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									                                              New Employee set up---- COMPUTER!
                                                       Updated 2/4/2009

    1. Network
          a. J:
                  i. applications
          b. K:
                  i. Washington FS (International Programs) **Backed up nightly**
          c. C:
                  i. My Documents
                 ii. Not backed up!!
                iii. --> GET EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE AND FLASH DRIVE!!

    2. K-Drive
       **Make sure you have access to create a new folder
       (test this, if access is denied, call CUSTOMER HELP DESK- Help Desk)
           a. Personal file
           b. IP
           c. Tech Coop (or related unit site)

    3. Printers
       Change printer Default if needed, call the CUSTOMER HELP DESK - help desk to help install any
       missing/needed or follow instructions located on Employee Resources site.

                   PrFrank1: africa          Xerox 5400 Phaser PS
                   PrFrank2: karin           Xerox DocuPrint N4525 PS3
                   PrFrank6: stepanie/dana    Xerox 3500 Phaser
                   PrFrank4: pari            Xerox 4500 Phaser
                   PrCFrank: pari/noretta    Lexmark 1200 Optra Color
                   PrFrank5: pat lucas       Lexmark 622
                   PRFrankWR                 Workcenter pro 65
                   To get set up to the Color Machine in the Work Room- contact Paolo Paqueo
                   Updated: 9/18/08

    4. New Employee Orientation (*recommended to Bookmark as a Favorite)
          a. International Programs
                  ii. walk through steps…
                           1. feedback!
          b. Forest Service

    5. METI (METI employees *recommended to Bookmark as a Favorite)
          a. Call METI with New Employee info-
                  i. ask to set up timepiece and request an e-mail with instructions
          c. timesheet:

    6. FS INTRANET (*recommended to Bookmark as a Favorite)
           a. CUSTOMER HELP DESK
           b. ASC- Albuquerque Service Center
           c. Employee Center (Federal Employees)
           d. Records/Forms
           e. FS Today (FS News)
           f. Aglearn (*recommended to Bookmark as a Favorite)
                   i. Set up account
                  ii. Contact Albaquerque Service Center at 1-877-372-7248. Select Option 2 (HRM and AgLearn)
                      and then Option 6 (HRIS Automated Tools/AgLearn) and creat a ticket for Training for

          a.   (*recommended to Bookmark as a Favorite)
                   i. Help Now
                  ii. Try logging on… if you cannot log on call the CUSTOMER HELP DESK for assistance to set
                      this up! 1-866-945-1354 (24 hour support)
          b. Whenever you contact CUSTOMER HELP DESK they will give you a ticket number. Keep track of
             these ticket numbers until you are confident that the issue has been resolved. You will need to
             reference these numbers for assistance with the problem.

    8. E-mail/ LOTUS NOTES
          a. Call CUSTOMER HELP DESK to “configure Lotus Notes” 1-866-945-1354 (24 hour support)
                   i. If new employee is a FS employee (not METI) confirm CUSTOMER HELP DESK helps to
                      install PAYCHECK
                           1. Edit Header:
                                     a. PROFILE:
                                             i. Admin unit: WO
                                            ii. T&A contact point: 111113270004
                                           iii. Default JobCode:
                           2. allow access (add supervisor and timesheet coordinator)
                           3. If you want to change the password, ask CUSTOMER HELP DESK how to change
                                the password.
          b. Toolbar:
                   i. Update toolbar … you may notice only copy cut and paste are on default. You may want to
                      add a few commonly used icons like (attachment, spell check…)
                  ii. FILEPREFERENCES TOOLBAR PREFERENCESCUSTOMIZE (then make your
          c. Sending/Receiving Preferences:
                           1. SENDING: you may want to change your default- if you like to keep a copy or not of
                                sent messages
                           2. RECEIVING: you may want to change the time for automatically replicating your
          d. distribution list
                   i. pdl wo ip staff
                  ii. pdl wo ip ________ (dasp, director, outreach, tech int, tech coop, operations)
                           1. tech int = Franklin court/DC based tech coop staff only
                           2. comprehensive tech coop staff (including international)
          e. Forest Service Directory
                   i. DATABASE OPEN  Enterprise Directory Catalog
          f. Calendar
                   i. If you happen to get an error message (“type mismatch”) when creating entries, call
                      CUSTOMER HELP DESK. This tends to be a common error in the beginning. They can help
                      fix this error.
          g. Sametime
                   i. This is a Forest Service Wide chat system, call CUSTOMER HELP DESK to help set this up.

    9. INotes or WebNotes
           a. Webbased e-mail, call CUSTOMER HELP DESK to help set up. Make sure to test at home before

    10. VPN (laptop users only)
           a. Accessing the Forest Service Server remotely, call CUSTOMER HELP DESK to help set up/get

    11. Change passwords
           a. Call CUSTOMER HELP DESK
                    i. Log In Password (Limited time, will expire 180 days)
                   ii. Internet Password (do this at the end of all the noted CUSTOMER HELP DESK related
                       requests above). The Internet Password will reset after an overnight (you can set up
                       everything you need with the temporary Internet Password and then change it to something

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