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                                    2 9 weeks
                        Food Science and Personal Nutrition
                                Instructor L. Terry
                                  December 2009

You are required to keep a class note book with required daily bell work of writing
the weekly lexicon and the daily objective for your hour. You will need to have your
notebook on the day of the exam with all objectives and lexicons in it. Questions will
be on the exam.

What would you cite to defend the actions that ice will not melt while boiling water
on an induction cook top surface?

Purposes and uses of microwave units?

Based on what you know, how would you explain that convection ovens cook faster
than a conventional oven?

Know the following terms:

Mise en Place
Magnetron Tube
Carry over Cooking

3 things microwaves are absorbed by:

Theories of:
Induction Cooking
Microwave Cooking
Convection Cooking
Know the five leavening agents and which recipes you did in lab with which ones.

Use WIK theories for essays on Microwave cookery, Pumpkin rolls and whipping
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Con’t page 2 L. Terry 2nd 9 week exam review Food Science and Personal Nutrition

Know 4 cook tops and appropriate cookware to use with each and why, knowing
how heat is distributed.
Healthy choice tips for recipes such as King Ranch Chicken Casserole
       Recall these facts:
What does the power setting on a microwave oven do?
Why are metal pans not suitable for microwave cooking?
What is the purpose of stirring, rotating, and turning food during cooking?
Give the three guidelines for safe use of the microwave?
Define Ratatouille. Main ingredient in Ratatouille. Meaning of quote: “Don’t be
limited to where you come from. Hard work and perseverance pays off in the end.

Know: How corn syrup is digested or not and the chemical it blocks in the brain.
How manufactured, what products it is in and why and how it effects ones health

List from class cooking lab Video Critique Peanut Brittle/Biscuit Lab Acceptable
and not acceptable (no personal names listed) just events/situations.

Know Labs and demonstrations participated in, procedures, notes from
demonstrations, safety concern/issues with each :
Whole roasted chicken with roasted potatoes
King Ranch Chicken Casserole
Pumpkin pie
Pumpkin roll
Home Made Whipping Cream
Biscuit Breakfast Ring
Peanut Brittle
English Toffee

Fill out course evaluation along with teacher evaluation.
It has been a wonderful semester with each of you and I hope you learned something
that can change your life and those you love around you!
Best of everything to you in the future.
Make the best of your next semester class what ever that may be.

Ms. L. Terry

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