Breakingthrough The Glass Ceiling by MillyMorales


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									Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Almost all professional women will encounter the glass ceiling sooner or later. The glass
ceiling is the mythical barrier that keeps women from the top jobs or the pinnacle of the
profession. It prevents women from being successful or achieving their goals.

Women need to learn that the glass ceiling is nothing but a myth. There is no invisible
barrier that prevents you from achieving your goals or holds you back because you are a
woman. There is certainly sexism and discrimination out there but those obstacles like
all other obstacles can be overcome.

The first thing that women need to learn is that they can and will crash through the glass
ceiling if they try hard enough and long enough. The best way to do this is to spend time
with women that have already done it.

Spending time with successful women that can serve as your inspiration and role
models is the best way to defeat the glass ceiling. This does not mean reading about
successful women in books or seeing them on TV. It means meeting others who have
succeeded in overcoming the same obstacles you have and making them your friends.

That is why participation in groups like the National Association of Professional Women
is so critical for ladies that want to get ahead. They need to see that flesh and blood
women can overcome obstacles such as the glass ceiling. They also need to learn what
strategies those women used and how to emulate them.

The more time you spend with other women that have achieved their goals and lived
their dreams. The easier it will be to live your dreams and achieve your goals. You will
see that it is possible because they have done it.

You will see that the hard work and the sacrifices will be rewarded. You will also see that
obstacles can be overcome and the sexism and discrimination like every other obstacle
can be overcome.

Most importantly of all you will realize that the real glass ceiling is not the one that men
put in your way. It is the one that you put in your own way so you will be able to remove
it if you wish.

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