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									                                       NORTHFIELD TOWNSHIP DDA
                                           DRAFT MINUTES

                                                 April 9, 2008
                              8350 Main Street, Police Conference Room 1st Floor

Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM by Barbara Griffith

Roll Call
Steve Barger – Present
Linda Carlisle – Present
Mike Cicchella – Absent with notice
Dave Horton – Absent with notice
Barbara Griffith – Present
Earl LeFave – Present
John Kerrigan – Arrived at 7:25 PM
Tom Lombardi – Present
Dan Smith – Present
Lenore Zelenock – Present

Adopt Agenda
Motion: Moved by Barger supported by LaFave to adopt the agenda with the change to the date of April 9, 2008.
Passed by all.

Call to the Public

Approve Minutes

Motion: Moved by LaFave and supported by Lombardi to approve the minutes of Feb. 27, 2008 and to dispense the
reading. Passed by all.

Reports and Correspondence

Treasurer's Report
There is a balance of $93,050.19. There were four invoices for DTE streetlights for $850.82 each and one invoice
for $97.50 for the accountant. In response to Zelenock's inquiry about having the tax revenue correct, Carlisle
responded that there should be no more corrections at this point.

Motion: Moved by Zelenock and supported by Barger to accept the treasurer's report. Passed by All.

Discuss Property at 75 Barker Road
Griffith gave a brief update on 75 Barker Road. Northfield Township was not eligible for the $150,000 Brownfield
Redevelopment Grant from the EPA because the Township caused the issue and the Township would be applying
for the grant. The EPA does not typically give grants to the entity that caused the issue to fix the issue.

Human Services would like to provide services for the Senior Center, Historical Society, and the Library and create
a community center. The Human Service Board determined they do not want to co-own the property. Human
Services would take a mortgage to purchase the property and building for $105,000 and would write-up a legal
right-away for the DDA. If the Township wants the building and property, Human Services would sell it back to the
Township without a profit. Human Services would plan to run the Senior Center for $50,000. If the Senior Center
was to move to the renovated building, it would be possible for the Senior Center to be sold or the Township offices
to move to the Senior Center.

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                                        NORTHFIELD TOWNSHIP DDA
                                            DRAFT MINUTES

                                                  April 9, 2008
                               8350 Main Street, Police Conference Room 1st Floor

Discuss DDA 2008 – 2009 Budget
The 2008 – 2009 budget was discussed.

NT/US 23 Overpass – Barger made a comment about a meeting that happened about six months ago where the
developers were asked if any developers wanted to pay for the bridge and no developers wanted to pay for the
bridge. At the end of the meeting with the developers, Cicchella indicated nothing was happening at the North
Territorial and US-23 right now. Meijer is preparing to litigate with Washtenaw County for curb-cuts.

Barger asked the question why Cicchella was not at the DDA meeting tonight? Barger indicated if Cicchella is not
at the budget meeting maybe this is an indication the DDA will not be around long. LaFave indicated the DDA
could do something at Woodbridge (8 Mile and US-23).

Zelenock asked the status of the Mid-West lawsuit and asked if the DDA should consider it in the DDA budget and
the response was no. Zelenock asked was it a DDA project or a Township project? Griffith commented it was a
Township project. The developers did not pay the bill and Mid-West is suing the Township. Smith commented the
DDA went to long lengths to remain arms length from the project. Griffith indicated paper work she has listed the
DDA as part of the contract. Griffith recommendation was to leave legal expenses at zero and if necessary we could
amend the budget. Carlisle commented if the DDA has it in its budget the Township will take the money.

Signs and Benches - zero for now.

Flowers and Mulch - Decided to change description to flowers and sidewalk upgrades. Thinking about doing some
stamp concrete around National City Bank. Put $3,000 for flowers and $7,000 for sidewalk upgrades. Carlisle will
investigate the stamp concrete.

Streetscape - keep at $10,400 for the DTE streetlights.

Commuter rail – the DDA committed $10,000 for three years. LaFave provided an update on the commuter rail.
Livingston and Washtenaw Counties agreed to form the Rail Authority with them being equal partners. Members of
the Rail Authority agreed to fund a validation study. This study is needed for Federal funding. The study cost is
$150,000. The funding formula is based on population with Livingston County contributing 65% and Washtenaw
County contributing 35%. The study went out for bids and fortunately the low bidder is familiar with the Federal
funding programs.

Acquisitions – of $125,000 was removed at this time as the DDA does not think it will purchase 75 Barker and
removed the WWTP loan as well.

Administration Fees – Membership fees relate to the Washtenaw Development Council. Griffith recommended we
don't participate. It changed its name to Ann Arbor Sparks. No one from our Township has attended the
Washtenaw Development Council meeting for over a year. Sue Lakey wrote the DDA when she was on the
Washtenaw Development Council and did not charge and it would have cost $65,000.

Scope of services was read by Carlisle. The contract automatically renews. Concerned that the change from
Washtenaw Development Council to Ann Arbor Sparks means the emphasis will be on Ann Arbor and not the
surrounding communities. Griffith indicated she would contact Ann Arbor Sparks and indicated we are not
interested in renewing but invite a representative to a DDA meeting and maybe the representative could change our

Zelenock brought up the DDA resurfacing 6 mile. Zelenock thought it would be about $40,000 in total and $20,000
for the Township and/or DDA. Griffith thought it was more and asked if Zelenock could investigate more.

Smith talked about the administration fee and indicated we could help the Township by paying rent. So we decided
to scratch $3,500 for membership fees and add rent of $7,500 per year to go to the Police Department.

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                                        NORTHFIELD TOWNSHIP DDA
                                            DRAFT MINUTES

                                                  April 9, 2008
                               8350 Main Street, Police Conference Room 1st Floor

Griffith indicated the PSB is a large burden to the Township especially the Fire and Police departments.

Lombardi asked if we could consider sidewalks from the gas station to the Post Office. A discussion pursued and it
was decided to put $15,000 for sidewalk upgrades and keep the $3,000 for flowers.

There was discussion on disbanding the DDA. Smith commented the DDA can only be disbanded if the projects are
no longer valid. Griffith commented if the DDA disbands, it needs to give money back to the County.

LaFave brought up hiring a planner for the DDA district. There was some discussion and $5,000 was added to
Engineering/Planner under the Identity Program for planning.

Motion: Moved by Smith and supported by Kerrigan to approve the 2008 – 2009 DDA Budget as discussed and to
recommend the Township Board approves the DDA budget as discussed. Passed by All.

Board Member Comments
Kerrigan –it was a good meeting. Asked Griffith if she was actively pursuing acquiring additions flower pots?
Griffith commented she would find replacements. Kerrigan added he and the High School students would handle
the placement of flowers pots like last year.

Smith – No

Lombardi – was happy about the meeting and the sidewalks. In addition, Lombardi asked that the people doing the
flower arrangements contact him so his flowers can match the rest of the Township. Griffith indicated she would
have Kathy from the flower shop order more for the Whitmore Lake Tavern.

Carlisle – reminded us of Meet on Main on Friday, May 9 th from 5:00 PM to dark. She also commented she was
pleased on how well the meeting went. One of the best meetings we had in a long time.

Barger – no comment

Zelenock – no comment

LaFave – commented the University of Michigan has taken on the project of the Whitmore Station as a Land
Planning Master project.

Griffith – had a thought about having a mural on the side of the building based on the Land Design presentation –
just something for all of us to think about. She mentioned Colleen Coogan, the controller, accepted another job.

Motion: Moved by Barger and supported by Smith to cancel the April 23 rd DDA meeting. Passed by all.

Motion: Moved by Barger and supported by Lombardi to adjourn. Passed by all.

Meeting adjourned at 9:08 PM

Next DDA meeting: May 28, 2008

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