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									John K. Bristol                                Resume                                           Pg. 1

John K. Bristol                                                           23062 Poplar.
                                                                          Mission Viejo, CA. 92692
                                                                          (801) 694-5746 Cell

Objective:        To have a direct positive impact on a rapidly growing organization where my
                  technical and leadership abilities will contribute to organizational growth and

Experience:       Technical and Project Manager - Independent Contractor
                  Nov 2002-Present            Independent Contractor            California
                   Feb06-Present, Project Implementation Manager Cingular ERGU/UMTS
                    project. 1200 site’s in Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, LA Counties.
                   April05-Oct 05, Executive Director Trussnet USA Telecom Project, Phoenix
                    AZ. Cingular site build project A&E Support.
                   Sep04-April05, T-Mobile Outdoor Kiosk Project as Network Communications
                    Project Manager and Expediter.
                   Oct03-Jul04, Managed Baran Telecom’s Bechtel AWS upgrade and E911
                    projects in California. Evaluated Baran Telecom’s L.A. and San Fran regional
                    offices, then Increased revenues in two months by establishing a more
                    economical operating plan. Baran specializes in telecommunication services
                   Nov02-Dec02, Directed 120 Site E911 upgrade project requiring project
                    management of construction teams and antenna teams. Completed
                    aggressive 35 day project in 34 days. T-Mobile, Denver Co.
                   Capable of working with BTS, Omc-r, SMC, Networks, and all areas of
                    Technical Maintenance and Project Management.

                  Small Business Owner - Partner
                  July 2000-Present       Muay Thai Institute            Salt Lake City, UT.
                   Designed and implemented business plan for expansion

                   Designed and installed 10-station phone network and 8 client computer
                   Designed and installed complex sound system for special events and
John K. Bristol                                 Resume                                        Pg. 2

Experience:       Regional General Manager – Operations
                  July 1999-Jan 2000         VoiceStream Wireless Corp. Salt Lake City, UT.
                   Responsible for three operating markets, consisting of 4 Nortel PCS switches
                    and approximately 500 PCS cell sites covering Hawaii, Oregon and Utah.
                   Initiated a standards program for the network operations departments
                    company wide.
                   Directed growth forecasting and implementation of upgrade projects and
                    growth projects within my area.

                  Director Development and Operations
                  Nov 1994–July 1999 VoiceStream Wireless Corp. Salt Lake City, UT.
                   Developed the PCS program for the Western Wireless business Plan, as a
                    senior contributor, by researching and recommending PCS vendors and
                    assisted in contract negotiations.
                   Created the staffing organization for the Western Wireless PCS Markets.

                   Designed and developed the Salt Lake PCS MTA. 86 sites, 1 switch in 9
                   Directed 100+ people in the SLC PCS Project.

                   Developed the Boise Idaho market, completed this in 5 months. 28 sites 1
                   Attained profitability after one year of operational service in the Salt Lake
                    MTA. This was the 1st PCS system in the Nation to do this.
                   Maintained an annual market capital budget of $60 million.

                   Oversaw project development for the Cellular markets of Western Wireless, in
                    the States of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and California beginning in April 1997.
                   Collaborated in the successful RFP to the State of Utah for a major wireless
                    contract, bringing in a minimum of $120,000 Per month.

                  Regional Engineering Manager
                  Apr 1990–Nov 1994                 Western Wireless Corp. Bellevue, Washington.
                   Directed operations and maintenance of the Western United States Rural
                    Service Areas owned by WWC, 12 RSA's and 1 Msa total. Managed 6 Field
                    Engineers. Engineered and constructed all the RSA's under my responsibility.
                   Developed database for all switching interfaces to local telephone companies.
                    Yearly budgetary management of 3 million.
                   RSA's included were Nevada 1,2,4,5; California 1,9,6; Chico MSA; Pocatello
                    Idaho; Wyoming 3,4; Montana 4,7; Totaling 62 cellsites and 13 switches.
                   Achieved success in assuring that these markets were completed before FCC
                    license expiration dates. Administered budgetary guidelines while keeping
                    reliability and quality priority one, leading to high returns in the later years.
                   Performed live conversions of Novatel switching equipment to Northern
                    Telecom switching equipment with no complications.
John K. Bristol                                  Resume                                        Pg. 3

Experience:       Cellular Systems Engineer
                  Nov 1983-Apr 1990                 Air Touch Cellular.       Sacramento, California.
                   Engineered and tested the Los Angeles Cellular Mobile Phone System and
                    the Sacramento Cellular Mobile Phone System. Installed and maintained the
                    Sacramento-Stockton Microwave network and fiber optics network.
                   Developed and conducted acceptance procedures for the Kuwait cellular
                    system in Kuwait. Acted as PacTel liaison between NEC and Kuwait
                    management to produce efficient operational standards for turnover of the
                   Trained new engineers and field techs as they were hired on. Coordinated the
                    NEC to Motorola system conversion. Developed data base information for
                    efficient use of local and toll calling patterns of cellular customers. Experience
                    in maintenance and testing of Radio Equipment within Base Sites.

Education:        Work related
                   CAREER TRACK, Inc. - Management Skill Building Workshop

                   GENERAL CELLULAR - In-house Management Training

                   NOVATEL Cellular Training - Switching, Cell site

                   MOTOROLA Digital Switching - Advanced Hardware

                   MOTOROLA Digital Switching - Advanced Software

                   FARINON Microwave - Advanced all frequencies

                   NEAX61A Hardware - Basic and Advanced

                   NEAX61A Software - Basic and Advanced

                   NEAX61A Office Data - Basic and Advanced

                   NEC CMTS CELL SITES - Basic and Advanced in Tokyo

Education:        Bell System Training
                   Cellular switching maintenance and radio maintenance.

                   Hands on maintenance ESS, processor and peripheral

                   Introduction to light guides

                   ESS Processor - Basic and Advanced Programming

                   ESS Peripheral - Basic and Advanced

                   Schematic Drawing and Reading

                   Basic Electronics
John K. Bristol                              Resume                                    Pg. 4

Education:        License’s and certification’s held.
                   1984 FCC General License Radio

                   1984-90 NABER Certified Technician

                   Rochville University, Malden, MA.

                    B.S. Business Administration, Business Management.
                    A.A. Aviation Technology.
                   Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA.

                    Major: Aircraft and Powerplant Maintenance.
                   La Quinta High School, Westminster, CA

Skill Sets        Work related
                   Proficient in use of        various types of computers, peripherals, data
                    communications, programming and software management. (All windows
                    Office programs, Adobe graphics and web authoring programs, pro-com plus
                    and other remote access software)
                   Management       of remote field personnel as well as major project
                   Excellent in resolving problem challenges.

                   Knowledge in setting up emergency power systems for AC or DC
                   Proficient in use of oscilloscope and associated test equipment.

                   Qualified in troubleshooting.

                   Trained in winter survival techniques and Sno-Cat operation.

                   Engineering experience from Northern California/Reno implementation and
                    growth including microwave network.

References        Available Upon Request

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