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									                           BANK RELATIONS

MARCH 2008

Short-term Trade Finance
 Bank Relations. What?                                            I.

• Group of Relationship Managers responsible for different
  regions, emerging markets and OECD
• Bank Relations
   – is the business unit for relationship management with banks

   – acts as front line custodian of country and bank risk

   – defines selective country policies in co-operation with the
     business units and fitting within the global strategy of the bank

           Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties
• Kazakhstan
                                Development Bank of Kazakhstan
                                Bank TuranAlem
                                Halyk Bank
                                Bank CenterCredit
                                ATF Bank
                                Alliance Bank
                                Caspian Bank
                                Eurasian Bank

     Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Uzbekistan
                                   National Bank of Uzbekistan
                                   Asaka Bank

EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:

Hamkor Bank
Bank Uzjilsberbank

        Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Azerbaijan
                                   International Bank of Azerbaijan

EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:

Bank of Baku
Bank Respublika
Microfinance Bank of Azerbaijan
Unibank Commercial Bank

        Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Georgia

EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:

TBC Bank
Bank of Georgia
TBC Bank
Bank Republic
Cartu Bank
VTB Bank Georgia

       Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Armenia

EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:

Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Armenia
Anelik Bank
Armenian Import-Export Bank

       Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Tajikistan
EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:
Bank Eskhata

• Turkmenistan

EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:

Senagat Bank

         Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Kyrgyzstan

EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:
Demir Kyrgyz Int Bank
Investment Export-Import Bank
Kyrgyzstan Bank
Kyrgyz Inv & Commercial Bank
Kazkommertsbank Kyrgyzstan

• Mongolia
•                   Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia
                    Golomt Bank
EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme:
XAC Bank

        Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• China (mainland)
                 Bank of China
                 China Construction Bank Corporation
                 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

• Hong Kong
                 Bank of China (HK)
                 HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corp.
                 DBS Bank (HK) Limited
                 Standard Chartered Bank (HK)

      Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• India
                 State Bank of India
                 Bank of Baroda
                 Punjab National Bank
                 Canara Bank
                 Axis Bank

• Vietnam
     Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Vietcombank)
     Vietnam bank for Industry and Trade (VietinBank)

      Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties
• Indonesia
     Bank Central Asia
     Bank ChinatrustIndonesia
     Bank Mandiri
     PT ANZ Panin Bank
     PT Bank Mizuho Indonesia
     PT Bank Negara Indonesia

• Malaysia
     AMBank Berhad
     Bank Negara Malaysia
     CIMB Bank Berhad
     EON Bank Berhad
     HONG LEONG Bank Berhad
     Malayan Banking Berhad
     Public Bank Berhad
     RHB Bank Berhad
     United Overseas Bank

      Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties
• Thailand
     Bangkok Bank Public Company
     Bank of Thailand
     Krung Thai Bank Public Company
     United Overseas Bank Thai
     Siam Commercial Bank Public Company

• Philippines
     Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company
     Bank of the Philippine Islands
     Allied Banking Corporation
     Banco De Oro Epci Inc
     Bangko Sentral NG Pilipinas
     China Banking Corporation
     Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

       Short-term Trade Finance
Top Bank Counterparties

• Singapore
     AFC Merchant Bank
     Bank Sarasin Rabo Asia Ltd.
     DBS Bank Ltd.
     Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd.
     United Overseas Bank Ltd. Singapore

      Short-term Trade Finance
Short term Trade finance
 • Clients´ and sales support through
 team of 5 trade finance officers
 • Biggest processing centre in CZ for
   (over 12.000 transactions processed/year ) :
 • Bank guarantees
 • Letters of Credits – import and export
 • Documentary Collections
 • Bills of Exchange
 • Forfaiting, Financing under LC´s
   (postfinancing, discounting)

      Short-term Trade Finance
Innovative approach of CSOB in short
term TF
Our aim is to offer more than others:
• Establishment of specailised Front Office
  =Trade Finance Officers in 2005
• Launching „Flexims“ in June 2006
  (electronic tool for communication)
• Launching „Crystal Clear“ concept in

      Short-term Trade Finance
ČSOB Flexims
  Managing electronicaly all documentary transactions –
 LC´s export and import, guarantees, collections
 • Functions:
     •Submission of new applications / amendments
     •Monitoring transaction status in real time
     •Follow up payments
     •Updated overview of all transactions in one place
 • Key advantages:
     •Time efficiency and flexibility in your administration
     •24/7 access (no limit to the bank´s opening hours)
     •Communication is quicker, chepaer, easier
     •Decraeasing necessary paper circuit
     •Free of charge implementation

         Short-term Trade Finance
„Crystal Clear“ concept
= Essential features of this service are guaranteed
  speed and transparency of processing
• Documentary Collections – Export
  – Same-day processing
  – Payment within 24 hours
  – Made-to-measure payment reminder procedure
• Documentary Credits - Export
  – Notification of new L/C provided within 24 hours via
    electronic means
  – Checking documents within two banking days, at most
  – Air Waybill number of the dispatch by courier containing the
    documents for the bank abroad
• Other products being prepared

        Short-term Trade Finance
The main goal

                              Bank in the Czech Republic?
                                I´ve got it: ČSOB !!

                                RECIPROCITY ?!?!
                                STILL REQUIRED TO
                                  GET THE BUSINESS??

   Short-term Trade Finance
Contacts - Trade finance officers:

• Iveta Horníčková,               mail:,
                                  tel. 224 114 259

• Valentina Müllerová, mail:,
                       tel. 545 566 353

• Ivana Pelcmanová,               mail:,
                                  tel. 485 399 312

• Zbyněk Vavříček,                mail:,
                                  tel. 596 106 323

• Martin Vlček,                   mail:,
                                  tel. 224 114 258

       Short-term Trade Finance

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