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									                                   THE PLAN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186
                         TABLE OF CONTENTS | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED 186

                                    IONAL PH




     THE CAMPAIGN   13

                                                                                                                          THE PLAN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186
                                                                                                                CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED 186

 College. It’s the “greatest time” in                   And, that’s not acceptable.
 one’s life.
                                                        Universities across the nation are taking
 It’s the only time in life when it’s acceptable to     notice of the problem, but to change a long    CAMPAIGN ObjECT
                                                                                                                                ts who are
 have a month’s worth of empty or half empty            embedded norm you have to do more than         • Identify those studen
                                                                                                                                 in dangerous
 pizza boxes strewn about your dorm. It’s the           just alter a behavior. To change college         more likely to engage
                                                                                                         binge drinking behavio
 only time in life when it’s acceptable to paint        drinking culture, one must first attack the
 your face for the big game and streak across           underlying attitude that binge drinking is
                                                                                                       • Define the who, wh   at, where, why,
 the goal line. It’s the only time in life when it’s    okay, that it’s acceptable.                                                 erous over-
 acceptable to pull an all nighter studying with                                                          when and how of dang
                                                                                                                                  ol among
 your best friends and watch the sunrise at the         To combat binge drinking, Red186 will             consumption of alcoh
 local 24-hour diner before your final. It’s the only   educate students about its effects and            college students.
                                                                                                                                 e campus and
                                                                                                        • Motivate students, th
 time in life when it’s acceptable to down your         encourage students to drink less and know
                                                        when they’ve had ENOUGH. The campaign                                      involved in
                                                                                                          the community to get
 weight in alcohol and wake up in an unfamiliar
 bed with no memory of last night’s mayhem.             will not only target those who do binge                                      n to prevent
                                                        drink, but encourage college campuses and         the ENOUGH campaig
 That’s the problem. It shouldn’t be                    surrounding communities to be proactive and        binge drinking.
                                                                                                                                 , the campus
 acceptable.                                            take action to reduce the behavior. Everyone    • Encourage students
                                                                                                                                     interact with
                                                                                                           and the community to
                                                        has had ENOUGH.
 Nearly half of all college students drink at least
                                                                                                           the campaign through
                                                                                                                                       ing in the
                                                                                                           volunteering, participat
 four or five drinks in one setting, according to
 a landmark binge drinking study published by
 Henry Wechsler in the Journal of the American                                                              Campus Challenge pr
                                                                                                                                     omotion or
 Medical Association.                                                                                       through web-based in
                         Binge                                                                                                     et audiences
      essage is simple: e, not just
                                                                                                          • Inform the three targ
The m
                                                                                                            that binge drinking is a
                     ryon                                                                                                        societal da    nger.

 rinking affects evee drinking.
                                                                                                            problem that poses a
d                 th
the person doing
 Dangerous over-consumption of alcohol is
 a staple of the college experience and often
 encouraged and rewarded. It’s a culture
 where empty alcohol bottles proudly sit on
 countertops like trophies.
                                                                                                                 THE RESEARCH | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Successfully meeting the objectives of this
                                                                              ING                       ATTITUdES AbOUT
assignment requires in-depth knowledge.
                                                    REASONS FOR bING                                    • Students are unawar
                                                                                                                                 e or
                                                                            the knowledge                                     t the consequences.
                                                    • Many students lack
Red186 spent the past six months reviewing
                                                                                                          unconcerned abou
the available research and conducting a                                       long term                                          e of the harm they
number of primary research projects to better         of the short term and                             • Students are unawar
                                                                                                                                     s or others.
understand the complex dynamics of college            health risks.                                       could cause themselve
                                                                              e overwhelmed                                         the correct
binge drinking. The following objectives            • First time students ar                            • Students do not know
                                                                               llege life.
guided the research team in their efforts:             by the transition to co                             definition of binge drin
                                                                             ve that binge                                       with the risks, but
                                                     • Many students belie                               • Students are familiar
                                                                                friendships                                         happen to me.”
RESEARCH ObjECTIVES                                    drinking leads to new                               believe “it would never
                                                                                  relationships.                                   if someone is
• Evaluate the target audience to gauge                and romantic or sexual                            • Students believe that
                                                                             nsidered as a rite                                      st “sleep it off.”
  already existing opinions on binge drinking.       • Binge drinking is co                                intoxicated they can ju
• Uncover key insights as to why the target
  engages in the over-consumption of alcohol.
                                                        of passage.
• Identify the most effective ways to
  communicate the message to the target.
• Communicate a consistent, effective
  message that directly speaks to the target     their ability to handle alcohol, and while       Key Insights
  and the target’s influences                    students may not define their behavior as        • Binge drinking among college students is a
                                                 binge drinking, they often drink excessive         common problem on campuses nationwide
                                                 amounts in brief periods.                        • The targets’ college campuses
Drinks add up quickly. One to pre-game at        The research team also found that the target’s
                                                                                                    and surrounding communities influence
                                                                                                    where and when students drink
the house before the party. One to loosen up     campus and community directly influence          • The consequence of binge drinking
before hitting the dance floor. One as liquid    where and when the target drinks. Statistical      not only affect the binge drinker,
courage to approach a crush. One to cleanse      evidence supports a campaign that involves         but those around them
the feel of defeat after rejection from that     and engages both the campus and the
crush. One to catch up to a friend. One upside   community. This led Red186 to identify the
down as a dare. Wait, what number are we at?     campus and the surrounding community as
One more can’t hurt.                             secondary markets.

Red186 conducted extensive secondary             The research revealed that over-consumption
research referencing hundreds of published       of alcohol among the target market
articles, journals and surveys. The research     creates dangerous and potentially deadly
shows that an alarming amount of college         consequences, which are not isolated and
students binge drink at an alarming frequency    affect both the campus and the
and severity. Students often underestimate       community.
                                                                                                                      THE RESEARCH | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

PRIMARy RESEARCH                                    Theory of Planned behavior                         subjective norm, and perceived behavioral
But, that’s only half the story, only half the      Behavior such as binge drinking, is guided by      control)
glass. What is the motivation behind binge          three considerations:
drinking? Why do students over consume              • Individual Decision: Beliefs about the likely   Key Insight
even when they know and understand the                outcomes of the behavior and the                Neither social pressure nor perceived control
risks? Why don’t students stop at half the six        evaluations of the outcomes                     demonstrated a particularly strong direct effect
pack? Red186 gathered primary research to           • Social Pressure: Beliefs about the normative    on intent to binge drink among college stu-
better understand and address the problem             expectations of others and the motivation       dents. The key variable is that students’ desire
and to provide an effective solution.                 to comply with these expectations               to binge drink. A campaign focused exclusively
                                                    • Control: Beliefs about the presence             on increasing social pressure to stop binge
Red186 identified the campaign’s main                 of factors that may facilitate or impede        drinking, or a campaign aimed at increasing the
objective as decreasing the target’s intent to        performance of the behavior and the             community’s perception that binge drinking is
                                                      perceived power of these factors
binge drink. In order to successfully executive

                                                                   onsume even whe
and eventually evaluate the campaign, the
                                                             over c
                                             Why do students derstand the risks?
target’s intent to binge drink before the
campaign had to be identified.

The primary research effort was survey-based
and heavily focused on The Theory of Planned
                                             they know and un
Behavior. The research surveys established                                                            beyond the a student’s control,
the target’s current intent to binge drink and      Planned behavioral Research:                      will not meet the objectives
identified attitudinal variables that influenced
their intent. Red186 learned that the primary
                                                    • 25 question online survey posted
                                                      on February 18,2009
                                                                                                      of this campaign. Social
                                                                                                      pressure and control are im-                       04
motivation of alcohol over-consumption among        • Questions investigated student attitudes,       portant factors in the behavior,
the target audience was that they perceived it to     social pressure, and perceived control as       but binge drinking is ultimately
be enjoyable.                                         they relate to the intent to binge drink        a personal decision. Therefore, the
                                                    • Used a 7-point semantic differential scale      majority of Red186 efforts will be
The research confirmed that a social norms            ranging from strongly disagree (1) to           directed at student
campaign would not be effective because               strongly agree (7) to code the responses        binge drinkers.
social pressure did not significantly influence     • Total usable responses exceeded 90
the target’s intent to binge drink. The research      cases – more than adequate for the analysis
also revealed that behavioral control has a           method used
significant effect on binge drinking. Behavioral    • Data was analyzed using a variance-based
control is directly attributed to campus and          structural equation modeling procedure
community involvement. In order to decrease           utilizing partial least squares
the target’s intent to over-consume the level       • Results render a path model that
of perceived enjoyment associated with the            can estimate the relative strength of
behavior must be reduced.                             each latent variable (attitude,
                                                                                                                       THE RESEARCH | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

AddITIONAL RESEARCH                                  RESEARCH
Red186 conducted additional research to              TACTICS
establish a message capable of decreasing            Friendship Circles
the target’s perceived enjoyment of alcohol          Ten students, both male and
overconsumption. The research was largely
                                                     female, were asked a number
qualitative and ethnographic.
                                                     of questions related to binge
                                                     drinking. Participants were
Red186 found that the target enjoys binge
                                                     encouraged to answer openly
drinking despite being aware of the possible
                                                     and honestly in an informal,
negative consequences. Ethnographic
                                                     conversational manner. The
research reconfirmed that the target perceived
                                                     research was documented
binge drinking as enjoyable, but revealed that
                                                     on video.
when experiencing the negative effects of the                                        PROMOTION
behavior, the target’s positive perception of                                                 AL PHOTO
binge drinking lessened.                             Key Insight
                                                     In order to be effective, an anti-binge drinking
Participants of the ethnographic research            message must be serious. Students reported
reported saying things such as “Why did I do         a temporary change in their views of binge         mentality. In most instances, the target did
that (over-consume)?” while being directly           drinking while experiencing the negative           not fully understand what binge drinking was.
impacted by the consequences of binge                consequences of their behavior. But, that view     Many respondents said tat they did not realize
drinking. During the period when the target          quickly altered and returned to its normal         how frequently they over-consumed.

suffers from the negative consequences of            favorable state over time.
over-consumption, they do not have a favorable                                                          And, when asked about the negative
view of binge drinking. The research showed          Ethnography                                        consequence associated with binge
that this altered perception only lasts as long as   Field observation and personal interviews          drinking, very few mentioned the
negative consequences are felt. Once the target      were conducted with students at area bars          effects on others.
is no longer effected by the consequences, a         and nightclubs over a two-week period in
favorable view of binge drinking returns.            November 2008. Students were asked open-
                                                     ended questions to uncover the motivation
Red186 concluded that the most effective             behind binge drinking. The interactions were
approach for the campaign was to emphasize           videotaped with the subject’s permission.
the negative consequences before, during
and after binge drinking. Research suggests          Key Insight
that if the campaign forces the target to            Students were aware of the overwhelming
evaluate the consequences before they over-          negative consequences of binge drinking,
consume, it will alter their overall perception of   but that did not alter their behavior. The
binge drinking and reduce thus reduce intent.        target has a “It won’t happen to me”
                                                                                                                    THE RESEARCH | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Key Communities
Red186 identified three key communities or
target audiences:

binge drinkers
The primary target audience is easy to spot
— it’s the guy at the frat party that proves his
manhood by downing an entire case of cheap
beer or the girl keeping tallying marks on her
arm to count off the number of drinks on her
21st birthday. According to CDC.gov, about 90
percent of alcohol consumed by youth under                                 E DRIN
                                                                  NCE: BING           TARGET A
the age of 21 in the United States is in the               T AUDIE                            UDIENCE
form or binge drinking. Binge drinkers must          TARGE                                           : COLLEG
                                                                                                             E COMMU
be educated about the consequences of their                                                                         NITY
behavior — that it effects more than just them.     College Community
                                                    Campuses are all too familiar with the effects    • Property damage: More than 25 percent
The effects that binge drinking has on the          of binge drinking. It’s seen every night — it’s     of administrators from schools with
primary audience include:                           the guy who forces his way into his neighbors       relatively low drinking levels and more
• Academic problems: About 25 percent
  of college students report academic
                                                    house and then into her bed or the girl who has
                                                    to hold her roommate’s hair as she leans over
                                                                                                        than 50 percent from schools with high
                                                                                                        drinking levels say their campuses
  consequences due to their drinking habits.        the toilet after a night of heavy drinking. The     have a “moderate” or “major”
  These include missing class, falling behind       college community has a stake in preventing         problem with alcohol-related
  in schoolwork, performing poorly on exams         this dangerous behavior — it affects them too.      property damage (Wechsler
  or papers and receiving lower overall grades                                                          et al., 1995).
  (Engs et al., 1996; Presley et al., 1996a,        The effects that binge drinking has on the
  1996b; Wechsler et al., 2002).                    college campus include:
• Injury: 599,000 students between the ages         • Assault: More than 696,000 students
  of 18 and 24 are unintentionally injured            between the ages of 18 and 24 are
  under the influence of alcohol (Hingson et          assaulted by another student who has
  al., 2005).                                         been drinking.
• Death: 1,700 students between the ages of         • Sexual abuse: More than 97,000
  18 and 24 die every year from alcohol               students between the ages of 18 and
  related unintentional injuries (Hingson et al.,     24 are victims of alcohol-related
  2005).                                              sexual assault or date rape.
                                                                                           THE RESEARCH | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Surrounding Community
The surrounding community seems
somewhat removed from the effects of binge
drinking, but it’s there, it still has a profound
impact — it’s the guy who instigates a
brawl outside the local bar and sends three
bystanders to the hospital with injuries or
the girl who sits bawling on the side of the
road next to mangled metal and skid marks.
The over consumption of alcohol has a wide
reach, so to counter this dangerous behavior,
the community must be proactive — it effects
them too. On campus, this community
includes peer educators, resident advisors,
program directors, organizations, campus
enforcement and administrative personnel
including the college president. Off campus,
this community includes retail alcohol outlets,
restaurant and bar operators, law enforcement
and the parents of students.

The effects that binge drinking has on
the surrounding community include:                                                                                         07
• Drunk driving: 2.1 million students between
  the ages of 18 and 24 drove under the
  influence of alcohol last year (Hingson et al.,
• Police involvement: About 5 percent of
  4-year college students are involved
  with the police or campus security as
  a result of their drinking (Wechsler et al.,
  2002) and an estimated 110,000 students
                                                  TARGET A
  between the ages of 18 and 24 are arrested              UDIENCE
                                                                 : SURROU
  for alcohol-related violations, such as public                         NDING C
  drunkenness or driving under the influence                                           Y
  (Hingson et al., 2002).

*All facts gathered from collegedrinkingprevention.gov.
                                                                   THE CREATIVE | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

A major problem creatively was appealing to
three very different audiences at the same time:
the college-aged binge drinker, the cam-
pus, and the community. How do you get a
party-goer’s attention while also calling a local
business owner to take a stand against a grave
societal issue?

Although their differences abound, these people
are all tied by the effects of excessive drinking.

The solution was giving this audience one
word that resonates on many different levels:

Saying the word evokes a lifestyle change: “I’ve
had enough of this. I won’t let this happen again
tomorrow night.”

The typography couldn’t be stylish or elegant.
There’s nothing clean cut about binge drinking.
The word and its meaning justify capital                                                          08
letters and bold colors, demanding attention
and respect.

The word also empowers the audience. The
ENOUGH logo resembles a stamp, which can
label a bad situation and send it to the discard
pile. For those affected by binge drinkers —
friends, family, teachers, even strangers — they
can use the word to open a dialogue. “Haven’t        ENOUGH LOGO
you had enough?”

Finally, it invites the community to be proac-
tive in solving this problem. “ENOUGH is
                                           THE CREATIVE | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

                           SWIS721 HV BT
         AND STYLE

                           SWIS721 MD BT

                           ARIAL REGULAR

                                  ENOUGH TYPEFACES
                                  & COLOR PALETTE

                                                                                THE CREATIVE | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

                                                                                 Campus Challenge Ads
                  YOU’VE ONLY H
   ’S 11 P.M. AND                                 SSON IN                        These copy-driven “Campus Challenge”
              ERS,                     HERE’S A LE
   E OR SIX BEFOR A                                      .
                                                                                 print ads will appear as posters around
FIV                                         E AT I O N
                                       M O DGE R A MINK COAT,
                                                                                 campus and will be in college newspapers

                                                                                 and other local media. These ads promote
             NIGHT.                    A SPLUR IS
                                                                                 participation in campus-wide activities that
                                                                  SS OF WINE.

                                       A BINGE
                                                    , A PRICEY GLA

                                                                                 discourage binge drinking.

B            I                         A GOLD WATCH
                                                                                 The text is big, bold, and dominates the ad.
     O GET YO AN
             T                                                                   This series of ads serve as conversations

 S IN THE MO EMEN .                    IS 7 MINK COAT
                                                     S, 12 WATCHES
                                                                   , AND         with college students about the negative

                                                6 BEE WILL ?
                                        5CLORFULL OF MINK RSBE
                                                                                 effects of binge drinking: getting a DUI,
                                                                                 having sex with a stranger, contracting an

 JO                                        OSET
                                                                                 STD. Each ad incorporates the Enough
                                                                                 logo as part of the copy at least one time.
                                                    LE A S
                                        AS REGRETTAB
               CH LL ENGE DAYS
                                        AN STD N R DUI.
   W KU CAMPUSESSANIGHTS                      E
                                        KNOW WH
           CA            19 @ 7PM       E N O U G H IS
           MONDAY, SEPT.
               ND WRONG                                  CHALL ENGE DAYS
                                             WKU CAMPUSESS NIGHTS
           DEAD                          SEPT WRECK LIGHT VIGIL
   27      WEDNESDAY, SE
                        PT. 27 @ 9PM
                                                   MONDAY, SEPT.
                                                                 19   @ 7PM
                 H IS ENOUGH
      OCT ENOUGS-WIDE PROTEST                            ND WRONG
             MPU                            SEPT WRITELIA FOR WRITING CONTEST
            CA             3 @ 2PM
            THURSDAY, OCT.                        DEAD  NE
                                            27      WEDNESDAY, SE
                                                                 PT. 27 @ 9PM

              S CHALLENGE A
                                                                         THE CREATIVE | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

      Posters & Magazine Ads
      The headlines on these posters and magazine
      ads are all one-sentence facts about the effects
      of binge drinking, designed to jar the audience
      into taking action against the issue.

      The photography depicts the negative effects
      of binge drinking, featuring people who have
      had let their habit take over their lives. The
      pictures are dimly lit, representing the grim

              E AD


                                                         ENOUGH POSTER
                                                                                                                       THE CREATIVE | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

                                                                                                                     (Left) CAMPUS CHALLENGE AND
                                                                                                                     (Above) ENOUGH CAMPAIGN WEBSITES

Websites                                          binge drinking can do to a community before        of the site. This allows viewers to
One of the major challenges that Red186           getting in to the guts of the site. In order for   keep up with the one URL and
faced while trying to compose a successful        the ENOUGH Campaign to be well executed            stay up to speed
and intriguing site was the fact that there are   online Red186 wanted to create one interface       with the other
already plenty of sites concerning awareness      to intertwine the three main target audiences;     sections of
to drugs, social issues and other concerns.       the binge drinker, college communities and         the site.
This ENOUGH Campaign site needed to               surrounding communities.
stand out and be different from others that
the target audience has visited in the past.      Continuing the consistency of the grungy look
                                                  and feel Red186 wanted the campaign to have
Instead of having a static introduction Red186    one site that viewers could go to and
wanted to take the viewer on a ride of what       then enter into their respective section
                                                                                                                 THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Red186 has developed a three-step approach to change attitudes about college drinking culture and redefine
when ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Red186 recommends using carefully crafted public relations, promotions
and media advertising to successfully engage all three target audiences through each step of the campaign.

THE PRE-CAMPAIGN                                THE LAUNCH                                       THE POST-CAMPAIGN
The first stage, the pre-campaign, employs      The second stage, the campaign launch,           The third stage, the post-campaign, will
strategies that will build consumer awareness   again targets all three core audiences through   evaluate and publicize the results and
and brand recognition before the ENOUGH         the use of public relations, promotions and      effectiveness of the ENOUGH Campaign.
Campaign’s actual launch. Benchmark survey      media.                                           The agency will conduct follow-up research
work will be conducted on target campuses                                                        on a national level along with a special
to establish current alcohol consumption        •	 National Press Conference                     emphasis directed toward the 100 largest
attitudes and investigate alcohol-related       •	 Mailing to all us Colleges                    colleges and universities in the United States.
behavior and incidence.                         •	 Magazines
                                                •	 Online TV Sponsorships                        • National Press Conference
• Social Media Press Release                    •	 Digital Media                                 • Follow-up Research
• Media Press Kits                              •	 Social Media Widgets
• Enough Website                                •	 Viral Videos
• Benchmark Research                            •	 ENOUGH Campus Challenge
                                                •	 Century Council Ambassadors
                                                •	 Stencil Kits
                                                •	 Campus Media
                                                •	 Mobiles
                                                •	 Wild Postings
                                                •	 Freshman Orientations
                                                •	 Campus Bus Shelters
                                                •	 Billboards near Top 100 Schools
                                                •	 ENOUGH Mannequins
                                                •	 Spring Break Events
                                                •	 ENOUGH Wii Kiosks
                                                •	 YouTube Initiative
                                                                                                                 THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

STAGE ONE                                         campaign’s goals and inform the audience of
Social Media Press Release                        the dangers associated with binge drinking.
                                                                                                                S kIT
Red186 recommends using a social                  The site will educate through the use of facts      MEDIA PRES
media press release developed by Shift            and surveys. The site will engage through the
Communications. The social media press            use of social networking pages, interactive
release will include links to online videos,      games and open blogs. The site will entertain
MP3 files of interviews with Century Council      through the use of iPhone applications and
executives and a link to the ENOUGH online        user-generated content. And, the site will
press room where supplemental resources will      encourage through the use of personal
be available for download. Using Technorati,      narratives and Campus Challenge activities.
the public relations team will identify key       Users will also be able to view campaign
users in the blogosphere to help spread the       creative pieces including print advertising,
ENOUGH message.                                   network television spots, viral videos,
                                                  billboards, coasters, table tents and fliers.
Cost: $25,750
                                                  The site’s landing page provides easy
Media Press Kit                                   navigation within the site, and also links to the
Red186 will use standard public relations         Campus Challenge portal. Information about
tactics, including mailing press kits to all      the challenge, including how to get involved,
print and broadcast news outlets in order to      how to earn points and how to implement the
generate campaign awareness and promote           program at individual colleges, will be easily
the campaign’s official launch in Washington,
DC on August 1, 2010. The press kits will
include research briefs that discuss binge        Cost: $115,250
                                                              H website will eng
drinking on college campuses, a complete

                                                  The ENOUG
and detailed description of the campaign and

                                                         in and encourage.
ENOUGH logo gear such as T-shirts, bracelets

and caps.

Cost: $17,500

ENOUGH Website
ENOUGH’s online presence is a crucial
component of the campaign. To successfully
reach the primary audience of college students,
the campaign must communicate like them.
The ENOUGH website will communicate the
                                                             THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Campaign Launch Strategies
Binge drinking is a serious problem that
has substantial reach and impact, so to
successfully communicate the campaign,
Red186 has prepared a comprehensive
integrated campaign. The campaign will
blend traditional paid media with digital
media, such as online, viral and social
networking advertising. Each component can
be individually implemented or delivered as
an all-inclusive strategy. The national media
solutions are aimed to generate sizable
returns on limited investments. The ENOUGH
message will be communicated through
public service announcements on nationwide
radio and television, as well as in magazines.

Scheduling Summary
The media plan will begin in August 2010 and
continue through June 2011.

  • Promote the ENOUGH
                               mpuses and
    nationally on college ca
    surrounding commun
  • Reinforce the anti-co
                                en students
    principle of knowing wh                             COASTER
    have had ENOUGH                              ENOUGH
                          llege students and
   • Reach 10 million co
     their communities
                           st colleges and
   • Target the 100 large
                               engage 3.2
     universities to directly
      million students
                                                                                                    THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

National Press Conference                          The field kits will include:
The ENOUGH Campaign will have a national           • Research briefs from leading
kick-off in Washington, DC at The Georgetown         experts about binge drinking
University Hotel and Conference Center on            on college campuses
August 1, 2010. This initial press conference      • An introduction to the ENOUGH
serves to generate consumer interest and             campaign
media exposure for the ENOUGH Campaign.            • A guidebook, detailing how
The press conference will include Century            to implement the ENOUGH
Council executives, college binge drinking           campaign on their campus
experts and sports and entertainment               • ENOUGH gear (T-shirts,
celebrities who support the campaign. The            bracelets and caps)
press conference will be broadcast live on         • ENOUGH campus radio
the Internet through WebEx technologies.             and video public service
ENOUGH radio and television public service           announcements
announcements will be distributed to news          • Agency contact information
media and the event, and will be shipped to all      for additional help with
radio, cable and networks in the United States       campaign implementation
to arrive on August 1, 2010.
                                                   Cost: est. at $25 per kit,
Cost: $175,000                                     with shipping to appx.
                                                   4,300 college campuses

Mailing to all U.S. Colleges                       = $107,500
and Universities
Red186 will mail each U.S. college and
university a “Have You Had ENOUGH?” field
kit. The kits will inform campus officials about                                ENOUGH
the national campaign and encourage them                                               CAMPAIG
                                                                                              N RADIO
to implement ENOUGH strategies on their                                                                 SCRIPT

               Each U.S  . college and univ d
               will receiv e a “Have You Ha
               ENOUGH?” field k
                                                                                                 THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

The primary objective of magazine advertising
is to direct the audience to the main ENOUGH
website. Each magazine will contain a one-
page four-color ads. Bonus 1/3 page ads
containing the campaign website link and
logo will appear in months not containing the
full-page ads. Magazine ads will deliver a 70
percent reach with a 4+ frequency for A18-
34. Red186 chose to place ads in magazines
with high college readership. According to a
2008 study by MediaMark Research, Sports
Illustrated has an audience of 82 percent males
to 18 percent females, which provides a strong
male audience. People Magazine has an
audience of 60 percent females and 40 percent
males, providing a nearly equal gender split.

Advertising will be staggered to ensure that
the entire target market is reached. People,
                                                                ENOUGH CAMPAIGN ADS WILL BE FEATURED IN THESE MAGAZINES
Sports Illustrated and Cosmopolitan will be
scheduled in August, while Men’s Health is
scheduled for September. A flighting pattern
                                                  primary target audience. Red186 will prepare
                                                  30-second pre-roll linked spots before full                                    17
continues for the next 10 months. Because         episodes on hulu.com.
People and Sports Illustrated are published
weekly, advertisements will be placed during      Online TV sponsorships will also be
the first and third weeks of select months.       implemented through flighting. Red186
                                                  proposes scheduling 30-second
Cost: $1,376,000                                  advertisements before shows watched
                                                  primarily by a college audience, including
Online TV Sponsorship                             Grey’s Anatomy, The City, Adult Swim,
Red186 proposes using online TV                   Family Guy and The Office. The ads will air
sponsorships to direct traffic to the main        during September, October, November and
ENOUGH website. Targeting tech-savvy              December, months that generally showcase
network TV fans, which includes a large           new television episodes.
amount of college students, will communicate
the campaign message successfully to the          Cost: $250,000
                                                                                                      THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

 dIGITAL STRATEGIES                               www.MySpace.com
 Overview                                         Launched in 2004, MySpace
 Red186 will effectively communicate the          lets friends stay connected by
 ENOUGH message to college students using         browsing profiles, blogging,
 digital strategies. The comprehensive digital    messaging and joining
 plan is the driving force behind the campaign.   interest-based groups. With
 EnoughCampaign.com serves as the main            videos, music and classifieds,
 website, with a portal to the more specialized   MySpace has a 32 percent
 ENOUGH Campus Challenge website. The             weekly reach, with more than
 Campus Challenge website will include            300 million accounts and
 challenge rules, individual college-generated    110 million monthly active
                                                  users. Fox Interactive Media
 home pages, ways to become involved and
                                                  acquired MySpace in 2005
 details about the Campus Challenge point
                                                  and since then, MySpace’s
 system. Both the websites will be reinforced
                                                  mobile application and
 through social networking initiatives that
                                                  Twitter compatibility has
 include ENOUGH profiles on Facebook,
 MySpace, Twitter and YouTube Channel.
                                                  The ENOUGH MySpace
 Social Networking                                profile will feature
 The campaign’s primary target audience           downloadable screen-
 of college students lives and breathes           savers, videos, music,
 social media. Four social networks have
 been selected to enhance the campaign’s
                                                  applications, mobile
                                                  phone games, campaign
 interactive and digital presence because these   publications and
 sites play an important role in the average      installable widgets and
 college students’ life. EnoughCampaign.com       encourage users to
 will educate and inform communities about        interact through photo
 the over-consumption of alcohol among            sharing, fan areas          ENOUGH MY
                                                                                       SPACE   PAGE
 college students. Each network profile will be   and blogging.
 designed with a consistent theme based on
 the ENOUGH brand.                                Cost: $5,000
                 rimary target audienc
The campaign’s p lives and breathes
of college students
social media.
                                                                                                                      THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

www.Facebook.com                                   page provides instant access to the latest
Facebook was launched in 2004 as an                campaign updates.
exclusive social network for Harvard students,
but as its popularity increased, the site opened   Cost: $2,500
up to the general public by 2006. By fall 2007,
Facebook had more than 50 million active           www.youTube.com Channel
users and 40 billion page views a month.           YouTube was founded in 2005 and is
Four-year U.S. college and university students     the leading online video broadcaster,
make up 85 percent of the network’s market         allowing people to easily upload and
share with a 22.5 percent weekly reach. There      share video clips across the Internet. In
are more than 20,000 application available         2008, YouTube had 100 million viewers in
and 95 percent of Facebook members have            the U.S. Additionally, the Apple iPhone,
used at least one.                                 Blackberry Storm and other smart phones
                                                   launched a mobile YouTube applications,
The ENOUGH Facebook profile will be similar        following the company’s November 2008
to the MySpace profile, with the addition of       partnership with Verizon’s vCast service.
the ENOUGH Facebook Cause. A Facebook                                                            ENOUGH FAC
                                                                                                           EBOOk          PAGE
Cause allows the target market to get involved     Cost: FREE
in the campaign and drive behavioral and
societal change. The Cause will serve to           youTube.com Video Contest                           Google AdWords
educate members about the dangers of alcohol       The ENOUGH Campaign will sponsor a user-            Red186 will purchase search keywords on

over-consumption and provide methods of            generated video contest. Participants will be       Google AdWords for the ENOUGH Campaign.
prevention for the campus and the community.       encouraged to submit videos relating to the         Search terms would include binge drinking,
                                                   severity of binge drinking. This contest allows     drinking games, drink recipes, alcohol
Cost: $5,000                                       individuals to take action against alcohol          poisoning, liver damage and college
                                                   over-consumption and spread a proactive             life. Text advertising will direct users
ENOUGH Twitter Updates                             message. The videos may communicate the             to the ENOUGH website.
Launched in 2006, Twitter is a social              campaign message through song, poetry and
networking and micro-blogging service that         storytelling. Suggested video topics include        Cost: $3,000
allows users to post their latest updates          looks at behavior before, during and after binge
through SMS, instant messaging, email and          drinking or personal narratives relating to over-
third party applications. Users have a 140-        consumption. The user-generated videos will
word limit for their updates. Users can become     be promoted through all social networking
“friends” with one another, or simply “follow”     sites and prizes for the winners would include
users’ updates. Users may receive updates          money, Nintendo Wii’s and Apple iPhones.
through text messages, RSS or third party
applications. The ENOUGH Campaign Twitter          Cost: $25,000
                                                                                                    THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Social Media Widgets and
Smart Phone Applications

Walk of Shame Widget
This interactive game allows users to enter
their height, weight, how many alcoholic
beverages they have had, how many times
a week they drink and how much time
it took to consume the beverages. The
calculator then shows a pop up image of a
person looking disgruntled and disturbed,
with their makeup smeared and hair out
of place, Facts at the bottom of the screen
will explain the damage the user has
already caused their brain, liver, stomach        SMART PHONE APPLICATIONS

                                                                                  a new
and heart by drinking. The user can then

                                                               eached your limit,know
decide to send or post their disgruntled

                                                 When you’ve r
person’s image and facts to their friends’
                                                         will pop up, letting
email, wall and message box. This

widget would be featured on MySpace

                                                   ou’ve had ENOUG
and Facebook.

Cost: $7,500                                     “Y                                    20
E-Cards Widget                                   Cheers! Smart Phone Application
This widget gives users a creative way to tell   This is a helpful tool when consuming
their friends that they have had ENOUGH          alcohol. Cheers! tracks your blood alcohol
to drink. Users can send a customized            concentration in real time based on an industry-
multimedia text, profile message or email        standard formula. Users will simply add each
to friends the morning after a night of heavy    drink they consume into Cheers!, and the
drinking, letting them know the dangers and      application calculates intoxication levels based
consequences of their over-consumption. The      on weight, gender and time. When you’ve
messages would contain photos, viral videos      reached your limit, a new window will pop up,
and other campaign generated content.            letting you know “You’ve had ENOUGH.”

Cost: $7,500                                     Cost: $10,000
                                                                              THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Viral Videos
Viral videos will play a vital part in
communicating the ENOUGH Campaign
message on the Internet. Viral videos from
the YouTube.com sponsored video contest
will be featured, along with campaign-
generated viral videos. These videos will be
featured on the main website, the ENOUGH
Campus Challenge website and on all social
networking sites. Videos will not have a time
limit and content will relate to binge drinking
and its affects.

The viral video utilizes the motif of excess.
The narrative begins with the main character
pouring a bowl of cereal the morning after a
night of heavy drinking. He gets lost in thought
as the events of the night before come back
to him, and the milk he’s pouring begins to
overflows. He recalls his wild night of bad
decisions: haphazardly drinking at a party,
flirting with an intoxicated girl he might take
home with him, getting in a bar fight, then                                                                   21
finally driving and almost wrecking. The milk
pours onto the floor and the viewer sees the
disbelief and regret on the character’s face. He
has hit the point where he’s had enough, and
is ready to make a lifestyle change.

The following voice-over provides a call
to action to take a stand against binge
drinking, and to stop nights like this one         VIRAL VIDEO SCREEN GRABS
from happening again.

Cost: $25,000

Total Digital Strategies Cost: $75,500
                                                                                                                  THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED 186


                                                     • Storm the dorm — 300
                                                       Description: Arrange a forum about
                                                       ENOUGH issues at a dorm through                                        E STRATEGy
                                                                                                      CAMPUS CHALLENG
                                                       a hall director.                                                       with campus
                                                                                                      • Create a partnership
                           CHALLENGE                                                                                           papers, radio
                                                     • Human ENOUGH logo — 500 points                   media, including news
                                                       Description: Organize a group of students        and television stations
 ENOUGH CAMPUS                                                                                                                in the
                                                                                                      • Carry ENOUGH gear
                                                       to spell ENOUGH in a public place using
                                                       their bodies.                                                           with
 CHALLENGE                                                                                              university bookstore,
 Red186 will launch a national promotion
                                                     • On-campus tabling — 600                           proceeds going to the
 encouraging college students to compete for
                                                       Description: Set up a table with an               of the campaign
 points by participating in the ENOUGH online                                                                                 rd the campus
 challenge. Students earn points by blogging
                                                       ENOUGH banner and have students text            • Recognize and rewa
                                                                                                                                 the end of
 on the challenge website, uploading photos or
                                                       to join the ENOUGH Campus Challenge.
                                                                                                         with the most points at
                                                                                                                                  a special
 videos that raise binge drinking awareness or
                                                     • ENOUGH tailgate — 1000 points                     the academic year with
 by participating in other activities that support                                                        event
                                                       Description: Set up and ENOUGH tent
 the campaign. Students can accumulate points
                                                       or tailgate at sporting events to sign up
 and win ENOUGH gear and a concert by
 popular recording artists or a sports exhibition
 by Sports Illustrated for their campus.
                                                     • ENOUGH mascot — 2500 points                 • ENOUGH campus — 20000

                                                       Description: Get your school mascot           Description: Work with the campus
 How It Works                                          to wear an ENOUGH T-shirt.                    administration and the student
 Students can bring the ENOUGH message                                                               government to declare your campus
 to their campus by signing up online at the         • ENOUGH your .edu — 4800 points                and ENOUGH campus.
 Campus Challenge website. The Campus                  Description: Work with your school to get
 Challenge empowers students to take action            an ENOUGH logo or ENOUGH Campus             Cost: est. first year cost
 against binge drinking on their campuses              Challenge link on your school’s website,    $1,750,000
 and rewards the college or university with            bonus 250 points if it appears on the
 the highest participation. Students can earn          campus homepage.
 points for their college by completing a variety
 of tasks that share the ENOUGH message.             • ENOUGH city — 12000 points
 Example activities include:                           Description: Have the mayor or local
                                                       government sign a proclamation
 • Sign up! — 100 points                               declaring your university’s city an
   Description: Sign up a student, faculty             ENOUGH city, bonus 1000 points if you
   member, staff, alumni, family member                can get the government to designate
   or friend online with your school’s code.           a day as ENOUGH day.
                                                                                                                                                                         THE PLAN
                                                                                                                                                                    THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

                                                               100 LARGES
                                                                         T                     COLLEGES
                                                                                                                         ANd UNIVE
                                                              1.Ohio State Un
                                                                                    iversity-Main Ca                                              RSITIES IN
                                                              2.Miami Dade                              mpus                                                                 THE UNITEd
                                                              3. Arizona State
                                                                                  College                              35. San Diego
                                                                                                                                           State University                                                STATES
                                                                                    University-Tem                     36. University
Campus Media Plan for 100                                    Campus                                   pe              37. University
                                                                                                                                         of North Texas                        68. Colorado St
                                                                                                                                                                               69. Texas State
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ate University
                                                             4. University of                                                            of Southern Ca
Largest College and Universities                             5. University of
                                                                                  Florida                             38. Santa Ana
                                                                                                                                                                              70. East Los An
                                                                                                                                                                                                    geles College
                                                                                 Minnesota-Tw                         39. University
National public relations and media                         6. The Universi
                                                                                ty of Texas at Au
                                                                                                   in Cities
                                                                                                                                        of Maryland-Un
                                                                                                                                                                              71. Walden Un
                                                            7. University of                         stin                                                                     72. University
marketing will generate buzz for the                        8. Michigan St
                                                                                Central Florida                      40. Wayne State
                                                                                                                                           University                        Columbia
                                                                                                                                                                                                 of South Caro
                                                                              ate University                         41.American Ri
ENOUGH message.                                            9. Texas A & M                                           42. University
                                                                                                                                        ver College                          73. West Virgin
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ia University
                                                                               University                                            of Colorado at                          74. University
Unfortunately, this is where many cause                    10. City College
                                                                                 of San Francis                     43. Boston Un
                                                                                                                                                                                                of Pittsburgh-P
                                                           11. University                           co              44. North Caro
campaigns stop. Red186 will target the 100                12. Pennsylva
                                                                             of South Florid
                                                                                                a                                     lina State Unive
                                                                                                                                                          rsity at
                                                                                                                                                                            75. University
                                                                                                                                                                                               of Kansas
                                                                            nia State Unive                        Raleigh                                                  76. Central Mi
largest colleges and universities in the U.S.             Campus                                rsity-Main
                                                                                                                   45. Excelsior Co                                         77. University
                                                                                                                                                                                              chigan Universi
                                                          13. University                                                                llege                                                 of Kentucky
with selective public relations, promotional              Champaign
                                                                            of Illinois at Ur
                                                                                                                   46. Strayer Un
                                                                                                                                    iversity                               78. University
                                                                                                                                                                                              of California-Sa
                                                                                                                  47. University                                                                                 n Diego
and media efforts. Nearly one third of the               14. University
                                                                           of Wisconsin-M                         48. Virginia Co
                                                                                                                                   of Utah                                 79. Georgia St
                                                                                                                                                                                              ate University
                                                         15. New York                           adison                              mmonwealth Un                          80. Palomar Co
primary target audience attends these                                     University                              49. George Ma
                                                                                                                                    son University
                                                                                                                                                         iversity         81. College of
                                                         16. Purdue Un                                           50. Indiana Un                                                               DuPage
schools. Successful marketing at larger                                    iversity-Main Ca                                        iversity-Purdue                        82. Nova South
                                                        17. University                          mpus             University-Indian                                                             eastern Universi
                                                                          of Michigan-An                                              apolis                              83. University                            ty
schools will make marketing easier at smaller           18. Florida State
                                                                                               n Arbor
                                                                                                                 51. San Francis
                                                                                                                                    co State Unive                        Campus
                                                                                                                                                                                           of Oklahoma No
                                                        19. University                                                                                rsity
schools.                                                Campus
                                                                         of Washington-
                                                                                                                52. University
                                                                                                                                  of California-Da
                                                                                                                                                                         84. Pasadena
                                                                                                                                                                                           City College
                                                                                                                53. San Jose St                                          85. National Un
                                                       20. Indiana Un                                                              ate University                                            iversity
                                                                         iversity-Bloom                         54. Mt San An                                            86. Harvard Un
                                                       21. Florida Intern                    ington                              tonio College
Red186 plans to saturate campus media                  22. University
                                                                            ational Universi
                                                                                                               55. The Unive
                                                                                                                                rsity of Tennes                         87. University
                                                                        of Arizona                             56. University                      see                                   of New Mexico-
with the ENOUGH message. Bus shelters,                23. University
                                                                        of California-Lo                       57. California St
                                                                                                                                of Iowa                                 Campus                                Main
                                                                                                                                  ate University-                       88. University
table tents, billboards, fliers, brochures            24. California St
                                                                         ate University-
                                                                                             s Angeles
                                                                                                               mento                                Sacra-
                                                                                                                                                                                        of Massachuse
                                                      25. California St                      Fullerton
and advertisements will communicate                   Beach
                                                                         ate University-
                                                                                                              58. The Unive
                                                                                                                               rsity of Texas at
                                                                                                                                                                       89. Iowa State
                                                                                                              Antonio                                                  90. Florida Atlan
the ENOUGH message. Students will be                 26. College of
                                                                       Southern Neva                          59. Santa Monic                                                             tic University
                                                     27. University                         da                                    a College                           91. Northern Illin
encouraged to participate in the movement.           28. California St
                                                                      of Maryland-Co
                                                                                           llege Park
                                                                                                             60. University
                                                                                                                              of Cincinnati-M                         92. University
                                                                                                                                                                                          ois University
                                                                                                             Campus                               ain                                 of California-Irv

                                                                        ate University-                                                                               93. Kaplan Un                        ine
                                                     Northridge                                              61. University                                                           iversity
                                                    29. Rutgers Un                                                            of Wisconsin-M                         94. Western Mi
Century Council Ambassadors                         30. University
                                                                      iversity-New Br
                                                                                                            62. University
                                                                                                                             of Missouri-Colu
                                                                                                                                                                     95. The Unive
                                                                                                                                                                                       chigan Universi
                                                                                                                                                                                     rsity of Texas at
                                                                     of Houston                             63. Texas Tech                        mbia                                                     Arlington
Red186 will create a Century Council                31. Brigham Yo
                                                                      ung University                        64. Troy Unive
                                                                                                                               University                            96. University
                                                                                                                                                                                     of Illinois at Ch
                                                                                                                             rsity                                  97. St Petersb                       icago
Ambassador internship program at the 100           32. University
                                                                    of Georgia                             65. University
                                                                                                                            of Nevada-Las                           98. George W
                                                                                                                                                                                     urg College
                                                   33. University                                          66. SUNY at Bu                       Vegas                                ashington Unive
largest colleges and universities in the U.S.                       of California-Be                                          ffalo                                99. East Carolin                        rsity
                                                   34. Temple Un                        rkeley                                                                                        a University
                                                                    iversity                               67. University                                          100. Portland
                                                                                                                            of North Carolin
Ambassadors will coordinate the ENOUGH                                                                    Chapel Hill                           a at                                State University
Campus Challenge and other Century
Council promotional activities on their
individual campuses. The ambassadors will
serve as the liaison between Century Council,
colleges and universities and their respective   schools, and must complete online training
communities. Century Council Ambassadors         through Webinars. These Webinars will also
will receive a cash stipend and materials to     be available to students not attending one of
promote the ENOUGH campaign on their             the targeted universities.
campus. In order to become an ambassador,
students should be a college level senior or     Cost: $7,000 per ambassador, 100
graduate student at one of the targeted          ambassadors = $700,000
                                                                                                        THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Wild Postings
Red186 will use Alt Terrain for wild postings on
the 100 largest colleges and universities. This
guerilla marketing can take a variety of forms,
including “Rip Away” wild posting, which are
tear-away posters. The “Rip Away” posters will
be large and eye-catching — they are meant
to be taken and hung on dorm and apartment
walls. See altterrain.com/Wild Postings rip
away posters.htm.

Cost: $160,080 for 2 postings at 100 largest

Had ENOUGH Mannequins
The “Had ENOUGH Mannequin” project uses
guerilla marketing tactics by placing dressed        WILD POSTIN
mannequins in areas of high traffic on campus                   GS
depicting situations of over-consumption. The        blood
mannequins will generate campus buzz for the         alcohol concentration
campaign and force students to ask questions
and search for more information. It’s a stop and
                                                     and participate in a
                                                     vehicle driving situation.                                                         27
stare effect. The mannequins and reusable and        The simulation challenges
come with shipping cases so that they can be         the player with hand/
loaned to individual colleges and universities.      eye coordination and
                                                     balance tasks to show
                                                     the impact alcohol has on
Cost: 100 reusable mannequins, $16,000
                                                     driving. The kiosks will be
including cases and estimated shipping
                                                     placed in high traffic ares.
                                                     The kiosks are reusable
ENOUGH Wii Gaming Kiosks                             and can be shipped from
Century Council Ambassadors at the 100               campus to campus as            WII GAMING kIOSkS
largest colleges and universities will receive       requested.
a Nintendo Wii gaming kiosk.
                                                     Cost: est. cost of $25,000 per kiosk:
The interactive kiosks will allow users to enter a   100x = $250,000
                                                                                                                            THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

ENOUGH at Freshman Orientation                                                                                                     BUILDING
at 100 Largest Schools in the U.S.                                                                                                                  AD
The first six weeks of the first semester of
college are critical to a first-year student’s
academic success. Because many students
begin heavy drinking during these early
days of college, the potential exists for
excessive alcohol consumption to interfere                               CAMPUS
with a successful transition to college life.
The transition is often difficult and about one
third of first-year students fail to enroll for their                                              CHALLENGE

second year. To make sure students have
a positive first experience, many colleges                               THOSE
host freshmen orientation. An ENOUGH                                     EXTRA
presence at these orientations is instrumental
in reaching the primary target audience and
ensuring that students practice safe drinking                            YO U H A D
habits. Century Council Ambassadors
                                                                     LAST NIGHT
                                                                     WERE ENOUGH
will work with college officials to plan their                       TO             MAKE                   YOU
individual school’s event.                                          V U L N E R A B L E
                                                                    FOR            THE             GUY          YOU
                                                                    JUST         MET         AT      THE        BAR

                                                                    TO LEAD YOU OUT THE DOOR.
                                                                    EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE NOT QUITE
                                                                    SURE WHERE THIS COULD LEAD YOU
                                                                    DON’T CARE ENOUGH TO TURN AROUND UNTIL
                                                                    YOU REALIZE IT IS MUCH TOO LATE. THOSE DRINKS
                                                                    WEREN’T ENOUGH TO BLUR OUT THE MEMORY
                                                                    OF   LAST   NIGHT   OR   THE   FEARS   OF   AN   STD.

                        s with
• 100 Nomadic display
artwork — $250,000*
                          ic Displays
  * The reusable Nomad
  can remain on the 100
  campuses or they can
  shipped to other sc hools for use
   throughout the year.
 • 25,000 brochures —                                   BUILDING ADVERTISEMENT
 • Free premiums — $2                                   FOR FRESHMEN ORIENTATION
 Total cost: $285,000
                                                    THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Outdoor advertising will be used to keep
the ENOUGH message relevant and fresh.
Outdoor advertising effectively reaches people
in their communities — where they live, work
and play. Outdoor media cannot be turned off
or put down.

Campus bus Shelters
Red186 will purchase advertising on campus
bus shelters to promote the ENOUGH
Campus Challenge and direct traffic to the
website. Large, eye-catching posters will be          ENOUGH CAMPAIGN BILLBOARD
displayed from August to June, coordinating
with the college academic year.

Cost: $200,000

Red186 will use 50 showing
with 30 sheet posters located
on and around the 100 largest
college and university campuses.
The billboards will employ eye-
catching visuals to direct traffic
back to the ENOUGH website,
where users will learn about binge
drinking and its effects.

Cost: $1,517,000

                                                                                                            THE PLAN
                                                                                                       THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Had ENOUGH Stencils
Red186 will create a reusable ENOUGH
stencil stamp that will be stamped in strategic
locations on college campuses. Stencils
would be placed in high traffic areas.
Washable Crayola spray paint will be supplied
with each stencil kit. Kits will be shipped to
the 100 largest colleges and universities in the
U.S. and will be available to any campus free
on the ENOUGH website.

Cost: 1,000 stencil kits at $10 each,
totaling $10,000

Cinema Advertising
Advertisements will be purchased before
feature movies in theaters near each of the
100 largest colleges and universities. The ads      ENOUGH STENC
will target the college demographic, as well as,
the general public. A 15-second, four-color, full   relax,
page static ad will be shown every 4.5 minutes
before a feature presentation four times per
week. Theater ads will launch in August
                                                    eat and socialize. The
                                                    mobiles will include                                                               26
                                                    information about the
and September, November and December,               ENOUGH Campus
February and March, and May and June. This          Challenge and promote
flighting pattern will reach the target market at   the ENOUGH website.
the most opportune movie-going times, which         Mobiles will be sent to
coordinate with the beginning of the academic       the ambassadors at the
semester and holiday breaks.                        100 largest colleges and
                                                    universities and will also be
Cost: $200,000                                      available for other schools
                                                    to order through the          CINEMA ADVERTISIN
Mobiles                                             ENOUGH website.
Red186 will promote the ENOUGH Campus
Challenge directly to students using large full-    Cost: est. of 2,500 mobiles at $15
color mobiles located in areas where students       each with shipping = $37,500
                                                                                               THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

                                                                                                         ns —
Sports Illustrated Nintendo Wii                    Planned Tent Locations         • Prizes and promotio
Spring break Events                                • Holiday Inn Sunspree Hotel
                                                     Panama City Beach, FLA                              sheet
                                                                                  • 50 showing with 30
Red186 will educate spring breakers on the
hazards of binge drinking at a time and place      • Radisson Hotel and Resort                             kets for
when binge drinking is a common activity. The        South Padre Island, TX         posters in the five mar
ENOUGH Campaign will partner with Sports           • Oasis Hotel                     March and April 2010
Illustrated to provide a tent with interactive       Cancun, Mexico                  $150,000
                                                                                                          ors —
                                                                                   • Travel for Ambassad
sports games at five of the most popular spring    • Fairwind Hotel
break destinations. Prizes, including DVD            Miami Beach, FLA
players, Sports Illustrated subscriptions and
Wii consoles, will go to the competition winner.                                   • Supplies — $40,196
ENOUGH gear — T-shirts, bracelets and caps                                         • Wages — $37,600
would be given away as smaller prizes.                                             • Stipends — $4,182
                                                                                    Total Costs for Spring
                                                                                    Events — $339,852

                                                                                                THE CAMPAIGN | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

                                                                                                 Post Campaign
                                                                                                 3 percent
STAGE THREE                         TOTAL bUdGET: $9,042,852                                                                   Digital Media
National Press                      budget breakdown:                                                                          $75,500
                                                                                                                               1 percent
Red186 will host a press
conference at the conclusion
of the first year of the ENOUGH
Campaign to present successful
case studies. Benchmark data
from pre-campaign research will
be compared to post-campaign
studies to evaluate the impact
and effectiveness of the ENOUGH
Campaign. The same venue from
the opening press conference
will be used and the event will
be broadcast live on the Internet
through WebEx technologies.

Cost: $125,000
                                                                                         Campus Challenge

 Pre-campaign                                                                                                                   29
                                                                                         19 percent

 research will      Out of Home

     compared to 33 percent

                    $3,015,352                                              Other                        $168,500

                                                                                                         2 percent
                                                                            20 percent

 studies to evaluate                                    Traditional Media

  the impact and
                                                        22 percent

  of the campaign.
                                                                                              THE CONCLUSION | THE ENOUGH CAMPAIGN | RED186

Red186 used research to understand
the scope of the problem, understand the
target and their perception of binge drinking,
create a strategy to alter the target’s
perception of their behavior and develop an
approach to successfully execute that strat-
egy. Research showed that a social norms
campaign would not influence the target
audience, so the ENOUGH campaign
will not attempt to persuade the target not
to drink. Instead, the campaign will associate
binge drinking with its negative consequences                                            CAMPAIG
                                                                                                N DEVELO
in order to reduce the behavior.                                                                        PMENT

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