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									                                                                                 Annex 1

                                  YOUNG PEOPLE OSG

                               THURSDAY, 14 JULY 2005

                Present:    Robert Styles               Leisure Services
                            Karena Harmer
                            Linda Moreau         -      Executive Services
                            Bruce Hill           -      Personnel Services
                            Gill Crebbin         -      Corporate Services
                            Roger Shapter        -      Central Services
                            Sara Peters                 LSBU
                            Ella Hughes

Apologies for absence were received from KCC Youth and Community,
Gemma Whiting (Housing Services) and Phil Linskey (Planning Services).


        The minutes were agreed as a true and accurate record.


        (i)     Membership of OSG - It was noted that Nikki Stewart would         MT TO NOTE
                be replaced by Michelle Wood from Financial Services. It             MW
                was also agreed that it would be appropriate for RJS to
                invite Tamsin Richie onto the Group from Environmental
                Health. RJS to progress, subject to prior liaison with Phil
                Beddoes.                                                              RJS

        (ii)    Young Achievers Award – KH to progress the production of
                a nomination form for the Award, and the installation of an
                Awards Board in the Council‟s main reception area.                     KH

        (iii)   Youth Action Plan – It was noted that the next key task
                relating to the Plan was consultation with interested groups
                and young people. It was agreed that this issue would be
                taken forward as part of the revised arrangements for the
                Youth Forum, and appropriate PR opportunities would be
                progressed as part of the launch. KH to progress.                      KH

        (iv)    Database of Youth Activities – It was agreed that KH/GC              KH/GC
                would progress this initiative in liaison with KCC Youth &
                Community and other providers. KH to incorporate
                responses received as part of the recent Scrutiny Review.

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        (v)    Connexions – KH reported on a helpful meeting with the
               Area Manager from Connexions. It was noted that
               Connexions would be providing a number of young people
               to be part of the new Youth Forum, from its entry to
               employment, and young people not in education,
               employment or training programmes.

        (vi)   Marketing – It was agreed that a calendar of events for
               young people would be produced and included as an annex
               to the minutes on an ongoing basis. KH to progress for
               next meeting.                                                        KH

4.      SCRUTINY REVIEW                                                        MT TO NOTE

        (i)    Scrutiny Committee, 14 June 2005 – RJS confirmed that
               the Scrutiny Review of youth development had now been
               completed, and at the meeting on 14 June, Members had
               agreed the recommendations relating to the Youth Forum,
               and youth advice and support. RJS highlighted that the
               Scrutiny Review process had been beneficial in identifying
               key areas of work for the future, and Members had been
               enthusiastic in debating the items. It was noted that
               Members had been particularly keen on further liaison with
               schools within the Borough, the Youth Forum, and involving
               young people at programmed meetings of the Council. All
               to note.                                                             ALL

        (ii)   Scrutiny Review Action Plan – KH circulated a copy of the       MT TO NOTE
               Scrutiny Review Action Plan, incorporating all the
               recommendations agreed by Members. A copy of the final
               Action Plan is attached at [Annex 1]. It was agreed that
               the Action Plan would form the basis of a work programme
               for the OSG over the next 12-18 months, and the lead
               officers/timescales were agreed. It was agreed that action
               would be monitored on an ongoing basis by the OSG, and
               encouragingly a number of actions had already been
               completed. RJS thanked the OSG for their input into the
               Scrutiny Review. All to progress actions.                            ALL

5.      CONSULTATION/LIAISON                                                   MT TO NOTE

        (i)    Youth Forum – KH reported on preparations for the first
               meeting of the revised Youth Forum, which it was
               anticipated would meet in October 2005 in the Council
               Chamber at Kings Hill. KH confirmed that the revised
               Forum would incorporate all the recommendations from

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                    Page 2 of 27
                Scrutiny Committee, and a minimum of 20 young people
                would attend each meeting (LPI target). KH highlighted
                that she was currently liaising with a number of groups
                including Scouts, Guides, Duke of Edinburgh, Connexions,
                Schools, VSU, Kent Youth Parliament and existing                        KH
                members of the Forum, to recruit new members for the first

                It was noted that at the first meeting of the Forum, a
                Chairman and Executive Committee would be elected, and
                the notes of the meeting would be reported to the Leisure
                Facilities, Culture and Youth Advisory Board. RJS re-
                emphasised the high priority given by Members of the
                Council to the Youth Forum, and it was agreed that SP/EH
                would assist KH with marketing/branding. It was agreed by
                the OSG, that attendance by adults at the meeting would
                be kept to an absolute minimum, and Councillor Mrs Sue
                Murray would be invited to attend the second meeting to                 KH
                outline her role as the Cabinet Member and to meet the
                young people involved.

        (ii)    Schools – Following the success of the discussion groups           MT TO NOTE
                held at Weald of Kent Girls Grammar School, KH/GC
                reported that a similar exercise had recently been
                completed at Hillview Girls School in Tonbridge. It was
                noted that notes from the focus groups (leisure/
                environment/crime/shopping) were currently being
                forwarded to Mark Raymond for distribution (see Annex 2).
                It was agreed that it was now important to undertake the
                same exercise at boys schools within Tonbridge, ie
                Hayesbrook and Judd, prior to switching attention to
                schools in the Malling area of the Borough. It was noted              KH/GC
                that Tonbridge had been given initial priority, linked to the
                Tonbridge Town Centre considerations.

        (iii)   Tonbridge Town Centre – RJS highlighted that he and KH
                would be meeting the Town Centre consultants on
                Wednesday, 20 July, to feed in the views of young people
                received to date.                                                    RJS/KH

        (iv)    Quantitative Research Project – BH outlined the proposed           MT TO NOTE
                approach to the research project (see programme attached
                at Annex 3). It was noted that the research would focus on
                the Council‟s key priorities, and would be informed by
                consultation work undertaken to date as part of the Scrutiny


072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                        Page 3 of 27
               Review. It was noted that the research would be
               undertaken electronically, and RJS/BH/KH would meet                 RJS/BH/KH
               shortly to prepare a draft questionnaire. LM requested the
               inclusion of a question on how people would like to
               communicate with the Council. Subject to this inclusion,
               the OSG agreed the way forward as outlined in the

6.      CHILDREN’S CONSORTIA                                                       MT TO NOTE

        (i)    Meeting held 6 June 2005 – RJS reported on the latest
               meeting of the Consortia held on 6 June 2005 (see notes
               attached at Annex 4). RJS drew particular attention to the
               Performance Reward Grant being administered by the
               Consortia, and the support being given to the establishment
               of Children‟s Centres, particularly in East Malling. The
               current position regarding the four sub-groups overseen by
               the Consortia was outlined, and it was noted that KCC had
               now appointed a Children‟s Director, Graham Badman.

        (ii)   Next Meeting 18 July 2005 – RJS highlighted that at the
               next meeting of the Consortia there would be a
               presentation from the Community Schools Development
               Manager from Tonbridge & Malling, together with an update
               on the Performance Award Grant expenditure.

7.      LPIS

        RJS referred to the LPIs established for young people for 2005/06.
        It was noted that two of the LPIs had been selected by
        Management Team for quarterly monitoring. KH to progress in
        liaison with BH.                                                                KH

8.      E-GOVERNMENT ISSUES                                                        MT TO NOTE

        (i)    SMS Texting – It was noted that following liaison with IT
               Services, mobile phone numbers of young people would be
               collected over the summer period, with texting starting in
               the autumn. It was agreed that KH would liaise with Legal               KH
               Services regarding the collection of data, and SP/EH would             SP/EH
               assist in preparing posters, etc., advertising the new
               initiative. It was noted that at the Focus Group with Hillview
               School, young people had been very supportive of texting,
               but had highlighted that it would be important to stress that
               the service was free of charge in any marketing.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                        Page 4 of 27
        (ii)    Website Review – RJS confirmed that the review of the
                website would be a topic for the new Youth Forum, as it
                was felt important to involve a group of young people in any
                redesign. KH to progress on this basis.                                 KH

        (iii)   Register of Children at Risk – RJS highlighted that he had
                been liaising with Ralph Sperring to determine the current
                position with KCC Social Services. It was noted that recent
                feedback had indicated that KCC had established an
                electronic 'at risk register', and details were being sought.

9.      PROGRAMMED ACTIVITIES                                                      MT TO NOTE

        (i)     Summer Playscheme – KH reported that the scheme
                started on 25 July and arrangements were in hand. It was
                noted that a number of the venues were experiencing a
                slower uptake than previous years, and a range of
                marketing initiatives had been undertaken, including liaison
                with local Parish Councils.                                             KH

        (ii)    Activate – KH confirmed that the Activate summer
                programme also commenced on 25 July, and courses were
                filling up. It was noted that outward bound courses were
                proving to be the most popular.                                         KH

        (iii)   Y-2 Crew – RS confirmed that planning for the activity
                scheme was under way, and a good number of applications
                had been received. It was agreed that RS would circulate a
                copy of the leaflet to all members of the OSG.                          RS

                RJS highlighted that Councillor Mrs Sue Murray would be
                undertaking visits to all the summer activities.

        (iv)    Try Angle Awards – KH/RS reported on the Try Angle                 MT TO NOTE
                Awards presentation evening the previous week, where 500
                people had attended the ceremony at Ditton Community
                Centre. It was noted that the organisation of the awards
                had improved, and this year T&M had received more
                nominations than Maidstone Borough Council. It was noted
                that all the issues identified in the Scrutiny Review had
                been addressed satisfactorily and RJS thanked KH for all
                her efforts.

                It was noted that KCC Youth and Community wished to
                move the ceremony to the River Centre in Tonbridge next
                year, and were currently seeking costs. It was noted that
                winners of the T&M awards were now being taken forward
                to the County event to be held at Leeds Castle.

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        (v)     East Malling Adventure Days -–RJS reported on a Sports
                Development Initiative in East Malling being progressed by
                Beverley Emmerson in liaison with the Volunteer Bureau
                and The Malling School. It was noted that the initiative had
                been funded for three years through the Children‟s Fund.
                RJS to request BAE to forward details to RS.                         RJS/BAE

        (vi)    Blingin‟ Project – KH reported that the project had now
                been completed in Hadlow, and Members of the LFC&YAB
                later in the month would be considering the way forward for
                the scheme in 2006.


        (i)     East Peckham Dam – KH reported that a mosaic arts
                project was being progressed during the Summer
                Playscheme, which would then be displayed at the Primary
                School. It was noted that the aim of the mosaic was to
                provide a PR opportunity, and to highlight the initiative
                within the School, prior to the School undertaking a project.
                It was noted that the School project would start with an
                assembly during the autumn term.                                        KH

        (ii)    Youth Shelter – RJS referred to recent correspondence
                from East Peckham Parish Council regarding the youth
                shelter within the village. RJS drew the OSG‟s attention to
                issues surrounding this facility.


        (i)     Sports Development Officer (SDO) highlighted that the
                Council‟s SDO would shortly be taking maternity leave. It
                was noted that appropriate cover arrangements were
                currently being arranged and RJS would advise the Group
                accordingly.                                                           RJS

        (ii)    Health Promotion Schools Based Education Initiative – RJS
                to seek information on this initiative from Environmental
                Health.                                                                RJS

        (iii)   Supportive Lodgers Project Proposal – RJS to seek
                information on this initiative from Housing Services.                  RJS

        (iv)    Junior Aerobics – SP reported that junior aerobics and
                circuit training had now been extended to the Angel Centre,
                following its success at Larkfield Leisure Centre.                      SP

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                        Page 6 of 27
         (v)    SNAP Discos – RS reported that the last event at LLC had
                been a big success, with maximum numbers reached. It
                was particularly positive bearing in mind numbers declining
                at other venues within the county. RS reported that he felt
                the Borough Council needed to be represented in the future
                in the “chill out” area at the events, and he would liaise with
                members of the OSG accordingly. With respect to the
                introduction of SNAP Discos at the Angel Centre, RS
                confirmed that he was still investigating this matter, and had        RS
                recently received support from Tonbridge Lions.

         (vi)   CDRP Strategy Launch – RS highlighted that the launch of
                the Strategy would be taking place the following
                Wednesday. It was noted that the Corporate Youth
                Exhibition would be on display, and relevant literature
                would be available. KH agreed to forward RS a copy of the
                Youth PowerPoint presentation, so RS could use relevant
                images.                                                               KH

         Wednesday, 19 October 10:00 am in Meeting Room C, Council                All to note
         Offices, Kings Hill



Robert Styles                Leisure Services
Peter Wright
Julie Beilby
Rod Thompson
Martin Guyton
Karena Harmer
Lyndsey Bennett
Sara Peters                  LSBU
Ella Hughes
Phil Linskey          -      Planing Services
Roger Shapter         -      Central Services
Mark Raymond                 Executive Services
Gill Crebbin
Linda Moreau
Dave Williams
Alison Finch
Michelle Wood         -      Financial Services
Bruce Hill            -      Personnel Services
Gemma Whiting         -      Housing Services
David Hughes - for information
Angela Ford           -      KCC Youth & Community
Councillor Mrs Sue Murray
Janet Small for MT

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                                                   SCRUTINY REVIEW – YOUTH DEVELOPMENT
                                                               ACTION PLAN
1.    Partnership Youth Activities
                            Actions                           Lead Officer(s)     Time Scale –              Notes            Completed
                                                                                 progressed by
1.1      Further research be undertaken with regard to
         the provision of youth shelters and best practice    Karena Harmer/         March 06
         in the design and siting of such facilities, the      Angela Ford
         results of which to be reported to a future
         meeting of the Leisure Facilities, Culture and                            (Not until YF
         Youth Advisory Board.                                                     established)

1.2      A special meeting of the Public Transport Panel
         be organised to deal with youth transport issues      Mike O'Brien          March 06
         and that the Tonbridge & Malling Youth Forum
         be invited to participate in the organisation of
         that meeting.                                                             (Not until YF
1.3      The Borough Council be recommended to
         express support for the current range of youth       Mark Raymond            July 05      Following completion of
         services provided in the Borough by the County                                            Scrutiny Review
         Council's Youth and Community team but invite
         the County Council to consider the need for
         additional resources being made available for
         Youth and Community services in Tonbridge
         and Malling, in particular, to strengthen existing
         detached youth work and the support provided
         to voluntary groups and clubs providing services
         for young people.                                                       (GC To speak to
1.4      In consultation with the Youth Forum,

                                                                                                                                         Annex 1
         consideration be given as to the best ways in        Karena Harmer/         March 06
         which information on local youth services             Linda Moreau        (Not until YF
         should be publicised and made available to                                established)
         young people in the Borough.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                        Page 8 of 27
                              Actions                          Lead Officer(s)     Time Scale –            Notes             Completed
                                                                                  progressed by
1.5      The Planning and Engineering Advisory Board
         be invited to consider how best the needs of          Lindsey Pearson        Ongoing     To be considered by
         young people can be catered for as part of new                                           Developer Contribution
         development and facilities funded, as part of a                                          OSG
         wider study into developer contributions.                               (RJS to put on

1.6      The Borough Council expresses support for the
         provision of built youth facilities in East Malling   Roger Shapter           July 05    Awarded a Capital grant
         being included in future educational                                                     of 25K which will be          
         developments in the area.                                                                progressed on an ongoing
                                                                                                  basis through the East
                                                                                                  Malling Focus group

1.7      The findings of the review be drawn to the
         attention of Parish Councils, village hall             Robert Styles        August 05    RJS to write to each PC
         committees and other similar bodies to ensure                                            including a copy of the
         there are no unreasonable barriers to youth                                              action plan
         groups having access to local community halls
         and facilities.

2.    Y2 Crew Programme
                              Actions                          Lead Officer(s)     Time Scale –            Notes             Completed
                                                                                  progressed by
2.1      The Y2 Crew scheme should continue to
         operate with its original aims and objectives         Roger Shapter/         Ongoing                                   
         which concentrate on the provision of                  Angela Ford
         diversionary and developmental activities,
         subject to the concurrence of the Crime and
         Disorder Reduction Partnership.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                         Page 9 of 27
                             Actions                         Lead Officer(s)       Time Scale –   Notes   Completed
                                                                                  progressed by
2.2      A Partnership Agreement should be adopted
         which identifies the contribution of each agency     Angela Ford             July 05
         and its obligations. The Borough Council should
         confirm its willingness to continue to administer                                                   
         the scheme and liaise with other agencies over
2.3      There should continue to be an appropriate
         balance struck between those attending the           Angela Ford            Ongoing                 
         activities by choice and those referred by other
2.4      The Y2 crew scheme should be marketed as
         part of the Council's Activate promotional          Karena Harmer           June 05                 
         brochure and other publicity opportunities taken
         to attract wider participation in events.
2.5      The participation of voluntary sector groups in
         the operation of the organised events should         Angela Ford            Ongoing
         continue to be encouraged and developed.
2.6      Consideration should be given in the future to
         the recruitment and training of staff, including     Angela Ford            March 06
         young people from within the target areas to
         assist with the organisation of the scheme.
2.7      Additional funding to support the scheme should
         be explored with the aim of securing more           Roger Shapter/          March 06                
         consistent levels of funding for future years.       Angela Ford

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                       Page 10 of 27
3.    Try Angle Awards Scheme
                          Actions                             Lead Officer(s)       Time Scale –   Notes   Completed
                                                                                   progressed by
3.1      The Borough Council should continue to affirm
         its support for, and involvement in, the Try Angle   Karena Harmer           Ongoing                 
         Awards scheme.
3.2      The Borough Council's Youth and Play                                                                 
         Development Officer should be nominated to           Karena Harmer           March 05
         provide a single point of contact.
3.3      Additional marketing of the scheme should be                                                         
         undertaken to increase the number of young           Karena Harmer           March 05
         people nominated from Tonbridge and Malling.
3.4      Funding for the Award Scheme for 2005/06
         should be confirmed, subject to the agreement        Roger Shapter            May 05
         of the Crime and Disorder Reduction                                                                  
         Partnership and to the provision of matched
         funding from Maidstone Borough Council.

4.    Tonbridge & Malling Youth Forum
                           Actions                            Lead Officer(s)       Time Scale –   Notes   Completed
                                                                                   progressed by
4.1      The Forum should continue to operate in              Karena Harmer/          Ongoing                 
         partnership with KCC Youth and Community.             Angela Ford
4.2      Meetings should take place on a quarterly basis      Karena Harmer/          Sept 05
         and last for two hours.                               Ellen Garratt

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                        Page 11 of 27
                             Actions                         Lead Officer(s)       Time Scale –   Notes   Completed
                                                                                  progressed by
4.3      Meetings should take place on a Quarterly basis     Karena Harmer/          Sept 05
         in the Council Chambers at both Kings Hill and       Ellen Garratt
         Tonbridge Castle.
4.4      Membership of the Forum should be refreshed         Karena Harmer/          Sept 05
         and drawn from nominations from schools, clubs       Ellen Garratt
         and groups with an aim of recruiting between 20
         – 30 young people.
4.5      The Forum should be invited to nominate a           Karena Harmer
         chairman and executive committee to oversee
         operation of the forum and any working groups
         that are established
4.6      Members should be recruited from schools,           Karena Harmer/          Sept 05
         youth clubs, voluntary groups and uniformed          Ellen Garratt
4.7      An annual revenue budget be established to          Karena Harmer/          March 06
         assist with the work of the forum and to fund        Robert Styles
         transport to and from forum meetings.
4.8      Notes of the Youth Forum meetings should be         Karena Harmer/          Ongoing
         taken and reported quarterly to Members of the       Robert Styles
         Leisure Facilities, Culture & Youth Advisory
4.9      Efforts should be make by the Forum and             Karena Harmer/          Ongoing
         partners to increase awareness of its work and       Linda Moreau
         activities to a wider audience of young people in
         the borough.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                       Page 12 of 27
                             Actions                           Lead Officer(s)       Time Scale –   Notes   Completed
                                                                                    progressed by
4.10     The Borough Council's Member lead for the
         Forum should continue to be the Cabinet               Cllr Mrs Murray         Ongoing                 
         Portfolio Holder for Leisure Facilities, Culture &
4.11     Officer time allocated to the management and
         administration of the Youth Forum be increased,      Karena Harmer/
         with the Community Partnerships Officer and          Emma Tomlinson
         Youth & Play Development Officer being

5. Youth Advice and Support
                          Actions                              Lead Officer(s)      Time Scale –    Notes   Completed
                                                                                   progressed by
5.1      The LFC &YAB be invited to submit comments
         on the forthcoming green paper on youth
         services in particular to address the inadequacy     Robert Styles       March 06
         of core funding to public and voluntary sector
         service providers.
5.2      Local Partners including the Chamber of
         Commerce and the West Kent EBP be invited to         Mark Raymond /      Dec 06
         assist with the organisation of a schools careers    Gill Crebbin
         fair for the Tonbridge area in 2006.
5.3      The Borough Council, as a key local employer,
         explores further opportunities to promote local      Mark Raymond /      Ongoing
         government jobs and careers to local schools.        LSBU
5.4      The Borough Council should seek to assist
         partners with the promotion and take up of the
         Healthy schools initiative with the aim of           Phil Beddoes /
         achieving 100% take up across Borough                Tamzin Ritchie

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                         Page 13 of 27
                            Actions                       Lead Officer(s)       Time Scale –   Notes   Completed
                                                                               progressed by
5.5      The scope to extend mentoring schemes
         operating within schools be explored with
         partners and the opportunities to become adult    Mark Raymond      Ongoing
         mentors for young people be promoted amongst
5.6      The use of mediation services be commended
         to the Crime and Disorder Reduction
         Partnership as a means to help tackle anti-social
         behaviour and the extension of mediation          Roger Shapter
         services to local schools be commended to the
         county Council for its consideration.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                    Page 14 of 27
                                                                           ANNEX 2
                            Hillview School – Group Discussion
                                    1st July 2005


The following were used by the Year 12 students:

   Gym at the Angel Centre
   Tonbridge Swimming Pool
   Race Course Sportsground
   Starbucks cafe

The following were used by the Year 10 students:

   Tonbridge Swimming Pool
   Karate at the Angel Centre
   Tonbridge Performing Arts at the Angel Centre
   Larkfield Leisure Centre
   Race Course Sportsground
   Starbucks Café

In particular, students used the Gym, Cafes, and Restaurants. They used the Angel
Centre for Aerobics, Badminton, and Trampolining.

The reasons given by some students as to why they did not use Tonbridge leisure
facilities were:

   Too expensive
   Lack of transport from outlying villages
   Not many shops
   Too many younger children, pool is crowded
   There isn‟t enough to do at Tonbridge Pool
   The Skatepark and Ball Courts were too far away

The following improvements were suggested to encourage more young people to
use local leisure facilities

   Marketing could be better, none of the young people asked knew about the
    cinema at the Angel Centre (however they would all use this is they had known)
   Special Rates – (However most considered the rates at TSP & AC Good)
   Special Times limited to 14 – 16 Year Olds
   Evening Opening
   Under 18‟s Club
   Internet Café
   Bowling Alley
   Ice Rink

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                Page 15 of 27
   Better Advertising – (All the young people agreed that SMS Texting would be a
    good idea as long as it didn‟t cost them anything to subscribe)

Young people also used the following facilities, mainly located at Bluewater,
Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone:

   Pubs
   Restaurants
   Cinema‟s (although expensive £7.20)
   Shopping
   Bowling
   Ice Skating (although difficult to get to)

When asked what new facilities and improvements they would like to see in
Tonbridge, the following were suggested:

   Cafes (Specifically for Young People)
   Restaurants
   Cinema
   Bowlplex
   Ice Rink
   Under 18s clubs (limited to 15 – 18 Year olds)

The three main points raised were:

   Costs – Things were generally too expensive for them
   Advertising – Most of them did not know about events, websites etc.
   Transport - How it is difficult to access venues

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                  Page 16 of 27

Discussion Points:

1. Cleanliness of Tonbridge Town Centre – Litter and Dog Fouling

2. Appearance and public perception of the Town Centre

3. Flytipping, Graffiti and Abandoned vehicles

4. Parks and open spaces

5. The Medway

6. Conservation of heritage (natural, built and cultural)

7. Business responsibilities

Tonbridge Park is the only green area in Tonbridge. Would like more provision of
facilities for older young people (+12).

Eg. Use of play areas restricted to under 12s – would like some „big kids‟ equipment

The parks are well maintained and the flower schemes are attractive.

No litter or gum on the high street.

Backs of shops off the high street are disgusting

Toilets are in a horrible condition

In respect to Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) for litter and dog fouling. Suggestion for a
lesser charge or warning on first offence, to increase for reoffenders.

Felt the charges should also reflect the age bracket to make the fines more
affordable for young people.

The sewage works smell – there used to be hedges alongside to help filter the
smells, have now been removed. Should be replaced.

No bins are on the streets around the industrial estate which is a common route to
school for many young people. More bin provision would be appreciated.

Better than Tunbridge Wells Town Centre as it is enjoyable to walk past the castle
and through a fresh green environment, rather than just buildings.

Too much dog poo and litter on the high street

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                   Page 17 of 27
Tonbridge is viewed as dirty and unattractive

Not enough bins on high street and on school routes

Pupils interested in siting new bins where their use would be optimal.

More street cleaners for Tonbridge

Derelict buildings should be managed. Knocked down for regeneration, or creation of
opens spaces within built up areas.

Some old buildings are very attractive

Too many weeds around the castle – detract from the beauty

Canal/Pond next to the castle has degenerated. What is happening?

Well at the top of the castle is full of litter – should be cleaned out.

The River is perceived as unclean with dirty water

Tunbridge Wells, St Matthews‟s area, do a wildlife walk which was of interest to
some young people. Would consider the healthy walk if it had a wildlife on your
doorstep aspect.

Tunbridge Wells have better facilities for young people

The expensive car garages along the A26 make the outskirts of Tonbridge attractive

Tonbridge Station – horrible, old with chipped paint. Competition between the old
shop and new shop opposite. Young people tend to use the new shop as it is more

Compared to other stations (eg Brixton and Chatham) isn‟t so bad

Would like to see a revamp of the station – cleaner seating area

Graffiti – some is artistic, most of it is scribble and tags which make the
neighbourhood feel unsafe.

In Exeter Close, the whole side of a house has been gratified with the permission of
the home owner.

Designate an area for graffiti in Tonbridge – Encourage competitions between the
artists, bring young people into the town.

Make it more difficult for young people to buy spray cans – possibly a licence

Young people, reluctant to use parks for fear of crime and gangs of young people
are intimidating.

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Too easy for young people to buy cigarettes and alcohol ( young people easily
purchase the above in their school uniforms)

Flytipping – sofas and trolleys are common site in the river.

Highways – Signposts on the A26 along Vauxhall Road, many street signs have
been covered by overgrown vegetation

Footpath behind Deakin Leas is regularly vandalised and looks uncared for as it is
over grown with weeds. Important route to school for many pupils.

Maria Collins/ Susan Edwards – Student contacts for Hillview School. TR To forward
information about the Cubit+ scheme once funding has been approved.


   Criminal Damage

Although this is a stereotype, each group agreed that criminal damage such as
vandalism, graffitti etc was undertaken by young people, but wanted to stress that it
is not ALL young people. It was agreed that one of the reasons for this behaviour
was boredom and a lack of things for young people to do in Tonbridge. Some felt
that graffitti and vandalism was worse in Tonbridge than other neighbouring towns.

Many went to Tunbridge Wells to the Knight Park Complex, where there was
bowling, cinema, etc which means you can can occupy the entire evening in one
place. It was mentioned that this was expensive and there is a need for inexpensive
activities, located in Tonbridge.

   Offences against the person

Theft considered an issue by some. Some had a fear of crime, particularly at night in
Tonbridge. Felt that a large proportion of their age group were drinking in parks and
starting fights. In particular it was felt that large groups were often intimidating- with
verbal and physical abuse in some cases.

   Substance Misuse

Perception that alcohol was more of an issue than drugs. Some areas of Tonbridge
are worse than others- e.g. groups of young people drinking in parks. Aware of
some drug use, but alcohol the larger problem. Alcohol very easy to get hold of, as
many older people are prepared to buy it for them.

   Environmental Crime

The river seems to be a dumping ground- with shopping trolleys, sofas, etc regularly

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There should be more litter bins, especially away from the town centre where there
are few bins. It was felt by some that issuing a £50 fixed penalty notice was too
extreme/expensive and there should be lower charges.

   What more should be done?

All agreed that they rarely see police. Tonbridge police station is closed in the
evenings and the police come over from Maidstone. Greater police presence would
make Tonbridge feel safer. One commented that the police just drove through the
centre- would prefer it if they went out on foot in the evenings, into the parks, where
the problems are.

All agreed that CCTV was a good thing. Again felt that cameras should be in the
parks and problem areas rather than just the high street.

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Most young people prefer to shop at Tunbridge Wells, Blue Water, Central London
and to a lesser extent, Maidstone, Lakeside and Brighton

They were attracted to such centres because of the range of good quality shops
(mainly fashion) but also because of a perception that the centres themselves were
of good quality and good places to meet up with friends, eat and socialise. Enclosed
shopping malls like Royal Victoria Place were particularly well-liked.

Views of Tonbridge as a shopping centre were largely negative. Not many young
people made a point of shopping in Tonbridge with most visits being occasional trips
after school or during free periods. The main opinions were:

   There were no good shops (particularly fashion) and no enough choice in shops
   Too many cheap shops with „chav‟ fashion, better fashion shops too expensive
    for young people eg Monsoon
   The centre was too small with too much traffic and there was no pedestrian area
    or square to „hang out‟
   There was no late night shopping
   Better restaurants are too far from main shopping centre
   Saturday Market is poor
   Angel Walk and Pavilions regarded as poor/down market

Things that were liked about Tonbridge were:

   Some good places to eat eg Starbucks, and takeaways such as „Subway‟
    (sandwich bar)
   Close to park
   Recreation facilities eg swimming pool

The following shops were mentioned as being particularly well-liked and if in
Tonbridge, would attract more young people to use the centre:

Top shop, River Island, Route 1, Bay Trading, Faith, Next Disney Shop, Hawkins,
Gas Station, FCUK, Elle, HMV, Mango, QuickSilver

Young people also thought the following would enhance the Town Centre:

   A bowl plex
   Cinema
   Decent Ice Cream Parlour
   A Mall with a food court
   60‟s style diner and other family restaurants (eg Frankie and Bennies)
   a better Starbucks (not in Sainsburys)
   Sweet and Chocolate store
   Cheaper more frequent public transport to the Centre

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Family food shopping was undertaken in a variety of stores according to where they
lived. Sainsburys was the most popular for local residents. And Tesco at Pembury
was also used frequently by some.

Little use appeared to be made of mail-order/internet shopping. Most young people
may surf the net to make comparisons/see what is available but they appeared to
prefer to shop at centres after having found something they wished to buy.

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                                                                               ANNEX 3

                                   OUTLINE PROGRAMME

             Survey of Young People at Tonbridge schools (2005/06)
             Hayesbrook, Hillview, Hugh Christie and Weald of Kent

1.     Young People OSG – outline/agree way forward          14 July 2005

2      Questionnaire (1st draft)                             Summer 2005

3.     Questionnaire (1st draft)                             Summer/autumn 2005
       - Consult schools on willingness to participate
         based on early draft.
       - Develop and proof with small cross-section of
         young people from above schools and Dr Joy

4.     Questionnaire (2nd draft) – to Young People

5.     Questionnaire (3rd draft) – to Management
                                                             Autumn 2005
6.     Questionnaire (4 draft) – to Youth Forum.

7.     Implement and test IT platform for electronic
       data entry.

8.     Questionnaire (5th/final draft) – to Leisure          9 January 2006
       Facilities, Culture and Youth Advisory Board.

9.     Survey „field work‟ – undertake electronically, „in   February/March 2006
       class‟, direct to T&M Youth (or alternative

10.    Analyse and produce written report of survey          Early summer 2006

11.    Schools, Youth Forum etc produce actions              Summer 2006

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                                                                              ANNEX 4
                       Tonbridge and Malling Children’s Consortia Group

                                     6th June 2005

Present:      S Whittaker (Chair)   KCC Social Services
              L Denne               South West Kent PCT
              J Doswell             KCC Contracting and Planning
              S Evans               West Kent Police
              H Flint               South West Kent PCT
              A Ford                      KCC Youth & Community
              H Goody               KCC Education
              M Gorringe            Connexions Kent & Medway
              K Holmes              Team Leader CWD Team
              G Parkin              KCC Education
              S Tunnicliffe         Headteacher, Kings Hill School
              L Packham             KCC
              A Finch               Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council

Apologies were received from P Chatfield (Homestart), K Hardy (Healthy Schools), J
Kennedy (Sexual Health/HIV), B Lock (Tonbridge Baptist Church) and S Smith (Early

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 14th March 2005
The minutes of the meeting held on 14th March 2005 were agreed as a correct

2. Matters Arising
(i)    Presentation from Mark Gorringe
M Gorringe advised that the acronym for „Not in Education, Education or Training‟
was NEET, not NIEET as stated in the previous minutes.
He also reported that the details of all Personal Advisers in the Tonbridge & Malling
Borough Council area had been circulated with the previous minutes.
He explained that he had met with P Chatfield to discuss providing an outreach
service at Homestart, East Malling. However, the Connexions boundaries had
changed again and East Malling would now be covered by Maidstone Connexions
(Gill Morrison). M Gorringe advised that he had passed on the contact details for P
Chatfield to G Morrison.

(ii)  List of services available in Tonbridge & Malling for young people
A Ford stated that the Borough Council had undertaken a mapping service of young
people‟s services which had been started by E Tomlinson and which was now being
completed by K Morley. A Ford would find out whether or not this had been
ACTION: A Ford to find out whether the mapping service had been completed.

3. Performance Reward Grant and PSA II and LAA Targets
S Whittaker circulated a paper giving guidance on the Performance Reward Grant
funding. She explained that the Performance Reward Grant earned for KCC by
Social Services Children‟s Services for achieving their PSA1 targets could be used

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                  Page 24 of 27
by Children‟s Consortia to support the PSA 2 and Local Area Agreement
outcomes/indicators. The Tonbridge & Malling Children‟s Consortia had been
allocated £82,000 for a three year period.
The Performance Reward Grant could be used to pump prime the following
outcomes and indicators:
 Outcome 4: to identify children and young people (aged 0 – 18) with emotional
    and/or psychological difficulties at the earliest possible stage and respond with
    the most effective support.
 Outcome 1: to promote the physical, emotional and intellectual development of
    young children so they flourish at home and at school.
 LAA Performance indicator: to reduce the number of children on the Child
    Protection Register or coming into care whose main need for services arises
    because of the capacity of their parents or carers to care for them is impaired by
    mental illness or addictions.
 Outcome 10: to reduce crime affecting local communities
 LAA Performance Indicator: number of repeat incidents of domestic violence.

The Performance Reward Grant could not be used to pay for admin/support costs.
Any projects started would need to consider sustainability and exit strategies.
S Whittaker stated that she would like to see Children‟s Centres set up in the
Borough. This was most likely to occur in East Malling, where there was a possibility
of a facility being built. A Ford advised that the Scout Group in East Malling were
leading proposals to build a new scout hut/community centre. It was hoped that this
facility could be used by all age groups but especially young people and children.
S Whittaker wondered whether a sub-group of the East Malling Focus Group could
be set up to take forward youth provision in East Malling and it was agreed that this
would be suggested at the forthcoming East Malling Focus Group meeting.
S Whittaker further advised that discussions had been held on the Emotional
Wellbeing target. A broad outline of a service had been thought of and had
provisionally been titled the „Link Project‟. S Whittaker was able to circulate a chart
showing the project and she explained that the Link Team would be a central co-
ordinating body. They would take all emotional wellbeing referrals and decide on the
best course of action. Three Primary Mental Health workers would be employed by
South West Kent PCT and they could receive referrals from the Link Team. Each
Primary Mental Health Worker would work for a District and to a Cluster. A Social
Work Assistant would work with each Primary Mental Health Worker (this would be
dependent on the Clusters part funding the posts, Social Services would fund the
The Group felt that in principle they liked the idea of the Link Project. They felt that it
would need some refinement but that it would be useful to have a single referral
system. S Whittaker explained that she would need the Consortia to agree to funding
Time 2 Talk and some of the funding for the Social Work Assistant post. The Group
agreed to this.
S Whittaker also requested that the Group fund £10,000 to providing an outreach
worker for Homestart in Tonbridge. The Group agreed to this request.
ACTION: S Whittaker to raise the suggestion of a youth facilities sub-group at the
next East Malling Focus Group meeting.
S Whittaker to take forward the idea of the Link Project. G Parkin would speak to the
Clusters about the proposed project.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                      Page 25 of 27
4. Feedback from Sub-Groups
Teenage Pregnancy Sub-Group
L Denne reported that the Sub-Group was continuing to make process. There had
been long discussions over the Trenchwood Medical Centre drop in session. This
had not been taken up well and it was wondered if anything could be done to
improve attendance. It had been felt that more publicity might be helpful and this
would be looked into in further detail.
The Baptist Church had trained 13 volunteers to be counsellors in pregnancy crisis
and these were due to start in September.
H Flint was now the Chair of the Sub-Group and the next meeting would be held in

Parenting Support Sub-Group
S Whittaker advised that B Lock was the Chair of this Sub-Group. A parenting group
had been established at Longmead School. This was a small group of parents but
they had found it useful. St Stephens School and Cage Green School had also set
up a parenting groups and these were also successful. Cage Green School were
planning to hold another parenting group in September.
S Whittaker stated that it was hoped that a parenting group would be set up in

Emotional Wellbeing Sub-Group
S Whittaker reported that the Sub-Group had discussed the Link Project and the
PSA targets.

Domestic Violence Sub-Group
S Whittaker explained that Women‟s Support Service were continuing to operate.
The statistics for January to March had shown that there had been 15 new referrals
to the Service. The first Freedom Programme had run at 48 Temple Way and had
been evaluated. The programme would alternate between East Malling, Tonbridge
and Maidstone.
The Sub-Group had received a presentation from Probation on their work with
perpetrators. A small number of Probation staff had been trained to facilitate groups
and it was hoped that these numbers would grow. The Sub-Group had debated
whether or not it would be possible to refer other perpetrators who were not on
statutory orders to attend the group sessions.
A survivor of Domestic Violence had attended the Sub-Group and this had been very
useful. She had agreed to attend future meetings and train as a facilitator for the
Freedom Programme.

5. Seven C’s Sexual Health Training
S Whittaker advised that she had been asked to bring the Seven C‟s Sexual Health
Training to the attention of the Group. This training was free for professionals to
ACTION: Members of the Consortia to disseminate to any professionals who might
find the training useful.

072d931f-ccfb-43e5-bb85-edd40bef5559.doc                                 Page 26 of 27
6. Drug Use Screening Tool – training
The Drug Use Screening Tool (DUST) was also available for free to members of the
Consortia. For further information Group members were asked to contact the Drug
and Action Alcohol Team.

7. Update from Agencies
A Finch reported that the Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP)
Strategy had now been printed and would be sent out to partners shortly. The
Strategy would be officially launched on 20th July at the Angel Centre, Tonbridge.
Partners would be invited to display information relating to reducing crime and
A Finch also reported that the CDRP website would shortly be going live and would
be launched at the same time as the Strategy.
ACTION: S Whittaker and G Parkin to produce a leaflet/newsletter to publicise the
work of the Children‟s Consortia.

M Gorringe advised that the Connexions boundaries had now changed and the
Malling end of Tonbridge & Malling would be covered by Maidstone Connexions (Gill

S Evans explained that the West Kent Police boundaries had also changed and they
would now cover Cranbrook as of 7th June.

C Holmes advised that the Children with Disabilities Team were starting to plan the
summer holiday schemes.

A Ford reported that the Try Angle Awards would be held at Ditton Community
Centre on 8th July. The Y-2 Crew programmes had also been produced and had
been sent to interested young people. She explained that the Y-2 Crew scheme was
held for four weeks during the school summer holidays in four targeted areas of the
borough (East Malling, Hadlow, Tonbridge and Snodland). The scheme was
successful, as a number of agencies were able to work together.

H Flint advised that a paper had been produced to discuss how to take forward joint
working with Maidstone Weald PCT. The proposal was for one chief executive for
South West Kent and Maidstone Weald PCT. There would have to be a change in
legislation before any confirmation of the amalgamation.

S Whittaker reported that there had been a restructure within Social Services. It was
likely that the Children‟s section of Social Services would be joining with Education.
A Children‟s Director, Graham Badman, had been appointed. It was not yet clear
how this would impact on services.

8. Dates of next meetings
The next meeting would be held on Monday 18th July at 9.30am – 11.30am at
Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council offices, Kings Hill.
Dates for the rest of 2005 were also set: (All to be held at 9.30am at TMBC offices,
Kings Hill)                       Monday 19th September
                                  Monday 21st November

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