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Keeping The Momentum In Business


Professional Advise for women in business trying to get ahead in the corporate ladder.

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									Keeping The Momentum Going In Business

There’s no successful business without goals. Goals set the direction. It gives you focus. But
having a direction and focusing on getting there is not enough. There has to momentum too.
Momentum is the consistency with which you follow your goals. It is about aggressiveness in
getting to your destination. And once you get there, you start setting new goals again to keep
the momentum going. Big corporations started out as small companies powered by goals and
continued to set new goals for the business to grow.

The following are simple steps you can follow to keep your business momentum going.

Pursue your goals. Setting goals and mapping out your direction is not enough. You have to
pursue the goals like your life depended on them. A specific, attainable and time-framed goal
will remain a piece of paper if it is not pursued. Some companies keep perfectly-designed goals
but are at a loss on how to implement them. Anybody can come up with goals, but how to
achieve them is the real test.

This means you have a plan of how to achieve the goals. Without a step-by-step plan for your
goals, you will find yourself staying out of focus and off course. The more specific your plan is,
the better your chances are to succeed.

Aside from a detailed plan, make a to-do list that you have to follow every day. A goal plan sets
the general direction for you, while a day-to-day plan ensures that you pay attention to
important details of the journey. A day-to-day plan also allows you to evaluate your progress
and your daily performance. It helps you to avoid committing the same mistakes every day, and
to even do better in the things that you are already good at.

Lastly, use networking. You have goals, you have plans on how to achieve them, but if you
don’t have a business network in place, you will have a difficult time keeping sticking to your
plans and achieving your goals. There are many business networking groups you can choose
from, like the National Association of Women Professionals (NAPW). NAPW provides a venue
for women entrepreneur to share resources and help each in achieving their business and
personal goals.

Networking expands your business connection, helps you stick to your plans, sustains your
momentum and brings you to your goals.

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