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Road's End Organics by yaoyufang


									                                     ROAD’S END ORGANICS
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact: Matthew Koch, 802.888.4130
         MORRISVILLE, VERMONT – Matt Koch believes that his company can make the world a better place by
providing organic, dairy-free food alternatives. Road‟s End Organics, which was founded in 1998, has been making foods
for people with special dietary needs such as lactose intolerance, celiac disease, obesity, veganism and autism.
         Much like a chef carefully blending the ingredients of a cooking recipe, Road‟s End Organics‟ President and
Founder Matthew Koch has combined emerging values in American society and pop culture to form a unique company
that offers innovative dairy-free products. Road‟s End Organics is a blend of a natural and organic lifestyle, vegan beliefs
and healthy and tasty alternative foods for people dealing with a variety of dietary concerns.
         Products for people with dietary challenges are becoming big business. Close to 50 million Americans are lactose
intolerant and 1 in 250 Americans have celiac disease. An estimated 58 million Americans are overweight and 39 million
more are obese and in need of low-fat and fat-free foods. “Since there were no dairy-free, vegan analogs to macaroni and
cheese, Road‟s End Organics stepped up to fill the void,” states Koch. The company‟s line of dairy-free Pastas and
Chreese (pronounced „trees‟) was the first completely lactose-free, cholesterol-free, saturated fat-free, and vegan "macaroni
and cheese" comfort food alternatives on the market. Sales are up 40% from last year and growing strong.
                                                    GOT CHREESE?
         Having grown up the son of a gastrointestinal doctor, Koch was keenly aware of the large number of people with
dietary and digestive challenges. He researched dairy alternatives and found that Nutritional Yeast is a delicious and
healthy alternative to cheese. His cabin kitchen in the backwoods of Vermont became a culinary institute of sorts, as Koch
experimented with various formulas before finding the right recipe for his revolutionary new product. The name Chreese
came into being because all of Road‟s End‟s ingredients are plant-derived and eliminate the need for clear-cut land to graze
cattle and since saving forests and wooded areas has become synonymous with saving Earth.
            “I realize that it is ironic that a company in the heart of Vermont‟s dairy country is creating dairy-free
alternatives,” quips Koch. In addition to swimming against the stream of dairy culture in Vermont, he has also learned that
changing people's eating habits takes time and perseverance. “There are still many people out there that automatically
consider healthy foods to be un-enjoyable, without even trying them,” adds Koch. “We create healthy foods that have a
texture and taste comparable to or better than the unhealthy food being replaced,” he notes. Chreese is an excellent source
of vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential amino acids. Just one serving contains 24% of the daily requirement for
Vitamin B12 and it is cholesterol-free and has no saturated fat. “Once they try it, they will believe in it,” he adds. “Our
Shells and Chreese is finding it‟s way on to dinner tables all over the country.”
         Koch, an economics/computer science major from Duke University, began conceptualizing the business in 1997.
While living a simple, natural lifestyle, he learned about the harmful impact of dairy and other animal production on the
animals, people and the planet and began practicing veganism. The basic tenets of veganism are the abstinence of using
any products derived from animals, including by-products such as dried proteins or enzymes. Veganism is a growing
movement/diet and those that adhere to its principles seek out and purchase hard-to-find vegan foods, clothing, and other

                                                             - OVER -
         Road‟s End does more than just provide food alternatives for vegans and people with special dietary challenges.
The company‟s mission is to preserve Earth's finite resources, educate consumers and provide ideas and products that act as
solutions to human and Earth problems. "Sustainable, organic farming and a dramatic decrease in animal farming (if not
complete abolishment) can save this world,” Koch realizes. “But, consumers need to realize that everything is
interconnected. Food choices affect every aspect of our lives, the lives of those around us and the lives of animals, plants
and Mother Nature," adds Koch.
         All of Road's End Organics' products are certified organic by the Vermont Organic Farmer's (VOF). Most
modern agricultural practices pollute the planet with chemical pesticides and fertilizers and exhaust Earth‟s finite resources.
Instead of toxic chemicals, organic farmers use biological controls, crop rotation to alleviate soil-borne pathogens, and
weed by machine or hand. Compost and cover crops are used to improve soil health and fertility rather than harmful
chemicals. “With $5.8 Billion in sales for 2000 and growing by about 20% per year, organic foods are big business and
getting bigger,” notes Koch. “People are concerned about food safety, and they are demanding cleaner foods grown and
processed organically,” he adds. Issues like Mad Cow Disease are also making the public think twice about what they are
eating. And, USDA adoption of national organic laws in the US this October will only strengthen and expand the market
in the coming years.
         The widespread use of growth hormones to increase dairy production is a major concern for Koch. “How might
the hormones affect people that consume dairy products in the long run?” asks Koch. The use of pesticides and fertilizers
in conventional agricultural practices has a huge impact on our environment. “The US EPA has reported that one of the
largest water quality problems in the nation is due to runoff from agricultural practices entering surface and groundwater,”
says Koch. He is also concerned with the inefficiency of resource use as vegetables and crops are converted to meat and
dairy foods. The company‟s website addresses this issue with hard facts illustrating how animal farming is counter-
productive. “There is an overwhelming loss of resources as grains move up the food chain to meats and dairy,” notes
Koch. “And research proves how World hunger and starvation can be greatly reduced by eliminating this inefficiency.”
         Due to the rapid success generated by the Pastas and Chreese, Road's End Organics is now filling another market
void by offering delicious Nacho Chreese Dips. "We have taken yet another American comfort food," Koch proudly
states, "and created an alternative so that everyone can enjoy it, whether they're lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or on a
low-cholesterol or vegan diet."
         From creating the products to marketing them, Koch did it all himself in the beginning. He is now thankful to
have the help of five employees. The company has recently become a family affair. In addition to medical advice from his
father, his brother, Michael, has joined the company as Head of West Coast Operations.
         A modern-day entrepreneur, Koch is part of a growing culture of cause-related company presidents who are
working to replace the products that fill our consumer-driven economy with sustainable, renewable, Earth-friendly analogs.
“I can‟t imagine living any other lifestyle,” says Koch. “Helping to change the world one consumer at a time isn‟t a
glamorous lifestyle, but no one can question whether I walk the talk, and that feels really good.”
         Road's End Organics products are available at natural food stores throughout the country as well as a growing
number of grocery chains. Their products can also be purchased online at

              120 Pleasant St.  Suite E-1  Morrisville, VT  05661  802-888-4130 

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