (USP's), win
  themes, storyboards, subliminal messages
• Bid team management
• Risk identification, assessment, limitation and even
• Contingency analysis
• MoD bid management & processes
• Defence Standards including Safety & Hazard

  Based upon over 30 man-years success in bids ranging from £10K
  to £25M+.

                        Aspen Enterprises Ltd
         Project Management Support

•   Compatible Consortium Partner Selection
•   Creating realistic project plans
•   Defining the Work Breakdown Structure
•   Realistic Resource allocation
•   Task Allocation
•   Risk Management
•   Managing Customers
•   Managing Subcontractors
•   Managing Staff

    Based upon over 40 man-years experience in managing high-
    technology projects

                         Aspen Enterprises Ltd
            EU Project Management

• “Like herding cats!”
• Unique project management issues for EU collaborative
   –   Not “Project Manager” – more “Project Coach”
   –   Loosely-coupled, dispersed project
   –   Ever-changing and varying goals & pressures on the partners
   –   Very strict financial controls – change has to be “sold” very carefully to
       the EC
   –   Linguistic & Cultural differences
   –   Technical problems – requires interest and understanding of the
       detailed technical issues to resolve problems to all collaborators’
   –   Exploitation problems – ensuring that each collaborator’s exploitation
       goals do not create conflict or tension within the project
   –   Changing partners during the project

       Based upon more than 20 man-years experience of EU RTD
       projects, from ESPRIT 1 onwards.

                              Aspen Enterprises Ltd
            Business Management

• Training & Consultancy in:
   – Producing Business Plans
   – Analysing Business Structures and Refocussing Business
   – Managing Change in Business

• Key aspect - catering for the human element at all stages

• Based upon more than 35 man-years experience, including
   – business consultancy supplied to a range of companies,
   – setting up companies,
   – working as directors in young, developing companies, building
   – adapting the business to changing market demands,
   – managing redirection and relocation
   – managing business closure.

                           Aspen Enterprises Ltd
       Project Risk Management

• Comprehensive support for risk management. This
  – Process from bid to project completion
  – risk identification & risk assessment
  – defining preventative and limiting actions
  – risk and action prioritisation & allocation
  – contingency analysis, providing potential financial and
    timescale impacts
  – risk management plan production
  – a comprehensive risk management support database
  – risk monitoring and action decision analysis.

  Based upon 12 years experience of project risk management for
  MoD projects, and risk methods research

                        Aspen Enterprises Ltd
      Example Projects & Services
Project                  Customer                  Country Service                                             From       To
MicroCircuit Engineering MicroCircuit Engineering    UK    Web site development & support                      Mar-97   Present
K2                       EC                          EC    Accompanying Measure, knowledge management,         Oct-01   Sep-04
                                                           newsletter, Web site & services
ESTA                  PACT                           UK    Project Management                                  Jan-02   Jun-04
TEMPO                 TRL Ltd                        UK    Web site & services                                 May-02   Dec-03
* Confidential *      Bristol University             UK    Proposal Management                                 Jan-03   Apr-03
* Confidential *                                     SE
                      Swedish Inst. Of Computer Science    Proposal Review                                     Mar-03   Apr-03
ARTTIC                ARTTIC                          B    Web site & services                                 Jun-01   Feb-03
G3 Card               ARM Ltd                        UK    Project Management                                  Apr-01   Feb-03
IPPA5                 EC                             EC    Project reviews and Proposal Assessment             Jan-02   Dec-02
Prometeus             EC                             EC    Accompanying Measure, Web site & services           Oct-00   Oct-02
Chippenham            Schneider Electric             UK    Relocation & Change management                      Mar-02   Mar-02
IPPA4                 EC                             EC    Project reviews and Proposal Assessment             Jan-01   Dec-01
* Confidential *      ASITA Technologies Ltd         UK    Project Management                                  Jul-01   Aug-01
* Confidential *      BATM                            IL   Project Proposal                                    May-01   May-01
IPPA3                 EC                             EC    Project reviews and Proposal Assessment             Jan-00   Dec-00
SWIFT                 Netwiz                          IL   Project Management                                  Sep-98   Dec-00
SWIFT                 PACT                           UK    Project Management                                  Nov-98   Dec-00
ESTA                  BATM                            IL   Project Proposal                                    Oct-00   Oct-00
* Confidential *      IPRIAS                         UK    IP & Patent management system (web-based)           Feb-00   Sep-00
TTN-T                 TTN-T                           D    Web site development                                Jan-00   Jun-00
Danhit                Danhit                         DK    Web site development                                Jan-00   Jun-00
HPCN-TTN              ARTTIC                          F    Project management                                  Sep-99   Apr-00
Market Development    Tachys Technologies             F    Management & Sales support                          Dec-99   Apr-00
TRACE                 Applied Visuals Ltd            UK    Project Management                                  Sep-98   Feb-00
HPCN-TTN              Smith System Engineering       UK    Project Coordination, Website development &         Apr-98   Aug-99
OMI Standards 1 & OMI OMI MO                          B    Project Management, strategic planning & web site   May-94   Nov-97
Standards 2                                                services
                                               Aspen Enterprises Ltd
                             Web Services

•   Comprehensive Web sites offering:
    –   Collaborative community interactive facilities                   Examples:
    –   News,                                                            Prometeus:
    –   Events,
    –   Knowledge Resources,
    –   Discussion groups,                                                  K2:
    –   Libraries                                           
    –   Combined web/email discussion forums                          Learning Futures:
    –   Project Management Tools
    –   On-line Surveys                                 
    –   Conference Registration & management tools
    –   Multi-level and domain security models
    –   Comprehensive site statistics with drill-down to detail
•   Web Site Hosting
    – Scalable server capacity
    – List Server facilities
    – High-bandwidth (Gigabyte/sec) gateway

        Based upon 10 man-years experience of developing web sites and web-
        related technologies

                                  Aspen Enterprises Ltd
Web Sites

Aspen Enterprises Ltd
                        And more…..
        Why are we successful?

• We
 –   believe that we should learn every day
 –   listen, watch, analyse, use best practice
 –   are very practical – we implement solutions
 –   are hard-working
 –   bounce ideas off each other, our customers
     and our suppliers
 –   enjoy helping and working with others
 –   enjoy challenges
 –   have a good sense of humour
 –   have wide-ranging experience.

                   Aspen Enterprises Ltd
 Project Risk Management
Risk Identification & Assessment Process

            Aspen Enterprises Ltd
Project Risk Management

      Aspen Enterprises Ltd
         Project Risk Management

• Features
  – support for the whole Risk management process
  – an easy to use, flexible user interface
  – the right tools at each stage of the risk processes.
  – all the reports required for the Risk Management Plan
    and Risk Reviews
  – comprehensive contingency calculation estimates for
    cost and programme delay, even taking liquidated
    damages into account
  – historical data on projects, risks and actions, allowing
    trends to be spotted and acted upon.

                       Aspen Enterprises Ltd    Continue

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