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									WCPM                                           Communications Plan                                       Project R                                                                       19-Sep-11

Comm            Information or                    Method             Originator /          Timing         Result     Sponsors    Team   End-Users       Call     Program- General        External
 Ref               Message                                             Source                                                   Members                Centre      mers   Workforce
             Case For Change               Sponsorship Cascade   PM > CEO               Project Start     Complete     All        All       All         All        All        All
             Project Admin                 Handbook & team-      PMO                    On induction      On-going                All
             procedures                    leader briefing
             Programming                                         Senior Programmer >    Project Start                                                              All
             standards                                           PMO
             Reference Info                Knowledge Base on     Documentation Team   Complete by                                           All         All
                                           Intranet                                   start of end-
                                                                                      user training
             Tidy up current data          Sponsorship cascade   PM > CEO             Second tranche                                        All
                                                                                      - Project
                                                                                      Startup plus 1
             Your bill will be             Insert with bills     Customer Services    3 months                                                                                           Customers
             changing                                            Manager              before go live
                                                                                      thru live date
             New billing proces and        Training Module       Training Team Leader 4 weeks before                                      Accounts      All
             procedures                                                               go-live                                              Dept
             Organisational                Sponsorship cascade   PM > CEO             6 months                                                                                All
             restructuring in                                                         before go-live
             Accounts Dept
             Organisational                Accounts Departmental FD / Chief Accountant 6 months                                                                            Accounts
             restructuring in              Meeting                                     before go-live                                                                     Department
             Accounts Dept -
             Internal promotion            Company Newsletter    Change Manager >       6 weeks before                                                                    All UK staff
                                                                 Internal Comms         go-live

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