Clinch That Job With A Killer Resume

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					                          Clinch That Job With A Killer Resume

Your resume can either make or break your chances of landing a job. Your resume is the first
thing that you send to the company, together with your application letter. The company will
make its initial impression of you through your resume. And it’s a fact that most companies
reject applications if the resume doesn’t impress them.

This explains why a lot of people are intimidated when faced by the task of writing their
resumes. They know that their resumes will either make or break their chances of landing the
job. But the fact is that resumes should not intimidate you because it can be pretty simple if
you know what to do. These simple tips will be of help:

Don’t feel intimidated. That’s the first thing you need to do. Know that a resume only serves
one purpose, and that is to get your potential employer interested in you. The resume should
make the company feel you deserve an interview. You are not writing your life’s story in your
resume. So relax.

Do some research about the company that you are interested in. What do they need? What
qualities do they want their employees to have? Most companies now have websites. You can
learn a lot from them online. Having knowledge about the company will help you decide what
details about your life to include in your resume.

Your work experience must be in your resume, including skills and accomplishments. But don’t
include skills that are not relevant to the company. That’s why you researched about the
company so that you will only include skills and experience that the company can benefit from.

Don’t include your hobbies and interests, unless these apply to the company. If the company is
into banking and finance, you don’t need to tell them how you won the national ballroom
dancing championship thrice in a row. But if you really want your hobbies and interests to be in
your resume, be sure you present them in such a way that they say something about the values
that you uphold.

Be grammatically correct. There’s nothing that turns off a potential employer than an applicant
whose command of the English language is faulty. A resume free of grammatical errors says a
lot of positive things about the applicant.

Lastly, learn from organizations that specialize in career advancements. Groups like the
National Association of Professional Women have programs that help people start their career
in the right path.

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