Investment opportunities of
                              I    hope     that     the     information
                              will better understand our perspective
                             city facilities capital investment, and
                             municipal authorities, in turn, promises
                             to help and support to all who wish to
                             work and will create favorable conditions
                             for          business          partnership.
                              Start a successful together and mutually
                             beneficial business and prosperity in
                             Pervomaysk,         pledge        ago     -
                             professionalism,        integrity,     and
Ludmila G. Dromashko

      Executive Pervomaisk City Council
                     55213, Mykolaiv region
                Pervomaisk, Grushevskyi Street, 3
                    Теl.:+ 3 8 05161 4 20 22
Pervomaisk - a city of regional subordination, founded in 1676.

  Located in the northwestern part of the Mykolaiv region in 175 km from
the city of Mykolayiv and 354 km from the city of Kyiv at the confluence of
the rivers of the Southern Bug and the Synyukha.

Area: 25.13 km (0.102% of the region).
                  Employment potential of the city
Total population: 67.2 thousand people, including men - 30,4 thousand people, women
- 36.8 million people.
Density of living of the population - 2670 people per square km.
Average monthly wages - 1542 UAH.

                                                Working population - 40.9
                                                thousand people (60,9%)
                                                                                      Employed people – 25657
                 Unemployed people - 842
                     people (2,1%)
                                               Not employed population - 14
                                                    401 people (35,2%)

   Secondary Education -         Higher Education - 441              Secondary Education - 11        Higher Education - 13 701
     401 people (47,6%)              people (52,4%)                     956 people (46,6%)                people (53,4%)
                                   Labor potential
                            Field of activity                                %
Industry                                                                     35
Education                                                                    20,3
Transport and Communications                                                 9,2
Health                                                                       15,0
Governance                                                                   5,7
Real Estate                                                                  4,5
Other                                                                        10,3

                Real Estate, 4.5           Other,
                                                              Industry, 35
   Governance, 5.7                          10.3

           Health , 15

          Transport and
               9.2                                  Education, 20.3
Natural-resource potential of the city
Water Resources: Southern Bug and its left tributaries - the River Synyukha,
left tributaries - Black Tashlyk; right tributary P. Bug – the River Kodyma.
               Inland waters are used for electricity generation.

  Within Pervomaiskyi       district
 there are minerals such as
 granite,   quartzite,     gneiss,
 uranium ore, kaolin, and others.
  Current: 6 granite deposits, 2
  Two fields of kaolin are
                  Tourist potential
From Pervomayskay for nearly 40 km steep rocky shores flow into
the Southern Bug, forming a narrow (300-400 m) canyon valley. The
granite rocks sometimes stately reach 40-50 m wide, the river bed
of seaweed and Porozhysti islands.
 The city has favorable conditions for tourism development.
  Unique landscapes, beautiful views, great length of the annual
coast create all the preconditions for recovery and formation in
tourist complex.
         Energy resources of the city
Power supply in city provides Pervomayskyi JSC Nikolaevoblenergo
  and hydroelectric plant, located in the center of the Southern Bug
Length of water network is 324.7 km, including:
   – total length of pipelines - 35,6 km;
   – length of the street water supply network - 248.6 km;
   – quarter network - 40.5 km.
 Aqueduct power of water is 3.6 thousand m3 per day and satisfies
  the needs of the population.
Drainage system consists of gravity sewerage networks, pressure
  sewer collectors and 9 pump stations.
 Length of street sewer network is 136.0 km, sewage treatment plant
  capacity - 31.0 thousand m 3 wastewater per day.
 Total length of gas pipelines of the city is 327.9 km, including:
   – 12.1 km - high pressure;
   – 151 km - medium pressure;
   – 164.8 km - low pressure.
                   Transport communications
                             • National and local – 290 km;
                             • public – 34 km.
                             Tracks – 24 км.

                             Railway station “Pervomaisk-on-Buh”
                             Odessa Railway (routes on Kharkiv,
                             Kryvyi Rih, Simferopol, Lviv,
                             Khmelnitsky directions ).

Pervomaisk bus station (routes in all directions).
 Public transport: passengers transportation is
   carried out by: 1 – Open Joint Stock Society,
   3 – private enterprises, 7- individuals
Transportation of passengers is carried out by 15
   bus and 6 taxi routes.
                                City Infrastructure
                                            Infrastructure consists of 646 facilities
                                            and retail restaurant management,
                                            of which 568 (87.9%) belong to
                                            businessmen individuals.
                                            The total number of stores - 588
                                                (including 110 stalls).
                                            The number of restaurants - 77.
                                            Markets - 6.

City Financial Credit Network consists of
    the following institutions:
• exchanges – 2;
• commercial banks amd their
    branches – 18;
• credit unions – 5;
• insurance companies (branches and
    representative offices) – 10;
• audit firms – 1;
• business - incubators – 1;
• business - centers – 1;
• entertainment center – 1;
• entrepreneurs associations - 9.
                        New communication and

MTS   Mobile operator          Life

                         Pervomaysk city telephone network has 7 ATS.

                         City mobile communications coverage is equal to

                         3323 people enjoy the city High-speed Internet Network

                         Internet services are also provided by : Space, SAP
                         Getman etc.
                                             Sphere structure of inductrial
  For 9 months of 2010 growth volume of       productiaon realization,%
industrial production enterprises has
reached 146%.
  The highest growth rates sales achieved                                 16.6
    by enterprises:
• By "Pervomaysk dairy plant (147.0%);                                            16.3
• DP Foundry (2 times);
• JSC "frigate" (2,3 times);                56.5                               4.9
• Ltd. Rayagrobud "(198%).
The share of Pervomaysk sales industrial
    production is 2,4% from the regional     Metallurgy production and production of
    index.                                   finished metal items
                                             light inductry

                                             food industry

                                             other spheres
          The leading companies in the city

                   Open Join Stock Company “Plant “Frigat”

  Main products: galvanized fence Track European standards,
machinery and equipment for agriculture (disc harrows, plows various
modifications, sprinkler and sprayers), mobile towers, hydraulics
products of different sizes of wide application and more.
  Export: to Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Belarus, Moldova,
Russian Federation and others.

                                      55 210, Mykolaiv region. Pervomaysk,
                                      Korabelna St. 50, tel: +38 (05161) 4-37-25
                                           Chairman: Bidnyi Alexander
                                 Open Joint Stock Company
                    Main Products: stationary diesel generator (DGA) with capacity of
                   315-800 kW stationary gas engine generator (DVHA) with capacity of
                   315-630 kW plant with electric power 315-630 kW and thermal output
                   0,41-0,82 Gcal; 6.8 HCHN25/34 engines to drive compressors, pumps,
                   other equipment capacity of 300-670 kW diesel generators court
                   (DHRA) capacity of 320-500 kW main diesel engines judicial 450-600
                   kW diesel engine to drive the costs of soil CN25/34 pump capacity
                   450-600 kW.

                    Export: Italy, Vietnam, Greece, Russian Federation and other

                                          New Company Pervomaysk dairy plant "
 55 210, Mykolaiv region. Pervomaysk,
Gagarin str., 17, tel: (05161) 5-23-36   specializes in the smelting of iron and
е           manufacturing of cast iron for diesel building and
Chairman: Udin Michail                   agricultural machinery, casting of aluminum, and
                                         manufacturing of compactors and consumer
                                         goods (metal fences and plates).
                      New Company Pervomaysk dairy
                                plant "
    Main products:
•   Canned milk (evaporated milk, cocoa, coffee and cream "Amateur",
    evaporated skimmed milk "Pervomayske”, condensed milk" Iryska");
•   production of whole milk (milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, sour cream,
    different fat content, yogurt with fruit fillings);
   cheese ("Russian, Dutch, Zvenigorod and "Radomir");

   soft cheeses (Suluguni, smoke-dry Suluguni, Brynza, Adygeis'kyi "             and

•   butters.

                                               Export: to Moldova, Georgia, Israel,
                                                  Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and others.

                                                55 210, Mykolaiv region. Pervomaysk,
                                                Pr.Truda, 12, tel: (05161) 05/07/2005
                                                Chairman: Viktor Prokopenko
                             Closed Joint Stock Company
                                   "Santa Ukraine"
                                Main products: garments for women men and children
                                   (suits, trousers, shirts tops, dresses, skirts, etc.).
                                The company successfully cooperates with                German,
                                   French, Austrian, Holland, Spanish,                    Belgian
                                The volume of orders under agreements with these
                                   countries are 80% of total production.
                                                   55 210, Mykolaiv region. Pervomaysk st.
                                                   Andrew Chernetsky, 108, Tel: (05161) 4-27-80
                                                   Chairman: Eugene M. Dyrdin

       Additional liability company "Brig"

Main products: new energy-efficient grain drying systems based
on a straw (biomass), sets of process equipment and groats
workshop and groats plants of various capacities for the
production of various cereals, for modernization of existing
processing industries units for cleaning, sorting and
transportation of grains and cereals, preparation of seed before
sowing are available.
                      55 210, Mykolaiv region. Pervomaysk,
                      vul.Korabelna, 30, Tel: +38 (05161) 5-23-01
                      Director: Nikolai N. Novitsky
Housing owned by the town, embraces
322 houses with the total area of 760.2
thousand square meters, living area of
417.6sq. m and consists of 13 137 flats.

                     Within the project “Provision of increasing revenue and
                     reducing costs of city budget Pervomaysk through
                     systemic introduction of innovative technologies”
                     created    by     11     owners      in   multi-buildings
                     Public services are provided by 6 public utilities
                     controlled by the Department of Housing of
                     Pervomaysk City Council.
                Social and cultural sphere
Number of preschool-17;
the number of children educated -
Out-of-education institutions - 4.
Number of educational institutions
    (totally) – 25;
the number of students educated –
    11 131.
Secondary (general) institutions - 15.
Children's residential institutions
Professional Educational Institutions.
Higher Educational Institutions - 7.

                                         Health protection:
                                         Hospitals – 4; beds - 377;
                                         Number of doctors - 273;
                                         Number of nursing personnel - 583.
• Culture:
The network of cultural
      – Clubs - 2;
      – Libraries and their branches - 34;
      – Initial specific art schools - 4;
      – Public Museum - 1;
      – Monuments of history and culture
          - 68.

                                             •   Sports:
                                                  – 1 Stadium;
                                                  – 43 sports grounds;
                                                  – 2 children-sports schools;
                                                  – 13 sports clubs;
                                                  – 5 soccer fields;
                                                  – 10 galleries;
                                                  – A swimming pool;
                                                  – 28 sports halls;
                                                  –   Federation of 9 sports.
      Investment Potential
free industrial areas and                      minerals within
  unutilized companies                       Pervomaysk District

   suspended and                                  free land
abandoned construction

          unique natural landscape, for the formation and
           development in tourism, recreation and hotel
                               Investment projects
As of 10/01/2010, the formed package of investment proposals includes 22 profiles in
      the following areas:

Culture and
                                                               Protection        dairy
   Youth          Utilities      Engineering   Construction
                                                              Environmen       products
  politics,      Industry         (5 users)      (5 users)
                                                               (1 profile)          and
 education      (4 profiles)
                                                                             food branch
(4 profiles)
                                                                              (3 profiles)

 In order to promote investment in urban developed and successfully implemented
       three pilot projects:
 1.     "Improving the management of housing stock in Pervomaysk by a
       condominium association and owners in multi-residential buildings.
       "Reconstruction of water supply system of Korotchenko district with the clear-
       water reservoir building finishing and pumping station on the Odeskaya
       Street. "Energy saving outdoor lighting and upgrade of main streets "The Lit
       City ".
 2.    "Reconstruction of water supply system of Korotchenko district with the clear-
       water reservoir building finishing and pumping station on the Odeskaya
 3.     "Energy saving outdoor lighting and upgrade of main streets "The Lit City ".
  Construction of innovative waste processing complex
   Biodynamical city Pervomayska capacity of 50 tons
                        per year "

The total demand for investment: 263.490 thousand dollars USA.
Payback period - 7 years.

Project developer - LLC ODISTEK, BEMPP "Sachiko" CHP "CAD" and others.
       "Development and organization of gas engine-
    generator cogeneration plants using alternative fuels"

    Aim: To develop effective means of combined producing electricity and thermal
    energy from waste depleted gas mixture - greenhouse gas (coal bed deposits, a
    quick petroleum gas, bio-gas, pyrolysis, etc.).
    Feasibility of the project:
     – The reduction of energy consumption for electricity and heat - up to 40%
        compared with conventional separate production.
     – Reduction in expenditure on electricity and heat compared with the rates of
        energy - at 2-3 times.

Project Developer - PC “Pervomayskdizelmash”.
Payback period - 1 year.

The total demand for investment: to 7500.0 thous.
  US dollars.
        "Reconstruction of the Central culture park and
                 recreation of the Petrovskyi"

                                            Goal: to create a small island in the
                                          cultural centers of attraction of
                                          tourists and holiday-makers who will
                                          have the opportunity to touch the
                                          past history of settlement by running
                                          the conceptual design of the project
                                          – conditional by splitting the park into
                                          three areas: Cossack, Polish and
                                          Turkish elements of life and life each
                                          of the three states.

The total demand for investment: 1 518.9 thousand dollars. U.S.

The initiator of the project is Pervomayska City Council.
Payback period - 5 years.
                        Rest Area “Ukrainian Cossacks”
  "Cossacks" - the Ukrainian part of the park, in the accomplishment of which
    recovered and analyzed elements of life and the life of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks.

                                               Zone “Polish settlement”

                                                In a picturesque corner of the river
                                                bank medieval castle, near which
                                                standing patrol in two major knight,
                                                appears before us.

   Zone "Turkish settlement"

 On the territory which belongs to
Turkey, there is an existing theater,
which is proposed for reconstruction
and transformation into entertainment -
recreation complex and a cafe called
"Turkish Village".
           "Building a plant to produce dry
  • The aim of the project:
     – construction plant for the production of dry ravioli;
     – introduction of innovative technologies in the food industry;
     – the provision of tasty and quick to cook products.
  • The expected return on the project - 15%. The total demand for
    investment: 150.0 thousand dollars.

Product Description: Dumplings made from
natural raw materials. In the formulation
herbal supplements are used to increase shelf
life, improved taste, but is beneficial to human
When making ravioli a modern technologies
that is, steam pasteurization and infrared
drying, are used.
      “Building a plant to produce ceramic brick”

Project developer - LLC agro trading company "Alliance".
Payback period - 5 years.

The total demand for investment funds: 40.637 thousand dollars. USA.

Land area for the construction of the plant - 5.25 ha.

Raw: raw materials at a distance of 50m from the plant.
Utilities: Gas and electricity are in the construction of the plant.
Free industrial areas
  Room of a former army Garages.
  Existing infrastructure: energy, water, gas supply,
     transport communications in availability.

  Possibilities of use:
  - Construction of the plant for processing agricultural
  products (rape) of biofuels on an area of 2220 square

   - Restore the database to repair, maintenance and
  implementation of large agricultural machinery.
                                       Free land
                                           Location: City Pervomayskaya Street.
                                           Dostoevsky Land area - 1 hectare
                                           Distance to source:
                                           Water - 50 m;
                                           Drain - 50 m;
                                           Gas - 30 m;
                                           Electricity - 50 m;
                                           Distance to the highway - 55 0 m
                                           Distance from the railway station - 3,0 km

Location: Pervomaysk, Trudovoyi Slavy street
Site area - 0,08 ha
Distance to source:
Water - 15 m;
Sewerage - 10 m;
Gas - 35 m;
Electricity - 130 m;
Distance to the highway - 300 m
Distance from the railway station - 3,0 km
                                              Location: Pervomaysk, Kyivska street
                                              Site area - 0,75 ha
                                              Distance to source:
                                              Water - 25m;
                                              Gas - gas passes through Voznesenskaya street,
                                              which crosses Kyivska street.
                                              Electricity - 130M;
                                              Distance to the highway - 10m;
                                              Distance from the railway station - 3,5 km

Location: Pervomaysk, Hrushevsky street
Land area - 1 hectare
Water supply, sewage, gas, electricity is available.
              Opportunities for investors

• in the presence of skilled labor and the use of potential
  producers settlements Pervomayskyi district;
• development of diversified industrial complex;
• construction of business facilities in existing industrial plants,
  industrial areas and vacant land;
• geographical location relative to major markets for products;
• use of natural resources of the city and district;
• developed infrastructure and up-to-date communications;
• powerful raw materials base available;
• developed social and cultural spheres;
• touristic city attraction.
Invest in Pervomayshchyna!!!
  Waiting for your proposals!

               Contact name: city mayor deputy
            Kukuruza Olexandr Vyacheslavovych
                   tel.: + 3 8 05161 4 63 92
  For more detailed information please refer to ukrainian or
                          russian version .

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