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january/february 2011
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	     Then	vs.	Now
10	   Five	Pre-Wedding	Stress	Busters
10	   Bridal	Events
                                               FLAVOR                                  A PUBLICATION OF
11	   Hot	Trends	in	Engagement	Rings     15	 Scoop	Du	Jour
                                         16	   River	City	EATS
                                         21	   In	Search	of:	Desserts             ALL ARTICLES AND CONTENTS OF THIS
12	   Simple	Noninvasive	Procedures      22	   Richmond	Romance:	                 MAGAZINE ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE
                                         		    Planning	the	Perfect	Date		     OPINIONS OR THOUGHTS OF RIVER CITY
14	   Shop	Therapy
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      Supporting Local Business                                                                     ABOUT THE
                                         25		 Bartender’s	Best:	                                    COVER
27		 The	Ramada	Plaza	West
                                         	    Camille	Kostin                                         Read about
                                         26	   Backstage	With:	                                      Bartender Camille
29	   Jefferson	Davis	Monument:	         	     Lamb	of	God                                           Kostin on page 25.
	     A	Monument	with	Substance                                                                       Cover photo by
                                                                                                      Rick Kidd.

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 ARE          HOT!
          estination weddings are hot… and sometimes they are cold, or up in the air,         At Covington, we know that your des-
          or they can be anything you dream up! You can get married in a castle in Ire-    tination wedding or romantic honeymoon
          land, on a beach in Costa Rica, in a 32 degree Ice Chapel in Sweden or even      is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and it
underwater in Bali.                                                                        is crucial to get all the details right. Your
                                                                                           Covington travel specialist will manage
                                                                                           every detail, from helping you select the
                                                                                           perfect wedding venue or honeymoon
                                                                                           destination, to confirming travel and event
                                                                                           details for two to 200.
                                                                                           Resort wedding packages typically in-
                                                                                           • Personal wedding consultant
                                                                                           • Wedding official
                                                                                           • Picturesque location
                                                                                           • Bouquet and boutonniere
                                                                                           • Photo package
                                                                                           • Reception with wedding cake and
                                                                                              sparkling wine
                                                                                              Options and upgrades are available so
                                                                                           you can customize your event. For exam-
                                                                                           ple, you might choose to add live instru-
                                                                                           mentalists or a video of the event.
                                                                                              Anything is possible, but don’t trust the
                                                                                           beginning of your life as a couple to ama-
                                                                                           teurs! Our experienced advisors have first-
                                                                                           hand knowledge of hundreds of destina-
                                                                                           tions and resorts. We can arrange exactly
                                                                                           the right trip and attend to all the details
                                                                                           so you have the carefree and memorable
                                                                                           experience that you have dreamed about.
                                                                                              Contact Covington Travel for details
                                                                                           regarding our Wedding Travel Registry,
                                                                                           which allows family and friends to easily
                                                                                           make gift contributions toward your desti-
                                                                                           nation ceremony or honeymoon. Receive
                                                                                           a “special gift” for her—if a honeymoon or
                                                                                           destination wedding is booked by March
                                                                                           15, 2010. n

                                                                                                      Innsbrook: 804-747-7077
                                                                                                    James Center: 804-344-3244,
                                                                                                    Charlottesville: 434-295-0004

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  THEN vs Now
                                                                          THEN: You wouldn’t invite someone to your shower who wasn’t
                                                                          invited to your wedding.
                                                                          Now: It’s only acceptable to have different guest lists if you’re
                                                                          throwing an office shower or having a very intimate destination
                          By Charli Penn                                  wedding. Since guests will have to bring presents to the shower,

  f you’re getting married, you may find yourself wondering what          it could look like you’re trying to collect gifts from them even
  rules have changed since your parents said, “I do.” Here’s a look       though they’re not welcome at the main event.
  at wedding etiquette then and now, with thanks to Elise Mac             THEN: After attending a wedding and purchasing a gift for the
Adam, author of “Something New: Wedding Etiquette for Rule                couple, guests expected to receive a thank-you note as close to the
Breakers, Traditionalists, and Everyone in Between”:                      wedding date as possible.
THEN: There was no dress code other than “formal” for brides              Now: It’s a must that you write thank-you notes to everyone
and grooms heading to the altar, and the same went for their              who attended your wedding. There is a little more leeway regard-
guests.                                                                   ing how soon guests expect to receive them. It’s becoming more
Now: Attire can be completely informal (think casual summer               commonly understood that this is something that won’t happen
dress for the bride and linen pants for the groom). A bride can           overnight – especially with more and more couples taking longer
wear whatever she’d like at her wedding (in whatever color) and           honeymoons or planning other family time postwedding. These
her groom can follow suit. But the couple still decides on the dress      days, you have between one and three months to send thank-you
code for the event – making a mention of it on the invitations with       notes before it’s considered rude or neglectful.
the expectation that their guests will obey.                              THEN: Guests received invitations and wrote back on their own
THEN: Wedding registries were regarded as completely greedy               stating whether or not they would attend.
and self-involved and were used primarily to indicate to friends          Now: Save-the-dates, though still a fairly new form of wedding
and family what china patterns the couple had selected at their lo-       stationery, have become more common because weddings now
cal department store.                                                     tend to require more traveling and planning (especially with the
Now: Here’s one etiquette rule that’s done a complete 180. Most           increased popularity of destination weddings and holiday wed-
often your guests will expect you to register for gifts. Not register-    dings). Save-the-dates are to be sent out before the invitations to
ing for anything would actually be more questionable these days,          give guests as much time to plan as possible and to help the bride
though completely acceptable if that’s what you wish.                     and groom get an idea of what their final guest count will be. In
                                                                          addition, guests will likely expect to see a response card in the in-
THEN: Putting registry information or requests for cash on wed-
                                                                          vitation suite and might feel inconvenienced if they have to supply
ding stationery of any kind was unacceptable.
                                                                          their own reply stationery and postage.
Now: It still is. Even if you want to insist that your guests don’t
buy gifts, the invitation isn’t the proper place to do so. The same       THEN: The bride’s family paid for all wedding expenses.
goes for cash requests. No matter how practical you think it is,          Now: There are no rules about who pays for what as long as
you can come off looking as if you’re charging admission to your          everyone keeps in mind the central rule that no one should have to
wedding. (This includes registry information – let it spread by           put up more money than they’re comfortable spending. You don’t
word of mouth or through a subtle mention on your wedding Web             need to go into debt to get married, and often very close friends
site.) If you’re interested in receiving cash or something very spe-      and other family members will offer to help pick up costs for
cific, consider setting up a lifestyle registry or alternative registry   prewedding parties and extra unexpected expenses (tux rental late
that will help clue in your guests.                                       fees, extra favor bags, etc.). n
                                                                                                                      McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

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5      PRE-WEDDING STRESS BUSTERS                                            a spa pedicure complete with a foot massage or snuggle up on the
                                                                             couch for a flick.

   t’s common to find the wedding planning process overwhelming,             EAT RIGHT
   but you shouldn’t let it affect your health. If you find yourself at         Whether you’re a junk food junkie or you’ve gotten off track by
   your limit before you’ve even walked down the aisle, it’s time to         hitting up fast food joints between choosing a dress and cake tast-
get things under control. Take a moment for yourself and check out           ing (yes, we know, you just had to try every flavor!), eating right is
these top five ways to manage and reduce your stress level.                  a priority. Stress-busting foods like whole grains and red, green or
                                                                             orange vegetables can help keep you relaxed. Avoid coffee or caf-
                                                                             finated drinks to keep the jitters away and skip fried foods, which
  Exercise releases endorphins (natural painkillers that can lift your
                                                                             can leave you feeling drained and sleepy.
mood and reduce the physical effects of stress), making it a great
way to clear your mind. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a mara-            CATCH SOME ZZZ’S
thon runner or gym rat. Simply taking a 10-minute walk or some                  Burning the midnight oil is one of the leading causes of fatigue-
time to stretch will help calm you down. If you want a more intense          related stress. If you’re staying up late at night assembling favor
experience or the “runner’s high,” then head to the gym for an aero-         boxes and focusing on your growing guest list, it’s time to call it a
bics class or go for a run in your neighborhood. For a more relaxing         night. You’ll be happier and more relaxed if you get some sleep and
alternative, try a yoga class. The breathing techniques create unity         revisit these projects the next day – with a fresh mind and rested body.
between the mind and body and increase oxygen levels, which aid
                                                                             TAKE A VACATION
in improving concentration, relieving tension and decreasing stress.
                                                                                It’s called a “getaway” for a reason. Leave your problems at home
TOUCH THERAPY                                                                and head off for the beach or mountains. You may not have time for
  Who knew? A hug can help you chill out. Touch therapy (in the              a lengthy escape, but taking a night to yourself at a bed-and-break-
form of a foot rub, massage or holding hands) can lower stress by            fast or heading out of town for the weekend will help ease the pres-
activating the body’s relaxation response. For a quick fix, grab your        sure. Can’t get away? At the very least, take a mental vacation. Take
fiance and give him a squeeze. It’ll reinforce your connection in the        your phone off the hook and avoid wedding talk for a day. Spend
midst of your planning frenzy. Other ways to get in touch: Schedule          some quality time relaxing in the bathtub or reading a good book. n

Sunday, January 9, 11am-5pm                         Sunday, January 23, 11am-5pm                          Sunday, January 30, 1-5pm
RICHMoND BRIDAL SHowCASE                            wASHINGToN BRIDAL SHowCASE                            INTERNATIoNAL BRIDAL EXPo
Greater Richmond Convention Center                  Patriot Center At George Mason University             Holiday Inn Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Va
www.richmondbridalshowcase.com                      Fairfax, Va                                           www.prproductionshr.com
Sunday, January 16, 12pm                                                                                  Sunday, January 30, 2-5pm
                                                    Sunday, January 23, 1-5pm
RICHMoND wEDDING EXPo                                                                                     wINTER BLAST 2011 BRIDAL EXPo
                                                    CHARLoTTESVILLE wEDDING CLASSIC
Richmond Marriott Downtown                                                                                Hilton Norfolk Airport, Norfolk, Va
                                                    The Boar’s Head, Charlottesville, Va
www.richmondweddings.com                                                                                  www.showbride.com
Sunday, January 16, Doors open at 11am              Sunday, January 23, 1-4pm                             Saturday, February 19
UNIQUELY YoURS BRIDAL SHowCASE                      ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow                               MiLA BRIDAL FASHIoN SHow
Scope Exhibition Hall, Norfolk, Va                  omni Hotel, Charlottesville, Va                       Stony Point Fashion Park
www.uniquelyyoursbridalshowcase.com                 www.eleganceinbridalshow.com                          www.milabridal.com

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                                                                                                                             McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

                                                   Hot Trends                                 love into one picture-perfect ring. When you’re
                                                                                              ring shopping, ask to see different diamond shapes
                               ENGAGEMENT RINGS                                               and sizes; then, show the jeweler what kind of band
                                                                                              you’d like designed. Today, about a third of engage-

                               A      re you engagement-ring shopping sometime
                                      soon? As if picking out the perfect engage-
                               ment ring weren’t already nerve-racking enough,
                                                                                              ment rings are custom-designed, so you’ll be right
                                                                                              in the mix! And don’t worry, the jeweler will work
                                                                                              with you.
                               read up on the four hot ring trends that will make
                               narrowing down your pick that much harder.                     3 Gold and Rose-Gold Bands
                                                                                                White metals, like platinum, will always be pop-
                               1 Geometric Shapes
                                                                                              ular with brides, but gold bands are making a big
                                  Take a trip back to high-school math class. Re-
                                                                                              comeback this year. This is partly thanks to the re-
                               member all those fun shapes you encountered while
                                                                                              emergence of retro-inspired elements in pop culture
                               you were trying to learn your points from your in-
                                                                                              that have become a hit with brides. Rose-gold set-
                               tersections? They’re back! Many of today’s hottest
                                                                                              tings are ideal for the vintage-loving bride looking
                               rings are all about geometry. Pears, ovals, marquise
                                                                                              for a ring with a more nostalgic feel. Gold can also
                               and even heart-shaped diamonds make for an archi-
                                                                                              be a more budget-friendly option, depending on the
                               tectural engagement ring that’s both eye-catching
                                                                                              market price.
                               and unique.

                               2 Custom Ring Designs                                          4 Intricate Bands
                                                                                               An embellished band with intricate details –
                                  Brides are all about personalizing their wedding
                                                                                              whether they’re in the shape, etchings, or stones –
                               days, and in 2011, they’re customizing their engage-
                                                                                              adds that extra-special something to an engagement
                               ment rings too. In fact, nearly 70 percent of brides
                                                                                              ring. Ribbon-twist bands and split-shank bands are
                               get involved in the ring selection process. There’s
                                                                                              popular alternatives to the more traditional styles. n
                               been an increase in special orders for brides who
                               want to combine all of the design elements they
                                                                                                                                   BRIDAL EVENTS
 Sunday, February 20, 1-5pm                            Sunday, March 27, 1-5pm                                Sunday, July 17, 1-4pm
 THE BIG DAY BRIDAL & EVENT EXPo                       USA BRIDAL EXPo                                        ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow
 Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center               Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina Hotel & Resort             Holiday Inn – Koger South, Richmond, Va
 www.bmgevents.com                                     Hampton, Va                                            www.eleganceinbridalshow.com
 Sunday, February 27, 1-4pm                                                                                   Sunday, August 28, 1-4pm
                                                       Sunday, April 10, 11am-5pm
 ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow                                                                                      ELEGANCE IN BRIDAL SHow
                                                       wASHINGToN BRIDAL SHowCASE
 Holiday Inn – Koger South, Richmond, Va                                                                      omni Hotel, Charlottesville, Va
 www.eleganceinbridalshow.com                          Dulles Expo Center, Chantilly, Va                      www.eleganceinbridalshow.com
 Sunday, March 27, 2-5pm                               Sunday, May 15, 11am-3pm
 MARCH MADNESS 2011 BRIDAL EXPo                                                                               For more events visit:
                                                       IMAGES BRIDAL EXPo & FASHIoN SHow
 Great wolf Lodge williamsburg, williamsburg, Va       Springfield Hilton Hotel, Springfield, Va              www.RichmondNavigator.com
 www.showbride.com                                     www.imagesofawoman.com

www.ric hmondnavigator.com                                                                            january/february 2011                             11
  Simple Noninvasive Procedures
  By Erin Pittman

      Many of us have difficulty with the out-      Botox® Cosmetic
  ward effects of aging. No one truly loves           Wrinkle reduction and plumping up areas of the face, such as the lips, are the
  their wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines, but   most common uses of Botox®. Botox® Cosmetic is the most popular cosmetic
  most of us accept them as a part of life with-    procedure in the United States, accounting for nearly half of all cosmetic proce-
  out undergoing major surgery to turn back         dures, due to its ease and effectiveness. These treatments involve injecting a
  time. The popularity of non-invasive pro-         small amount of botulinum toxin directly into the muscles that cause facial lines
  cedures, however, is on the rise, and these       and wrinkles. The muscles are temporarily paralyzed by the toxin, resulting in a
  solutions are becoming more and more ac-          smoother appearance of the skin. Botox® procedures are very short, and results
  cessible with the creation of medical spas.       last around three to four months before muscles regain their strength. Most side ef-
      Non-invasive procedures are cosmetic          fects, which can include headache, nausea, bruising and infection, are temporary,
  beauty treatments used to treat problematic       but discuss all risks with your doctor before undergoing treatment.
  areas on the body or face without the risks,
  recovery time and side effects associated
                                                    Chemical Peels
                                                      Chemical peels are used to improve the appearance of skin by reducing fine lines,
  with invasive plastic surgery. Sagging skin,
                                                    freckles and skin irregularities. There are three types of chemical peels available
  cellulite, wrinkles, blemishes, unwanted
                                                    to consumers – superficial, medium-depth and deep chemical peels. During each
  hair and uneven skin tone are all issues that
                                                    procedure, an acid solution is applied to the face to remove the desired level of
  these procedures can address. Though non-
                                                    skin cells ranging from only the outer layer in a superficial peel to the lower dermal
  invasive options are less risky, they are not
                                                    level with a deep chemical peel. Skin peels off at its own rate and can appear red
  completely without side effects, and their
                                                    and feel burnt or tight; swelling can occur when affecting deeper levels of skin.
  results are often temporary. Five of the most
  popular treatments are discussed below. Be        Microdermabrasion
  sure to thoroughly discuss all aspects of a         If you are looking for a quick fix for the reduction of pore size, sun damage, blem-
  chosen procedure with your doctor before          ishes, fine lines and wrinkles and uneven textured skin, then microdermabrasion
  undergoing treatment.                             may be your answer. During these 20-30 minute procedures a device is used to
                                                    spray microcrystals of sand-like aluminum dioxide across the surface of the skin,
                                                    blasting away the top layer of dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion leaves behind a
                                                    fresh layer of skin and can stimulate the production of collagen. Oftentimes, mul-
                                                    tiple treatments are recommended with healing time in between each procedure.
                                                    Experiencing some redness and wind burnt sensations afterwards is normal, but
                                                    this lasts only a few hours. Moisturizers should alleviate discomfort.

                                                    Laser Hair Removal
                                                      There are many different types of lasers available for removal of unwanted hair.
                                                    Different types address different needs. For example, the Ruby Laser works best
                                                    for fine and light hair, smaller areas and for those with lighter colored skin, while
                                                    the Alexandrite Laser is a faster laser used to treat larger body areas on patients
                                                    with light to olive complexions. Discuss laser options with your doctor to deter-
                                                    mine which laser is right for your skin and hair type and for the area of the body
                                                    where the hair removal is wanted.

                                                    Accent XL Treatments
                                                      Tired of your stubborn cellulite? Accent XL laser treatments claim to decrease
                                                    those unwanted fat deposits on areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. Radiof-
Read more of our article,                           requency waves from the laser penetrate deeper skin layers and act upon cellulite
Look Good Feel Good, at                             and fat pockets. Fat particles are said to break down, while collagen particles are
www.richmondnavigator.com                           tightened. Unwanted fat is then removed by the body’s lymphatic system. Proce-
                                                    dures are relatively painless, though most patients do develop some redness and
                                                    may experience a stinging or warming sensation on the treatment area. n

 12                  january/february 2011                                                                     www.richmondnavigator.com
www.ric hmondnavigator.com   january/february 2011   13
By Erin Pittman. Photos by Tim Hill.
What are your favorite shop spots in and around the West End? Email your unique and fun shop spots to jmeadaci@verizon.net.

Left	to	Right:	River	City	Cellars.	Road	Runner.	Ten	Thousand	Village.	World	of	Mirth.

RiveR City CellaRs 2931 West Cary st. • 804-355-1375 • rivercitycellars.com
   A trip into River City Cellars provides customers with an eclectic blend of gourmet items,
wines, beer, cheeses and more. Metro Bakery keeps them stocked with freshly baked breads,
and their cheese counter features the best selection around. At River City Cellars there is a
wine for every budget with many bottles selling below $10. Prefer beer? Build your own six-
pack for the perfect evening of beer sampling. River City Cellars offers wine tastings every
Friday evening from 5pm-7pm. Stop in this week; you may discover a new favorite!                    WoRld of MiRth
                                                                                                    3005 W. Cary street
Road RunneR Running stoRe 3002 West Cary street
                                                                                                    804.353.8991 • worldofmirth.com
(804) 353-8365 • roadrunnerstore.com
                                                                                                       Looking for a one of a kind shop-
  Whether you are a novice or an experienced runner, Road Runner Running Store is the
                                                                                                    ping experience? It’s right here in
place to turn for your shoe and accessory needs. Runner owned and operated for over 15
                                                                                                    Richmond at World of Mirth. World of
years, a trip to Road Runner will provide knowledgeable answers and custom fittings for all
                                                                                                    Mirth has toys for every age from be-
levels of fitness. Shoppers are presented with the largest selection of footwear and acces-
                                                                                                    loved classics to cutting edge popular
sories in central Virginia, running apparel, GPS watches, energy and recovery products and
                                                                                                    items. Gifts for infants, craft projects
more. Conveniently located in Carytown, Road Runner Running Store is not to be missed by
                                                                                                    to stimulate a young mind, games for
any fan of the sport.
                                                                                                    adults and countless others are wait-
ten thousand villages 3201 West Cary street                                                         ing for you to discover them in this
804-357-5170 • richmond.tenthousandvillages.com                                                     unique setting. Their creative play
  With hand crafted items from more than 130 artisan groups, Ten Thousand Villages presents         tables will keep the children busy
home décor, personal accessories and gift items like no other store in our city. This fair trade    as you shop for that perfect baby gift
retailer is a part of a network of nearly 400 retail outlets across the country selling Ten Thou-   or for bacon shaped band aids. Who
sand Villages products, one of the oldest and largest fair trade organizations in the world. The    doesn’t need those? Don’t pass this
company has cultivated trading relationships that ensure that artisans receive a fair price for     shop up when looking to bring the fun
their work, while providing consumers access to exquisite handcrafted items. Stop in to find        to your next special occasion, because
one of a kind items, and feel good about the purchase that you make in more ways than one.          they are certain to have it. n

 14                   january/february 2011                                                                     www.richmondnavigator.com
                                                                 T-Millers Sports Bar’s (located in the Richmond Marriott
                                                               Downtown) Skillet Cookie Sundae Pictured above. Photo
                                                                by Tim Hill. Check out more In Search of Desserts online
                                                                                        at www.richmondnavigator.com.

By Victor Samper

  With a brand new year comes a brand       Sneed has returned to the food scene in      more accessible!
new slate of restaurants opening their      a joint venture with his daughter Jenna        The first restaurant in the Mid-Atlantic
doors in the Richmond area. Scoop           to form fResCa on Addison. Located at        region to receive recognition for sourcing
Du Jour takes a look at what 2011 has       22 S. Addison St., Fresca on Addison’s       100% of their ingredients from local sup-
brought to the River City:                  menu is made of entirely vegetarian fare.    pliers will be bringing a location to Rich-
  Mike Farley has opened his first res-     Although don’t suggest that to the own-      mond. BooM BooM BuRgeRs will be
taurant, MainstReaM, at 1731 W. Main        ers – according to them they’re not veg-     opening its doors soon at 1703 E. Frank-
Street. The casual, laid-back spot fea-     etarian – they just don’t eat meat! Open     lin Street, in the heart of Shockoe Bottom.
tures a reasonably priced (nothing over     Tuesday through Sunday, 11 am – 9 pm.          Also in the Bottom at 1726 E Main
$10) menu with everything from appe-          Café ole, the popular downtown             Street - taking over the spot vacated by
tizers, soups, salads, wraps and sand-      Mexican eatery has opened its second         the Azteka Grill - is Mingles Restau-
wiches, comfort food entrees and even       location at 2901 W. Cary Street in the old   Rant & lounge, a new and improved
homemade desserts.                          Ben & Jerry’s spot. The early buzz says      version of the owner’s original Caribbean
  Legendary    Richmond      chef   Jimmy   it’s just as good as its predecessor, only   Mingles. n

                                                              River City

     africanne on Main
                                                galaxy diner
                                                2924 W. Cary St. (804) 213-0510.

                                                Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                                Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
                                                                                          Phillip’s Continental lounge
                                                                                          5704 Grove Avenue. (804) 288-8687.
                                                                                          Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner.
                                                                                                                               t-Miller’s sports Bar & grill
                                                                                                                               500 East Broad Street. (804) 648-2255.
     200 E Main St. (804) 343-1233.                                                                                            Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
     www.chefmamusuafricanne.com                                                          Dine-In & Take out.                  Casual. Reservations not needed.
     Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.                gibson’s grill                            Casual. Reservations not needed.
     Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.    700 E Broad St. (804) 644-2637                                                 tastebuds american Bistro
                                                www.gibsonsgrill.com                      Popkin tavern                        4019 MacArthur Ave. (804) 261-6544.
                                                Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.               123 W. Broad St. (804) 343-1909.     www.tastebudsamericanbistro.com
                                                Lunch & Dinner.                           www.sparetimechicago.com             Dine-In. Casual.
                                                Reservations not needed.                  Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.
            american                                                                      Reservations not needed.
                                                                                                                               Dinner. Reservations suggested.

     amour Wine Bistro                          the halligan Bar & grill                                                       tJ’s Restaurant and lounge
     3129 W. Cary St. (804) 353-4020.           3 N. 17th St. 804-447-7981.               the Republic                         at the Jefferson
     www.amourwinebistro.com                    www.thehalliganbar.com                    2053 W. Broad St. (804) 592-2148.    101 W. Franklin St. (804) 788-8000.
     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.                   Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.               www.therepublicrva.com               www.jeffersonhotel.com/dining_tjs.aspx
     Casual. Reservations not needed.           Brunch, Lunch & Dinner.                   Brunch, Lunch & Dinner.              Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
                                                Reservations not needed.                  Dine-In & Take out.                  Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.
     Belly timber tavern                                                                  Upscale. Reservations Suggested.
     1501 W. Main St. (804) 592-5592.           Julep’s new southern Cuisine                                                   tropical smoothie Café
     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.                   1719 E. Franklin St. (804) 377-3968.      River City diner                     8207 West Broad Street. (804) 527-2060.
     Casual. Reservations Suggested.            Website: www.juleps.net                   7 N. 17th Street. (804) 644-9418.    www.tropicalsmoothie.com
                                                What meals are served: Dinner             www.rivercitydiner.com               Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
     Capital ale house                          Dine-In. Upscale.                         Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.           Casual. Reservations not needed.
     4024-A Cox Road. (804) 780-ALES.           Reservations suggested.                   Dine-In & Take-out.
     www.capitalalehouse.com                                                              Casual. Reservations not needed.     Weezie’s Kitchen
     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.        legend Brewing Company                                                         3123 W. Cary St. (804) 726-1270.
     Casual. Reservations not needed.           321 W. 7th St. (804) 232-3446.            Rowland fine dining                  www.weezieskitchen.com
                                                www.legendbrewing.com                     2132 W. Main St. (804) 257-9885.     Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.
     Comfort                                    Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.       www.rowlandfinedining.com            Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
     200 W. Broad Street. (804) 780-0004.       Casual. Reservations suggested.           Dine-In & Take-out. Upscale.         Reservations not needed.
     www.comfortrestaurant.com                                                            Sunday Brunch & Dinner.
     Lunch & Dinner Dine-In & Take-out.         lulu’s                                    Reservations strongly suggested.
     Casual. Reservations not needed.           21 N. 17th St. (804) 343-9771.

                                                Lunch, Brunch, & Dinner
                                                                                          sprout Market & Café
                                                                                          1 N. Morris St. (804) 592-5771.
     2525 Hanover Ave. (804) 355-7008.          Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.               www.sproutrva.wordpress.com          akida
     www.curbsiderichmond.com                   Reservations suggested.                   Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.     814 N. Robinson St. (804) 359-8036.
     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.                                                  Casual. Reservations not needed.     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
     Casual. Reservations not needed.           Mezzanine                                                                      Casual. Reservations not needed
                                                3433 W. Cary St. (804) 353-2186.          star-lite
     davis & Main                               www.mezzanine3433.com                     2600 W. Main St. (804) 254-2667.     Carytown sushi
     2501 W. Main St. (804) 353-6641.           Dine-In. Casual.                          www.starlitediningandlounge.com      2923 W. Cary St. (804) 355-0058.
     www.davisandmain.com                       Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.   Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.           Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.
     Dinner. Dine-In.                                                                     Dine-In & Take out.                  Reservations suggested.
     Upscale casual. Reservations not needed.   Millie’s diner                            Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                                2603 E. Main St. (804) 643-5512.                                               Kobe Japanese Steak & Sushi
     delux                                      www.milliesdiner.com                      strawberry street Cafe               19 S. 13th St. (804) 643-8080.
     2229 W. Main St. (804) 353-2424.           Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch.           421 Strawberry St. (804) 353-6860.   www.kobesteakandsushi.com
     www.deluxrichmond.com                      Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.               www.strawberrystreetcafe.com         Dine-in & Take-out. Casual.
     Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner                 Reservations not needed.                  Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out   Lunch & Dinner. Reservations not needed.
     Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.                                                          Casual. Reservations suggested.
     Reservations suggested.

16      Flavor                                                                                                                    www.richmondnavigator.com
the lucky Buddha
1421 E. Cary St. (804) 648-5100.
Dinner. Dine-In.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Moshi Moshi
3321 W. Cary St. (804) 359-1151.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Peking Chinese Restaurant
1302 E. Cary St. (804) 649-8888.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, Take-out & Delivery.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

sticky Rice
2232 W. Main Street. (804) 358-7870.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Casual. Reservations suggested.

sumo san
1725 E. Main St. (804) 643-6500.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Buzz & ned’s
1119 North Boulevard. (804) 355-6055.
www.buzandneds.com. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

double t’s BBQ
2907 W. Cary St. (804) 353-9861.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

extra Billy’s
5205 W. Broad St. (804) 282-3949.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

917 W. Grace St. (804) 213-0190.
Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations Suggested.

havana 59
16 N. 17th St. (804) 780-2822.
www.havana59.net. Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Casual. Reservations suggested.

Kuba Kuba
1601 Park Ave. (804) 355-8817.
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch.
Dine-In & Take-out. Casual. Reservations not needed.

Padow’s ham & deli
1601 Willow Lawn Dr. (804) 358-4267.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

www.richmondnavigator.com                              Flavor   17
              Perly’s Restaurant & deli
              111 E. Grace St. (804) 649-2779. Breakfast & Lunch.
              Dine-In & Take-out. Casual. Reservations not needed.

              southern Railway deli
              111 Virginia St. (804) 343-1700.
              Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

              nile ethiopian Restaurant
              309 N. Laurel St. (804) 225-5544.
              www.nilerichmond.com. Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.
              Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.

              Bistro 27
              27 W. Broad St. (804) 780-0086.
              Dine-In & Take-out. Upscale casual.
              Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.

              Café Rustica
              414 E. Main St. (804) 225-8811. Dine-In & Take-out.
              Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.

              lemaire at Jefferson
              101 W. Franklin St. (804) 788-8000.
              Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
              Upscale. Reservations Strongly Suggested.

              2001 1/2 W. Main St. (804) 355-5182.
              www.oliorichmond.com. Dine-In, Take-out & Delivery.
              Casual. Lunch & Dinner. Reservations not needed.

              Penny lane Pub
              421 E. Franklin St. (804) 780-1682.
              www.pennylanepub.com. Dine-In. Casual.
              Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.

              tarrant’s Cafe
              1 W. Broad St. (804) 225-0035.
              www. tarrantscafe.org. Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.
              Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.

              the Melting Pot
              9704 Gayton Rd. (804) 741-3120.
              www.meltingpot.com. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale.
              Reservations strongly suggested.

              Can Can Brasserie
              3120 W. Cary St. (804) 358-7274.
              Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

18   Flavor                     www.richmondnavigator.com

       greek                                        jamaican                           1409 E. Cary St. (804) 643-0911.
                                                                                                                                     new american
Bacchus                                     Carena’s Jamaican grille                   Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.           Balliceaux
2 N. Meadow St. (804) 355-9919.             7102 Midlothian Tnpk. (804) 422-5375.      Casual. Reservations suggested.       203 N. Lombardy St. (804) 355-3008.
www.bacchusonmain.com. Dinner. Dine-In      www.422jerk.com.                                                                 www.balliceauxrva.com
& Take-out.                                 Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.                                                      Dine-In & Take-out. Upscale.
Casual. Reservations suggested.             Lunch & Dinner. Reservations not needed.                                         Lunch & Dinner. Reservations suggested.
                                                                                               mexican                       Café gutenberg
                                                                                       Bandito’s Burrito lounge              1700 E. Main St. (804) 497-5000.
        irish                                       lunch                              2905 Patterson Ave. (804) 354-9999.
                                                                                                                             www.cafegutenberg.com. Dine-In &
                                                                                                                             Take-out. Casual. Breakfast, Brunch,
Rosie Connolly’s Pub                        Chez foushee                               Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.   Lunch & Dinner.
1548 E. Main St. (804) 343-1063.            203 N. Foushee St. (804) 648-3225.         Casual. Reservations not needed.      Reservations suggested.
www.rosieconnollys.com                      www.chezfoushee.com
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.                    Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.        Cha Cha’s Cantina
Casual. Reservations not needed.            Upscale. Reservations suggested.           1419 E. Cary St. (804) 726-6296
sine                                                                                   Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.   acacia
1327 E. Cary St. (804) 649-7767.                                                       Casual. Reservations not needed.      2601 W. Cary St. (804) 562-0138.
www.sineirishpub.com                               mediterranean                                                             www.acaciarestaurant.com.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.                                                    little Mexico                         Dine-In & Take-out. Upscale.
                                            Cous Cous
Casual. Reservations not needed.                                                       1328 W. Cary St. (804) 525-4216.      Dinner. Reservations suggested.
                                            900 W. Franklin St. (804) 358-0868.
                                            www.couscous900.com                        www.littlemexicova.com
                                                                                       Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.   Croaker spot
                                            Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
                                                                                       Casual. Reservations suggested.       119 E. Leigh Street. (804) 421-0560.
                                            Casual. Reservations suggested.
        italian                                                                                                              www.croakersspot.com
                                                                                                                             Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
                                            emilio’s Restaurant                        nacho Mama’s
a Movable feast                                                                                                              Casual. Reservations not needed.
                                            1847 W. Broad St. (804) 359-1224.          3449 W. Cary St. (804) 358-6262.
1318 E. Cary St. (804) 644-3663.
                                            www.emiliosrichmond.com                    www.nachomamasva.com
www.amovablefeastonline.com                                                                                                  edo’s squid
                                            Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.        Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.                                                                                                  411 N. Harrison St. (804) 864-5488.
                                            Casual. Reservations suggested.            Casual. Reservations not needed.
Lunch & Dinner. Reservations not needed.                                                                                     Lunch & Dinner. Dine-in & Take-Out.
                                                                                                                             Casual. Reservations suggested.
avenue 805
805 N. Davis Ave. (804) 353-2505.
Dine-In & Take-out. Upscale.
Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch & Dinner.
Reservations suggested.

2900 W. Cary St. (804) 359-6969.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

Joe’s inn
205 N. Shields Ave. (804) 355-2282.
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

la grotta
1218 E. Cary St. (804) 644-2466.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

Mamma Zu’s
501 South Pine St. (804) 788-4205.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
Casual. Reservations not needed.

2222 E. Cary St. (804) 648-3463.
Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
Upscale. Reservations suggested.

1 N. Belmont Ave. (804) 308-3296.
Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take out.
Casual. Reservations Suggested

www.richmondnavigator.com                                                                                                    Flavor                                    19
              the hard shell
              1411 E. Cary St. (804) 643-2333.
              www.thehardshell.com. Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
              Upscale. Reservations suggested.

              old original Bookbinder’s
              2306 E. Cary St. (804) 643-6900.
              Dinner. Dine-In.
              Upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

              sam Miller’s
              1210 E. Cary St. (804) 644-5465.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-out.
              Upscale casual. Reservations suggested.

              8510 Patterson Ave. (804) 750-2000.
              www.buckheads.com. Dinner. Dine-In. Upscale casual.
              Reservations suggested.

              111 Virginia St. (804) 648-1662.
              www.mortons.com. Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reserva-
              tions suggested.

              19 S. 13th St. (804) 643-8080.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

              ginger thai
              3145 W. Cary St. (804) 254-7373.
              Dine-In & Take-out. Casual.
              Lunch & Dinner. Reservations not needed.

              Mom’s siam
              2811 W. Cary St. (804) 359-7606.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
              Casual. Reservations not needed.

              thai dinner too
              3028 W. Cary St. (804) 353-9514.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & Take-Out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

              thai top ten
              911 1/2 W. Grace St. (804) 254-8195.
              Lunch & Dinner. Dine-In , Take-Out & Delivery.
              Casual. No reservations needed. n

20   Flavor                    www.richmondnavigator.com
I N S E A R C H O F. . .

  Desserts      Article by Alaina Rauth. Photos by Tim Hill.
                                                               BAnAnAS FOSTeR SeRVeD TABLe SIDe
                                                               Bananas sautéed in butter, brown sugar and spiced rum,
                                                               served with a buttery shortbread and vanilla ice cream is
                                                               prepared table side and enough for two!
                                                               WHErE To Find iT:
                                                               Julep’s • 1719 East Franklin • (804) 377-3968 • www.juleps.net

Warm chocolate cake with a truffle in the center is served
warm with vanilla bean ice cream and topped with
chocolate ganache and whipped cream
WHErE To Find iT:                                              ALMOnD CRèMe BRûLée
Strawberry Street Café & Catering • 421 Strawberry Street      Strawberry balsamic ice cream and banana-strawberry sauce
(804) 353-6860 • www.strawberrysteetcafe.com                   is the perfect compliment to a rich almond flavored custard
                                                               topped with a contrasting layer of burnt sugar.
                                                               WHErE To Find iT:
                                                               Can Can • 3120 West Cary Street • 804-358-7274

A surprise twist on the a traditional Southern dish is
this baked vanilla custard with a vanilla wafer crust and      AVOCADO TART
carmelized bananas on top.                                     A lemony avocado and cream cheese filling provides perfect
WHErE To Find iT:                                              contrast to a Nillla Wafer and toasted coconut crust.
Comfort • 200 West Broad Street • 804-780-0004                 WHErE To Find iT:
www.comfortrestaurant.com                                      Pescados China Street • 804.644.3474 • 626 China Street

www.richmondnavigator.com                                                               Flavor                                  21
By Caroline Gibson

                       R   ichmond is a city that foodies and oen-
                       ophiles alike can certainly be proud of.          The Breakdown: You’ve engaged in a mild flirtation for
                       From downtown to Short Pump, South Side           weeks. Finally, one of you has made the first move, and the day has
                       to North Side, Richmond boasts a plethora         arrived at last: your first date. Venue selection for the first date is
                       of restaurants and eateries that rival those      extremely important – it may be part of the love story you tell your
                       of known foodie havens such as New York,          grandkids one day. The restaurant should be casual but not a dive
                       Las Vegas and San Francisco. Combining            bar, nice but not stuffy and with just the right atmosphere. Every
                       Richmond’s fabulous dining scene with ro-         little detail right down to the lighting is important, so choose wisely.
                       mance old and new is the perfect recipe for a
                       delicious date night.
                         With so many choices, however, making a         The Venue:
                       decision on your destination can transform        Avalon, 2619 West Main Street, 804.353.9709
                       date night from an exciting adventure to an       With its mahogany booths, buttery lighting and lively (but not too!)
                       exhausting headache. However, with careful        atmosphere, Avalon offers a warm and romantic environment that’s
                       planning and a little detective work, there       perfect for a first date. With its ever-changing menu of delightful en-
                       will always be a perfect venue for each ro-       trées and creative small plates, as well as an extensive beer and wine
                       mantic scenario. Whether it’s your first date     list, you’ll be sharing tapas and scintillating conversation.
                       or your fiftieth, we’ve compiled a guide to
                       make date night doable.

                                The Venue:
                                deLux Diner & Lounge,
                             2229 West Main Street, 804.353.2424
The Breakdown:
                             Always lively, deLux offers a styl-         The Breakdown: You both knew it was coming. You’ve
Most likely, you’ve been
                             ish yet comfortable atmosphere for          been fighting a lot, neither of you are happy and the proverbial fat
set up by your mom, co-
                             that first awkward encounter. The           lady has sung. Though parting is indeed such sweet sorrow, it’s time
worker or a matchmaking
                             extensive drink menu is sure to calm        to hit the trails. You need to make a clean break without making a
friend. While their hearts
                             any blind date jitters, with choices like   scene.
may have been in the right
                             the “East of the Boulevard” martini
place, your expectations                                                 The Venue:
are low. You’ll need to      (Three Olives Mango, champagne, or-
                                                                         Daily Grind, 11655 West Broad Street, 804.360.1565
meet at a busy restaurant    ange and white cranberry juice) or the
                                                                         If you’ve got the guts to face your paramour in person rather than
or bar for drinks only –     Dragonberry Mojito (Bacardi Drag-
                                                                         dumping them via text or email, choose a public spot with a quick
and have a clear escape      onberry rum, lime, mint and simple
                                                                         and easy exit strategy. Short Pump’s Daily Grind is the perfect place
route.                       syrup). If you like what you see after a
                                                                         to cut ties. It’s relatively quiet, so causing a scene is entirely out of
                             cocktail or two, head upstairs and snag
                                                                         the question. You also pay for your order up front, so there’s no
                             one of the cushy leather couches by
                                                                         awkward waiting around for the bill. Just be careful – hot drinks
                             the fireplace to heat things up in more
                                                                         and angry exes sometimes don’t mix. Be vigilant and on the lookout
                             ways than one!
                                                                         for airborne espressos aimed towards your face.

   22                 january/february 2011                                                                      www.richmondnavigator.com
The Breakdown: Times are tough, and whipped cream                             The Breakdown: You and your honey have dinner plans
frills like extravagant gifts, exotic getaways and expensive restau-          with your favorite couple. You want something fun, exciting and, of
rants just aren’t on the menu anymore. Though you may be pinch-               course, delicious.
ing pennies, there’s no excuse to skimp on romance.
                                                                              The Venue:
The Venue:                                                                    Sushi-O , 1228 Alverser Plaza, 804.897.9878
Pescados, 13124 Midlothian Turnpike, 804.379.7121                             Going out for sushi is a great option for double daters. Because
Who says fine dining has to break the bank? Midlothian’s culinary             sushi rolls often come as six pieces, it’s fun to order several rolls for
gem, Pescados, offers “Cheap Date Night” every Thursday evening.              the table to share. Sushi-O is a great choice for sushi lovers and for
With the purchase of two entrées, you and your sweetie can indulge            those who are a little less brave, offering cooked choices like Pep-
in a bottle of house wine for only $4, as well as a delectable (and           percorn calamari, N.Y. strip Panini and Thai seafood stew. Added
free) dessert. Bargain dining never tasted so good.                           bonus: sake bombs!

The Breakdown: Finally…a quiet evening together
                                                                              The Breakdown: Whether you’re celebrating an anni-
without nagging or screaming or Hannah Montana blaring in the
                                                                              versary, a big promotion or a birthday, tonight you’re pulling out
background. It’s time for some grown-up romance: inky red wines,
                                                                              all the stops with no expense spared. A special occasion deserves a
full-bodied cheeses, a dimly-lit restaurant and most importantly,
                                                                              special meal.
just the two of you.
                                                                              The Venue:
The Venue:
                                                                              Lemaire, 101 West Franklin Street, 804.788.8000
SECCO wine bar, 2933 West Cary Street, 804.353.0670
                                                                              Lemaire, located in the historic and luxurious Jefferson Hotel, is the
With its intimate seating, candlelit tables, and mesmerizing menu,
                                                                              perfect restaurant for a special occasion meal. Creamy marble, soft
Carytown’s SECCO wine bar is the perfect spot to rekindle the
                                                                              lighting and an outstanding, creative menu are sure to guarantee an
romance on a night away from the little ones. Brought to you by the
                                                                              evening that neither of you are soon to forget.
River City Cellars folks, SECCO boasts an impressive wine list, as
well as a mouthwatering selection of gourmet cheeses, antipasti and
small plates. This romantic evening will be less Barney and more

bon appétit.
                                                o, whether you’re breaking up, making up or doubling up, planning the perfect date night in Rich-
                                            mond is easier than you may have originally thought. Take advantage of the many culinary treats our capi-
                                            tal city has to offer, and always pair it with the perfect wine. A toast: to love, food, wine and Richmond!

  www.ric hmondnavigator.com                                                                      january/february 2011                        23
        JAnuARY-MARCH calendar	of	events
     nunsense                                Chili Cook off Wine trail Weekend         John Mellencamp
     Now-January 23 • Barksdale Theatre      Cooper, Grayhaven, James River and Lake   Landmark Theatre • February 24
     www.barksdalerichmond.org               Anna Wineries • January 29-30             www.ticketmaster.com
     inaugural virginia home & garden show                                             thunder nationals
     The Meadow Event Park • January 14-16   Merce Cunningham dance Company            Richmond Coliseum • February 25-26
     www.agievents.com                       The Legacy Tour                           www.monsterjam.com
                                             January 31-February 1
     Broadway in Richmond Presents:          www.modlin.richmond.edu                   virginia Wine expo
     the Color Purple                                                                  Greater Richmond Convention Center
     Richmond’s Landmark Theatre             22nd Maymont flower and garden show       February 25-27
     January 28-30                           Greater Richmond Convention Center        www.virginiawineexpo.com
     www.broadwayinrichmond.com              February 10-13
                                             www.macevents.com                         theatre iv: i have a dream
     the national shows                                                                Henrico Theatre
     January 29: Girl Talk                   Richmond Camping Rv expo                  February 26
     January 31: Thirty Seconds to Mars      RIR Complex • February 11-13              www.co.henirco.va.us
     February 8: Jimmy Eat World             www.agievents.com
     Febrauary 20: Umphreys McGee                                                      the Richmond symphony
     March 4: Dark Star Orchestra            Richmond Boat show                        The Cultural Arts Center
     March 6: Bright Eyes                    RIR Complex • February 18-20              March 9
     www.thenationalva.com                   www.agievents.com                         www.co.henrico.va.us

24      Flavor                                                                                      www.richmondnavigator.com
                                                                          Bartender’s Best
                                                                                   CAMILLe kOSTIn
                                                                                at	Cha	Cha’s	Cantina	
                                                                                  &	The	Lucky	Buddha

                                                                                                                   Her Signature:

                                                                                                     The Camel Toe
                                                                                                   1 and ¼ oz. of dragon Berry vodka
                                                                                                              ¼ oz. of Peach schnapps
                                                                                                splash of: grenadine, Red Bull, and oJ

                                                                                                                    By Victor Samper.
                                                                                                                   Photo by Rick Kidd.

  If you have a habit of grabbing a drink in the Bottom, chances are you’ve come across Camille Kostin before. If you haven’t, let me start
off by explaining that despite all the bartender interviews I’ve handled for River City Magazine, I’ve never had multiple employers contact
me with testimonials vouching for the bartender in question. As a result, it’s fairly easy to conclude Camille is quite the commodity on the
Richmond bar scene, so it was only fitting that River City Magazine sit down to have a few words with Camille!

RC: as always, how long have you been            RC: What’s your favorite part of your           I am. And if you tip well, I’ll remember you
bartending?                                      job?                                            and make sure you get taken care of!
CK: Well, I started when I was 21 so about       CK: That’s tough! I love being a bartender.     RC: Where would we find Camille Kostin
four and a half years now.                       I love my co-workers, my customers; I love      on a night out?
RC: aside from the lucky Buddha and              everything about my job. As a bartender,        CK: Well, oddly enough, I love coming
Cha Cha’s Cantina, where else have you           I definitely work hard for my money, but I      to Lucky Buddha and Cha Cha’s…but if I
worked in Richmond?                              love what I do!                                 want a change of scenery, I head to the
CK: I started out at Stool Pigeons, moved        RC: then what’s your least favorite – if        Fan. I love Sidewalk, Delux and I’ve been
over to Black Finn where I stayed for a cou-     there is such a thing?                          on a Friend or Pho kick as of late.
ple years and then I made my way over to         CK: Oh, there is – amateur customers are        RC: so what’s Camille Kostin’s featured
Lucky Buddha/Cha Cha’s!                          the worst. Rude, demanding customers            drink?
RC: i always have to ask: how’d you get          who have poor bar etiquette. It’s the only      CK: It’s called “The Camel Toe,” and it’s
into bartending?                                 part of the job I dislike.                      dragon berry vodka, peach schnapps and
CK: I was a waitress before, and I always        RC: Well, then educate us – what’s a            a bit of grenadine, red bull and orange
thought that bartending looked like so much      good customer?                                  juice!
fun. Plus, bartenders always made a lot          CK: A good customer doesn’t order five          RC: is this your own personal drink of
more money than I did! I’ve always loved         shooters for five people! (Laughs) A great      choice when you’re out?
the nightlife scene, the “party scene,” so as    customer is polite, decisive and a good tip-    CK: Oh no, I’m more likely to have a shot of
soon as I turned 21, I got behind the bar.       per. The more decisive you are, the faster      Jameson and a glass of water… n

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                                                                                                                      Photo	by	Travis	Shinn.

     laMB of god
     By Bruce Moore

       Richmond area residents and international touring act Lamb of God
     have once again earned themselves a Grammy Nomination. This time
     the band has been nominated for Best Metal Performance for the track
     “In Your Words” from the album Wrath. The band’s newest project,
     Hourglass, is a collection of classic Lamb of God songs along with vari-
     ous collectable items and packaging options. I recently caught up with
     drummer Chris Adler in Carytown to discuss the new record and their
     upcoming South American tour.

     i understand you guys are off to South America, Mexico and Aus-
     “Yeah we are going to finish up this last touring cycle in Australia and
     New Zealand with our new buddies in Metallica, and we are doing
     South America on our own for the first time, which should be a lot of

                                                                                 which of the six or seven albums to pick up. If they like that
     Are there any countries that you have not gotten to that you would          fine, and if not they could throw it away. That was kind of the
     like to play?                                                               idea with the simple package. Then we realized that for the
     “Wow that is tough, because in the last six or eight months we have         older fans or the fans that have been with us for a while this
     done some pretty crazy parts of the world - places I didn’t even know       basically looked like a greatest hits package, and we needed
     existed. We have not done anything on the continent of Africa. We           to make something special for them as well. We tried to come
     have had several opportunities to play South Africa, but the timing         up with different ideas, and I think we have hopefully found
     was just off travel wise. That is definitely one place I still would like   a way that has something in it for everyone.
     to get to.”

                                                                                 did you ever imagine you would be releasing records al-
     How has Hourglass been selling so far?                                      most 15 years later?
     “It has been doing really well. I think The Mayhem Festival really          “No, man. I never imagined we would ever make one. This
     helped with that. It was kind of the reason why we did it anyway. The       was kind of a way for us to get together, have some fun, find
     record company came to us and said now that we had six or seven             some beers, maybe travel around and have some laughs. In
     albums out, perhaps we should do a greatest hits record. Everybody in       the end I think we have maintained a lot of that which has
     the band was like ‘absolutely not.” Then we realized that we are right      enabled us to keep doing that…but no I never imagined this
     in the middle of recording cycles, the last record came out about two       would be an actual career. This is too much fun.”
     years ago, and it will be another year before we are done recording
     and have the next one ready to go. We had gone into The Mayhem              Any closing words at all?
     Festival hoping to steal some fans, so if we had a new product to offer     “Thanks for wanting to chat. Thanks to the fans that have
     that kind of contained, on a simple level, the songs that have made a       been supporting us. We never thought we would be around
     difference for us in a live setting, if we did end up stealing any fans     this long and it is all because of them. We will try and keep
     on this tour they could pick that up. They would not have to decide         up the quality of the metal.” n

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     Since changing its brand from Sheraton to Ramada in July 2010, the
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 church and educational groups, as well as weddings, bar and bat mitzvah
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     The beautifully landscaped courtyard near the outdoor pool is perfect
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 commodate the bigger groups,’’ he said. “We have everything to make that
 special day or event run smoothly.”
     For groups or wedding parties, call the Ramada Plaza Richmond West
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                                          JeFFeRSOn DAVIS

           IS TO RY                          MOnuMenT
    H                                        A Monument With Substance
                                                    Written and photographed by Hunter Henkel

                        Follow us down Monument Avenue for the next four issues to find out how and
                           why the rest of these famous landmarks arrived on this historical street!

                                                        Three thousand children hauled a statue down Franklin Street in
                                                      June of 1907. The Jefferson Davis Monument was a collaboration be-
                                                      tween sculptor Edward Valentine and architectural designer William
                                                      Churchill Noland. Much significance and beauty can be found in the
                                                      details of the statue.
                                                        The location of the monument is significant because of its physical
                                                      distance to the Lee monument, and a Confederate fort once stood in
                                                      that very spot defending Richmond.
                                                        Originally, many southerners blamed Davis for the Confederate’s
                                                      failure. Following a series of speaking engagements throughout the
                                                      south, Davis was seen as a symbol – a strong champion of southern
                                                      rights. With the erection of the Davis statue, Monument Avenue began
                                                      to represent the vindication of the confederacy.
                                                        Edward Valentine was Richmond’s most noteworthy representative
                                                      of the American Renaissance. The detail and symbolism found in his
                                                      work was close to the awe-inspiring artists of Europe. Standing almost
                                                      eight feet tall, the bronze statue of Davis faces down Monument Av-
                                                      enue toward the Lee statue. Valentine chose to depict Davis speaking
                                                      since he was known for his public speaking. A reporter for the News-
                                                      Leader suggests, “His right arm is outstretched as if he were expound-
                                                      ing the Southern Doctrine and was on the point of pleading with his
                                                      countrymen to stand by the things for which do many had laid down
                                                      their lives”.
                                                        Since there are no plaques on any of the monuments offering ex-
                                                      planations, it may take a history buff to notice things like the words
                                                      Davis offered as his resignation from the United States are inscribed
                                                      along the frieze of the screen of columns behind him. Thirteen columns
                                                      below the frieze containing 14 state seals represent the 11 states of the
                                                      confederacy and two states that sent delegates to the confederate Con-
                                                      gress. Bookending the statue are funerary urns that are adorned with
                                                      the stars and bars of the confederacy. On top of it all is Vindicatrix, the
                                                      classical female statue personifying the memory and spirit of the South.

                                                        Research for this article was based on Richmond’s Monument Avenue by Sarah Shields
                                                      Driggs, Richard Guy Wilson, Robert P. Winthrop, John O. Peters.   n

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