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									                                         JIST - Journal of Imaging Science and Technology
                                                    PUBLICATION CHARGE AGREEMENT

Page charges in the amount of US$80/page, in partial support of the publication of the Journal and as agreed by the authors at the submission of the
paper, are due by date of publication. Receipt of this form within 48 hours of receipt of your proof is a prerequisite to further processing of your manu-
script for publication.

PLEASE check one:
❑ We agree to pay $80 per page in support of the publication of this paper, in the total amount shown below.

❑ We are unable to pay publication charges and request a waiver or reduced fees. Please provide reason: ___________________________________


                                    Critical Information to Ensure Publication of Your Paper

Paper No.:                     _________________________________                 METHOD OF PAYMENT

Principal author’s last name: __________________________________                 ❑    Our purchase order for publication charges is attached.
                                                                                 ❑    Our purchase order No. _____________ for publication charges
Scheduled issue:               __________________________________                     will follow within 10 days.
                                                                                 ❑    Our check for $ _____________ is enclosed.
No. of journal pages required for this paper        __________________                Payable to: Society for Imaging Science and Technology
                                                                                 ❑    Wire Transfer (please contact for instructions)
Publication charges @ $80 per journal page          $_________________           ❑    Charge to my credit card account:
                                                                                      ❑ VISA ❑ Mastercard ❑ American Express ❑ Discover
Plus color printing charge $490 per page            $_________________
                                                                                 Account number ___________________________________________
Hardcopy Reprint(see reverse)                       $_________________
                                                                                 Expiration date _____________________________________________
PDF Reprint ($50, see reverse)                      $_________________
                                                                                 Institution ________________________________________________
Supplemental Materials (see reverse)                $_________________
                                                                                 By (signature)    ____________________________________________
             TOTAL                                  $_________________
                                                                                 ❑    Please send an invoice (no split invoicing) to:

Fax or mail this form within 48 hours of receipt of your proofs to:              Name of Individual__________________________________________
Donna Smith, IS&T Publication Manager                                            Name of Institution _________________________________________
7003 Kilworth Lane, Springfield, VA 22151                                        Department _______________________________________________
 703/642-9090; 703/642/9094 Fax                                                  Street ____________________________________________________                                                               City__________________________State________Zip_____________
                                                                                 Country __________________________________________________
One hardcopy of the issue in which your paper appears will be mailed to          Email ____________________________________________________
each author at their IS&T address of record. Please note any recent
change of addresses below.

Author Signature _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

By signing this form, the author asserts that he has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the terms of publication of his paper in JIST
and the JIST PDF reprint, if applicable. The author agrees to accept responsiblity for the payment of publication charges referred to above.
If charges are to be billed to an institution, the author assumes the responsibility for making the necessary arrangements for the issuance
of a formal institutional purchase order. Otherwise, it is understood that the author will bear the cost of this publication order.

Authors may submit additional (supplemental) materials related to their articles for posting on the IS&T Website.
Examples of such materials are charts, graphs, illustrations, or movies that further explain the science or technology
discussed in the paper. All supplemental material must be submitted by the time proofs are approved. Supplemental
materials will be posted for a flat fee of $100 for up to five files. For each additional file, a $25 fee will be assessed.
Fees must be received before supplemental materials will be posted.


Authors may order a PDF of their article from IS&T for personal use/distribution/reproduction. The PDF contains the
cover of the journal, publication information, and the full paper. The cost for this is $50.

Author(s) may make up to 200 copies from this PDF without the permission of IS&T. Please note, that the paper
remains the property of IS&T as stipulated in the Transfer of Copyright form. As such, permission from IS&T is required
for electronic posting/reproduction or hardcopy reproduction/circulation beyond the personal fair use provision.
Contact IS&T for permission and citation requirements.


Use the table (right) to determine the cost of                                           Number of Pages
hardcopy reprints. When factoring the num-               Quanity              up to 4        5-8         9-12*
ber of pages needed for a reprint, be sure to
                                                            100                $160         $225         $260
add in the cover.
                                                            200                $190            $315               $370
Please note that the paper remains the prop-      Additional 50’s        $20               $50                 $70
erty of IS&T as stipulated in the Transfer of     Additional 100’s       $30               $90                $110
Copyright form. As such, permission from        Color Impression = $1.25 each (1 sheet = 2 impressions)
IS&T is required for electronic posting/repro-
                                                                                        *for more than 12 pages call for price.
duction or hardcopy reproduction/circulation
beyond the personal fair use provision. Contact IS&T for permission and citation requirements.

Reprint Calculation: Example

To figure the cost of your reprint, take the number of pages of your article + 1 (for the cover). A six page article, for
example, would be a 7-page reprint, figured at the cost of up to 8 pages. Please note that covers will be printed in
grayscale unless color is paid for.

For 100 reprints of the 7-page paper, the cost is $225.

For every color page, add the number of color pages x number of reprints x $1.25. If the 7-page reprint has 3 color
pages, the cost is $225 + (3 x 100 x 1.25) = $225 +$375 = $600.

                                         REPRINT ORDERS MUST BE PREPAID

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