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									              TO YOUR NEW HOME

Important information concerning your tenancy is in this booklet

         Please read it carefully and store in a safe place

  OFFICE HOURS: MONDAY to FRIDAY 9.00am – 5.00pm

                         Phone: 9707 4222

 If there are any maintenance requests/ repairs that require attention
       Please complete the attached maintenance request form.

   In the event that URGENT repairs are needed on the property.
              Electrical: Switch off power at the mains.
            Water Leaks: Turn the water off at the mains.
         After Hours Contact: mobile service 0417 779 792.
                                  Please fill this in
                                                      FOR it to us. The Notice is
               GUIDELINES and INFORMATION and send TENANTSoffice.
                                  effective from the date it is received by our
                                                           You will be liable for rent up to and including the
                                                           28th day of your notice period. For tenants on fixed
1. Paying Rent
                                                           term tenancies the above does not apply, as your
It is your legal responsibility to pay your rent, to the   agreement cannot be terminated, prior to the
owner in advance. Please ensure that your payments         expiry of your lease by giving notice. However,
reach us on or before the due date. MPRE Harcourts         TWENTY EIGHT days notice must be given if you
Property Management Division will not physically           intend to vacate the property on expiry of your lease
collect your rent. Rent must be paid by automatic          agreement.
payment, cheque or money order at our office or with
deposit into our Westpac Trust Account. Please speak
to our property manager for these details.
If you have any problems with your rent payments
please notify your Property Manager at the earliest        6. Leaving the Property
possible time. If you fall into arrears, the appropriate
notices will be issued prior to application for a          The property must be left clean and tidy (including
Warrant of Possession through the Small Claims             garden), meter readings (if applicable) are taken and
Courts and your details and debt will be lodged with       keys ready to be handed over at the pre-arranged final
all applicable tenancy databases.                          inspection time. Commercial cleaning costs could be
                                                           deducted from your bond if the property is not left
2. Inventory / Pre-inspection                              clean.

                                                           Remember your tenancy cannot be finalised until
Included in this pack is an entry condition report that    ALL the keys are returned to the Property Manager.
you have three days to make any changes and lodge          If all keys are not returned, locks will be changed and
the copy back with this agency. If there are any           costs deducted from your bond and you will be
differences to the original report and we are not          charged rent until the day the keys are returned.
notified within three days of the commencement of
your lease you will be liable for any subsequent
                                                           7. Change of Employment or Phone number
3. Maintenance Inspections                                 .
Inspections will be made twice yearly (usually on the
third and ninth month) during your tenancy.                Please ensure you notify us immediately of any
Inspections will always be advised in writing.             change to your employment and business or home
Unfortunately, due to time constraints it is not           telephone number. This is to ensure that we can
possible to alter the inspection time, outside of          contact you should the need arise.
business hours. You do not have to be present, but
you are most welcome to be there so we can discuss         8. Insurance
any problems or aspects of your tenancy that requires
attention.                                                 The owner is responsible for insuring the property.
                                                           The owner is not responsible for any damage to
4. Occupancy                                               tenants’ possessions. Tenants are advised to arrange
                                                           their own contents insurance for their possessions.
Only the people (and the number of people) included
on your Lease agreement are permitted to reside at
the property on a permanent basis. Should there be         9. Water Rates                                    .
any changes to the occupants, please notify us
immediately for approval.
                                                           If you are on a metered water supply the council
5. Giving Notice / Vacating Premises                       issues water accounts approximately every three
.                                                          months. You as the tenant will then be charged for
                                                           the water consumed according to the water meter
When you decide to leave the property, you are             reading taken at commencement of tenancy and the
required to give twenty eight (28) days notice in          percentage stated on you lease agreement.
writing. You will find a “Notice to Vacate” in your
Welcome Pack.

10. Utilities                                              15. Repairs and Maintenance Problems              .
                                                           Should you experience any problems with your
It is your responsibility to have the utilities (gas,      home, please email or fax the maintenance request
electricity, telephone, cable television and internet if   form together with details of the maintenance or
available) connected in your name. You must have           repairs. If you are not going to be home, with your
the account finalized when you vacate.                     permission, we can give a tradesman a key for access
                                                           to the property to finalise repairs as quickly as
11. Painting/Decorating/Renovating                         possible. If you notice anything dangerous on or
.                                                          about the property, you must advise your Property
                                                           Manager immediately, by phone.
Should you wish to make any changes to the property
                                                           If access arrangements are not adhered to and the
including decoration you must obtain written
                                                           tradesman cannot gain entry, the call out charge will
permission from the owner/agent before any work
                                                           be passed onto the tenant.
commences.     If consent is given, colours and
products used will need to be agreed on.
                                                           Should an extreme emergency occur, please dial 000;
                                                           you should then try to contact your Property Manager
12. Animals                                            .   by phone 9707 422 or 0417 779 792. Any
                                                           maintenance arranged by a tenant could be at the
These may be kept only with the written permission
                                                           tenant’s cost unless it is proven to be an emergency.
of the owner/agent, and in accordance with local by-
                                                           16. Damage to the Premises
13. Car Parking                                        .

Tenants are to park only in the designated areas.          The tenant shall ensure that all care is taken to avoid
Please ensure cars are not parked on grass verges or       damage to the premises. You are required to give
lawns. Cars that are not warranted, registered or          notice to the owner/agent of any damage to the
running are not to be parked on the premises at any        premises as soon as you become aware of it.
                                                           Please ensure that only picture hooks or appropriate
                                                           supports, when authority has been given, are used on
14. Gardens                                                walls. Do not use nails, stick on tapes, blue-tack and
                                                           other fixings.
It is a requirement of your Lease Agreement that you
as the tenant are responsible for keeping gardens and      Please note: You are not permitted to make any
lawn free of weeds, gardens trimmed and tidied and         alterations to premises (including picture hooks)
lawns mowed regularly, unless otherwise provided           without the written permission of the owner.
for in the Tenancy Agreement.

                                REPAIRS FORM

It is a policy of our office that all repairs or maintenance requests must be in writing and posted or faxed
to our office as soon as possible (We only accept emergency repairs by phone).

MPRE Harcourts Berwick
30 High Street

Facsimile: 9707 3461

Tenant Name: _______________________________________________________

Property Address: ___________________________________________________

Contact Details:

Mobile: ________________ Work: ________________ Home: _______________









Do you give permission for the tradesperson to enter the property with the management key:

If this is an emergency, please phone your Property Manager immediately.

Tenant Signature: ______________________ Date: _______________________
                          NOTICE TO VACATE

DATE: ___________________________

I/WE   ____________________________________________________

TENANT/S OF____________________________________________

1.     In accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act (1997), I/We hereby give
       twenty eight (28) days notice to vacate the above premises.

2.     I understand that I am liable for 28 days rent from the date at which you
       receive this notice even if I have physically vacated the property prior to that

3.     I/We intend on moving out of the property on

My/Our Forwarding Address Is:


Contact Phone Numbers: _________________________________________

I/We give consent to the landlord, or his/her agent to have the property shown to
prospective tenants prior to my/our vacating the property.

Signed by tenant: __________________________________

MPRE Harcourts Berwick, agrees to give notice to you, as the current tenants, of any
intention to have the property viewed by prospective tenants and if required, to make
a convenient time for all parties.

Signed: _________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________

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