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					   South West Family Therapy
     Christmas Conference 2007
                Dillington House,
               Ilminster, Somerset
          Friday 7th December 2007

Plenary session:

As   therapy  adapts   increasingly  to   theories   about
differing constructions of gender (either social or
biological), research seems to support the idea that
working with men requires some adaptations in therapeutic
style. The presentation will explore some of these
nuances which can be used in family and couple therapy.

Mark Rivett is a Senior Lecturer at Bristol University
and a Family Therapist in South Wales. He is co-author of
Family Therapy in Focus (Sage, 2003), and co-author of
Working with Men in Health and Social Care (Sage, 2007)

Fee, including lunch, morning and afternoon
drinks: Standard: £65     Students: £55.

Note: Your place will not be guaranteed until
payment is received. Last date for bookings is
20th November 2007.
Places are limited! Early booking is advised.

Enquiries to:
Colin Luger Tel: 0117 908-6039.
email: colinluger@blueyonder.co.uk

Margaret Hiles Tel: 07974 802498.
email: mahiles@blueyonder.co.uk

         The              Dillington Flyer 2007
                  Conference Programme
9:00 – 9:30                        Registration and Coffee
9:45                               Mark Rivett
                                   Plenary session with mid-
                                   morning break
12.30pm                            South West Family Therapy Forum
1:00 – 2:00                        Lunch
2:00 – 3:30                        Afternoon Workshops
3:30 – 4:00                        Tea
4:00                               Close

A bookstall will be running throughout the day.

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 1:
Dialogues of Ability and Disability – Experiences of
Integrated Life-Span Teams
Presenting experiences of therapists working in integrated
family therapy teams with a focus on their changing
understanding of ability and disability. The workshop will
give participants the opportunity to reflect on their work and
professional practice, and the meaning of ability/disability
within a context of inclusion.
Sabrina Halliday is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and systemic
practitioner. Contributed chapter on Life-Span Teams in Intellectual
Disabilities: a systemic approach, Baun and Lynggaard (2006).
Vanessa Allen is a Systemic Psychotherapist. Taking forward the
practice of Family Support Services within Learning Disabilities
Services in Somerset.

Workshop 2:
Enhancing Working Partnerships: Developing Family
Inclusive Mainstream Services
This workshop will use small group discussions to explore the
implications for developing more family inclusive mainstream
services as part of a comprehensive families and carers
strategy. We will report on current work in Somerset, where
the Somerset Partnership NHS and Social Care Trust has adopted
a Strategy to Enhance Working Partnerships with Carers and
Roger Stanbridge is a Consultant Family Therapist.     He has a lead
role in developing and training family intervention teams in Somerset
over the past twelve years, and in the integration of family work
into mainstream services.
Frank Burbach is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. He is a member
of the national NIMHE Psychosocial Interventions Implementation group
and convenor of the Family Therapy special interest group within the
DCP Psychosis and Complex Mental Health Faculty.

           The                  Dillington Flyer 2007
Workshop 3:
Working with men in Health and Social Care
An experiential workshop which centres around one of the
stories frequently used within the mytho-poetic men's
movement. The story will illustrate ideas about male
socialisation, about therapists' own perspectives on men and
on techniques most likely to be helpful to engage men. As such
the workshop will challenge the participants to elaborate
their own perspectives and methods of working with men.
Mark Rivett is a Senior Lecturer at Bristol University and a Family
Therapist in South Wales. He is co-author of Family Therapy in Focus
(Sage, 2003), and co-author of Working with Men in Health and Social
Care (Sage, 2007)

Workshop 4:
Including Parents and Including Children: Working
together across adult and young people’s mental health
This workshop will look at the benefits and challenges in
working across services, and share some of the background
theory and evidence base as well as our emerging ideas of what
we have found helpful therapeutically for families in our work
within the Joint Family Clinic based in South Bristol.
Participants will be encouraged to think about what might be
the barriers and potential benefits of working across settings
in this kind of way within their own contexts.
Amanda Fox Psychiatrist
Janice Yohannes Nurse
Shane Matthews Clinical Psychologist
Shan Tate   Family Therapist

Workshop 5:
Creating secure bases for recovery in ever-changing
worlds of uncertainty
This workshop discusses methods of working with young people
and staff teams in residential settings. The presenters share
aims of enabling young people to survive the effects of their
abusive early experiences and attachments, and of finding ways
to influence contexts wherein all can suffer from feeling
marginalized and powerless.
Di Gammage is a Play and Drama Therapist.
Amy Urry is a Systemic Psychotherapist.
Both have a special interest in working with traumatized people, and
have many years of experience as practitioners, supervisors and

           The                  Dillington Flyer 2007
                 Dillington 2007
              Friday 7th December 2007
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Hill, Bristol BS3 4PQ. Cheques payable to:
South West Family Therapy Forum.

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venue, please supply an email address or SAE.

Certificates of attendance will be provided on
the day.

        The              Dillington Flyer 2007

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