Honing Your Online Social Networking Skills

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					              Honing Your Online Social Networking Skills

Not so long ago the best way to do networking is by attending gatherings and handing out your
business card to people you just met. While this type of networking is still being widely
practiced today, another type of networking has revolutionized the way people build
partnerships with each other: the online social networking.

Social networking sites online is more than just Twitter and Facebook. There are hundreds of
websites that help you build connections according to your specific interests, be it for business,
hobbies and other personal purposes. The details vary, but in general, social networking online
generally involves you visiting specific website, sign up for membership and avail yourself of the
services offered by the website to its members.

Once you are in, you start to build a personal profile. This serves as the business card in the
conventional networking. People will have the chance to take a look at your profile and may
decide to contact you.

You can also interact with everybody in the website through chats and message boards, blogs,
etc. You can also comment on the posts of others and allow them to comment on yours too. In
no time you are building your own network of online contacts, which expands at a fast pace if
you take full advantage of the many features available in the website. Other people may also
send you invitations to join their networking groups. You can accept the invitation, especially if
you share the group’s interests.

Online social networking is not only for building new connections, it also about rebuilding old
ones. Re-establishing contacts with long-lost friends and relatives is what makes online social
networking extremely popular. This is another way of expanding your network too, as these old
friends and family members also bring new contacts for you.

But how sure are you that all these contacts online translate to business opportunities for you?
The connections you have are only virtually linked to you, which means you can’t be sure if
these people are real. You need to exercise extreme caution in your dealings with your
connections online, or you end up as one of the victims of the many online scams these days.

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