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					VOL. I.                   BUENOS AIRES, ARC.        fel^
                                                    If I / "-\

     THE "SOUTH AMERICAN BULLETIN" brings              %l, -{    .     Our best, the "BULLETIN" cannot fail to come
to you, in this its first issue, greetings from          ^W^f          to each one of us with an inspiration for a
your brethren fifteen thousand strong. It is               ^           stronger hope, as it tells of triumphs, of the
the hope and expectation of those who are                              Message from the southern-most city on the
responsible in starting the issue                      ,                               globe — Punta Arenas, to the
of this monthly, that its in-            /^T» T^T^T^n^. T^l O                         boundless region of the Ama-
fluence may help to draw us              Vj-LV-Cy.!!/ A 1JN VJO                       zon' now sP°ken of as the lar-S~
 all as workers, nearer to our                                                         est unoccupied stretch of. mis-
great pattern — Christ Jesus.                                                         sion territory in the world; and
   . It shall endeavor to be a channel of communication from the metropolitan cities of the Atlantic Coast to
through which those who are laboring in this great the fruitful mission fields of the Andean plateau where
continent may speak "often one to another," and thus are found the highest mission stations in all the world.
encourage, cheer and comfort all those who are en-                 Remember that all material for its columns should
 deavoring to lift up the cross of Christ. We trust it be sent to the "South American Bulletin", Calle Pino
 may be used as a medium to communicate information 3801, Buenos Aires, Argentina.                               W.
 concerning plans and methods for strengthening the
work. That good experiences from every field may                                The Value of a Soul
 flow out to all our workers in this Division and thus             THE city of life, of eternal bliss, the city of God
 prompt them to greater endeavor and bind them closer shall descend from heaven, the wicked dead shall be
 to the great family of                                                                        raised to life, and they
 God on earth.                                                                                 with Satan . and his
    This first issue goes                                                                      angels shall march up
 forth on its way with                                                                         on the breadth of the
 an earnest prayer that                          MISSIONARY'S PLEA                             earth, compass the camp
 its message may ever              W'll you not pray for us? Each day ive need                 of the saints about, and
 ring clear with victories           Your prayers, for oft the way is rough and long,          the beloved city. Then
 gained for the gospel               And our lips falter and forget their song,                shall they see Abraham,
 of Christ and that each           As we proclaim the word men will not heed.                  Isaac and Jacob and all
 month may bring evi-                                                                          the righteous in the
 dences of answered                Will you not pray for us? Alone we stand                    Kingdom of God, but
 prayer; that it may                 To stem the awful tide of sin and shame,                  they themselves are
 echo with songs of                  To cast out demons in the mighty Name                     shut out. Then shall
 triumph for the truth             Which is alone the hope of every land.                      the righteous and the
 and be a tie to bind              Pray, pray for us! We are but vessels frail;                wicked meet for the
 our hearts in loving                The world's appalling need would crush us down            last time. Picture, if
 service for the 60,000,-            Save that in vision we behold the crown                   you can, you, yourself
 000 people in our Divi-           Upon His brow who shall at length prevail!                  inside that city looking
 sion.                                                                                         at the innumerable
    We bespeak for it              Not yet the crowning! Fields must first be won,             hosts of the wicked.
 your hearty support                 Lives freely yielded, martyr blood be spilt,              You cast a glance about,
 and solicit your co-oper-          Love cast out fear, redemption blot out guilt,             perchance you recognize
 ation in filling its pa-         Ere we behold the kingdom of God's Son.                      some familiar face.
 ges each month with                                                        Selected           Perhaps inmediately in
 material fresh from the                                                                       front of you stands
 field. Surely, if we do                                                                       your own son, the boy
                                                     SOUTH AMERICAN BULLETIN
of your fondest hopes. He looks at you;            come there. He is lost, eternally lost
he stretches out his hands to you; he              —lost to you, lost to God, lost to heav-
falls on his knees; he folds his hands             en. What would you give if?—but                             Austral Union Conference
as in prayer; he wrings them. You                  no, it's too late, he is lost forever.                     R. T. BAEK ------ President
can very easily read that agonizing,               What value would you place on his                          C. L'. BAUBK    - - -   Secy. - Treas.
pleading look in his eyes; your heart              soul if you just then could bring him                         Address: Florida, F. C. C. A.,
                                                                                                                   Buenos Aires, Argentine
heats in tenderest compassion, it ago-             there to share heaven with you?
nizes, it bleeds for your boy. You look            Every being that has human breath
again, the earth swells and breaks,                is a son, a daughter of our heavenly
fire gushes forth, the heavens rain                Father, and our highest estimate of                   Progress All Along the Way
fire; your son, your boy is enveloped              the worth of a human soul is far be-
in the flames of hell. He is lost, lost,           low the worth God places upon the                       WE HAVE been giving more time re-
lost forever. How muc'h would you                  deepest fallen wreck of humanity.                    cently to the work in the Buenos Aires
give if you then could lift him out of                For Jesus has shown us how pre-                   Conference where 'the providences of
the flames into eternal salvation. Just            cious is a soul in the sight of heaven.              the Lord have been specially manifest.
that much is a soul worth, and every                One might perchance die for his                     As a result of the labors of Evangelist
 soul; for is not every man, woman                 friend, but Jesus gave His life for His              Rojas and Missx Gentile, our Bible wor-
 and child somebody's son or daughter,             enemies. Would you know how highly                   ker in the Federal Capital, we organiz-
 somebody's husband, wife, father, mo-              He values a soul? then follow Him                   ed a Sabbath School of twenty mem-
 ther, sister or brother? Still, ours is           through His years of earthly suffer-                 bers and a small group of believers in
 but human love, God's is divine. God's             ing. Watch Him as He passes through                 Derqui, a village in the province, about
 estimate of the worth of a human soul              that awful, mysterious suffering in                 three hours ride by train from the city
 is as much more than ours can be,, as              Gethsemane, agonizing until the sweat               of Buenos Aires.
 .His divine love is above our human                drops became as blood. Behold Him,                      Sabbath and Sunday, September 19
 ability to loVe.                                   patiently bearing the cruel flogging.                and 20, were happy days for our church
     Now look at another scene. Jesus               Now they crown Him with a crown of                  in Bahia Blanca as we dedicated our
 opens wide the pearly gates and the                thorns"; they strike Him in the face;                new chapel to the Master's service.
 saved of earth enter in. Before them               they spit in His face. He bears it all               The outside interest was good. Our
 is the Paradise of God, the home of                without a murmur, without one word                  local pastor, Jose lourno, has been
 Adam in his innocency. On the head                 of complaint; He is paying the price                 doing aggressive work and as a result
  of every redeemed saint Jesus places              which He considers a single soul                     four persons were baptized Sabbath
 a crown of glory, in every hand He                 worth. See Him, weak and trembling,                 morning before the dedicatory service.
  places the victor's palm and the gold-            bearing His cross on Calvary's hill,                 This chapel in Bahia Blanca, the larg-
  en harp. To every one He gives a                  cruel nails are driven through His                   est city in the republic south of Bue-
  home, a mansion. The streets of the               hands and His feet. He hangs on the                  nos Aires, was made possible by a gift
  city are pure gold, resplendent, reflect-         cross, the suffering Prince of heaven                from the Church Extension Fund. Our
  ing the glory of the city. Through                amidst the railing priests and the                   brethren in this southern city greatly
  the midst of the city flows the River             jeering rabble, alone, forsaken by man               appreciate this financial help. They,
  of Life, clear as crystal, mirroring              and left alone by God, to die, to tread              personally, are carrying the burden of
  the leafy trees on its banks, and the             the bitter wine-press alone. And in                  furnishing the church which is costing
  Tree of Life arching it. Man's fondest            the endeavor He risked all, He might                them a few thousand pesos. The mem-
  and brightest expectations are super-             have failed and "suffered eternal                    bers are active and they have demon-
  latively surpassed. There are no                  loss." And He might have spared                      strated that with the help of the Lord
  aches, no pain, no sickness, no death              Himself and left the world to perish.               they can accomplish much good. We
  there. And you are there, your wife                You ask, what is the worth of a hu-                 have another splendid church building
  is there, and your children are there,             man soul? God's answer is, "Calvary".               located in La Plata, the capital of the
  except, yes, all but; and he will never                                        P. E. B.                Province of Buenos Aires.

     •.Worker's 'in.'"AttsiAsiice at Austral Unfota Conference Session, Jielci at: the Kiver Plate, Junior College, Puiggari, Argentina,' Aprft, '1925
•' The- TJOTgitfty^Mission' : r e'p 0 rtW -a's?   ,:' will .go • xftftT' fyam • 'the" •seHboJ'. tJii-s' yeaif" -
having erected a- chapel in San Pedro,                into various lines of gospel work.
This Mis4iqh now owns- three neat                        The River Plate Sanitarium is hav^  a few other manifestations'.'c
Vhurch buildings. They also report a                  ing a little better .patronage of late.
                                                                                            has won for them, and :fori
number of persons awaitng baptism                     The institution has decided to equip   many staunch friends. Now they'aiiep
and several .series of meetings planned               four rooms with private baths thus     considered, authority on almost;" att_yi;
for. We are glad to see our workers                   providing for those desiring better    subject that is discussed in their' eoi^V
busily engaged in holding public                      accommodations.                        munity and are entrusted witjj: tlie
efforts, for surely God will continue                     The Union report on missio'n funds business affairs of -their neighboEg
to bless the preaching of His word.                   for the first six months shows a healthy
                                                                                             when they come to the city to make;
   In spite of the severe drouth that                 gain and we are pleased to observe     purchases. They make their liYing
has been experienced in Alto Parana,                  the way our people have taken hold     principally by crocheting lace-.-ajn,d;
the brethren are of good courage and                  of our Sabbath School work and their   doing fancy work. They are very poor
report that baptisms have been cele-                  efforts to keep the offerings up to a  and live simply but are always; faith-.;
brated in a number of places and                      high standard. We believe that when    f ul in bringing in their, titfie, aHcl\;
many others are in the baptismal                      the whole church undertakes to do     .offerings. 'They attend the .meetings;,
class waiting to take this step. The                   the work of the Lord there will be    here at the college about twice a year.,,
superintendent of the Mission, togeth-                 larger results, so we are holding up  In order to reach the school it is nec-
er with Brother Dominguez, has re-                     the ^slogan, "The gospel to the whole essary for them to walk about iwes
cently visited many parts of the field.                world by the whole church". May the   hours to catch a narrow gauge train-
In Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay,                -Lord bless the work which has pros-    which brings them to Chilian, and
where other denominations have had                    pered despite the many obstacles that   then walk out to the school. They aiSe~
to abandon the field, Brother Leytes                  the enemy has placed in the way. The   so humble that they will not tell,us.;
has had several baptisms.                              message for this time is destined to  when they are coming so we can meet,
   Chile finds more interested people                  triumph and reach to all parts of the  them in Chilian. It is a great treat
than her corps of workers can care                     earth and then will the end come.     to them to attend one of our meetings:.
for. Good results are attending the                                                              Thus the seed sown is bearing fruit
                                                                                   ROSCOE T. BAER.
public efforts in Santiago and Val-                                                          in these parts. We are now holding
paraiso, and Brother Klatt, in the                                                            meetings in several different places lit,
south, reports a good interest. Our                                                           the country around the school and
church in Antofagasta continues to                     Some Good Accomplished                 are seeing good results. Parents are
grow. Brother Berchin is doing ag-                     FOUE years ago when the work was now willing to send their children to.
gressive work and hopes soon to have                first started here in Chilian, an old our school.                     E. U. AYARS.-
 another baptism. Brother Emmeneg-                  lady with her three daughters attend-
ger writes that the tithe and offerings             ed some meetings, and, after reading
this' year will exceed those of last                some of our literature, accepted the
year. This is indeed encouraging. The               truth. When they first began to ob-
literature sales have kept up well,                 serve the Sabbath their neighbors
                                                                                                     East Brazil Union Mission
notwithstanding the fact that as yet                                                               F. W. SPIF.S ----- President
                                                    opposed them and tried to make them
we have no field missionary secretary               turn from their new found religion.            F. C. VABNEV - - - Seen. - Treaa.
                                                                                                       Address: Caixa Postal 768,
to look after the book and periodical               They knew but very little of the truth                Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
work.                                               and were very simple in their service,
   The North Argentine field, still                 but they lived up to all the light they
without a president, has made plans                 had. At the time they learned of the
for aggressive work this summer. A                  truth they lived in the interior and            Briefs from East Brazil
strong public effort will be held in. the           had come to Chilian to trade. As but
city of Parana, where there is a great              few of the people in that section could      REPORTS indicate that the work is
interest in the truth. Pastor Roth, Bi-             read, they would bring their letters making good progress in the various
ble teacher in the River Plate Junior               to these sisters to be read. After they local fields of our Union. It is true
College, will direct the effort and with            accepted the truth the people were that the long continued drought and.
him will be associated some of the                  afraid to bring their letters to them the drop in prices of coffee, cotton and
young men who are to finish their                   any more for fear they would not sugar will likely result in our tithe
ministerial work in the college next                read them correctly. The principal being less than in 1924, however, the
year. Mrs. de De Marsico, Spanish                   objections were incited by those of mission offerings are increasing, not-;
teacher in the college and Miss Ida                 other religious beliefs. When calamity withstanding these unfavorable condi-
Beskow, trained Bible worker, will                  befell anyone in the community they tions.
also help in this effort. At present                laid the blame on this family, and           In the nation's capital, Rio de Ja-
Brother Weber is conducting a public                even threatened to burn their home. neiro, we have celebrated baptisms
effort in the city of Rosario, the second           Notwithstanding the opposition they each quarter. In East Minas, Brother
city of importance in the Argentine.                remained firm in their new belief and J. L. Brown has been working hard
   The River Plate Junior College is                soon a change came.                      to build up the work, but he needs
enjoying the best year of its history.                 One of the sisters went to the vil- more efficient help to work the. cities^
Both dormitories are full of students,              lage store to do some purchasing. On         In the Espirito Santo field, we have,
and the College chapel will no longer               her way home she discovered that the recently held seven local meetings,
care for the Sabbath meetings nor the               proprietor had given her too much which not only proved a great blessing
regular exercises through the week.                 change. Although she lived quite a spiritually to the brethren, but alsp.;
A larger program must be undertaken                 distance from the village she returned resulted in liberal offerings for ffiis*
to properly build up this prospering                that same evening and gave, the mo- sions. This mission greatly needs a
school. Several of our young people                 ney to the owner. This was a rare field and home missionary secretary:
                                                SOUTH AMERICAN BULLETIN
     There is an encouraging increase in       lay forgotten in a corner. She asked         "Six leagues [18 miles], tata."
  the membership of the Bahia Mission,         the servant to get the once despised         "And what do you want?"
  especially in the capital. A brother         Bible and clean the dust from it. As         "We want a Christian school, we
  has offered to lease to us for twenty        she began to read the sacred pages        want a preacher, tata."
  years a building which he has recently       rays of light shone on her lonely heart      "Very well, if it is not more than
  erected in this city, for the nominal        and such peace as she had never           six leagues, although this is Friday,
  sum of $2.00 a month. This building          known before came into her soul. God      I will go with you to your home and
  will provide for our Sabbath services        spoke to her heart and brought light      return this evening."
  and church school.                           and hope to her.                             "Waliqui, waliqui, [very well, very
     In the Pernambuco Mission, the               Late one autumn afternoon one of       well] tata."
  brethren have been entering new ter-         our faithful evangelistic-colporteurs        I had heard some days before that
  ritory, but like all our fields, the work-   passed through the quiet valley and       I would be called upon to visit a new
  ers are insufficient for the gigantic        knocked at the door of the widow's        place but I did not know where it was.
  task before them. Both the Bahia             home. When the servant opened the         I saddled my horse, mounted and fol-
  and Pernambuco fields should have            door our brother informed her that        lowed my guide who was also riding
  additional workers. Although we vot-         he wished to present his literature to    a mountain pony which, from its ap-
  ed nearly a year ago that Brother            the lady of the house. The servant        pearance, seemed to verify the solemn
  E. M. Davis, who now has charge of           soon returned and told the colporteur     declaration of the Indian that his peo-
  the Pernambuco Mission, should open          that the lady did not care to buy any     ple were not more than six leagues
  up the work in the Amazon region,            more novels, that she had found a         distant.
  as yet no one has come to take his           book that satisfied every longing and-       We left the Pomata Mission at eight
  place so we have not been able to re-        desire of her heart. Upon learning        o'clock in the morning. At twelve we
  lease him.                                   that the Bible had become her treasur-    passed by one of our mission schools,
     The Harvest Ingathering is not yet        ed friend, the colporteur expressed an    and as it seemed to me that the six
  finished in our Union. The reports           earnest desire to speak to the lady       leagues were lengthening out, I invit-
  thus far received are generally en-          and to study the Holy Scriptures with     ed our teacher to accompany us.
  couraging. At the same time, some            her.                                         We rode on and on. The Indian
  large houses who formerly gave liber-           Today this once discouraged and        pony that I thought would not be able
  ally have either greatly reduced their       unhappy widow rejoices in a Saviour's     to go more than six leagues, left us
  offerings or entirely suspended them         love, and with her children is prepar-    far behind. It ran up and down the
  on account of droughts and exchange          ing herself for a home in the heaven-     slopes with the swiftness of a deer.
  difficulties. Nevertheless, we hope we       ly mansions. After many weeks the         From time to time we had to urge
  shall be able to raise at least as much      dust-covered and forgotten Bible, to-     our horses along in order to catch up
• as last year.                                gether with the faithful efforts of our   with our guide and inquire when we
     The work is onward and our courage        missionary, revealed to her the way       would arrive. He repeatedly told us
  is good, knowing that our General is         to life eternal. "Yea, though I walk      that it was just a little farther, and
  leading His forces on to victory.            through the valley of the shadow of       when the last rays of the setting sun
                            F. W. SPIES.       death, I will fear no evil: for thou      could still be seen on the mountain
                                               art with me; thy rod and thy staff        tops in the distance, far ahead the
                                               they comfort me."      J. L. BROWN        Indian was waiting for us. As we
        After Many Weeks                                                                 approached him he said, "Tata, have
   HIDDEN among the green hills of                                                        an orange," and at the same time
Minas Geraes, Brazil, and surrounded                                                     handed me two beautiful oranges that
by the most picturesque scenery,                        Inca Union Mission               he took from his saddlebag', or sack
stands the beautiful and prosperous                H. U. STEVENS ----- President         of many colors. I improved the oppor-
home of a Brazilian widow.                         F. I. MOHR - - - - Secy. - Treas.     tunity to again ask him if we were
   Two years ago misfortune and sor-               Address: Casilla 1003, Lima. Peru     near the place. The Indian, with the
row visited this once happy home. On                                                     calmness peculiar to the natives of
a bright summer morning the husband                                                      the mountains of Peru, stood up in
and father left the home never to re-                                                     his stirrups,, raised his arm and with
turn again. Scarcely two hours after                  A Macedonian Call                  the index finger pointed to the snow-
he left his wife and three children,             "TATA (an Aymara greeting to a           covered mountains, where the reflec-
while sitting at the gambling table            superior), brother, I have come for       tions of the last rays of the setting
with some worldly friends, death took          you." -This was the salutation I re-      sun gave the snow the appearance
him unexpectedly and wholly unpre-             ceived at six o'clock one Friday morn-     of blood, and said, "We must cross
pared.                                         ing at the Pomata Station as I open-       yonder mountain," and without ano-
   Great was the sorrow in that home           ed the door of my mission home. The       ther word, rode ahead. The night was
when the messenger, leading the rider-         speaker was a young muscular Indian       dark and very cold as we had already
less horse, brought the sad tidings. In        of some twenty-two years, with face       reached an altitude of some 14,000 feet.
her despair the grief-stricken widow           hardened by the intense cold of the       We had to be very careful not to lose
implored her idols to grant her death.         altitude and the burning rays of the      sight of our guide, who appeared now
In order that she might forget the             tropical sun. We began at once the         as a dark object in the distance, as
great tragedy she read her prayer-             following conversation:                    he led the way among the large rocks.
book and fiction continuously, but her            "Where did you come from?"              At ten o'clock that night, after cross-
soul did not find the peace and con-              "From my district, tata."              ing a turbulent river, we came to a
solation she craved.                              "Are you from far?"                     settlement where our guide showed *e
   After many weeks she remembered                "No, from very near, tata."             an old building in which we were to
the Book that a Christian friend had              "How many leagues, more or less,        sleep. This news sounded good to me.
given her several years before, which          is your home from here?"                      The next day, Sabbath, after hold-
 'ing a meeting:with the.Indians of this, other lands. The efforts of our work-
   village, we coiitimied our journey .un- ers, have been blessed of God. While         Calls from Rio Grande do Siii
   til noon, in order to reach, .the place statistics,and figures tell us something           IN A wonderful; way' the Lord; has"
- from which- the: Indian had' come, to of-the onward march of the message,               gone,before us in. this great field %'f
..get me. The six leagues had proven interwoven with these figures are many               Rio Grande do Sut The spirit of %
   to be more than twenty-four leagues. experiences of the wonderful provi-               times seerns to be calling upon the
   Some fifty persons, including men and dences of God, indicating clearly that           honest in heart to search for a pre-.
   women^welcomed us with banners and an outstreched ami and a mighty hand                sent day. message. So many froro
   music. We spent the remainder of the are leading the hosts «f Israel for-              heathenism and Catholicism, are feemsp-
    day with them, singing songs and ward to the promised land.                           awakened, and by study, the Bible1
   repeating to them simple passages of          Going back to the close of 1914.we       truth becomes plain to them.
   scripture, to which they listened very find that the membership of the South               In the city of Santa Maria. oor-"~
   attentively, and their eyes fairly shone Brazil Union was 1,377; but at the            evangelist, Elder Jose Amador dos:,
   for joy when they understood that close of 1924 it was 2,994, and on                   Eeis, baptized a man about eight
   God really loves them.                     June 30, 1925, it was 3,097. Thus it        months ago, who later went to the
      I really felt sorry when I had to Will be seen that our membership has            • town _ of Bage. This man,, Senteix :
   say good-by to these simple .mountain . more than'doubled during the last ten          Elpidio has a small shoe factory froni.
   folk. As we were about to leave, the years. , But, our funds show even a,              which he supports his family, but he.,
  mothers brought their children to me greater increase. Our Sabbath School               spends all the time he, can spare;ia
   to be blessed, so I had to stay for a offerings were more than five times as           giving Bible readings and holding ,
   half hour or more and explain to large in 1924, as they were in 1914.                  meetings. He now has a nice grwJR.
   them that I. could not do this. They Our tithe as well as our mission offer-           of Sabbath-keepers around him and'is
   were so insistent that I do something ings has nearly doubled in the last              waiting for a worker to come to Ms;,'
   by which they could remember me, two years. The tithe for 1924 was                     help, baptize his converts, and" or-:
   hoping that sometime I should return more than -six times greater than it              ganize a church. The prospects at:
   and establish a mission among them, was in 1914, and our mission offerings             this place are good for a large
   that I took a bottle of toilet water out were nearly thirteen times as large           to be organized.
   of my saddlebag and put-perfume on in 1924 as in 1914. We thank the                        At another place, three days '
   all, both young and old. They were Lord for this advancement.                          ney away from the railroad, we hate-
    more thaii satified with the "Holy           The book work has also gone for-          a church of 32 members; a wMofe 1
   water, of the Christian minister."         ward in a remarkable manner. The            community interested. They have now
      Instead of returning Friday night, Lord -has given our faithful colpor-             been calling for a teacher for four
   as I told my wife I would, it was teurs wonderful success selling "Nossa               years, but so far we have been usable'
   Monday" when I reached the mission, Epoca". Sometime during the first                  to send one. We do not kiiow-'hpw-'
  but I ^as/.full of joy at having been part of .the year 1922 our field mis-             many there are interested at this
  used as,; an instrument in the hands sionary secretary was talking with the             place, but according to the reports;,.
   of* God, to sow some seeds of truth in director of our college, and in the             there are at least 50 outside 4be,
   the hearts of these poor souls, who course of their conversation he told               church, who are already keeping tie
  for so many years have lived in the the director that he thought we had                 Sabbath and hope to unite with -osl
   darkness of superstition.                  colporteurs' who would soon sell a              Some three months ago the write*'
      Many, such calls come to us to, which conto's worth ($200.00 gold) of books         spent seven weeks visiting churches in
  we cannot give, heed, because of the a week. The director thought that                  the interior, and had the opportunity
  lack of teachers and native evange- the secretary had misspoken and had                 of baptising 20 people in this ••<>*£•.
  lists, as well as funds to support our meant to say in' a month, instead of             journey. He met calls for help when-
  new schools and missions. The Mace- a week. But the secretary told him                  ever he went. But where are the'
  donian call comes to us. daily. Who that he meant just what he had said.                workers?
  is ready and willing to make the The director smiled, in reply, as if
  sacrifice, if not .in person, with his he had but little faith in it. A little              Is not this the time to consecrate
  means, to help the work among the 'more than three years have rolled by                 our all to the cause of the gospel?
  Indians on the "Roof of the World"? since then, but now we no longer                    Shall we not give of our means until
                    FRANCISCO BEOTJCHY.                                                   it hurts, so that the mission' bbjai'dt-
                                             think of the possibility of selling a       may send more consecrated workers
                                             conto's worth in a week, for we have        to these mission fields? Friends, ii.
                                             colporteurs who have already sold this      help does not soon come, how shall
                                             amount in one day. One colporteur           we go forward?
             South Brazil Union              sold 650$000 ($130.00 gold) worth of
        N. P. NEILSEN - - - - President                                                     „ First of all, we trust in, God,..w:&
                                            books in three hours.                        is mighty to save, and, secondly, vie'
        C. E. SCHOFIELD - - Secy. - Treat.
  I        Address: Cajxa Postal 2898,
                                                It is a wonderful privilege to belong    trust in the help of our friends', in-the'
                Sao Paulo, Brasil           to a movement that is continually            homeland who have sent us here, and
                                            going forward; to a movement that            hope that they will see and share wife,
                                            is sure to triumph, because it is the       the workers in the far away fields ,ti)e
                                            movement of God. It is not because           reward that will soon be given to tfie
       The Growing Work in                  we are anything in ourselves, but it         faithful, when Christ comes 'to'claim'.
                                            is because the Lord has a work to be         His own.                A. C. HARBEE,
               South Brazil                 accomplished in the earth before His
     IT is always a source of encourage- return.
ment to consider the progress- of the          We are but instruments in His hand         "The Lord has no place in His work
work of God in the earth. Here in to do His bidding. May the Lord help                  for those ,who have a greater deswe
Brazil we see the hand of God leading us to be true to our calling.                     to win the croWn than to bear the'
His church forward, the same as in                                 N. P. NEILSEN.       cross."—Ministry of Healing.
   Ten Years of Literature Distribution                                  health literature. In each ease the percentage of the whole
                                                                         is represented.
                              In the
                                                                            . 4. In calculating the comparisons between the amounts
               South. American Division                                  of religious and health literature the number of pages re-
       ON THIS and the • following page are reproduced some              ported each year is. used as a basis rather than the .values
• graphic charts showing interesting facts about the dis-                in dollars and cents.
           R "ef our literature in the South American Division                5. Because of inadequate records, in some cases, we
           the, last ten years. I will attempt only to make a            cannot claim that the comparisons are technically accurate.
  few explanations and call attention to a few items; leav-              In these cases, however, the estimates are so nearly correct
 •iiij* the charts to tell the rest.                                     that, for comparison, they serve fully as -well.
                                                                              6. Let no one think that a depreciation of the value
         :   EXPLANATION AND KEY TO CHARTS                               of health literature in our work has prompted the, publica-
    .1. The amounts of literature represented in the figures             tion of this data. Health literature is "equally important"
 irtetafie".-only the reports of colporteurs.                             (Colp. Ev. p. 71) and we rejoice to propagated. We
    >,2. The "Portuguese section" refers to the entire repub-            do not wish to see it languish in the future; nor do we
 lic .of Brazil; the "Spanish section" includes the rest of              expect it will.
.i>ke Sooth American Division.                                                7. The exact value for the respective years is not re-
 , , ,3. The dark portions in the illustrations represent the,           presented in figures. Instead, the value at otily a few
  BO?called, religious literature; and the lighter portions, the         points on the scale is given.                          , .


    • FIG. "I. Comparing ten years' colporteur sales-reports of the South American Division. Dark portion: religious literature. Light por-
                                                 ..-..' tion r health literature.                          '            ,        ,.
       n I i I
       11IS          Illto        /?//          /?/#          /?/?         112.6         113.1         /9Z2.         ma           'it ^f |
    FIG. II. Comparing ten years' colporteur sales-reports of Portuguese section, S. America. Bark portion: religious literature. Light poiv
                                                             tion: health literature.

              WHAT THE THEEE CHARTS REVEAL                                   4. In the Portuguese fields (FiG. II) the large health
                                                                         book was not sold extensively until 1923. But even at-
   1. After 1918, in the Spanish fields especially, (Fig. Ill)           that, the 1924 column shows a remarkable increase in the.'
there was a marked increase in the sale of religious litera-             sale of religious literature.                              „
ture and a marked decrease in that of health literature.                     5. Taking the entire Division field, we note the en-
This process continued with gratifying results until 1921.               couraging general increase in each section, since 1822.
    2. In 1921 the world crisis, along with the effort to                 (See Fig. I).            '                          • ' ,
further "taper off" on the already diminishing edition of                    6. In spite of the fact that 1924 was South America's
the health book, caused many of the colporteurs to drop                  banner year, the health literature sales that year are 'de-
out (perhaps in the order of God) and others to return to                duced to the minimum.
the health book. All this resulted in a general decrease in                  7. In general, these three charts show us the upward
sales; with the religious books rapidly decreasing and the               trend throughout the years and also how God has blessed
health books on the increase.                                            and increased the output of religious literature in spite
    3. A change began, however, a year or so later tending               of the strong tendency in the opposite direction and tie
toward a general increase in sales and at the same time                  temptation to "ride through" on health books in such an
a decrease in the output of health literature.                           atheistic and catholic continent.        E. H. MEYEBS.


    $ (oO.CCC.OO   Cjold

    FIG. III. Comparing ten years' colporteur sales^reports pi Spanish section, S. America. Dark portion: religiolus literature. Light 'por-
                                                           tioji: health literature.  ,                                      •"•
                                                  SOUTH AMERICAN BULLETIN
       South American Bulletin                          South Brazil Notes
Published monthly as the Official Organ of the     Thus far during this present year         }        OBITUARY                            j
South American Division of the- General Con­     63 persons have been baptized in the
      ference of Seventh-day Adventists          Sao Paulo Conference. Many others
YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION PRICE      50 CENTS GOLD     are awaiting baptism.
W: H. WILLIAMS -------- Editor                     Reports have just come to us that
P. E. BRODERSEN ------- Asst. Editor             several persons are now observing the
  Caile Pino 3801, Buenos Aires, Argentina       Sabbath in the State of Goyaz, Brazil,
                                                 among them one of the local ministers
                                                 from another denomination.
  By arrangement of the Division
Committee, brethren J. W. Westphal,                Our new Union Conference office
0. P. Crager, J. S. Marshall and G. E.           building which we are erecting in v
Hartman have joined pastor Broder-               Indianapolis, a suburb of Sao Paulo,
sen and are in attendance at the Fall            is now nearing completion and we
Council.                                         hope soon to move into our new quar-
   Pastor P. E. Brodersen, in attend-
ance at the Fall Council at Des Moi-               Elder H. B. Westcott, president of
nes, Iowa, will reach Buenos Aires               the Sao Paulo Conference, baptized six
about December 1st, after which time             persons at Soccorro recently; also one
be will have a few days at headquar-             at Espirito Santo do Pinhal; and one
ters prior to the mid-summer Division            at the College. Others are awaiting
Council to be held at the home office.           baptism at the school.
   A successful colporteur institute                On September 15, Elder Luiz Braun
 was recently conducted at the Collegio          reported that he had baptized twenty-
 Adventista, Brazil. Brethren E. H.              five persons in the different places
 Meyers, field missionary secretary of           which he had visited thus far during
 the Division, and C. L. Bainer, field           the third quarter. He also stated that
"tnisionary secretary for South Brazil,          there are several other places, which            ROBERT H, HABBNICHT was born in Iowa,
 led out in the instruction given. We            he hopes to visit in the near future,       United States, July 16, 1866. At the age of
 hope success will attend these colpor-                                                      sixteen he grave his heart to the Lord and
                                                 where persons are awaiting some one         united with the Seventh-day Adventist church-
 teurs as they enter their fields of             to baptise them.                            Early in life he attened the Battle Creek
 labor. Let us pray for them.                                                                College to acquire an education and training
                                                   Elder A. L. Westphal who is labor-        jfor the work of the gospel ministry.        He
     Brother C. L. Bauer, secretary and          ing in Curityba, Parana, writes under       entered the ministry in 1888. In 1892 he was
  treasurer of the Sao Paulo Conference,         date of September 7: "We hope to            united in marriage to Miss Delia Alien, to
  lias accepted a call to secretary-trea-        have baptism here in Curityba during        which union were born three sons and three
  ;,arership of the Austral Union Con-                                                       daughters ; three of whom have passed away.
                                                 this month of gome ten persons." He              After their marriage he entered school
  ference. Brother U. Wissner, of the            is planning to hold a tent effort in        agrain and took the medical course, preparing
  Rio Grande do Sul Conference, has              that city the latter part of the year,      himself for the work of a physician. In 1901
  lieen called to take charge of the Sao         if proper arrangements can be made          he went as a missionary to Argentine, South
- Paulo Conference office; and Brother           for the effort.                              America, and founded the River Plate Sanita-
  EL L. Zipp of the publishing house                                                          rium at Puiggari, Entre Rios, in 1909. He
                                                                                              labored untiringly for the upbuilding of the
  has gone to Rio Grande do Sul to take             Recently Brother Max Rhode bap-           medical work, and the Lord added His blessing
   charge of that office.                        tized four persons at Ponta Pora, Ma-        to the effort put forth.
                                                 tto Grosso, and another person was               Due to failing health, he returned to the
                                                 received into membership on profes-          Unites States in 1922, but still continued in
             New Recruits                        sion of faith. Still others at that place    medical and ministerial work as his health
                                                                                              would permit. After the decease otf his oldest
                                                 are preparing to follow their Saviour        son which occurred March 9 of the present
   Brother John Hardt and wife are               in this ordinance. Some have recently        year, he, together with one of his two remain-
 sailing shortly for Brazil. He comes            commenced to keep the Sabbath at             ing sons, on August 10 arrived at Sao Paulo,
 as departmental secretary for the Rio            Campo Grande as well as in other            Brazil, where his daughter lives. His wife and
 Grande do Sul Conference.                       places in Matto Grosso. Thus the             the other son planned to follow him a little
                                                                                              later. Still being feeble in health he wished
   Brother David Lust, formerly of               work moves forward.                          to retire frotm active labor, but with a desire
 the Argentine, who has been complet-                During the first two quarters of this    to carry on his ministry of love as strength
 ing his education in Emmanuel Mis-                                                           would permit, and to give his sons a prepara-
                                                  year 139 persons were baptized in            tion for the work of God. But after arriving
 sionary College, sails for Lima, Peru,
 where he will connect with the Inca              our union conference and twenty-five         in Sao Paulo he continually grew weaker anc?
                                                  others were received on profession of        weaker, and finally fell asleep in the blessed
 Union Training School.                                                                       hope September 21, befcSre his wife and other
                                                  faith, making a total of 164. Our
                                                                                               son could reach his side. He is survived by his
    Dr. B. Graybill and wife, under               membership on June 30, 1925 was              widow, two sons and one daughter. Funeral
 appointment to the Lake Titicaca Mis-            3,097. We thank the Lord for the             services were conducted by the writer, assist-
 sion, will soon be on their way to               increase. The winning of souls is the        ed by Elders A, E. Hagen, J. Berger Johnson
 that fruitful field. There are splendid          greatest work that there is in this          and E. V. Moore. Thus closes' the active jif'
                                                  world. Let us pray that the Lord may         and valued labors of another of the Lolrd'.
 prospects for the developement of our                                                         dear saints. He was a tireless worker in the
 medical work in connection with the              bring many more to a knowledge of            message: but he rests, awaiting the call of the
 Juliaca Clinica.                                 this truth.                                 .Life-giver.               ' * N. P. NEILSEN.

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