Hanging Around Successful People Breeds Success by MillyMorales


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									      Hanging Around Successful People Breeds Success

If you want to be successful the first thing that you should do is to start hanging around
successful people. Women in particular need to spend time around successful women if
they want success.

Unfortunately, many people do exactly the opposite: they hang around the same old
friends or the gang at the water cooler. They learn negative attitudes and stereotypes
and convince themselves that they will never get anywhere. Or worse they learn that
success is based purely upon luck and nothing else.

Women often do this, they hang around with the same old friends and learn that the
glass ceiling is unbreakable and that it is a man’s world. They become convinced that
everything is stacked against them and that trying to do or achieve anything better is
simply a waste of time and effort.

The way to avoid falling into this rut is to expose yourself to as many successful people
as possible. Spending as much time as possible around those who have succeeded is the
best inspiration and motivation that there is. By examining such persons you will see
that they are no smarter or more capable than you are. You will also see that others can
succeed and so can you.

Do not just read about success in books or listen to somebody else talking about it in
tapes. Expose yourself to it by participating in organizations like the National Association
of Professional Women, community groups, business, classes and so on.

Spending time with the successful gives you role models who can show you how to
succeed. It also gives you evidence to refute the evidence of your everyday
acquaintances. You will never break through the glass ceiling if you hang around with
those who believe it is unbreakable.

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