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									Laser beam welding
That one of the main types of welding is melting. Smelting and welding is
used when sufficient thermal energy to heat or melt the ends desired
butchery may be required thermal energy from several sources are either
chemical or electrical, optical, such as laser welding.
Laser beam Laser
Is an abbreviation of the following words:

Light amplification by stimulated Emission of radiation
The laser beam of light pulses lasting issue 2 / 1000 seconds and the
frequency of 1 / 10 pulses per second each. And is used in cutting and
welding of most metals, so it focused beam diameter of no more than head
hair and the most important characteristics of the laser it penetrates
the transparent materials, plastics, transparent and without the buffer
Alratjat been destroyed while heated or melted metals, coated materials,
whether transparent or not. Due to the focus of the laser in a very small
space, the surface areas adjacent to the weld are not exposed to damage
and be infinitely narrow and affected parts heat treated laser does not
lose a thing of the properties acquired by heat treatment so that it can
be caught parts welded by hand immediately after welding due to elevated
or reduced the amount of energy used .
The side with the laser welding can be entirely clear and is difficult
for other welding methods such as copper, nickel, aluminum and stainless
steel to steel, titanium, Alklombeom.
The theory is based on the generation of laser excitation that enable the
atoms of the material using light energy or electrical depend on the
ability of atoms to light rays when exposed to light or electrical short
In the devices generate a laser beam used rod diameter of 10 mm and a
length of 100 mm made of crystal sapphire (A12 O3) and add a small
percentage of chromium oxide (Cr2 O2) approximately 5 / 100, who earns a
ruby ??red color light due to absorption of green light from the white
light is normal.
Absorbed by atoms of chromium light Vtstthar some electrons chrome and
high energy electron to a higher power, but these electrons are soon to
return to the level of its first absolute Jaza which absorbed and
radiated in X-ray light-red form of these rays in turn, by instigating
other atoms and then return the latter to the level of natural energy and
launches Jaza which are absorbed and the radiation emanating from the
atoms above the first and compatible with the format of one polarization
in one level and the wavelength of the atoms ranging between 00.4 - 00.7
microns. Thus, against the repeated release of radiation from atoms of
chromium and know the process maximize the radiation.
Sapphire's leg and ends in the blink of a mirror reflecting the tip while
the other half ends with a mirror reflecting the bomber and a half. The
task of the two parallel mirrors that reflect the exchange of the rays
falling on them and continue repeating the process of enlargement rays
colliding with atoms of chromium and raised until it reaches the critical
limit, which then absorbed by the radiation force can be of the party
with a woman is half and half reflector port.
At present, the laser was generated using the same principle in the gas
generated solid materials. In laser gas consists of a long tube of heat-
resistant glass (Pyrex) Bnavztin and mirrors on both sides remain
determined to reflect the rays bounce.
Using a neon gas with impurities of helium gas and electromagnetic
radiation using high-frequency rise and related Balketlrodat on the glass
tube and then the laser is generated. It also uses carbon dioxide gas
with impurities of nitrogen or helium in a tube length of several meters
are issued to the laser wavelength of 10.6 microns and these rays either
continuously or in a vibrant and that is enough for melting and welding
of most metals such as niobium, titanium, tungsten, can puncture the most
material hardness such as diamond and there are current and laser units
to generate a capacity of 20 kW is used for cutting and welding thick
metal with the assistance of oxygen.
The unit can use a laser with carbon dioxide 2 kilo watt capacity for
welding metals Smoktha 3 mm and a maximum speed laser welding 12 mm /
sec. Due to the high cost of laser welding, the use is currently limited
to the uses of space and industries that require precise control and
electronic industries, such as prohibitively high and the feathers

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