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									                   GREATER MANCHESTER POLICE
                        JOB DESCRIPTION

POST TITLE:                                       Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)

DEPARTMENT/DIVISION/BRANCH:                       North Manchester Division

SECTION/UNIT:                                     Finance and Administration Unit

GRADE:                                            C/D (Career Grade)

RESPONSIBLE TO:                                   Accounting Technician

RESPONSIBLE FOR:                                  N/A

AIM OF JOB:                                       To assist the Finance and Administration Unit
                                                  in providing an accurate and prompt financial
                                                  service, with particular responsibility for
                                                  monitoring and maintaining financial systems



   Assist the Accounting Technician in the development, implementation and maintenance of
    financial management, reporting and control systems, services, processes and standards
    including GMP systems and the Chief Constable’s Financial Instructions.

   Oversee the raising of purchase requisitions in relation to DFM or external funding matters,
    in accordance with GMP instructions and guidelines, ensuring that costs are correctly

   Oversee the receipting, checking and processing of appropriate invoices, goods and
    acknowledgements; resolve queries and, where appropriate, arrange the payment of
    cheques, ensuring that relevant information is forwarded to Finance Branch.

   Ensure that sales invoices are raised to external bodies in relation to DFM or external
    funding matters, in accordance with GMP instructions and guidelines, ensuring that income
    is coded to the correct cost centre.

   Reconcile financial ledgers with information from other systems e.g. personnel systems,
    payroll systems, manual records.

   Analyse financial information in relation to overtime and recharge costs to other divisions
    and branches as appropriate;

   Assist in the monitoring of DFM and external funding budgets, querying significant
    variations from budget with the appropriate budget manager.

Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)
May 2009
   Assist in the closure and completion of monthly and annual accounts.

   Issue DFM and external funding budget monitoring statements and other reports from the
    financial systems within set timetables to the appropriate budget managers.

   Make arrangements for virements to take place between budgets on approval from the
    budget manager and the Divisional Finance and Administration Manager.

   Provide advice on financial issues including the correct operation of financial systems,
    processes and procedures in accordance with GMP instructions and guidelines.

   Provide advice on correct purchasing procedures, as per procurement guidelines.

   Provide advice on any other DFM or external funding related matters.

   Liaise with Finance Branch in relation to DFM or external funding matters as may be

   Keep the Finance pages of the divisional intranet site up to date.


   To assist as required in the clerical work of the unit, including filing and operating of office
    equipment such as the scanner, facsimile, photocopier and franking machine.

   To cover the work of staff in the Finance and Administration Unit as may be required.

   To respond to general telephone enquiries whether internal or external and initiate response
    as appropriate, including call tracing, paging and message taking/distribution.


   To promote and comply with GMP's policies on equal opportunities and health and safety
    both in the delivery of services and the treatment of others.

   To ensure compliance with statutory requirements in relation to information management
    including the Data Protection Act 1998, the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Code
    of Practice on Management of Police Information 2005, as appropriate

   To comply with the requirements of GMP's policies on Drug and Alcohol testing –
    requirements in respect of specific posts/ roles are described in the policies which are
    available on the Force Intranet

   To be responsible for improving your performance by participating in the Performance
    Appraisal process with your manager.

   To carry out such other duties which are consistent with the nature, responsibilities and
    grading of the post.


This job description records the principal responsibilities of the job at the date shown. The
job description will be updated from time to time in conjunction with the post holders to
reflect changes.

Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)
May 2009
POST TITLE:                                        Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)

LOCATION:                                          North Manchester Division,
                                                   Finance and Administration Unit,
                                                   Bootle Street Police Station


Openness to change (C)
Understands the need for change and is willing to adapt to it. Is flexible and prepared to try out
new ideas.

Respect for race and diversity (A)
Understands other people’s views and takes them into account. Is tactful and diplomatic when
dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times. Understands and is
sensitive to social, cultural and racial differences

Effective communication (B)
Communicates all needs, instructions and decisions clearly. Adapts the style of communication
to meet the needs of the audience. Asks probing questions to check understanding.

Planning and organising (C)
Plans and carries out activities in an orderly and well-structured way. Prioritises tasks, uses time
in the best possible way, and works within appropriate policy and procedures.

Problem solving (B)
Gathers information from a range of sources to understand situations, making sure it is reliable
and accurate. Analyses information to identify important issues and problems. Identifies risks
and considers alternative courses of action to make good decisions.

Personal responsibility (B)
Takes personal responsibility for own actions and for sorting out issues or problems that arise.
Is focused on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and knowledge.

Team working (C)
Works effectively as a team member and helps build relationships within it. Actively helps and
supports others to achieve team goals.

Explanation of competency levels:
(A), (B), (C) indicates the level of competency taken from the National Competency

All behavioural competencies will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)
May 2009
                               North Manchester Division
                Career Grade for Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)

                               Grade C                                  Grade D
                                                                 (As per Grade C, plus)

Specialist      Essential                              Essential
knowledge /     Numerate with high levels of accuracy. Knowledge of management / financial
skills and                                             accounting.
                Experience of computerised financial     Experience of creating and developing
                systems.                                 spreadsheets.

                Able to produce accurate and concise
                written work.

                Desirable                                Desirable
                Knowledge of management / financial      Experience of providing advice to
                accounting. *                            managers. *

                Experience of creating and developing Knowledge of devolved budgeting. *
                spreadsheets. *

Training /      Essential                                Essential
experience      Worked in a financial / administration   Worked in a financial / administration
required:       environment in a similar capacity.       environment in a similar capacity for at
                                                         least 2 years.

                Experience of computer software          Currently studying for appropriate
                applications, e.g. Word / Excel.         qualification e.g. BTEC, NVQ, AAT.
                                                         Passed sufficient number of exams (or
                                                         obtained exemptions) to be at least
                                                         50% through the syllabus of their
                                                         chosen qualification.

                Willing to study for appropriate
                qualification e.g. BTEC, NVQ, AAT. *

Other           Essential:
requirements:   Has achieved a good attendance

Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)
May 2009
                                Grade C                                   Grade D
                                                                   (As per Grade C, plus)

Examples of     Receive, check and process purchase        Produce reports analysing key budget
work            orders.                                    variances.
experience /
undertaken      Arrange for overtime / financial reason Attend meetings with budget managers
within the      codes to be set up.                     to discuss variances within budget
grade                                                   monitoring statements.
                Reconcile financial ledgers with other
                information.                            Calculate monthly accruals /
                Arrange for recharges of overtime and
                other costs, through financial system   Raise sales invoice requisitions.
                                                        Provide advice on financial and
                Produce and issue budget monitoring purchasing matters.

All essential criteria above will also be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

The desirable criteria marked with an asterisk will be desirable at selection stage but will
become essential once in post and will be discussed in the Performance Appraisal.

Please note that we will consider making reasonable adjustments to the above, in line with the
Disability Discrimination Act.

Senior Administrative Assistant (Finance)
May 2009

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