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					What Our Graduates Say…                                 How Do I Apply?
Jo Duncan, BSc (Hons) Physics with                      Applications to this degree
Geology                                                 programme are made through the
“Physics at Aberdeen was a great                        Universities and Colleges Admissions
choice. The course material itself was                  Service (UCAS). You apply online at
challenging but very enjoyable, and            and may apply to up
throughout the study period I was                       to five institutions on the full-price
encouraged to investigate things for                    UCAS application.
myself, which was easily done with
their phenomenal selection of texts                     Prospective students (and their
available. From tutorials to lab work                   parents/guardians/teachers) are
you get the opportunity to investigate                  welcome to visit the University at any
some of nature’s puzzles and in some                    time, or attend our University-wide
instances actually get a sensible                       Open Day in August. Please contact
answer at the end of it! Whilst the                     the Student Recruitment and
two subjects are distinct, Geology                      Admissions Service, who will be
borrows a lot from Physics, and so                      happy to make arrangements for a
they complement each other                              visit.
beautifully. I found that the Physics
supported the Geology (rather than
the other way around) and gave me a
degree of numeracy and appreciation
                                                        Where Can I Get Further
that I would not have developed
                                                        Student Recruitment and
                                                        Admissions Service
                                                                                                    DEGREES THAT WORK FOR YOU!
having studied only Geology.”
                                                        University of Aberdeen
                                                        University Office
Careers                                                 King’s College                              Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences. At its most basic it
With a good numerate and technical                      Aberdeen                                    is about explaining and predicting what happens in the physical
degree such as Physics, employment                      AB24 3FX                                    universe. It covers topics so vast they don’t get much bigger, from
prospects are excellent. Our recent                                                                 how the universe has evolved into its present state, to topics of daily
graduates have gone on to careers                       Tel: +44 (0)1224 272090/91
within health physics, medical
                                                                                                    importance such as ‘will the car I’m in stay on the road as it
physics, the oil industry, finance,                     Web:
                                                                                                    corners?’, or ‘will an artificial hip joint last as long as the patient?’
accountancy, the actuarial profession,                                                              Physicists want to know how things work. If you have an enquiring
patent agencies, scientific journalism,                 Or be our friend at                         mind, enjoy a bit of innovative thought, can think logically, and like
technical writing and programming to                    to know what’s going on around you in nature, in science and in
name just a few! Other graduates              
                                                                                                    technology, then a Physics degree could well suit you.
have gone on to research in
universities, government industries
and private agencies, as well as                        For further details relating to Physics     > Physics at Aberdeen: the essentials, the applied, the conceptual,
teaching at all levels. These                           at Aberdeen, please also visit                the theoretical, the practical and the interdisciplinary – we cover it
occupations, and many more, make                                      all.
direct use of their excellent scientific                                                            > From the fundamental to the functional, our Physics degrees have
knowledge.                                                                                            something for everyone!

The University of Aberdeen is a charity registered in Scotland, No: SC013683            July 2010
Why Study Physics At                        Degree Structure
Aberdeen?                                   Honours degrees require four years of
We have a long tradition of teaching        full-time study, although direct entry to
Physics - in fact, it has been taught at    second year is possible for suitably
Aberdeen since the foundation of the        qualified candidates. The main
University, in the form of Natural          difference between BSc and MA
Philosophy. However, we’re not old-         programmes lies in the subsidiary
fashioned - our degrees are continually     subjects taken along with Physics. For
adapting to meet the needs of students      the BSc, these will be mainly science-
and employers alike.                        based subjects, while MA students will
                                            be expected to take subjects from the
We offer a wide range of degree options     humanities and social sciences.
and there is flexibility to change          The final year of study involves a major
between these degrees, should you           research project - not just in
change your mind. We also value the         “traditional” Physics but in areas such
personal contact that comes from small      as Medical Physics, Orthopaedics,
group teaching. You will not be an          Environmental and Biological Physics,
anonymous student in a large crowd,         and Chaos and Complexity. This
but an Honours student who knows the        reflects the multidisciplinary research
others in the class and knows the           groups in which physicists are found
academics as individuals. This also         throughout the University. We bring lots
allows us to spend time on a wide           of this diversity to our courses - and
range of general skills applicable to       although our research may be diverse,       Honours BSc Degrees with Physics   What Our Students Say…
work and life; this is a very important     our teaching is well integrated.            Single Honours                     Lorna Edelsten, BSc (Hons) Physics
part of our degrees, and a part you get                                                 Physics                            “Studying Physics at Aberdeen has
credit for too.                             Natural Philosophy                          Physical Sciences                  proved to be an invaluable experience.
                                            The original “Physics” taught at the                                           The department is extremely friendly
Our teaching includes much more than                                                    Joint Honours                      and all the staff are happy to be
                                            University was Natural Philosophy. The
the traditional ‘talk and chalk’. In fact                                               Geology - Physics                  approached with ideas on your latest
                                            origin of Physics was really ‘thinking
there’s hardly any chalk these days,                                                    Mathematics - Physics              entrepreneurial scheme. Physics here is
                                            about natural phenomena’. So, what is
mainly computer-based presentations                                                     Physics - Education                not just learning formulae and physical
                                            Natural Philosophy in the 21st century?
and interactive sessions. Importantly,      It is a degree in Physics in which some                                        laws - it is much more! It provides
there is a lot of student participation                                                 Combined Honours (Major/Minor)     endless opportunities to work in a
                                            25% of the courses are about
and feedback, especially in the Honours                                                 Physics with Chemistry             team, interact with one another and
                                            Philosophy, History of Science, the logic
years. You get a pretty good idea how                                                   Physics with Modern Languages      take part in fun activities, such as
                                            of arguments, and some Ethics and
you’re doing as the degree progresses,                                                  Physics with Geology               building a trebuchet and a “Blue Peter”
                                            related matters. It is a chance to get a
and much less rests on final exams                                                      Physics with Philosophy            style radio from wire and a toilet roll
                                            qualification with both a strong science
than with many other Physics degrees        base and a broad appreciation of the                                           tube whilst at the annual weekend
elsewhere.                                                                              Honours MA Degrees with Physics    away to Braemar. The range of
                                            ideas and history behind the science.
                                                                                        Single Honours                     transferable skills gained along with a
                                            As with our other Physics degrees, it is
                                                                                        Natural Philosophy                 fantastic degree has certainly given me
                                            accredited by our professional body, the
                                            Institute of Physics.                                                          a helping hand in moving on into the
                                                                                        Joint Honours                      real world.”
                                                                                        Mathematics - Physics
                                                                                        Philosophy - Physics

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