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									                     Sumi Ink                                                       Whites                                                         Walnut Ink
           Sumi inks are waterproof when dry.                     Dr. Martin’s Bleedproof White                                Walnut Ink (Nussbaumbieze) This rich walnut-colored
     All Sumi inks are liquid derived from stick inks.            Covers dye colors. Great with dip pens!                      ink is actually derived from peat. Add distilled water, let
                                                                  DRMBLD Opaque White. 1 oz., $9.50                            dissolve half hour before using. Write with water over a
Best Bottle from OAS This Japanese sumi ink,                                                                                   dried wash of walnut ink for an unusual effect.
imported by Oriental Art Supply, has become a favorite            Universal White 3080-F Staedtler Mars                        Lightfast, excellent flow. Recommended by Jean
of many cyberscribes including Cheryl Slyter who finds it         Rapidograph Ink – Thanks to Cheryl DuBosch for               Formo and many others. Dry Powder.
a great help for her beginning students as well as for            tipping us off to this safe-for-cartridge pens and           WALNT1 1 oz. $2.95 WALNT2 2 oz. $4.50
her own work. Rich, smooth black. 6 2/3oz.                        waterbrushes white ink! Shake it up and refill               WALNT4 4 oz. $7.20 WALNT8 8 oz. pack - $12.50
BESTIN $15.95                                                     your empty cartridge or use in a converter.                  WALN16 16 oz. pack - $22.00
Winsor & Newton Non-Waterproof Liquid India                       WHISTA $4.95
                                                                                                                               Walnut Drawing Ink This rich, lightfast, warm
From Chinese sticks. 1 oz.                                        Pro-White. Dense, covering for                               sepia-colored ink is handmade in the US. It holds well in
WNINDI $8.20                                                      lettering & touch-up.                                        a brush or dip pen; lines made directly from the bottle
KY Series Sumi Ink from                                           PROWHT $6.95                                                 produced dense, almost shiny marks. When thinned
Yasutomo (in black                                                                                                             with water as a light wash and layered, successive
rectangular bottle). This                                                                                                      overlaps produces darker shades.
Japanese sumi is a dense                                           Dr. Martin’s Pen White.                                     WALBOT 2.6 oz., $6.75 WALB10 10 oz., $16.95
black, quick-drying, matte                                         Dense, opaque white - already
                                                                   the right consistency for                                   Walnut Ink With the help of calligrapher & teacher
finish. Does not corrode nibs.                                                                                                  Carol DuBosch we have bottled the correct amount of
Became the new favorite of                                         pointed and broad edge pen.
                                                                   Fine hairlines! Writes over dye                             Walnut Ink crystals in a wide mouth 2.25 oz jar, that to
one of our copperplate                                                                                                         the best of our knowledge, does not leak! Just add
customers when Ziller inks                                         & marker colors & remains
                                                                   white. Dilute with water if                                 water to fill the jar and you have a lovely sepia ink for
were being developed and                                                                                                       practice or finish work. Thanks to Carol for her
unavailable after an envelope                                      desired. Cleans with water;
                                                                   shake well. For dip pens,                                   inspiration and help. (Walnut Ink dry powder above is
job easily survived major rain.                                                                                                still the most economical purchase.)
Tests prove this ink waterproof and unaffected by                  airbrushes, and technical pens. Flows through
                                                                   pen point 3x0 (.25mm) & larger. Recommended                 WALJAR Walnut Ink Jar, makes 2.25 oz. $2.00
alcohol. All but the 2 oz. bottles have dispenser caps.                                                                        HSEPIA Higgins Sepia 2 oz. $3.80
KYSUM2 2 oz. $5.00 KYSUM6 6 oz. $8.40                              by Kay McWhorter, Peter Thornton and many
KYSU12 12 oz. $15.50 KYSU60 60 oz. $58.00                          others at Odyssey.
                                                                   PENWHT 1 oz dropper bottle, $9.50 (List, $10.00)
KF Series Sumi Ink from Yasutomo                                                                                              Winsor & Newton Gold Drawing Ink A
(in round green bottle). Heavily lacquered, shiny finish.                                                                      yellow gold ink that separates easily. Valerie
Will corrode nibs if they’re not promptly cleaned. Fairly                                                                     Weilmuenster lets this ink dry, then
slow drying, especially in high humidity.                           Hand Protection
                                                                                                                              reconstitutes it with distilled water (This makes
KFSUM2 2 oz. $4.50 KFSU12 12 oz. $12.80                            and Stain Removal!                                         it separate less.) After painting, it can be burnished with an
                                                               Gloves in a Bottle. Protect and heal                           agate burnisher and worked with a round ball embossing
                                                               your skin at the same time. Gloves in a                        tool. 1 oz. Bottle label has a drawing of a watch.
                        Vermillion (from                       Bottle lasts through many hand washings                        WNGOLD Gold, $8.80 WNSLVR Silver, $8.20
                        Yasutomo). Liquid                      and moisturizes below the second major
                        orange-red from stick ink.             layer of your skin. A favorite of Ann Van                                              Ink Stones
                        VERMS2 2 oz. $8.60                     Tassel whose hands no longer get abused
                        VERMS5 5 oz. $12.90                    while teaching middle school art!                                                                       Rectangular Ink
                                                               Free sample on request - GLVSAM.                                                                        Stone
                                                               GLOVSM 2 oz bottle $5.95                                                                                3 3/8" x 5". From Japan.
Moon Palace Sumi                                               GLOVLG 8 oz bottle $13.50                                                                               RECSTN $12.95
Ink is excellent for both
pointed pen and broad
edge work. Gives                                               Amodex Ink & Stain Remover
wonderful hairlines, sits                                      Non-toxic cream formula removes
up a bit on the page with                                      tough stains from fabrics, skin and                              Unglazed Porcelain Grinding Dish
a bit of a shine when used with a pointed pen. Even            more - stains like ink, Sharpie & Expo markers, grease, wine     with Glass Rod for grinding dry pigments. This seven-part dish allows you
smells right to fans of stick ink! Works well in the           and make-up. Safe & gentle yet most effective.                   to mix small amounts of dry pigment without the expense of purchasing a
                                                               AMOKIT Kit with 1 oz bottle, application brush $8.00             large glass muller. This easy-to-use method was designed by Reggie Ezell.
Parallel Pen. Waterproof when dry.
                                                                                                                                GLSROD Grinding Rod Only, $6.25
MOONPA 6.5 oz. $12.95                                          AMODX4 Four oz bottle $9.95
                                                                                                                                GRDISH Grinding Dish Only, $11.50

                                           Store Your                                                                                       Chinese Ink Sticks

                                            Tools in                                                                     Chinese Stick Ink The Chinese value a
                                                                                                                         deep black color in their ink while the Japanese are
                                                                                                                         interested in gradations of gray for Sumi painting.
                                             Style!                                                                      All of these inks are made according to very high
                                                                                                                         standards and are very black.
                                                                                                                         Song Good Intermediate grade. Fine, deep black
                                                Useful and                                                               color. Easy to grind. 4" x 3/4" x 3/16".
                                                Collectible! Zipper                                                      SONGSI $5.50
                                                Tool Pouches are                                                         Li-long Professional grade. Unusually superior
                                                handy, waterproof                                                        black color. Excellent quality. 4.75" x 1.25" x 3/8".
                                                vinyl and store lots of                                                  LILONG $18.00
                                                tools. 10.75”x5.5”.
                                                $5.25 each

                                           REDLIV “Live with a Flourish” by Linda Hirsh, California.                                                                                OAS Black
                                           BLUEFL “Be Creative by Randi Kander, Seattle.                                 Sumi Ink                                                   Ink Stick
                                                                                                                         Stick Holder Made of                                       OASB14 OAS
                                           GRNLLL “Live, Laugh, Letter” by Katherine Malmsten, Seattle.
                                           BLUART “Live an ArtFull Life” by Annie Cicale, North Carolina.
                                                                                                                         two pieces of bamboo with a peg to                         Chinese Black
                                           MAMARK “Make Your Mark” by Carrie Imai, California.
                                                                                                                         hold ink stick rigid for grinding. Especially helpful      Ink Stick, 4”X
                                                                                                                         when the stick is too short to grasp firmly.                1”, $19.95
                                           POUCH5 - All five or your choice of any 5, $23.75 Save $2.50! ($4.75 each)    STKHOL $11.95

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