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									BUSINESS PLAN NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT This Business Plan Non-Disclosure Agreement (“Agreement”) is made and effective on _____________, 20__ by and between ______________________________________ (“Company”) and ____________________________________________________ (“Recipient,” and together with the Company, the “Parties”).

RECITALS WHEREAS, the Company has created a business plan for __________________________________________ [name of company] (the “Business Plan”), which contains certain confidential and proprietary information; WHEREAS, the Company wants to make the Business Plan available to the Recipient for the purpose of ____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________; and WHEREAS, the Recipient agrees to review, examine, inspect, or obtain the Business Plan only for the above-described purposes, and to otherwise maintain the confidentiality of that Business Plan pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the above recitals and the mutual promises and benefits contained herein, the Parties hereby agree as follows:

1. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. The Company will provide a copy of the Business Plan to the Recipient within _________ days of the signing of this Agreement. In conjunction with its delivery of the Business Plan, the Company may disclose certain of its confidential and proprietary information (the “Confidential Information”) to the Recipient. Confidential Information shall include all data, materials, products, technology, computer programs, specifications, manuals, business plans, softw
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