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									Applying to SSHRC –
How to Support an
Application and Tips for

Office of the Vice-President Research &
Office of Research Services
                                          YORK RESEARCH
10 May 2011
            What does SSHRC support?
                                                            YORK RESEARCH

•SSHRC promotes and supports university-based research and training
in the humanities and social sciences

•Research vs. teaching or other university-based activities

•Public sector and not-for-profit vs. private sector activities

•No infrastructure funding
          SSHRC priority areas
                                                  YORK RESEARCH

    –Aboriginal Research
    –Canadian Environmental Issues
    –Digital Media
    –Innovation, Leadership and Prosperity
    –Northern Communities – Towards Social and Economic

Applications in all SS&H disciplines are encouraged.
           Eligibility to apply
                                                           YORK RESEARCH

•Generally, no students.

•Formal affiliation to a Canadian university required.

•University agrees by applying, to administer the grant.

•There are regulations governing what grants a researcher can hold in

•Generally, you need to have reported on existing grants before
applying to the same program again.

•What about post-docs?
                 Eligible expenses
                                                                         YORK RESEARCH

•Personnel costs
             •Student salaries and benefits/Stipends
             •Non-student salaries and benefits/Stipends
•Travel and subsistence costs
             •Research Team – Canadian and Foreign
             •Student – Canadian and Foreign
             •Professional/Technical services
•Non-disposable equipment
             •Computer hardware
•Other expenses (specify) – 3 lines

*Please see SSHRC guidelines on the ineligibility of general supplies.
           Ineligible expenses
                                                             YORK RESEARCH

Examples include:
       •Furniture or other infrastructure costs
       •General supplies
       •Business class airfare or other first class travel
       •Monthly telephone packages on university phones
       •iPads and iPods

•Each competition may have specific guidelines about eligible
•Please see the SSHRC website for more detail.
            ORUs within an application
                                                            YORK RESEARCH

•Financial administration

•Workshop and conference services

•General grant administration

•Internal peer review processes

•Liaison with ORS, Research Accounting, Procurement, etc.

•Web and social media support

•Reporting to funders
           Common errors
                                                         YORK RESEARCH

Common errors include:
      •Not addressing the evaluation criteria
      •Using highly technical writing for a multidisciplinary committee
      •Budgeting for ineligible expenses
      •Imbalances in budget categories
      •Submitting poor budget justifications
      •Not following formatting requirements
                » e.g., semicolons, font, margins
      •Typos and spelling mistakes
      •Attachments referring to more than the past 6 years
      •“Career interruptions” are not well justified
           Strategies for success
                                                  YORK RESEARCH

•Read the instructions

•Create your own on-line form as a resource

•Know your adjudication audience

•Focus writing on the reader of the application
           Strategies for success con’t
                                                              YORK RESEARCH

•Contact colleagues who have put applications together before

•Justify the budget, justify the budget, justify the budget

•Use the pages provided/space available

•Show benefit to Canada and Canadians where appropriate

•Have the application reviewed internally/externally by staff and faculty
           Support services for staff and applicants
                                                         YORK RESEARCH

•Faculty-based Research Officers

•Sr. Research Officer, Office of the Vice-President Research &

•Associate Deans Research

•Associate Vice-President, Social Sciences & Humanities

•Office of Research Services
              –Michelle Galloro, Research Applications Coordinator
              –Mala Thakoor, Information Officer
            Submitting an application through York
                                                                YORK RESEARCH

•Office of Research Services (ORS) review available 10 working days
before deadline

•Complete the application and hit “submit/complete”

•All applications must be submitted through ORS

•All applications must be accompanied by an ORS Checklist

•Due: 12noon on deadline date (Partnership Grant competition excepted)

•ORS submits the application electronically to SSHRC
           Documents and other resources
                                                        YORK RESEARCH

•SSHRC Website:
•York University Research Website:

           –Research Costs Table
           –Letter of Support Form
           –ORS Checklist
           –Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide
                                              YORK RESEARCH

                Sarah Whitaker
          Sr. Research Officer, VPRI

                 Joan Broussard
   Associate Director, Research Grants, ORS

               Michelle Galloro
    Research Applications Coordinator, ORS

                 Mala Thakoor
           Information Officer, ORS

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